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A Little TLC
By Debbie


The Stargate's horizon began to shiver and, within seconds, the plume of energy flowed outwards.

As always, Walter Harriman marveled at the amazing effect. And, as four weary off-world personnel stepped back home, as always, he marveled at the ongoing beauty of one Major Samantha Carter.

He'd lusted after Sam Carter for years, watching as she blossomed from a shy young Captain to a high-flying major.

And all along, he'd known he had absolutely no chance with the woman. Not only was he at least 12 inches too short, but he'd hazard a guess that she was already taken by somebody eminently more suitable.

For Walter, one of the perks of always sitting in this seat was his running of the book on just who the lovely Major shared her downtime with. Top of the list by far was Jack O'Neill, and bottom of the list was Schrödinger, her cat. Walter knew that both of these were impossibilities, his money was between two of the doctors of Stargate Command with Teal'c running a close third.

His eyes rested on the blue of the major's as she glanced about expectantly. Whether it was because his mind was concentrating on that certain conundrum but, for the first time, he really saw what the look in her eyes was saying; he knew exactly where to place his money.

With a sigh he also realized precisely what Samantha Carter's next reaction would be.

Sure enough, as soon as General Hammond nodded his head towards the infirmary, Sam was off at a pace.

"Janet? Are you awake?"

Sam popped her head around the closed side-room doorway to see that Dr. Janet Fraiser was fast asleep. Walking over towards the bed, she glanced around to make sure no one was watching before bending down to whisper in Janet's ear, "What the hell have you been up to? I leave you for two weeks to go on this damn peace-keeping mission, and you get beaten up at home."

Janet snored gently, and Sam took the opportunity to search out Dr. Warner for an update.

It appeared Janet had been attacked by Major Reynolds of SG3 on his return from Bradychinea. She'd managed to hold him down just long enough to give him a much needed sedative; unfortunately, acquiring a Colles fracture to her left wrist in the process.

It had then taken three more officers to pull Janet off the major so that she could be given treatment.

Dr Warner winked at Sam as he explained she was sleeping so soundly because they'd had to pump her full of sedatives to allow them to manipulate and put her wrist into plaster.

"I didn't know she knew words like that. It's a good thing young Cassandra wasn't around to hear any of them."

Sam grinned, and blushed. She was often privy to the dirty end of Janet's vocabulary; it was the means Sam used to gauge how well their love-making was progressing, or rather, how much enjoyment her lover was gleaning from the major's special attention to detail.

"So, when can she go home?"

"Um, well, that all depends, Major Carter; you know Janet as well as I do, she won't rest if we allow her home on her own."

"No worries there then, I'll make arrangements to take some leave, and I'll take care of her for a few days."

"In that case, she can go home as soon as she wakes from her sleep and is coherent enough to make the move."

Sam thanked the doctor and hurried off to speak with the General.

Fifteen minutes later, she'd changed into in her dress-blues, something Janet adored, and had made the arrangements to take a week's downtime. She'd waved off the three men in her life; Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c also taking the enforced week's leave, were going ice-fishing.

She smiled evilly, slumped into the armchair beside Janet's bed, and lazily opened the top four buttons of her shirt, wrapping the tie loosely around her neck. She wasn't vain, but she knew this was her best seductive look.

Within minutes, an exhausted Sam was also asleep.

In sleep, she dreamt of coming home to a Janet with arms open wide and running into the waiting arms to be hugged silly. Only, as Janet threw her arms around Sam, a clumsy, heavy cast whacked her upside the ear. She jumped up with a start and rubbed her right ear.

A lovely chuckle warmed her soul as she opened her eyes to stare into the dark brown pair she adored.

The sting on her ear brought it home to Sam that Janet had actually hit her.

"What'd you do that for?"

"For crying out loud, Samantha, fasten your blouse; what would Colonel O'Neill say?"

Sam smiled at the jealous tone in Janet's voice. "I have absolutely no intention of finding out. Now, are you going to start behaving like a good little patient, or, am I going to have to tell Warner that you've already done too much with that bad hand and that you need to stay here?"

"Sam! You wouldn't?"

"I would. You just try me. Now, lay back and let me fetch Warner. If you're really good in the next few minutes, I'll take you home."

