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The Morning After
By Celievamp


Sam Carter was awake but not ready to admit it yet. Usually at this point she did a mental reconnaissance of the previous day and a quick plan of the day to come.


She hadn't the faintest idea what had happened the day before.

She frowned, fidgeted, still stubbornly refusing to open her eyes. Something definitely wasn't right.


This was - disconcerting. Even when she had had her memory stamped, she remembered what she did yesterday.


Well, presumably she had gone to work. She did most days. Well, every day, if she was honest. Weekends happened to other people. Except for the Saturdays when she played chess with Cassie. They were sacrosanct. When she went over to Janet's house and played chess with Cassie. When she went over to Janet's house.


She remembered Janet laughing, her brown eyes sparkling, her bright smile. Goddess, but she loved to see that smile. It brightened her whole existence, reminded her afresh why she was fighting the good fight. In her mental picture, Janet's hair was down, curling around her face and shoulders, rich brown highlighted with cinnamon. She wasn't in uniform but was wearing a dark purple shirt. She looked relaxed, so happy. The look in her eyes... Sam would give a lot to see that look for real. She smiled herself at the thought of it, warm inside. If only... but it could never happen. Sam sighed, wiggling deeper under the covers.

Nice thoughts but it still didn't answer the question: what the hell had she done yesterday. Work out the probabilities, Sam. You're supposed to be the math genius.

Okay. She didn't feel queasy, her mouth didn't feel like something had died in it and she did not currently have a headache so it was likely that her amnesia was not alcohol related. Nor did she ache anywhere. Nothing seemed to be bandaged, stitched or in plaster. So if she had been on a mission she hadn't been physically injured. There were no machines beeping so she was not in the infirmary. She wasn't wearing hospital pyjamas or a gown.

In fact, she didn't seem to be wearing anything.

And this bed was far too comfortable, Unfamiliar, but comfortable.

In her mind a giant bear loomed over her. "Someone's been sleeping in my bed." This was not her bed, therefore not her room, therefore not her house.

Oh-oh. This was not good. This was so not good. This was.

She was just processing this information when something soft and warm touched the bare skin of her shoulder. Soft lips kissed her bare flesh and a familiar voice murmured, "Sam, I know you're awake, I can just about hear you thinking. Talk to me, please."

In one frozen moment it all came back to her.

This was wonderful.


Sam looked up from her workbench, only then remembering to raise the safety goggles she was wearing. "Oh, hey Janet."

Janet took one look at the mess of components scattered across the workbench and the still active soldering iron. "You're busy. I'll."

"To be honest, I could really do with the interruption," Sam said, pushing the goggles all the way off and turning off the soldering iron. "I had some idea what I was doing with this when I started but now." she stared down at the Heath-Robinson array splayed in front of her, ". not so much. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if you'd eaten yet?" Janet asked. "It's a little late - after three - and the Commissary is out of the dish of the day - so I was wondering if you wanted to sign out early and go into Springs, get something to eat. I have the evening to myself - the Colonel is taking Cassie to a hockey game and she's sleeping over at his house."

"I didn't realise it was that late!" Sam said. "I meant to finish early today anyway, the Colonel has been on at me about my hours again. He'd been checking up on me for some reason - he actually asked me if I had a home to go to."

"Ah," Janet looked uncharacteristically uneasy. "That might be my fault. I was doing some research on stress and work-life balance and looked at working arrangements around the SGC. Sam - the average working week around here is 40-48 hours. You put in over 60. It's too much, especially week after week like you do."

Sam sighed, stared down at her workbench. "I know what you all think, but I really don't see this as work, you know. I trained as a scientist, as well as a soldier, but my duties with SG1 mean that my researches get neglected and I don't want them to. I feel I have as much to contribute as a scientist to this project as I do as an airforce officer. Even if the science has almost become just a hobby."

"Why don't you speak to the Colonel or even General Hammond about it, see if you can get more lab time as part of your normal duty hours," Janet said. "It might mean that SG1 cut down on its missions but the way this place is expanding there are more than enough teams to take up the slack." She glanced at her watch. "Come on, it's something to talk about over lunch. And to make it up to you, I'm buying, okay?"

