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Janet, My Janet
By Lilybean


Samantha Carter rubbed her eyes as she tried to focus on the computer screen in front of her and not on the distracting conversations going on all around her, especially the one between the alternate Carters sitting on either side of her. She gave up and glanced around the room. There were alternate Samantha Carters everywhere, some working, some having similar heated discussions and one or two simply eating blue Jell-O and lost in concentration. It was strange to see so many different versions of herself, as well as so many Daniels and Teal'cs and Cams, and ...Janet Fraisers. That had been a shock. Sam had not realized how much she had missed her friend until one after another version of Janet had come through the gate with various alternate SG-1 teams. Each Janet making Sam feel the loss of her friend all over again.

She gave herself a mental shake and tried to get back to work. Even though there were a dozen or so Carters working on the problem of getting all these teams back to where they belonged, this Sam felt the pressure and expectations of many to be the Carter who figured this out and got all the teams back to their own worlds, their own realities. The calculations on her screen still would not do what she needed them to do. She could hear the two Carters sitting with her arguing a minor point and wondered if she were ever that annoying. She laughed out loud at that thought, startling the other two Carters into silence as they stared at her unexpected outburst. I must be, she thought, they're all me.

"Let's take a break," she suggested to the other two. They nodded and walked off. She closed her eyes and leaned back and felt a gentle squeeze on her shoulder just as she heard that gentle, amused voice she had so sorely missed. "You're pushing yourself too hard, Sam."

She opened her eyes to the one Janet Fraiser she had managed to connect with in the chaos of the last few days. The Janet in the dark jumpsuit whose hair was the exact color and length Sam had preferred on her own Janet, whose smirk was the exact one Sam had remembered and who smelled exactly like her own Janet had smelled. Sam had not even realized her own Janet had smelled like anything until this Janet's scent had made her knees weak and brought tears to her eyes.

Sam covered the hand on her shoulder with her own hand before the contact was lost and smiled as this Janet sat beside her. That was the most glaring difference between her Janet and this one. This one was never hesitant to seek Sam out, to touch her, to just be in her personal space. Sam was surprised at how comfortable she was with this Janet and how much more she was drawn to her than she had ever been to her own Janet.

"I need to find a solution," Sam answered.

"You need to rest. Your very large brain is already shutting down," Janet teased.

Sam smiled. "Do you talk to your Sam like this?"

Janet opened her mouth to respond, and then shut it quickly. "I...no, actually. My Sam is a little more....serious...not as accessible as you."

Sam's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Wow. More serious? That is scary."

Janet smiled. "And me? Compared to your Janet?"

Sam blinked quickly, surprised at the feelings the question stirred in her. "Well, that's a little more difficult. I miss Janet.....but you...." Sam faltered.

Janet scooted closer and laid a hand on Sam's arm, caressing it. "I'm sorry, that was insensitive--"

"No, it's okay. You're less serious, too. Less military, a little less rigid." Sam leaned closer and lowered her voice. "But just as feisty, I think. I heard a rumor about you in General Hammond's office, making demands. That was you, wasn't it?"

Janet lowered her gaze and blushed. "My reality is suffering greatly from the Ori plague. If I can bring back this world's vaccine...I needed him to understand that I need to get home."

Sam nodded. "I know. I'll get back to work."

"No...I didn't mean...."

Sam smiled tiredly. "I know you didn't. To be honest, a part of me wants to stall a little so you get to stay here longer."

Janet nodded. "Of course you do, you miss her."

"No! Well, yes, I miss...her, but it's you, you're..."

Janet looked up sharply and held Sam's gaze. "I'm what?"

"You're you, not her. You are another Janet entirely and that part of me wants you to stay. This Janet right here."

Janet inhaled sharply. "A part of me wishes I could stay too...with this Sam. You...well, let's just say that this version right in front of me and no other...you have been a revelation, Sam Carter, and under different circumstances...well, let's not go there."

