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PAIRING: Sam / Janet
CATEGORY: Romance / Holiday

I Forgot Chocolate
By Elizabeth Carter

Major Sam Carter was locked in her lab working furiously upon her newest project. As it was she was sitting in front of one of several computers, down loading data from a resource she knew very little about. Some of the data stream that was compiled and being downloaded on a new disk the young woman was very familiar with, but it was a matter of organizing it in a suitable format. And that took time. In fact she had been working on if for the last three days, trying to get all of it compiled in a cohesive manner before her presentation. She had a lot riding on the project and so she spent every affordable moment she could to it, often times staying long after her duty-shift was over.

Truth be told the young Major was on a tight timeline. Everything had to be ready before 1900 hours. And she was losing precious minutes, and she still had so much to do; she was loath to present her project when it wasn't completed. Sam Carter would not allow herself to be anything but thorough, especially considering the great importance of the project. Sometimes being a perfectionist had its drawbacks.

It was a few hours before the tall blonde emerged from the cave of her laboratory carrying a case of twin CD disks, with a triumphant smile upon her alabaster features. She hoped that it would be worth it. She had a lot riding on the project. Actually she had hinged everything upon the data on the disks. She would be completely stymied if her presentation wasn't acceptable.

"Stop being such a chicken-shit." She chided herself. "It will be fine, after all I am not some cadet going before Drill Sergeant on the Crucible…." She shook her blonde head. Maybe the Crucible was easier, yeah it was a Marine test, but SGC had taken the idea of the grueling test and implemented it while training potential Team-members… "Just relax, it's not like this is your first."

She had two hours of prep time.

Doctor Janet Fraiser was studiously hunched over beakers of chemical components. Seven failures and still she hadn't been able to come up with the perfect formula. At least she was sticking to obtainable goals but still she had to finish her experimentation before 1900 hours. Then the clock struck. She would have run out of time.

She had spent the last four days trying to correct the formula and gather her findings to the topical solution. She was desperate to find the perfect combination before the presentation. Hell if she didn't get it right there would be no presentation. Janet Fraiser would not disappoint. It would not be permitted. She had placed high expectations upon herself, and there would be no excuses for failure. She would never allow it of her staff, especially of herself. This particular experiment was her own baby. She had allowed no one to aid her. Even the extractions of the plants on the alien planets she herself had carried out. After all she was now an acting member of SG1. And there was no way in hell she would let the commander of SG1, Major Sam Carter down. Not today. Not when she had everything riding on the success of her experiment.

She had invested her own time for this particular project, actually a lot of it. She had to keep the topical solution perfect. It had to relax the muscles, with a soothing scent as well as stimulating a certain hormonal stimulus. The last four had not met all of her requirements. She had a feeling that this last solution would match her needs. If it worked as she designed it too there would be many uses for it. Her doe like dark coffee eyes glistened with the thoughts of her success.

As 1900 drew closer, the young doctor poured her finished solution into a labeled dark glass bottle and capped it. Sucking in a deep breath of nerves she hadn't felt since she was an intern, Janet swiftly moved through the corridors of SCG her white lap coat flaring out behind her like miniature wings.

She had an hour and a half left; she would have to hurry if she wanted any prep time.

Thirty minutes to go. The two majors had left their labs and headed for the area of the proposed meeting.

Sam rushed into the living room, her heart beating with excitement and adrenaline. She was almost too late. From the look of it, Janet had beat her there by at least seven minutes.

Setting the disks upon the table, Sam moved to the stairs that lead to the upper rooms to find the young Doctor. Today of all days, the tall blonde had an unquenchable desire to see her perfectly proportioned lover.

Padding down the hallway, Sam decided to sneak up upon her lover and surprise her. But the bedroom held no one. Disappointment flashed across the blonde's face, so much so her bottom lip protruded just a little in a pout.

Sighing heavily Sam turned to leave and go back down stairs. Perhaps her lover was in the kitchen.

"Hey Baby-girl." Sam said as she wrapped her arms around her lover. She rested her chin upon the shorter woman's shoulder, kissing her directly behind the ear. "Happy Valentines' Day."

Janet grinned widely as she turned around in Sam's arms, her arms wrapping tightly around her waist. Sam let out a slow escape of breath as she drank in the beauty before her. One kiss turned into two and then a third, before Sam left the tempting lips to create a path of kisses down Janet's neck culminating in a playful nip to the pale skin.