Sam grinned at her friend. "Okay."

Reflecting on what the Doctor had said, Sam signed out for the rest of the day. Janet's shift was also over; she had stopped at her office to change and would meet Sam on the surface. They would drive separately to Sam's house so that the Air Force Captain could change her clothing and leave her car and then Janet would drive them both to their chosen restaurant, "Giradi's", an out of the way place that happened to have the best pasta sauce in Colorado. They had all gone there on a team night out a couple of months back and had enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of the family-run restaurant.

Whilst Sam was getting changed, Janet wandered around Sam's living room and den. Whilst Sam was a fairly frequent visitor to her house because of her ongoing commitment to Cassie (and, as Janet liked to think, she enjoyed spending time with her as well), Janet had only been to Sam's house once or twice. And even then she had always been with Cassie and had never really had the opportunity to `snoop'. Considering that the Captain spent so little time there, it was quite a comfortable and welcoming place with decorative plates on the wall that Sam had inherited from her mother and various plants and ferns. Other prints on the walls looked to be views from the Hubble telescope. She recognised the towering clouds and the curious double star from television coverage of the mission. The two bookshelves she could see were well stocked with a variety of books, reference materials on aspects of physics, astronomy and engineering, a set of classic editions Dickens and another of Thomas Hardy that looked as though they were heirlooms, a smattering of biographies, mostly of historical figures, some `hard' science fiction by Kim Stanley Robinson, David Brin and William Gibson along with a couple of authors she didn't recognise, what looked like a complete set of Patricia Cornwell and some Stephen King novels. On the top of the bookcase were two globes, one of the earth's geography, the second of the moon.

In an alcove was an entertainment centre, tv, dvd and video recorder, cd player. It was top line stuff as one might expect from such a gadget girl as Sam Carter but not too over the top. The colour scheme in the furnishings and decorations were cream and a soft sage green that were warm and restful on the eye.

There were a few photographs scattered around, one of a much younger Sam with her father, one of a blonde, blue eyed woman holding a blonde tot that just had to be Sam and her mother. Janet examined that one intently for a few moments. Sam did look very like her mother. She realised that Sam was probably about the same age now as her mother had been in that picture, having had a career as a university professor before she married Jacob Carter and started a family. There was a picture of two children that were either a young Sam and her brother, or her nephew and niece. And there were a few pictures of her team, SG1, taken either by Sam herself or possibly by Teal'c who had embraced photography as one of his favourite hobbies.

And of course there were pictures of Cassie, some of her adopted daughter on her own or with `Jack' her dog, one or two with Janet as well. And to Janet's surprise, in a prominent position there was a photograph of Janet by herself. She remembered the day it had been taken, about six months before. Sam had taken Cassie to the park for a kick-about and Janet had promised to come and meet them after she had done some chores in town. They had spotted her first, walking down the path in a world of her own and Sam had called her name, taking the picture just as she looked up. It was now in a plain but elegant silver frame. The way it was sited it was clearly visible both from the armchair and the desk where Sam usually set up her laptop.

All she has to do is look up and she can see me, Janet thought, feeling the blush rise in her cheeks. That realization pleased her immensely. Maybe, just maybe what she was beginning to feel for the young Captain wasn't as one sided as she had feared.

Sam came back in at that moment, pausing as she saw Janet standing with her framed photograph in her hands. She was unable to control her own blush that heated her cheeks. `Please let her take it in good part,' she thought to herself. `Please don't let her think it's weird or... wrong.' She noticed the blush that coloured the doctor's cheeks and wondered if she was flushed from anger, embarrassment or pleasure. Her anxiety was dispelled by the smile that graced Janet's lips.

"This is a great picture. I always meant to ask you how it turned out. It's a lovely frame as well. I'm honoured." She put the picture back onto the small table. "I'm honoured that you think of me as part of your family, Sam."

"You are, Janet, you've become very important to me." Sam started to say and then paused, obviously revising her thought. "I mean. you're Cassie's mom now and I'm like an honorary aunty so."

"I know what you mean," Janet said, unable to stop herself feeling a little crestfallen. She so did not want Sam as a sister. "You're very important to me as well." She smiled, trying to put absolutely everything she felt for Sam into the expression. "Very important."