Sam swallowed visibly and covered Janet's hand with her own. "Too late. I have a vivid imagination. I've already been there."

They smiled at each other, clutching each other's hands, each afraid to say anything more.

The next few days saw Sam continue to work on the problem almost constantly with Janet regularly checking her progress while reminding her to rest. Both of them needed Sam to find a solution, and they both dreaded what that solution ultimately meant. They skirted around each other, seemingly aware of each other at all times, but hesitant to get too close.

This reality's Daniel, ever observant, had noticed the furtive glances and intense exchanges between the two while striking up a quick and familiar friendship with this Janet, who was friendly with her own Daniel and greeted this one in the same way.

"Danny boy," she would smile.

This Daniel, less shy than her own, would respond, "Janny girl," which delighted her. She liked these versions of her colleagues. These versions were more like friends and this Daniel happened to be a caring, albeit nosey friend.

"How's Sam doing?" he asked, peering at her carefully.

"Pushing, but she'll get it. Sam's brilliant."

"Yours, too?"

Janet nodded. "Sure, just like this one, like all of them, well, not exactly like this one."

"Are you and your Sam friends?"

"Of course...well, not like..." Janet faltered and blushed.

Daniel leaned forward. "You don't have a crush on your Sam?"

Janet smiled and shook her head. "My Daniel is not this perceptive...or this annoying."

"Is that a no?"

"My Sam Carter is presently on maternity leave and no, we're just friends."

"Sam never looked at our Janet the way she looks at you, either."

Janet's eyebrows shot up. "And how does this Sam look at me?"

Daniel leaned forward and whispered. "Like you're blue Jell-O and she's starving."

Janet felt herself blush and closed her eyes to try to stop the images of this Sam Carter licking and sucking at her like ...."Please, Daniel, stop."

Daniel sighed. "I'm sorry."

Janet shook her head and looked at him. "No, you're right. I can feel it...this thing between us...sometimes I can actually feel her eyes on me, know when she's nearby. At least part of me hopes you're right. Part of me wishes you weren't. This whole thing is impossible. I need to get home. People are dying...need that vaccine...and yet, all I can think about is Sam...this Sam...I can't stop looking at her, wanting to be near her...God listen to me. I sound like a love-struck schoolgirl."

"Tell her how you feel."

Janet's eyes flew up at his, glaring. "What? No. What good would that do? I have to go back. I'll never see her again."

Saying it out loud made it seem more real than Janet had allowed it to seem until now. The realization hit her like a physical blow and she felt ill. Daniel watched all the color drain from her face and clutched her am in alarm.


"God, Daniel, I'll never see her again...or you...."

"We'll think of something ...Hey, do you have access to a quantum mirror?"

After the rogue SG-1 team that had caused this whole alternate reality mess was caught, Sam came through with a solution once again and all the alternate teams started gating home. Sam would never forget watching Janet, the Janet that she now thought of as her Janet, walk up that ramp and out of her life forever, with that cocky smirk and cryptic remark about maternity leave. It was bittersweet for Sam. Memories of this Janet and the feelings invoked by her mixed with feelings of a different kind of loss that left Sam off balance and out of sorts for weeks. She buried herself in work, as she often did to deal with almost everything. As usual, it really didn't help. She had no idea how to handle this kind of loss, knowing that Janet was out there somewhere, just out of her reach.

She had no idea that Daniel and Janet were spending these same weeks working on their plan of trial and error schedules to try to connect via quantum mirror. Daniel thought it best not to get Sam's hopes up. He knew that their mirror and controller were in fairly good working order, but Janet didn't know what kind of shape their own mirror was in or even if she could get her Daniel to agree to help her. It would still be a long shot. Daniel would try particular coordinates at scheduled times on his end and then Janet would try different coordinates and times on her end. It was the best method Daniel could come up with to narrow down the dialing possibilities for the generally unreliable quantum mirror system. They were both hoping that eventually they would connect through the mirror and see each other again.

