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Last Words


The medics rushed the gurney through the corridors. Dr Janet Frasier yelled orders on the way. She was torn in half, one part in a state of panic for her friend's life, the other detached and visually assessing the damage and already planning the surgery ahead. Her hand never left Sam's the entire way. After endless seconds they reached the infirmary, and Janet shouted more orders as her staff prepared the area for surgery. She was just about to prep herself when Sam squeezed her hand and used the last of her strength to pull the Doctor closer.

"I love you," Sam breathed out.

"She's flat lining!" a nurse called out.

Janet snapped to attention. That nurse had already started compressions. She sanitised her hands and had a nurse glove them. "Graham, get the clamp ready. The shrapnel has most likely pierced the left ventricle."

"Yes Doctor."

Janet and her team worked together like a well-oiled engine. They tirelessly laboured until Janet finally stepped back, blood covered gloves held in front of her like a shield. The nurses and medics slowed their ministrations but never stopped completely. They wordlessly manoeuvred Sam's pale, still body to a separate section, where they set up all the bells and whistles to monitor her during the next crucial hours in her recovery.

Sam's mind gradually become aware of its surroundings; she heard familiar beeping and chatter, she felt the ever constant temperature of the base she almost lived on, and when her eyes fluttered open she saw the face she dreamt of every night…

"Janet," Sam whispered hoarsely.

"Shh," Janet cooed softly, and stood from the chair beside the bed and brought a glass of water with a straw to Sam's lips.

Sam sipped slowly and let go of the straw when she was done. She cleared her throat and tried to speak again, "Thank you."

Janet held back tears. "I'd say anytime, but I'd much rather you not nearly die."

Sam smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry."

"Just don't do it again," Janet warned lightly. She took Sam's hand in her own. "I was so scared."

Sam gripped her friend's hand as tight as she could, which wasn't hard because of the pain killers and mild sedative being ministered through the IV drip in her other hand. They sat there like this for some time, and eventually Sam's eyes drooped, and then finally closed. Janet sighed with the knowledge of a mountain of paperwork on her desk. She gently squeezed Sam's hand before she let go.

As Janet pulled her hand away Sam's tightened again. She opened her eyes, "Don't go."

"Ok," Janet sat back down without hesitation, happy to oblige her friend. "I'll stay, but you need to rest. Your body is recovering from a major trauma"

Sam nodded weakly. "Just stay though. I'm better when you're here."

"That's because I'm a Doctor," Janet smirked.

Sam shook her head, "It's because you're you."

Janet smiled, touched by Sam's words. "Get some rest. I won't leave you."

They held their gaze for a minute longer before Sam closed her eyes again. It wasn't long until she fell asleep. The feel of Janet's thumb rubbing over the back of her hand was more calming that any pharmaceutical.

After some time, in the lull of the midnight shift change, Janet whispered, "I love you too."

The End

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