Sam blushed again, her eyes downcast for a moment before she returned her brilliant gaze onto the smaller woman. She started to say something, thought better of it and just smiled, one of those rare full smiles that came from her soul. And from that moment Janet Fraiser knew without a shadow of a doubt that not only was she in love with this beautiful woman but that she was loved in return.

They would need to put it into words but for now, in this moment, those smiles were enough. Unspoken questions had their answer. This was mutual. Now all they had to do was decide what `this' was. And a quiet dinner in a nice restaurant seemed to be the perfect place to start on that.

Sam thought it was a very good thing that Janet was driving. She was so dazed, so unfocused by all the emotions coursing through her mind that she would have probably put them into a ditch or wrapped the car around a tree. Janet had rung ahead and made sure there was a table for them. It was getting towards early evening and being a good family restaurant Giradi's was always busy at this time of day.

She tried to think of something to say that would take her mind off her burgeoning feelings. "The Colonel's really looking forward to taking Cassie to the game, he was telling us about it earlier. Daniel and Teal'c have tickets as well so she'll get spoilt rotten. I'm surprised that you didn't go with them."

"I fancied a little `me' time I suppose. and I found out that you weren't going either. So I decided to be selfish and have you all to myself for a change. I hardly get a chance to talk to you when Cassie is with us."

"It's good to have you all to myself as well," Sam said candidly. They were shown to a quiet table towards the back of the restaurant, away from the `family' section. Sam realised that this might be construed as a date and felt a frisson of pleasure rush through her at the idea.

They both ordered a green salad and ravioli. Sam had the ricotta and spinach, Janet opted for beef and basil. For the moment they made small-talk, easing themselves into this new relationship that seemed to be mutually happening without either of them actually verbally asking or agreeing to it. After they had finished their ravioli Sam just had coffee whilst Janet indulged herself in a chocolate and icecream confection.

As she tucked in she gradually became aware that vivid blue eyes were watching every move she made with avid attention. Or rather, every move her spoon made, loaded with the delicious icecream. "Want some?" she asked.

"I couldn't." Sam said, a hopeful look dawning on her face. "Could I?"

Janet grinned, scooped up a liberal helping of icecream and chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes and amaretto biscuit and held it out to her friend. Sam hesitated for one moment before taking it into her mouth.

At that moment Janet Fraiser knew exactly what Samantha Carter's expression would be when she made her cum for the first time. A woman in ecstacy. It was wonderful to see. Although it did make her wonder if her own expression had been so... wanton.

There was a fleck of chocolate sauce on the other woman's lower lip. Janet reached across and gently wiped it with the ball of her thumb, feeling Sam tremble and flush again at her touch. Janet smiled and got a somewhat tremulous smile in response.

Janet decided to leave off the teasing until Sam had regained her composure. She called over the waiter and asked him for a second spoon before pushing the desert closer to the centre of the table. "It's okay, I was never going to finish it all by myself anyway." Blushing, Sam accepted the spoon and dug in.

They drew out the meal as long as they could but neither of them had verbally acknowledged that this was really their first date by the time they split the bill.

"It's still early," Janet said. "Do you want to come back to my house, watch a film or something. I have more icecream."

Sam giggled. "You really know the way to a woman's heart. If there's chocolate involved then it's true love, I warn you."

"Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia," Janet said with mock solemnity. "Looks like it's a match made in heaven then."

"Indeed," Sam grinned.

After much gentle argument and idle speculation on the mental capacity of the other given their choice of movies they had settled on "Singing in the Rain" over "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Janet found herself watching Sam watch the movie, holding back a smile as she watched Sam's lips silently move along with the dialogue in key scenes. Janet was stretched out on the couch, Sam sitting on the floor with her head resting somewhere near Janet's abdomen. She had no idea how long she had been gently carding her fingers through Sam's soft blonde hair before she realised what she was doing and drew back.

"Don't," Sam said softly. "It feels so good." She turned to face Janet. "It's been a long time since anyone cared for me the way you do, Janet. It's been a long time since I cared for anyone." The harsh light of the tv screen bled across her pale skin in the dimly lit room. Her eyes had never seemed so large, so dark.