In the meantime, Janet's life, at least to the casual observer, seemed to be charmed. The success of the vaccine made her a hero on her world and brought her more fame, accolades and job offers than she knew what to do with. She felt more alone than she ever had, however, and none of it seemed to help the empty feeling that had been with her since she had walked up that ramp and back into her reality, leaving Sam and the alternate reality behind. She spent too much time thinking about that Sam and too much time trying the dialing addresses on the schedule that Daniel had set for the quantum mirror. Her Daniel had given her free access to their mirror without any question which relieved her since she was not sure she could explain her reasoning or her feelings at this point. She just knew that she needed to connect to that other Sam, the one she thought of now as her Sam, again. She simply could not fathom never seeing her again.

Finally, after nearly two months and hundreds of attempts, one evening Janet dialed and there was the Daniel she was looking for, blinking and looking back at her in surprise. "Danny boy?" she asked.

He smiled. "Janny girl?"

She raised her fist in the air and whooped, then frantically made note of the coordinates on the controller. "Got it!"

Daniel smiled at the shimmering image. "How are you?"

"Better now. You look good. How's my Sam?"

Sam had been doing her best to keep busy and put on a brave face, but everyone on base could see that she was struggling and had been since all those alternate SG-1's had come and gone. Everyone thought it was due to the stress of trying to return all those teams home. Only Daniel knew the real reason why, but Sam refused to talk about Janet, either Janet, claiming it was too painful. She had seriously started to think about taking a leave from the Stargate Program, but didn't know what she would do with herself, since she now spent almost all of her time on the base. She had no other life to speak of. She was in her lab, as usual, when Daniel called her one evening, sounding frantic.

"Sam, I need you, right now. I'm in the artifact storage room. Hurry."


"Sam, right now. Come alone."

In spite of her dark mood, Sam smiled at the phone in her hand. She wondered what translation or discovery had gotten Daniel so excited as she headed over to Daniel's lab. She saw only shelves and boxes in the corner and called out. "Daniel?" She thought he had answered her, but then realized he was talking to someone else as she rounded the last box and stopped short.

The quantum mirror in the corner was shimmering and Daniel was talking to...Janet. It was Janet! Sam stopped short, and then ran to the front of the mirror, slamming into Daniel. "Janet?"

"He-ey, Sam."

Daniel thought Sam looked like a guppy. Her lips were moving, but no sound was forthcoming. Daniel gently nudged her.


Daniel smiled and walked away. "You two catch up. I can talk to her next time."

Sam sputtered. "Next time?"

Janet chuckled. "We think so. After months of trying, I think I've got the coordinates narrowed down. It shouldn't take me more than a few tries the next time."


Janet smiled. "Yes, sweetie, I think we've established that. How are you?"

Sam could not stop staring at the beautiful watery image of Janet and said the first thing that popped into her head. "God, you are a sight for sore eyes. I have missed you terribly."

Janet was amazed by Sam's heartfelt utterance since they had avoided saying anything involving their feelings in the entire time they had spent together.

Janet sighed. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, either."

"Janet, God Janet..."

Sam swallowed. Until that very moment she had not realized the extent of her feelings for this Janet, because had simply not let herself go there. Seeing Janet within her reach after thinking she would never see her again overwhelmed her. She saw the look of concern on Janet's face and realized she was crying. She saw Janet raise her arm toward her and she unconsciously leaned toward Janet with her hand out, thinking only of touching her, being near her again.

Janet screamed, "Sam, don't," before Sam pulled herself together and stepped back from the mirror and turned away from Janet. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Sam. Please, look at me."

When Sam turned, Janet smiled. "Did you forget that there's already a Sam Carter in this reality? You can't come through. We just don't know what the consequences would be."

Sam wiped her eyes. "Yes, I guess I did forget. And how is your Sam? Do you see her everyday?"

Janet cocked her head at Sam's strained voice. "I used to, but she's home with the baby right now. Sam, you sound jealous?"

Sam started to pace and run her fingers through her hair. "Of course I'm jealous. Of anyone who can see you everyday, talk to you, touch you, smell your hair."

