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What a Surprise!!!
By b and Debbie

Doctor Janet Fraiser sits working at her computer, trying to catch up with the post-mission reports that litter her over-flowing desk. Suddenly, the message prompt indicates there is new incoming email. Her concentration interrupted she wonders whether to take a look or to finish the report she is on. Unconsciously clicking the Yes button, the first thing she sees is the sender's name: S.Carter. Immediately, Janet's frown disappears, and a sexy smile slowly graces her perfect lips. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkle at the thoughts of the blonde major. Seeing the subject she smirks quietly to herself, 'Another of those techno-babble queries to debate over lunch, I bet...'

Sent: 08.05 a.m
From: S.Carter
To: J.Fraiser
Subject: Question for you, Janet?

My beloved, I love you.

I love you so much my heart aches. You're my dream come true. You're my heaven on earth. You are my everything.

I love your smiles, your laugh and everything about you. Everything. I love the way you care for Cassie and me. I love the way you care for your patients. I love the way you love me.

You're my world Janet. My one. My soul.

I wish I could shout it to the world. How much I love you. I wish everyone could see my love for you. Just look into my eyes Janet. It is there. You are there. I promise you.

Will you marry me Janet... the one who loves you forever?


Stunned, Janet almost loses the ability to breathe. She sits, unable to move a muscle, unable to think in anyway coherently. So many things come to her mind. Each new thought, more confusing and terrifying than the one before. Images of the blonde come alive in front of her eyes. The Sam she knows so well, smiling, teasing, strong and beautiful. Her Sam??

Suddenly her office door flies open. In walks a smiling Major Samantha Carter, “Hi Janet.”

Sam stops short, seeing Janet's pale face and wild eyes. Her stomach gives a violent lurch. She quickly closes the door and rushes to Janet's side.

"Janet?" Kneeling down to keep her eyes at Janet's level, she almost cries out at the confusion and shock she sees in her friend's face.

Janet looks down, averting her eyes from Sam’s gaze. She can't breathe with Sam so close.

Sam firmly grips hold of Janet's shoulder. Enquiring, "Janet, what is it? What's wrong?" Fear is now clearly evident in Sam's voice when Janet refuses to look at her, "Janet, tell me what's wrong. Is it Cassie? Janet?" Sam's voice rises and she is almost pleading at this point, trying to get some reaction from the stunned doctor

Janet's refusal to look at her terrifies Sam. Glancing at Janet's laptop display, she tries to see what it might be that has shaken Janet so badly. What she sees causes her to freeze in her tracks. There on the laptop display is her own latest unsent email. Her own secret love admission. Her unrequited love admission?

Now Sam too is stunned. Her thoughts go unchecked, 'Sh*t! How did this happen? How can Windows have done this? It's just not possible. I'll have to look at that... what the hell is Janet thinking? What the hell am I going to do?’

Lost in her own fear, Sam fails to notice the soft touch on her wrist.

"Sam?" murmurs Janet quietly. The doctor’s voice, calm and steady, breaks through Sam’s thoughts.

Her reverie invaded she looks up into the most beautiful brown eyes she has ever seen. As their eyes finally lock together, the Major sees tears, confusion and something else, something she struggles to read.

Suddenly, it clicks, she sees hope and something much deeper, she sees her own shining love reflected back at her.

Taking Sam’s hand into her own, Janet whispers, “Sam…”

The End

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