Janet leant across and softly kissed Sam on the lips. Sam's eyelashes had fluttered closed at her touch and when they opened again, the almost dazed look in those grey-blue eyes made Janet smile. "Want to try that again?" she asked softly.

Sam nodded, making the move this time, leaning over to kiss Janet on the lips, the tip of her tongue gently swabbing along the edge of Janet's lip. Janet's hands moved to rest on Sam's shoulders as Sam's lips pressed against her throat, nuzzling at her for a moment. She moved her hands down to brush lightly over Sam's upper chest, palming her breasts for a moment, feeling how the taller woman's nipples tightened at her touch. She made her decision, easing herself away from the other woman, forestalling the hurt look in her expressive eyes by reaching out to take her hand as she stood up, pulling Sam to stand with her. "I can think of a better place to be for this," she said softly. "Stay the night, Sam. Please."

Sam still did not trust herself to speak, but nodded. She could feel Janet's slender fingers trembling against her palm. She followed the smaller woman upstairs to her bedroom and stood just inside the threshold, momentarily unsure of what to do next, how to proceed. All her dreams of this happening had glossed over this part. She wanted more than anything to see Janet naked for the first time, to run her hands over that pale caramel skin to see how soft it was, brushing her hands over those beautiful breasts, the perfect proportions of her frame. For a moment, Janet looked equally uncertain. Then her smile broke free once more and as she drew Sam further into the room her confidence in what was about to happen made her seem as if she had gained a couple of inches in height despite being barefoot. "Sam, do you trust me?"

"Yes," Sam breathed.

"Do you love me?" Bright eyes gazed up at her. "Do you love me, Sam?"

"Oh, yes," Sam said, feeling the weight of expectation drop from her. This was meant to be. She lowered her head, kissing the shorter woman again, nuzzling at her cheeks, her eyelids, back to her lips, then down her throat. Janet's hands were busy unbuttoning Sam's shirt, pulling it clear of her jeans so that she could skim her fingers over the soft skin of Sam's chest and abdomen. Sam shrugged out of her shirt then reached behind her and undid her bra, letting Janet carefully remove it from her body as their kissing became more feverish. Janet's fingers were in the waistband of her jeans, pulling down the zip and tugging the denim down over Sam's slim hips. Sam was more than eager to see Janet's body. She let her fingers find the bottom hem of Janet's top, easing it upwards, Janet obligingly lifting her arms so that Sam could pull it over her head and discard it. She let her fingers tease Janet's lace clad breasts for a moment, feeling her nipples swell and push against her fingers as she palmed the shapely flesh. Janet unclasped the material and let the garment fall away. Moments later she was also naked. Sam stared at her in silence for a long moment, drinking in the sight.

Janet felt a blush rise in her cheeks. No one had ever looked at her like that, with such concentration, such total dedication. Sam's hand reached out to touch the skin above Janet's hip, her fingers moulding the curve of her waist, then over the globe of her ass. "You are perfect," she said solemnly. "I never realised. never imagined." She lowered her eyes to the carpet for a moment, withdrawing her hand as if she was afraid Janet would be scandalised by what she had to say next. "I've been... fantasising about you, us, this moment. But it's nothing like... so much better." Her smile was shy and sweet as Janet stood on tiptoe for a moment to kiss her full on the lips. She felt Sam's smile widen and had only time to let out a rather undignified squeak before she was picked up and carried the few steps to the bed. Sam laid her gently down on the coverlet, pausing only a moment before lying down beside her. Her sure touch began again, mapping the curve of Janet's hip, her belly, her thigh, her eyes, expression enigmatic, never leaving Janet's face. Janet let her hands make their own exploration, then unable to resist any longer, gently pushed Sam onto her back, covering the longer body with her own, her lips closing around one coral nipple, gently suckling it whilst her fingers played with its twin. One of Sam's hands was now wound in Janet's hair, the other stroked gently down the length of Janet's back. One of Janet's knees was between Sam's open thighs and the blonde woman began to rub herself against it, Janet clearly able to feel the warm moisture of Sam's arousal on the skin of her thigh and hear the soft murmuring of her name. Sam's hand was resting against the base of her spine, teasing the cleft of her buttock as Janet left off her assault on Sam's nipple only to kiss her hard and long making her need for the taller woman all too obvious. The force of her kiss was more than matched and the two women lost themselves in each other for a long moment.