"Hmmmmm." Sam's fingers began to trace a path up the length of Janet's body. Starting at the base of her back they first dipped lower to caress the firm behind before moving upwards to pass fleetingly along the ribs, to the underside of firm round breasts. Cupping the precious flesh she let her thumbs pass teasingly over the silk encased nipples, the whimper from above making sure she repeated the maneuver with the same agonizing feather like touch.

"No you don't." Capturing Sam's hands, Janet forced them behind Sam's own long back, before placing a kiss on full delicate lips. Then moving on to sample the creamy smooth skin of the elegant neck she purred. "I want to play."

Paying special attention to the pulse point that Sam always reacted to.

"I…have…something…little gift…Valentines…" The blonde choked out.

Janet let her tongue trace the symbol for eternity, before leaving it with a kiss to continue her exploration. Lips soon found their way to the swell of a tempting breast, eliciting a whimper from deep within Sam's chest. Slowly Janet began planting kisses around the full breast, making sure to avoid touching the aching nipple. One hand moving down to perform a similar dance across Sam's other breast, short nails producing a rippling of sensation that went straight to her lover's already over heated center.

Janet continued nipping a path along Sam's neck, coming to her ear as she purred softly. "You said you had something for me?" There was almost a child's excitement in the dark chocolate eyes.

"Huh?" Sam barely managed. Her electric blue eyes fully dilated, her breath coming in hardy gasps, her heart rate a frenzy of staccato beats.

"You said you have something for me?"

##"Oh yeah." Sam shook herself back into reality. She looked to her beloved and grinned. She wanted to ravish this beauty, but how could she deny Janet anything? There was the gift she had mentioned and now Janet wanted to see it. 'Holly Hannah I am soooo whipped.' Sam pulled Janet into the living room and sat her upon the couch.

Taking the disks from the coffee table in front of the sofa, Sam sat back down taking Janet in her embrace allowing the smaller woman to rest her slight weight against her. At least she could have fun as she sat here. Handing the discs to the dark-haired darkness hoping that Janet would not find the CD's as silly; Sam tried to distract her own nervousness by kissing the delicate flesh of the other woman's neck. On the back of the disk was title and vocal artist that had been downloaded. So that Janet would know who and what she was listening too.

The first song on the disc was Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Gold Dust Woman, Unconditional and Desert Angel by Stevie Nicks followed.

The next three songs were by Creeddence Clearwater Revival: Born on the Bayou, Need Someone to Hold, and Good Golly Miss Molly. Then came Jethro Tull's Rover, and Weather Cock. The more alien songs Sam had added to the mix were predominantly country. Until Janet came into her life the tall blonde had not listened to the genre. But she listed George Straight's: I Cross my Heart as well as Jon Michael Montgomery's: I Swear. Amazed came from Lonestar. And from Trace Adkins, Sam downloaded The Rest OF Mine. The next names were not country but each selected title had meaning. Enigma's MCMXC A.D.: Principles of Lust. The Doors: People are Strange. Loreena Mckennett was to follow with Mummer's Dance and Bony Swans. She placed Moment of Forgiveness and She's Saving Me from the Indigo Girls. And First Time from Stain. The very last was Elton John's: Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me, preformed by Roger Daltry.

The label had been made from a candid shot of the two lovers taken by Cassandra. Sam had her cheek pressed to Janet's. Sam was in civvies with a jean jacket and white tee-shirt while Janet was dressed in her uniform blouse and white lab coat with a stethoscope draped around her neck Sam had one of her full-blown brilliant smile's while Janet was teasingly perusing her lips in a kiss, hoping perhaps to sneak one from her lover. Inside the cover was a small note painstakingly written upon delicate onion paper.

'Brown Eyed Girl because you are my brown eyed girl. We first danced to Gold Dust Woman, and we were both in Desert Storm and you are defiantly an angel. We have an Unconditional Love, and it was the first song I ever sang to you. The first semi country song I ever danced to was Born on the Bayou and it was you who taught me the moves. You are Someone To Hold. Good Golly Miss Molly was playing on the radio during our little frosting fight and it will forever make me smile. (By the way lover, I still owe you for getting frosting in that particular area, AND with my shorts still on!) You said the song Weather Cock reminded you of home for you had one mounted on your house as a little girl. And you used to play in the cotton fields in Oklahoma with your pup, named Bodi (sorry Sweety but they didn't have a song for a dog with that particular name) I looked but Rover was the best I could do.