Janet smiled in spite of Sam's distress. "Smell my hair?"

Sam stopped pacing and looked at Janet's smirking face and smiled. "Yes, dammit, your hair, and look at that cocky little grin and those beautiful brown eyes...and God, Janet..."

Janet swallowed. "I miss you, too."

"There's no Janet Fraiser in this reality."

Janet's gaze never faltered from Sam's. "I know, Sam. I know."

They managed to talk every week for several weeks, sometimes with this Daniel present, but most often just Janet and Sam. They shared their lives and their thoughts, discussing everything from quantum physics to cellular research to movies and books. It was the high point in each of their weeks, but they never again spoke of being together. Janet simply wasn't ready and Sam would never again risk bringing it up, despite the very real and undeniable connection between them. The possibility of Janet rejecting her was too painful for Sam to contemplate. They both told themselves that these weekly meetings were enough for now, but they both knew they would not be enough forever.

Sam had realized fairly quickly that she was falling in love with Janet and wanted to be with her, but she would not ask Janet to give up her reality, her life as she had always known it, to come back to this one. She had also realized that if there had been no Sam Carter in Janet's reality, they would already be together. Of course, there was also the matter of military hoops to jump through. As it was, Sam was using the quantum mirror with no official permission. Not to mention the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy in this reality and a much stricter one in Janet's. She knew something was going to give sooner or later. She just didn't know how soon.

Sam had been restless and distracted all day, simply waiting for evening and the scheduled time for Janet to dial in. She and Daniel had been off world for over a week and neither had spoken to Janet in almost two. Sam was nearly frantic with worry, which was very unlike her. She thought that it was probably just the fact that she had not spoken to Janet, but she just had an unshakable feeling of something just not being quite right.

She realized she was probably just being silly but she found herself in front of the quantum mirror in Daniel's artifact room much earlier than the scheduled time. She paced in front of the mirror trying to decide how she would possibly kill the next hour or so when the mirror shimmered to life. She smiled as Janet's form appeared, but stopped when she realized Janet was moving much too quickly toward her. Sam stepped right up to the shimmering threshold and managed to catch Janet as she threw herself into Sam's arms, the momentum knocking them ungracefully to the floor as the mirror behind them went black.

It took a few seconds for Sam's brain to engage before she realized it was Janet's head she held in her right hand and Janet's firm ass she felt in her left. Then she realized it was Janet's shampoo she was smelling and it was Janet's petite, but obviously muscular body sprawled across hers. Sam caught her breath and lifted her head right into those dark, twinkling eyes that seemed to be smiling at her. Her brain had just managed to process all of that when she realized those were Janet's lips crushed into hers. It only took her a split second to pull Janet's head closer to her and return the kiss.

Sam quickly parted her lips, allowing Janet's warm tongue to glide hotly against her own. The kiss quickly became intense, their breathing ragged, before they gradually slowed it down. Janet cradled Sam's head in her hands, caressing strands of her blond hair back into place as she smiled down at her.

"He-ey, Sam. Thanks for catching me."

Sam smiled back. "Thanks for the kiss."

Janet's eyes sparkled. "Oh, well, that was entirely my pleasure."

"So, what's going on? Missed me that much?"

Janet's smile faded. "Actually, yes, and I was trying to work out a way to see you...but now I can't go back."

Sam sat up, bringing Janet gently with her and holding her closely in the vee of her legs. "Sweetie, are you alright?"

Janet blinked and nodded. "I got into a little trouble. No one knew I've been in contact with you and Daniel, so I started making inquiries about the possibility of doing that exact thing, about a mutual sharing of technology....after you gave us the vaccine, I thought they'd be open to the idea."

"What happened?"