Long slender fingers stroked across Janet's core and she pressed herself against them, the ball of a thumb just grazing her clit setting her vision sparkling in a preview of the fireworks to come. It had been so long since anyone made her feel like this, maybe a lifetime of waiting. That sure, delicate touch again, just enough to send an almost electric spasm of pleasure through her, making her arch her back, pushing herself harder against those dextrous fingers. Sam lifted her head to kiss her again, thrusting her tongue into Janet's mouth at the same time as she tweaked Janet's clit. Together it was enough to send Janet over the edge.

Sam was easily able to hold the smaller woman's weight as her newly christened lover collapsed across her body, her incoherent scream still ringing around the room. Sam ran her fingers through the dark cinnamon hair, whispering reassurances to the woman whose face was hidden in the nape of Sam's neck, her breath scalding the skin of Sam's throat. She felt teeth lightly graze the skin of her throat, nipping the tendons before Janet was on the move again, kissing her way down Sam's long slender body, the sensations she was causing making Sam writhe with pleasure. Janet touched Sam's knee, gently parting her thighs and just sat for a moment, a smile on her face as she stared at Sam's centre.

"You really are beautiful," she said softly. "So neat, perfect. They're like rose petals, all flushed, engorged with want and glistening with your dew." She drew a finger gently through the folds, gathering moisture, then as Sam watched, touched her finger to her lips before taking it slowly into her mouth sucking it clean. "You even taste good, slightly sweet, almost fruity. can't quite identify it yet. Need to do a taste test I think." She positioned herself between Sam's thighs and touched her lips to the warm skin of her inner thigh, kissing her way down to the glistening flesh masked by soft blonde hair. Then she delicately lapped at the glistening folds, smiling at the sounds that Sam was making. She French kissed Sam's centre, then drew the nub of her clit into her mouth, suckling it gently before returning her attention to the folds of Sam's labia, carefully cleaning them of Sam's juices before flicking her tongue over Sam's centre once more. Her hands stroked the outside of Sam's thighs and then settled on Sam's hips, holding her steady as her back arched and she lifted her pelvis clear of the bed, clearly wanting whatever Janet could give her. She repeated the suckling of Sam's clit then returned to flicking her tongue down the length of Sam's perineum and then back through her labia again. She could tell that Sam was very close, feel the trembling thigh and abdominal muscles under her palms. The sweet nectar was flowing and Janet gathered as much as she could into her mouth, realising it was also coating her lips, cheeks and chin. As it was she almost lost her grip on Sam as the taller woman exploded into her orgasm. Once she had quietened a little, Janet gave the still engorged and sensitive tissues one last kiss before crawling up beside Sam until she was face to face with her lover.

They just gazed at each other for a long time, exchanging kisses before, mindful of how chilled they were getting they went and showered, kissing and embracing under the flow of hot water before crawling into bed and resting in each other's arms again.

Both women confessed that they did not think they would be able to sleep but fell asleep within moments of each other.

And now it was the morning after. The first day.

"Sam, I know you're awake, I can just about hear you thinking. Talk to me, please."

Sam shuffled over until she was lying facing Janet again, taking in the tumbling hair, the slightly puffy eyes still heavy with sleep. She ran her fingers down Janet's cheek, cupping it in the palm of her hand as she smiled, her heart gladdened when Janet smiled too.

"I was just remembering, going back over what happened last night, how everything has changed. I'm not the same person I was then - how can I be?"

Janet frowned. "I think I understand. You were so quiet, I thought you were... well, regretting what happened, trying to think up a reason to go."

"I'm trying to think of as many excuses for staying right here that I can come up with," Sam smiled. "I don't want to be anywhere else. Or with anyone else. I love you, Janet."

Janet's eyes were shining. "I didn't dare hope... this is so incredible... to have you here with me, in my bed, in my arms. I love you, Sam. I love you so much."

The morning after. The first morning. The first time. As they snuggled up in each other's arms, talking softly, making plans, they could only hope for a lifetime of mornings such as this.

The End

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