The first true Country song we danced to was: I Swear, and I know you love I Cross My Heart. You have always left me Amazed that you can love someone like me. The Rest is mine, was something we listened while upon the lake in the rowboat we rented when we went up to the cabin. Upon our first anniversary I played the Principles of Lust, and you were very apt at explaining those Principles to me with such intensity. I think I sported that smile for month! We were so silly that day when we listened to People Are Strange I couldn't help but add it to the mix. (And I am not wicked! You were the one running around in my Sears-sucker button down shirt with nothing else underneath! How in the hell am I supposed to behave myself when you run around the house looking that hot?) Oh by the way lover you are so wanted! And I think the neighbors will never forget your name…but they do think we are strange.

You enjoyed so much the serenity of Mummer's Dance and the tale of the Bony Swans so much that I had to add them. I think I liked the way you thanked me for introducing you to the elf-like siren's music. How many times have you saved my life? She's Saving Me, in many ways reminds me of you and your love. Sometimes I mess up and you have always given me a Moment Of Forgiveness. And before you I could never lift my head up high, not in love. I have always failed in that, until you and so for the First Time, I can.

We sat upon my rooftop watching the meter shower as Don't let The Sun Go Down played upon the stereo in the living room and I asked for your hand. And you said yes. You told me I already had your heart, and your soul and you would never allow the sun to go down on me, for I would never lose you.'

"Oh God, Sammy!" Janet wrapped her arms around her beloved, with such power that the force nearly stole the breath from her lungs. "Oh God I love you so much. This is perfect!" She held the disks to her chest as if she had found the treasure trove of a long lost potentate. "You remembered everything. Everything important!"

She captured the blonde's lips in a soul-searing kiss. It was at once gentle and insistent as Janet tried to convey all of her yearning, desire and love in that one embrace, her arms pulled the other woman close, her tongue begged a quickly granted entrance into the warm inviting mouth of her love.

"Sammy, I want…" Janet's chest was heaving and she was panting from the exertion of her kiss with her love.

"Anything Jan." Sam's voice was low, almost a whisper.

"I want to make love to you," she finally managed.

Sam's only answer was to sweep Janet up into her arms and recapture those full wine dark lips with her own as she carried the young beloved up stairs to their bed. Janet's initial shock at being scooped so quickly off her feet did not stop her from beginning to remove Sam's silk blouse even before they reached the bed.

As they moved their lips never lost contact. Sam laid Janet gently in the middle of the bed and quickly found herself pulled down onto the mattress by the strong, eager arms of the young major. Janet slowly peeled away the barrier of Sam's blouse and started upon her slacks, kissing her way back up the lithe body slowly. When she paused to press a kiss on the blonde's mound she groaned out loud at the spicy scent of her arousal. It was all she could do not plunge in right then, but she wrestled her desire under control and continued the path northward up Sam's body, her tongue tasting the salt of her skin. Sam could no longer hold back her moans. The young doctor buried her face in the abundant valley between Sam's full breasts, a low growl emanating from her throat as her desire mounted. Finally she tore herself away and caught Sam's lips in a breathtaking kiss that left them both panting for air.

Janet propped herself up on one elbow and drank in the sight of Samantha's alabaster body lying beside her in her bed before leaning over to place a soft kiss on Sam's lips. She feathered her fingers along Sam's skin, limning first the outline of her breasts, spiraling in slowly until she made contact with the straining flesh of her nipple. Her mouth moved down to capture the other one, she flicked her tongue out, circling the puckered skin, drawing it into her mouth, biting and soothing and inflaming Sam's desires until she was moaning and begging for more.

Sam wanted her own taste of her beloved. She took hold of Janet and flipped her over so now the tiny doctor was on the bottom. Sam startling the smaller woman lost herself in the dark chocolate eyes of her beloved and she realized something profound.

"Sorry Baby-Girl…I forgot Chocolate."

Janet snorted out a laugh so hard; that she had nearly threw Sam from her position. That was defiantly not something she was expecting to hear. "Whatever made you say that?"

"You're eyes…the perfect shade of the richest darkest chocolate. I've always thought that." Sam had lost her soul yet again as she fell into the dark pools. She delicately traced each dark eyebrow with the pad of her finger.

"Here I thought they were Bambi eyes."

"Bambi was a boy." Sam smiled then kissed each eyelid delicately. "I am not into boys." She let her hand trail down Janet's sculpted inner thigh. "I am only into you."

