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The Race is On
By Geonn


Sam had originally balked at the idea; the same Marine lawyer who had defended Colonel Makepeace coming through the Stargate to defend her following her incarceration by the Bathreen. Daniel had tried, but the Batheen law system was so complex, an actual lawyer would have a hard time making sense of it. So, the SGC had gone in search of a real lawyer with knowledge of the Stargate program. MacKenzie had been briefed on the Stargate and related information in order to give Makepeace his fair day in court, so seemed the logical choice.

When O'Neill reminded Sam that her choice was between MacKenzie and death, she had finally relented.

MacKenzie had been surprisingly at ease with everything she was told. She and Daniel pored over the law texts. A matter of days and court appearances later, Sam was released to return to Earth.

After a lengthy debriefing and an even longer shower, she dressed in jeans and her leather jacket. All she wanted was a nice, long ride with the wind in her hair and the road thrumming under her...

She froze when she saw the bike.

A Yamaha SRX600, Maple Red, pristine condition. She put her helmet on the ground and walked over, running her hand over the leather seat. "Oh, Siler, you son of a bitch... you've been holding out on me..."

"Who is Siler and why are you touching my bike?"

Sam closed her eyes. "God, not her..." she muttered. She turned and saw Sarah MacKenzie walking towards her. Helmet in hand. Definitely her bike. Sam forced a smile and said, "Nice bike."

"Your boyfriend ride?" MacKenzie asked.

Sam chewed the inside of her cheek. "No. I ride." She gestured at the helmet by her feet.

"That's nice," Mac said. "A moped or..."

"An Indian."

"Not bad." She brushed by Sam and threw her leg over the bike. "I had to rent something when I got out here and..."

"It's been a while since you had something hot between your legs?" Sam asked.

Mac smirked and fit the helmet over her head. "I'll see you around, Major. Maybe."

Sam stepped back and picked up her helmet. She watched MacKenzie angle the car out of the space, give a short wave and speed down the aisle. She stalked to her own bike and straddled it, revving the engines a few times before she finally pulled out. She rode past the checkpoint and headed down the winding path that led away from the mountain.

She was in the zone, thinking her own thoughts, when fate or irony or some mixture of the two put a single red taillight on the horizon. She felt her rage grow, seeding a sense of pride. "Not even with a head-start," she murmured. She revved the engine again, determined to feed the self-important little bitch some dust.

She swerved, knowing the road like the back of her hand, able to avoid the pitfalls and sinkholes without even thinking about it. Before long, the taillight had transformed into Sarah MacKenzie's back. Sam moved to the side of the road, tightened her grip on the handlebars and leaned forward. Her lips moved almost imperceptibly behind her helmet, goading the bike to give her just a little more.

She swept past MacKenzie and turned her head. MacKenzie waved and pushed up her visor. "About time!" she called. She revved her own engine and put on another burst of speed. Sam watched, furious, as the bike tore forward. She weaved across the median, watchful for other vehicles, and lifted her ass off the seat.

That was it.

This bitch was going down.

Back roads, side roads, alleyways. They weaved through neighborhoods, zipped around construction signs, always switching the lead, both of them hunched forward. Sam saw a rip in the seat of Mac's jeans, Mac was fixated with the smooth curve of the denim over Sam's rear end.

They raced into another construction site and Sam took the lead once more. She dropped her speed, looked over her shoulder, and aimed herself at Sarah's front tire. Sarah twisted her bike to avoid Sam's back wheel and went skidding. She threw herself clear and managed to roll and avoid road rash. Her helmet banged off the asphalt and she watched her bike skid to a stop next to a bulldozer a few yards away.

Sam stopped next to a pile of gravel and climbed off her bike. Mac threw her helmet away and got to her feet. They stalked towards each other like hunters on the prowl.

"What the hell--"

"I'm sorry, but God, learn to--"

"--is the matter with you?! Is this how you--"

"--give up! Who the hell do you think you are?! You come here, drive like--"

"--treat everyone who saves your life? I should--"

"--a maniac...! I should have run you down, you arrogant, stupid, pompous--"

"--have let those alien bastards execute you, you stupid, self-righteous, know-it-all--"



Their faces were inches apart, their breath freezing in a cloud around their heads. Sam's hands kept clenching and unclenching, her unblinking blue eyes locked solidly on Sarah's. Sam brought a hand up and cupped the back of Sarah's head and then, somehow, they were kissed. Tongues, lips met and their bodies joined in the game.

Sam grabbed a handful of Sarah's ass and pulled her close, moved her hands up and under her shirt and touched the bare flesh of her stomach. Sarah pulled back and growled, baring her teeth before she sank them into Sam's neck. "Fucking vampire," Sam hissed. She pushed Sarah away, towards the side of the road, and followed her onto the grass.

Sarah shed her leather jacket and dropped it onto the grass. When Sam tackled her, she landed on the coat and saved her jeans from further ripping. Sam dropped to her knees, grabbed Sarah's calves and dragged her forward. Sarah's crotch slammed into the middle of Sam's belt and she pushed herself up until they were face-to-face. She grabbed the back of Sam's head and said, "I guess this is as close as I'll get to a thank you...?"