"Senator Kinsey happened. They restricted my gate travel...started monitoring me. I could read the writing on the wall. The political climate has been changing, but I never thought…Anyway, I had to make a break for it or take the chance of never seeing you again. Just the possibility sent me into a near panic." Janet looked into Sam's eyes. "I couldn't take the chance, but you don't have to feel...you have no obligation to me. I know we don't really know each--"

Sam cut her off loudly. "Obligation? I was ready to jump through the mirror that first night--"

Janet's fingers on her lips silenced her. Janet's eyes twinkled at her.

"Does that mean you're happy to see me?"

Sam snorted in relief and pulled Janet to her, holding her closely and inhaling the wonderful scent of her. They sat that way for a very long time, soaking each other in, until they decided to find Daniel and then General Hammond and face the music.

The music, in this case, turned out to be a lot of paperwork, physical and psychological exams and an extended confinement to the base along with slight variations on the official version of events leading to Janet's unexpected arrival through the quantum mirror. Janet was very careful to leave Sam and Daniel out of her telling. During those long weeks confined to the base Janet could not see Sam as often as she would have liked and was afraid to indicate in any way, to anyone, that they had any kind of relationship. Throughout the entire ordeal, however, Janet could often feel Sam nearby, silently supporting her and caring for her. The connection she had felt with Sam from the beginning seemed to grow stronger every day, even with very little contact. Sometimes she would find a note from Sam left in her quarters and sometimes Daniel would convey a private greeting from Sam and sometimes, if she was very lucky, she would look up from what she was doing and feel Sam's warm and open gaze on her. The thought of that single intense kiss was enough for her to hang onto. She just knew she had to be patient a little longer.

Sam stepped through the event horizon onto the gate ramp with a spring in her step. The idea that Janet was here waiting for her made each mission that much easier and each homecoming something to look forward to, even after this latest extended jaunt to PX-356 that seemed to have been a complete and utter waste of time.

Cam scowled at her. "What are you so happy about, Carter?"

Sam shrugged. "Nothing. Just happy to be home."

Daniel, who was smiling at Sam, snorted. "I'll bet."

Cam looked confused. "What?"

Valla laughed lightly. "It looks good on you, Sam."

Sam blushed, no longer surprised at Valla's ability to read people, said, "Thanks, Valla," and kept walking. She just wanted to de-brief, shower, get her post mission check-up and try to find Janet. She had been very careful to keep her distance, and would continue to until Janet had been entirely cleared. But she knew even a brief glimpse of Janet would make her day.

Sam sat on the exam table and waited patiently in the curtained cubicle for Dr. Lam or the physician on call to perform her physical, her mind entirely occupied by Janet. She wondered if her blood pressure would be elevated if she was left to these thoughts much longer. Sam heard the curtain pulled back and re-closed and then shivered at the voice she heard.

"Colonel Carter."

Sam's mouth hung open as she watched Janet, in heels and lab coat, approach her, smiling. She snapped her mouth shut and cleared her throat. "Dr. Fraiser."

Janet reached up and slowly caressed the side of Sam's face, gently rearranging her bangs. "He-ey, Sam."

Sam gently pulled Janet between her legs, wrapping her arms and legs around her, holding her close and inhaling the scent of her. "Janet."

After a few minutes Janet whispered. "Let me examine you."

Sam didn't move. "No."

Janet pulled back. "Would you be more comfortable with Dr. Lam?"

"No! I just don't want to let you go."

Janet chuckled while gently pulling out of Sam's hold. "Well, I was totally cleared two days ago and I'm already off duty, so the sooner we get done--"

Sam's head popped up. "The sooner you can come home with me."

Janet blushed. "I'm not sure I can mange to remain professional here if I even think about going home with you."

Janet could feel the heat of Sam's gaze as she watched Janet carefully. "But you will come home with me?" Sam asked, sounding uncertain.

Janet's gaze did not falter from Sam's. "I will go anywhere with you."

Conducting a physical on Sam pushed Janet to the limits of her professionalism, especially with Sam's warm blue eyes watching her intently and her breathing becoming deeper with Janet's every touch, but she managed to complete the task without doing anything even remotely inappropriate.