"Sweetheart I have something for you too." Janet whispered. She propped herself up and took from the bedside the dark bottle she had filled in her lab. "I want to give you a full body massage with this." She surrendered her prize to her beautiful lover, with the same apprehension that Sam had sported earlier.

The dark bottle was a hand written label: Soft Caresses

"So many times you come home from a mission, both as your lover and your doctor I know how tight your muscles become. How tired you become, and sometimes the hot showers and baths don't levitate some of the pain you are in. I wanted to do something special." Janet nervously said.

Sam's blue eyes brimmed with unshed tears as she thought of the intense thought that had gone into the gift. Uncorking it, she inhaled the scent of sandalwood, rose and lilac. "Humm." Sam smiled warmly. "It smells wonderful!" She poured just a dribble of the oil upon her fingers and rubbed them together, bringing it to her nose. "Ohh, I like this."

Janet's face was shining. "Here." She reached for the vile. "Let me."

Sam gladly gave her gift back to her beloved and slowly laid back against the mattress. Her eyes dilated once more as she watched the woman she was in love with pour a bit of the oil upon her hands warming it before she applied it to Sam's body. The look of absolute worship was in Janet's eyes as she explored Sam with hands and mouth. Janet slid her hand back down Sam's body, her lips and tongue tasting the sweetness of the blonde's breasts, her fingers finding the damp heat at Sam's core before she stroked her hands over the path with the massage oil. Hearing the unspoken plea Janet lowered her mouth to engulf the hard pink nipple, her tongue lavishing it was attention before raking her teeth against the sensitized peeks.

"Yeeesssssss..." Sam's oil slicked body arched in pleasure, the smell of arousal that surrounded them making her head swim with need.

Janet's hand began to trace erotic oily patterns across a taunt stomach as she explored the quivering body her fingers caressing ever lower.

"PleeeeaaaassssePleeeaasssssss." Sam begged, her body in desperate need of release.

Abandoning Sam's kiss and oil wet nipples, Janet looked into the beautiful face of her lover.

"Sam, look at me." The voice was deep but the words softly spoken, the tone penetrating Sam's rapture and electric blue sought out soulful brown. "I just had to see your beautiful face." Fingers dipped lower and entered Sam's welcoming folds.

"Oh God Jan." At the first touch emotions were unleashed and the meaning of pleasure redefined as Sam basked in all the new sensations. She combed her fingers through the wet tangled curls covering Sam's mound, parting the lips, and sliding her fingers through the dripping wetness of her sex. The oil was slick as Janet deepened the presser of her fingers as they glided over tightening muscles. Never taking her eyes off Sam's she slowly slid one finger inside of the blonde goddess, easing her way inside slowly. At Sam's sigh she began to move in and out in a slow, sensuous rhythm. Soon, Sam was rocking her hips in time to Janet's movements.

Velvety smoothness engulfed Janet's hand as she rubbed against the slick peeks of Sam's most intimate flesh. Heat radiated from Sam's very center as the movements increased and the young woman's cries of pleasure gained volume.

Janet's fingers increasing in speed and depth as she watched the cascade of emotion pass across Sam's face. Blonde hair pasted to flushed cheeks as eyes squeezed shut in impending release, Janet didn't think she would ever see a more beautiful sight. She was soon proven wrong

Body straining, Sam was on the precipice of release, needing just one more thing to send her over into a land of unknown bliss. With the telepathy of lovers of a lifetime Janet entered a second finger, her thumb searching out swollen peeks. The pressure grew and multiplied until finally the world stopped, only to come tumbling down in a tidal wave of orgasm, "Jannnnnneeeeeeettttt." As the name tore from Sam's lips her eyes opened to stare unfocused at her beautiful lover, at that moment the two joined by bonds stronger than friendship and deep love.

"You okay, lover?"

"I am better then okay. My God, Janet…I am way better then okay."

"It was my pleasure." Janet was grinning widely. She had enjoyed her Valentine immensely.

Her breathing returning to normal Sam began to place butterfly kisses along Janet's neck, her lips stopping a whisper from her ear. "Speaking of your pleasure..." Sam's mouth descended to place a claim on the alabaster neck, teeth greeting skin to guarantee her mark. "I think there is chocolate frosting in the cupboard….What's Valentines Day without chocolate?" Sam licked Janet's lips.

"Mmmmmm" Janet managed.

The End

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