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Dial V for Vala
By trancer



Sam looked up from her desk to see Vala in the doorway to her office. Her long frame leaned against the doorframe, hands in the pockets of her regulation BDU's, Daniel's Sam assumed, her lips spread into the coyest of smiles. A smile Sam had seen one time too many, a smile that usually spelled trouble.

"No," Sam stated firmly.

"No what?"

"Whatever it is you want, the answer is no."

"So, I can't see your cell phone?"

"No," Sam stopped. "Why do you want that?"

"Just curious, that's all."

Sam eyed her suspiciously before handing the woman her cell. Vala took a seat on the edge of Sam's desk, waving the device about, holding it upside down, sideways, front to back. "What?" Sam barked.

"Seems cumbersome."

"It's a phone, Vala."

"I know it's a phone. I just can't figure out why anyone would want to have sex with it."

Sam collapsed her face into her hands. "I have no one but myself to blame. She opened the door and I just walked right into it."

"Walked into what? Anyway, this just seems such an odd earth custom. Still, better this than that," Vala pointed the cell at the phone sitting on Sam's desk, then, tilted her head while squinting her eyes. "Unless.."

"Stop! What ever's about to come out of your mouth next, just stop! And give me back my phone!" She snatched the device from Vala's hand.

"Sorry, didn't want to come between you and your phone. It certainly explains why you're always alone in your office."

"Hey! Vala, phone sex isn't about actually having sex with your phone."

"Then, what is it about?"

"I am not having this conversation. I am so not having this conversation. Wait, you know what? Here," Sam moved towards her computer, began typing furiously. "Here. This will tell you everything you need to know about sex."

"Really?" Vala smiled, taking a seat in front of the computer. "Oh, well, that's interesting. Still doesn't explain why you're always in your office alone but.."

"Goodbye, Vala."

"Thank you, Samantha. This has been very," she paused in the doorway, turning her head back towards Sam and flashing her best coyly seductive grin, "informative."

"Carter," Sam answered into her phone, eyes still glued to her computer screen.

"What would you say," Vala's voice purred into her ear, "if I told you I was in your quarters, lying on your bed, naked."

Her eyes glanced down towards the display on her phone and, sure enough, the extension was for Sam's quarters. "I'd say you need a new hobby," she growled softly before hanging up the phone. Which, immediately, began ringing again. "Vala.."

"Before you hang up, I'd like to thank you."

"For what?" It was there again, the open door Sam found herself unable to stop herself from walking through.

"The site you pointed me towards. Very informative. I now know what a French Tickler is. Which doesn't explain why your people dislike the French, it's an ingenious invention," she paused, certain she had the Major's attention. "I also know what a Violet Wand is. And that you, Major Carter, have three. Do you have one in your office? For phone sex?"

Sam never heard what Vala stated next. By that time, she was in a full sprint towards her quarters.

"Hello, Samantha," Vala purred as Sam slammed the door behind her.

Sam had steeled herself for the sight of a naked Vala in her quarters. And, she was - naked. In Sam's quarters. On Sam's bed. What Sam hadn't considered were the handcuffs now binding the woman to the metal rods of the headboard.

"Vala," exhaled in a whine as she tilted her head back. "Where's the key?"

"You have three guesses and the first two don't count. But, I will give you a hint," she smiled a toothy grin. "Flesh and skin cover outside it, but one can never know what's inside unless invited. It can be open and friendly, or closed and tight, but one can never know unless one does it right."

"This isn't a game, Vala."

"Of course not, riddles are serious business. There was this one time.."

"Bolt cutters!" Sam snapped her fingers. "I can get some bolt cutters!"

"And when you get back," Vala called to the retreating figure. "You'll have to explain why there's a screaming, naked woman bound to your bed."

"You wouldn't?"

"Ask Daniel, he's quite familiar with my vocal prowess."

"Vala," she was beginning to pout. Sam hated pouting. "What do you want?"

"I want to know about phone sex."

"And you think handcuffing yourself to my bed is the way?"

"It's a start."

Sam sat down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes surreptitiously glancing from Vala's face to the area of the bed sheet just below Vala's exposed belly button. "Did you really hide the key there?"

"I'll never tell."

"What do you want to know?"

"I want to know how you would do it. If I were say, not handcuffed to your bed, but on the other end of your phone."

"Fine," Sam huffed. She squinted her eyes, gazing down at the naked woman on the bed. Then, clambered over her, planting her hands on either side of Vala's chest. Sam leaned down, placing her lips close to Vala's ear, began gently whispering.

"Oh, that's," she licked her lips. "Interesting. You can do that?"


"I'm liking this phone sex more and more."

"I didn't say I was done. The fun part is what you would be doing on the other end, and," Sam slid her body next to Vala's, her hand sliding across the smooth plain of her stomach. "I'm gonna have to do it for you."

"Oh," Vala tried concentrating on the words but there was a hand on her breast, with slightly calloused fingertips teasingly circling the surface. Closed to eyes to concentrate on the words, the words and the images they created, followed by the sensations tickling her skin. The sensation from fingertips traveling down her stomach, slow and exploratory, until her stomach was trembling under the touch. And then, more words, soft and airy, heatedly erotic, words, that on a lesser tongue would sound crude and off putting. And Vala found her arms pulling at her restraints because she wanted Sam closer. Wanted to feel her lips, her breasts, her stomach. More than anything, she wanted to feel Sam's fingers inside her.

Sensing her need, Sam teasingly pulled away. Blue eyes twinkling lasciviously. "Did you really put the key there?"

"I guess you'll just have to find out the hard way."

"Yes," her fingers slid under the sheet, grazed over heat and wetness arching upwards. "I guess I will."

Vala groaned out at the slightest hint of penetration. And Sam tormented her as Vala moaned with each advance, whimpered with each withdraw. Until they moved as one, the tension building, climbing until there was nothing left but release.

Release came in an explosion of body shaking trembles, the jerking of wrists at her restraints. All accentuated with a keening wail so high and long in pitch Sam was certain the doors would burst open with armed soldiers pointing rifles at the bed.

"Oh my," Vala purred as Sam continued suckling on her neck. Continued stroking that spot drawing from a well of shivers that seemed to have no end. "I think I quite enjoy this phone sex."

Sam lifted her head, gazing down at the purring woman beneath her. "I didn't find the key."

"You didn't pay attention to the riddle," Vala licked her lips, leisurely opening her eyes, the coy glint returned. "It's in my hand," she opened her clenched fist, a silver key in the middle of her palm. Vala snorted. "And you call yourself a genius."

Sam took the key from Vala's palm, held it up to the light. With a lascivious grin, she tossed it over her shoulder.

"What are you doing?"

"I just figured, since you're here," she began unbuttoning her shirt. "I'd teach you some other earth customs."

Vala's lips spread into a wide toothy grin. "Better than phone sex?"

"Oh yes," she reached into the nightstand. Pulled out the wand stored with an assortment of items that probably had no business being on the base, let alone in her quarters and clicking it on. Waved it before Vala's playfully widening eyes. "Much, much better."

The End

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