Janet made a final note to Sam's chart and returned to her place between Sam's dangling legs. Sam's gaze had not left her since she had walked into the room.

Sam swallowed. "Am I good?"

Janet smiled. "You're absolutely gorgeous."

Sam shook her head and bit her lip. "Can we go home?"

Janet reached for her hand. "Yes."

Sam didn't know how she had managed to get through her physical without fainting from embarrassment. She had no doubt that Janet could hear how erratic her breathing had become, could feel the nervous sheen of moisture on her skin and to Sam's growing mortification, could smell the musky scent of her arousal. Just as she thought she might die from it all, Janet made it all good by telling Sam that she was gorgeous.

Sam couldn't seem to take her eyes from Janet. Throughout the exam, during the long ascent in the elevator to the surface, Sam simply could not stop looking. In the car, she divided her attention between the road and looking at Janet whenever safely possible. Janet simply returned her gaze, hanging onto Sam's hand in the car, letting Sam lead her gently into the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. Sam kissed Janet gently, again and again, sucking on her lips, then urgently thrusting her tongue against Janet's, teasing as she wordlessly undressed Janet and then herself. She did not know where the courage to take the lead had come from nor did she question it. It was as easy and as comfortable as everything else had been with Janet. Every moment with her had been leading to this and they both felt it, knew it, wanted it.

Janet suddenly couldn't wait another minute and pulled Sam down with her, over her, onto the bed. As Sam looked down at her lovingly, Janet lost her ability to process thought and became overwhelmed by each and every one of her senses. The sight of those blue eyes and those plump, pink nipples in the middle of all that creamy skin. The scent of clean cotton sheets combined with the incredible silky softness of Sam above her, against her, the warmth pressing down into her and the taste of Sam's salty shoulder against her mouth and the glorious sight of Sam's long, lean legs leading up to Sam's firm ass mingled with the wonderful scent of Sam's arousal.

The sound of her own moans into Sam's tightly corded neck and Sam's sighed, "am I too heavy" before the incredible sensation of having Sam's ass clutched tightly under her hands and the sound of her own breathy, "No, Sam, stay" before she felt herself reach between them to spread open her own and then Sam's lips wider and hearing her own pleaded, "Sam, harder, love me harder" meshed with the scent of Sam's desire mixed with her own and the sound of Sam panting and the taste of Sam's tongue on her own, the wet friction of that combined with the pressure of Sam's hands holding her down, then clutching her head and the feel of Sam's full, heavy breasts and hard, hard nipples rasping against her own and the delicious hot, wet, rough friction of Sam's clit relentlessly rubbing and pounding into her own and knowing that she was giving Sam as much pleasure as Sam was giving her as she looked up into the endless blue of Sam's eyes and felt the quivering, inevitable, glorious, mind shattering falling until she heard herself calling "Sam, yes, God, yes" until she felt Sam stiffening against her, with her, whispering, "Janet, my Janet."

Sam slowly came back to herself as she realized that Janet has gently rolled then both over and was kissing Sam's forehead and cheeks and chin and neck and she smiled. Sam opened her eyes when she felt Janet's lips moving to the top of her breast and moaned as she watched Janet's mouth cover her nipple and suck it gently into her mouth. Janet paused only to ask, "Can I kiss you here?" and resumed her sucking before Sam finished uttering a breathy, "Yes."

Sam felt Janet move from one nipple to the next, sucking gently and causing her to sigh and squirm, before she felt Janet kissing and sucking down along her stomach and then to her hips and her thighs as she rubbed Sam's legs with her hands, kneading the flesh, pushing them apart and settling between them before Sam realized what was happening. "Can I kiss you here?" Janet asked again as she gently spread Sam's lips wide and placed her open mouth and tongue against Sam's center. Sam's response was a sob muted against her own fist as Janet proceeded to lovingly lick and suck her. Eventually, Sam heard herself moaning and felt herself bucking and she gently held Janet's head to her center as Janet brought her to the kind of orgasm Sam had only previously imagined.

