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NOTE: On the night of November 5th, throughout Britain, bonfires are set alight, effigies are burned, and fireworks are set off. We do this to commemorate our country's most notorious traitor, Guy Fawkes, who conspired to blow up the Houses of Parliament with the then king, James I, in them.
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Fireworks to Go
By Debbie

Janet Fraiser stared into the dying embers. Her daughter long gone to bed, she took time to reflect on the night passed.

Guy Fawkes, conspiracy plots, the box of fireworks forgotten under her bed, Cassandra Fraiser, the daughter she thought she could never have, and Captain Carter, the woman they had both come to love.

A Bonfire Night celebration had seemed a good idea as Samantha Carter regaled Cassie with tales of Old England learned from her dear Grammy.

True, Janet and Cassandra had bonded lovingly as they cuddled around the fire, eating potatoes in their jackets and telling their own stories, but where had Sam gotten to.

Ahead, appeared glittering lights, and behind them, the sheepish face of Sam Carter.

Sam stared at Janet across the dying flames, her eyes held not only apologies, but something much more. Not daring to hope, Janet indicated the seat beside her.

Sam joined her and lit two more of the sparklers. Handing one to Janet, she smiled deep into the brunette's eyes and allowed her fingers to linger, before turning around to write in the air.

As Janet watched the sparkling letters being formed her heart missed a beat. Turning to Sam with a question in her eyes, she waited.

"Yes Janet, I love you."

As their lips met, fireworks exploded.

Janet's last thought was, 'Thanksgiving is looking up.'

The End

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