She slipped her fingers inside her blouse and winked at Janet. Janet licked her lips at the sight, and the action wasn't missed by Sam, two weeks away from each other was a long time for both ladies.

Refastening her buttons, Sam teased, "And you can stop those thoughts right now, you have to rest."

"Doctor Fraiser, it's good to see you awake. Now, I'm going to tell you this once, and once only, and I want you to listen carefully."

Janet glared at Sam as she stood behind the doctor snickering behind her hand.

"You have a Colles fracture of that left wrist. We managed to manipulate it into place which, as you know, means there will be considerable soft tissue swelling around the break. You're therefore in a half plaster to allow room for the swelling, which also means you have to rest that wrist in elevation for at least the next 24 hours. After that, you can have a full plaster and can probably become a little more active. Okay?"

Janet seethed. "Okay? Okay, you say? Tom, there's no way I can take 24 hours off work at this time, you know that."

Dr Warner, seeing that Sam was about to butt in, stood his ground; his superior officer was a brilliant doctor, but he could cope quite well on his own, and he did know his orthopaedics. "Now, you just listen to me; I am a perfectly good doctor, Doctor Fraiser, and I know that you need to rest that wrist or you'll end up losing much more than 48 hours of activity. And you know I'm right."

Janet nodded sheepishly, and Sam snickered some more.

"Major Carter here says that she's willing to look after you for a couple of days…"

Only Sam heard Janet's muttered, "I bet she is," as Warner continued his orders.

"… so, I suggest you take your prescription and go home now while I'm feeling generous enough to let you go."

"Alright Tom, you win, and I didn't mean to imply you were a bad doctor, it's just, well, you know what doctors are like as patients?"

"Yes, I do, now go on. We'll see you after the weekend, and maybe you'll be able to work straight away."

He nodded to Sam, and squeezed Janet's hand in understanding before leaving the two women alone.

Janet sighed. "And you can take that grin off your face, who does he think he is?"

"Your doctor I believe, madam, now will you take your medicine like a good little girl or am I going to have to leave you here; 'cos I'm getting desperate to go home. Two weeks is a damn long time…" she leaned over to whisper the words she believed would be the deal clincher, "… to not snuggle up to my love."

Janet just smiled, swung her legs out of bed, and held her arms up in the air.

For a minute Sam was lost, until she finally realized Janet was waiting to be dressed.

Walter Harriman held Sam's car door open for Doctor Fraiser and knew that his money was safe.

Later, at home, Janet was bored out of her mind. Sam had insisted she went straight to bed while the major prepared a light snack. That was an hour ago, and Janet's patience was wearing thin; it was her arm that was broken, not her legs. Suddenly, she heard the sound of feet coming up the stairway and settled back to await her lover.

Sam leaned her head around the door and, seeing that Janet was still resting, called out, "Just give me ten more minutes; I just need to check on Cass."

Cassandra had been at home on Janet's return but, seeing that her mom only had a broken arm, she'd continued on to her sleep-over at a young friend's house.

Janet shouted down the hallway, "She'll be fine, Sam, it's me that needs some Sam loving. Now, would you get your ass in here?"

Janet could hear Sam's laughter but also heard her footsteps returning. She smiled; at last they would get some time to reacquaint themselves.

The brunette waited expectantly as the door opened and Sam entered with a large smile on her face. Suddenly, Janet's mouth went dry, and her heart rate sped up tenfold.


"Hey Babe, sorry, I took so long, just had to prepare a little something." Sam put a tray of snacks on the dresser and walked across to the bed with a bottle of pills and a glass of water.

Janet's eyes slid hungrily from Sam's feet all the way to her head and back down again. Another swipe of her lips confirmed that she was still dry.

As Sam reached the bedside, Janet's patience at being a good patient disappeared. She grabbed the painkillers from Sam's hand and threw them into her mouth, downed the glass of water back in haste, literally threw the glass to one side, and growled, "There, I've been the perfect little patient, now you, Nurse Carter, can just come and be the perfect little nurse."

She grabbed Sam's hand and pulled the now clad only in a mini-skirted nurse's uniform, complete with black stockings and garter, major down into a much missed snuggle party, cursing the fact that she had only one hand to caress the silk.

Sam laughed in pleasure and proceeded to prove that she was as effective as a nurse and a lover as she was as a peace-keeping soldier.

The End

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