Janet felt rather than heard Sam crying as she lay with her head against Sam's stomach. She moved up Sam's body slowly, kissing and soothing her on her way up. Janet wiped her tears away as Sam clung to her tightly. "Did I do something wrong?" Janet whispered.

Sam answered, "God, no" before pulling Janet into a long, fierce, hot, wet kiss that tasted of Sam's salty passion and left Janet dazed and panting and rubbing herself sensuously against Sam before pulling herself up and straddling Sam's stomach. Sam reached up and caressed Janet's breasts gently before squeezing her nipples, making her moan and resume the sensual rubbing against Sam's stomach. Sam was amazed at the sight of Janet over her, her breasts swaying, taking her own pleasure. Sam squeezed Janet's nipples harder. "Is there something I can do for you?"

Janet nodded, gasping at the sensation as Sam increased the pressure, working Janet's large, dark nipples into stiff peaks. Sam sat up, pulling pillows behind her back to support her and cradling Janet in her lap against her slightly raised legs. Janet clung to Sam's forearms and loosely wrapped her legs around Sam's hips, opening herself, offering herself, to Sam. Janet's voice sounded strained and desperate to her own ears. "Sam, please touch me."

Sam did not hesitate to reach between Janet's legs, gasping at the sopping wet heat she found there. She slid her fingers into Janet's wetness, across her clit, making her buck slightly and moan, teasing her relentlessly until she realized she was sucking furiously on the fingers that Janet had slid into her mouth. Sam suddenly stilled the movement of her hand, comprehension dawning as she stared intensely into Janet's desperate, confused expression, her eyes wide.

Sam's voice was breathy. "Is that what you want, my fingers in you?"

Janet threw her head back and groaned "Yes, yes--"

Janet's passionate plea inflamed Sam and she dropped her legs down slightly, giving herself more access as she plunged her fingers into Janet. Janet lost awareness of anything but the feeling of Sam filling her, pulling out and back into her again and again. Janet thought she might be flying until she felt Sam carefully lowering her to the bed and opened her eyes to Sam's loving blue gaze on her and the glorious sight of Sam's bicep bulging with the effort of fucking her. "Sam, Sam, Sam," she heard herself chanting as she clutched at that bicep, hanging onto it and riding her hand right over the edge.

Sam was propped up on her elbow looking down on Janet who lay sleeping, nuzzled against her. Janet's olive skin seemed to glow in the low light, flowing up over her shapely legs onto her curvaceous hips to her narrow waist and up to her full breasts, her large, dark nipples still puckered. Her eyes opened slowly, the warm brown of them instantly focused on Sam. Her voice was rough. "He-ey, Sam. I fell asleep."

Sam smiled. "Yes, you did."

Janet stretched lazily against Sam. "What are you doing?"

"Watching you. Attempting to calculate the probability of actually having a woman as beautiful as you in my bed."

Janet snorted. "And how's that going?"

"I can't concentrate...too distracted by the beautiful woman in my bed."

Sam was staring at Janet's nipples and reached her hand toward Janet, but seemed to hesitate, then pulled her hand back. Janet frowned as she reached forward and pulled the same hand onto her own breast. "Is this what you wanted?" Janet asked.

Sam gently caressed Janet's breast. "I've been watching you sleep...I wasn't sure if it was okay..."

Janet cupped the side of Sam's face, forcing Sam to look at her. "Sam, don't ever hesitate to touch me, ever. Even if I'm asleep. You have to know I want you to touch me as much as you want to."

Sam swallowed, her eyes wide. "I've never...I didn't know...I have no point of reference for any of this."

Janet smiled and held Sam's head firmly. "You don't need one with me. If you want to touch me, then I want you to."

Sam's gaze slowly and purposefully covered every inch of Janet. "Anywhere?"

The look on Sam's face was hungry. Janet swallowed. "Yes."

Sam dipped her head and licked Janet's nipple. "So I can just lick your nipples anytime I want?"

