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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally written in the departure lounge at Vancouver Airport 04 Aug 2005.
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Interlude 15:

By Celievamp


Sam absently ran her fingers through Janet's hair. Janet's head was pillowed in her lap, her body stretched out along the row of three seats, cuddled up under both of their jackets.


There was something to be said for instantaneous travel. It did cut out this hanging around airports. Just killing time. That amorphous period when everything that needed to be done was done and your fate was in the hands of someone or something else.


Patience was a virtue. Patience had its rewards. But for an adrenaline junkie used to going across the galaxy in the time it took to count to ten this was a kind of slow torture. At least she was with Janet. Janet took this kind of thing in her stride. Perhaps it was her yoga and her meditation exercises that she did with Teal'c. She just went into a kind of zen state. Or like now, she slept. Sam supposed it was her medical training. Doctors got used to sleeping when and where they could.

Sam craned her head to look at the board. Their flight was still 'Delayed'. It had been three hours now. There were a small group of people at the check in desk making the life of the rep on duty even more miserable than it already was. Sam couldn't see the point. There wasn't anything the woman could do either. Their plane would be here when it was here. Until then...

She closed her eyes, her fingers keeping up the slow gentle rhythm through Janet's hair. Her thoughts drifted...

She opened her eyes as the gentle pressure on her thigh eased. Janet was awake. "We're still here?" she asked, her voice scratchy with sleep.

"'Fraid so," Sam said.

"You should take a nap as well."

"I think I just did," Sam confessed.

Somewhere in the distance there was an announcement. The words disappeared into the roofspace, sonorous, rolling, mangled beyond hope of comprehension. It might have been in English. It could have been anything. Someone somewhere must have understood it as there was a muted cheer and people began to stir, standing to look at the information board.

"Something's happening at last," Janet stood up, stretching. Sam sat back, watched the free show, a smile on her face. Janet smirked, leant over and planted a kiss on her brow before whispering in her ear.

"Ten hour flight, remember, hun. Don't get too libidinous."

"Always wondered about joining the mile-high club," Sam smiled.

"Don't get any ideas, Sam Carter," Janet warned. "Those toilets are pretty damn small. Just hold that thought 'til we get home."

Ten hours on a plane with Janet and a free-ranging imagination.

Sometimes patience had its rewards.

The End

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