DISCLAIMER: Stargate SG-1 is the property of MGM, Showtime, Gekko etc. this story depicts a loving/sexual relationship between women...okay, disclaimer done.
SPOILERS: Cassie's POV. Immediately Post Rite of Passage (season 5)
SERIES: Part three of the Awakenings series, following Realization and Honesty

By Debbie

How long have I been with Janet now? Is it really four years? What is it Sam says.... Time flies when you are enjoying yourself? Like now, both of my parents spending time with me. Mom watching over me as she always does, and Sam playing Chess with me, pleased because I like the things she does.

It's funny but it no longer seems odd to call them both my parents. Two Moms, but hey what the..., I'm sure there are more unusual things than that in this Universe. Who'd have thought four years ago that my real parents would be dead, and I'd be living on another planet? Not me! So two Moms are not that funny at all.

I wonder if those two will ever see what I see? The way they look at each other sometimes. I love them both so much, I think I maybe see better than anyone what is really going on. Oh, I know I can be a bitch sometimes, like during my Birthday party, but that's part of being a teenager-cum-young woman, or that's what Dominic says. As I grow up I see more and more what Sam and Mom mean to each other.

I've seen it in Mom for much longer. When I first came to live with her I wondered why she sometimes drifted off when Sam was around. Then she seemed to get things under control, and they became really good friends. I got the best of both worlds: Mom's love and understanding always, Sam's love and 'joie de vivre' (my friends would be proud of me!)whenever she was on Earth.

Gradually Sam got busier and busier and came round less and less. Mom went kinda sad at this point, not with me, but I would catch her looking so alone. Then we all had a weekend at the lake, hired a rowing boat, and had a wonderful time. Mom was just so full of fun and happiness, she suddenly seemed complete. That's when I knew; Mom loved Sam. That's also when I realized that I loved Janet and started calling her Mom. We were a family for a little while.

It wasn't long after that when Mom got sad again. Jack was lost on some planet or other, and Sam was lost in her Lab. for hours on end. Mom was lonely once again. Then, a few months later, she came home heartbroken. For the first time in our relationship I comforted her. I don't know what Sam said, but it certainly got to Mom! For ages after that she hid her feelings behind her professional mask.

Then we nearly lost Sam. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but for the second time it was me who held Mom while she sobbed. All she could say was, "I nearly killed her!" After this she stopped hiding her feelings from me - I think it was subconscious- but now I see smiles and her looks of adoration again! That smile tonight, while we were playing Chess, was just smoldering. I don't think even Sam could miss that one.

Then again, I didn't miss the look Sam gave Mom. Mom missed it, like she always does, but not me. Sam may think she's in love with Jack but I can see differently. With Sam it's been longer getting through, but it's there now alright, she adores Mom.

Sam used to come around regularly. Until that moment when Mom was so upset. That Tokra woman had made Jack admit he cared for Sam, and Sam had admitted she felt it too. She was suddenly very confused. I don't think Sam and Jack did anything about 'their feelings.' How could they, Sam was only fooling herself.

For a time none of us were happy. We certainly weren't a family. But, luckily for all of us, Mom and Sam were sent on a mission together, to Egypt I think. When they returned Sam had changed. Sam started coming back around again and showered us both with affection. I'd hear them talking and laughing like old times and we felt family again!

Now, I think Sam was in love with Mom from early in their friendship, after all it was Mom she turned to after the Jolinar incident and the 'death' of her Father. (Hey, I've just had a thought, I wonder if Jacob and Selmak would be my Grandma and Grandpa, I need another set of those!). I think she just got scared and decided to focus her energies on Jack as a denial! Even I know the reaction two women together get in the Air Force, I hear my friends joking often enough. Listen at me, trying to analyze Sam's feelings. Maybe some of Mom is rubbing off on me too.

The more I think, the more I'd like to see them get together? I love them both so much. I wouldn't care what others thought or said, as long as we were all happy. Maybe I should try my hand at matchmaking!

"Hey Cassie, are you ready for home? Sam's just emailed me, she wants to talk. How about we drop in her Lab. and invite her over for Pizzas?"

"Yeah Mom that sound great!" Maybe I can have a go at matchmaking tonight.

The End?

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