Janet stifled a moan. "Yes."

Sam moved over Janet, gripping the back of her neck firmly, possessively, as she slipped a leg between Janet's, rubbing Janet's moisture onto her thigh. She sucked the side of Janet's neck roughly. "I can just suck on your neck right here?"

This time, Janet's moan was audible. "Yes."

Sam was rubbing herself against Janet like a large, contented, purring cat. She moved her free hand down and slipped it into Janet's wet heat. She pulled Janet's ear to her mouth and whispered, "And if I wanted to be inside you again..." Janet groaned and bucked against Sam's hand, clinging to her, as Sam continued, "...fill you up, fuck you..." Janet bucked again at the relentless teasing, and then, in a move that stunned Sam, Janet growled and flipped them both over, leaving Sam beneath her.

Janet smiled down at her. "I did tell you that this arrangement was entirely reciprocal, didn't I?" Sam was too stunned to respond as Janet reached between Sam's legs, biting back a groan and closing her eyes briefly at the incredible amount of wetness she found there. "God, Sam, you're so wet...so beautiful." Sam could do nothing but cling to Janet as she stared into those mesmerizing, fierce brown eyes as Janet continued to torment her. "And if I wanted to be inside of you..."

Sam still gripped the back of Janet's neck and pulled Janet down, kissing her roughly, briefly, before looking back into endless pools of brown, repeating Janet's words back to her. "If you want to fuck me, Janet, then I want you to--" and then let out a primal, feral groan as Janet entered her with two, then three, then four fingers, filling her gently, but relentlessly, loving her until Sam's moans turned to sobs and Janet mercifully ran her thumb over Sam's clit once, twice, then again, and then again until Sam started to buck wildly, coming in a long wail until she collapsed in a boneless heap in Janet's arms, softly crying.

Janet held Sam gently in her arms, wiping tears from her face and kissing her softly for what seemed like a very long time, while Sam lay quietly, her large, blue eyes watching Janet intently. Janet bit her lip, starting to worry at the prolonged silence and Sam's unwavering gaze. "Are you alright, sweetie?"

Sam blinked and nodded.

Janet tried again. "Did I hurt you?"

Sam blinked again and shook her head.

Janet sighed. "So, was that okay?"

Sam whispered. "It was incredible. I'm just..."


Sam smiled at Janet's uneasiness. "Thinking."

Janet waited a beat. "About?"

Sam cleared her throat. "Attempting to calculate the seemingly infinite exponential rate at which I am falling in love with you."

Janet froze. "What?"

"As well as wondering if the sex is as earth-shattering and mind-blowing for you as it is for me."

Janet dipped her head and pressed her lips against Sam's quickly, but fiercely. "Yes, God, it is, but back to the first part."

"The first part?"

Janet nodded. "The falling in love part. When did that start?"

"When you teased me about my large brain. I think I was already gone by then."

Janet smiled. "Sam Carter, you are a wonder."

Sam cocked her head slightly. "So, is this arrangement reciprocal, as well?"

"You're kidding, right?"

Sam looked as serious as Janet had ever seen her look. "No."

Janet shook her head. "Sam Carter, I traveled across time, space and alternate realities to be with you and you still wonder how I feel about you?"

Sam smiled. "Well, technically, you traveled through a time-space continuum..."

Janet laughed. "I am so in love with you, Sam."

"Well, now I can die happy."

"Why are we talking about dying?"

Sam pulled Janet tighter against her. "That last orgasm damn near blew the top of my head off and I'm still throbbing for you. I already want you again. I figured at the rate we're going, it's only a matter of time..."

"Oh, no", Janet said and to Sam's delight, scrambled up over her, straddling her chest, then moving up over Sam's head as she clutched at the headboard. "It's my turn."

Sam sent a silent prayer out to the universe as she held Janet's hips firmly, guiding her onto her waiting mouth. Janet felt the vibration of Sam's sigh into her quivering center and all the way to her heart, "Janet, my Janet."

The End

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