Sam pushed Sarah back down and grabbed a handful of her shirt. She yanked it up, exposed Sarah's belly, and grinned evilly. "I knew I felt that," she said. Sarah's belly button ring caught the moonlight and tossed it into Sam's eyes. She licked the pad of her thumb and gently circled the barbell, tracing the sensitive flesh with tenderness heretofore unseen in their relationship.

Sarah closed her eyes and sank down onto the dew-slick grass, lifting her hips so they were placed more comfortably on Sam's thighs.

Sam moved her hand down, grabbed Sarah's belt and yanked it loose. She undid the button and pushed her hand down inside without bothering to remove the tight denim. She groaned wordlessly and bit her bottom lip as she pulled aside Sarah's underwear. Sarah brought one of her hands up and grabbed the hem of Sam's shirt. She pulled it up until she saw the glint of a duplicate barbell nestled in Sam's belly.

"You're a naughty girl, too, huh...?"

"How many nice girls fuck on the side of the road?" Sam asked. She withdrew her hand, fingertips wet, and grabbed the denim around Sarah's zipper. She pulled down and exposed her panties, twisted and wet between her legs from Sam's explorations. Sarah arched her back and let Sam lift her legs into the air.

Sam tossed the jeans aside and got down onto her hands and knees. She put her lips on Sarah's stomach and licked her belly ring. Sarah moaned and ran her hands through Sam's hair. She gritted her teeth and pushed Sam's head down, lower, between her spread thighs. Sam let herself be guided... and then turned her head just before she got where Sarah wanted her.

Sarah groaned and Sam bit her thigh. "God! Bitch!"

Sam chuckled and turned her head. She placed a kiss against the material of Sarah's panties, curled her tongue and bit the wet cotton. Sarah dropped back to the grass and pushed her panties aside. "Come on... just do it..."

Sam licked her lips and kissed Sarah, slipping the tip of her tongue along the slick folds of her pussy. Sarah groaned and lifted her hips, legs trembling, her hips trying to force her body harder against Sam's mouth. Sam opened her mouth wide, curled her tongue and pushed forward.

"Oh, yes..."

Sam twisted her head and brushed her nose against Sarah's clit. She slid her hands down the insides of Sarah's thighs and used her thumbs to hold the wet folds aside as she delved deeper. Sarah panted her name and Sam moaned into her. Sarah grabbed Sam's head with both hands, lifted her hips and came against Sam's tongue. Her muscles tightened, her entire body trembling as a weak cry rose and fell.

Sam kissed Sarah's thigh and sat up, pulling her own t-shirt off. By the time she had her bra undone Sarah was kissing her stomach and tonguing her belly button. "Mm, yes," Sam breathed. "Come on. Take my pants off..."

"Impatient," Sarah sighed. She pushed Sam back and settled between her legs. She pushed two fingers against the crux of Sam's legs, molding the denim against the wet flesh below. "I knew it. You're not wearing any panties, Major."

Sam smiled evilly.

Sarah bent her head and kissed Sam through her jeans. She laid on her stomach and spread Sam's legs apart. She tugged her zipper down and kissed the spot of blonde hair that appeared. She cupped Sam through her jeans and kissed her way back up her stomach. Sam pushed her own jeans down and kicked them free of her left foot, the other leg snagging on her boot. "Hey. MacKenzie."

Sarah looked up and Sam cupped her face. "I'm all for foreplay. But not tonight. Time to eat."

Sarah grinned and bowed her head. She kissed Sam's pussy and brushed her tongue back and forth until Sam's moan told her she'd found her clit. She closed her lips around the hard nub, hummed, and moved her hands to Sam's ass. She pulled the blonde closer, pressed her lips tighter and began to hum.

Sam panted and grabbed a handful of Sarah's hair. "God!" she gasped. Her body quaked, her legs tightened around Sarah's head and she came. Her body dropped to the grass, boneless, tingling, and she felt Sarah's wet lips on her mouth. Sam rolled onto her back and looked up at Sarah. "Who won?"

Sarah grinned. "Call it a draw." She rolled to one side and began gathering her discarded clothes.

Sam pushed herself up and watched Sarah's ass. "Sounds like something a loser would say."

Sarah froze. She dropped her clothes and put a hand on one shapely hip. "Rematch. Any time, anywhere."

Sam stood and pulled her jeans up. "My place. As soon as possible." She walked to Sarah and cupped her face. She kissed her lips, slid a hand over her breast and growled. "Don't disappoint me, Marine."

Sarah slapped Sam's ass and grinned.

Monday morning, Sarah MacKenzie's flight took off.

Samantha Carter drove her, bad feelings about past sins long forgotten.

In Sam's wallet, a slip of paper with MacKenzie's handwriting read: "Score: 6-4. Rematch: As soon as possible."

The End

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