Nephalim's Gate
By Elizabeth Carter

Chapter Two

Seeds of Discord

Memorials were erected so that the living might always recall the fallen warriors and their sacrifice. Memorials were erected to that past transgressions might never again be committed. And in general memorials were anonymous giving remembrance to the many rather than the one.

Colonel Samantha Carter PhD and Colonel Janet Fraiser MD would have a memorial created in remembrance for all those who had fallen in battle, a testament of that sacrifice would be carried down into history to come. The two had statuary commissioned in the likeness of each soldier, each warrior not on like the terracotta statues of Emperor Ming Wu. The Chief amongst the heroic statues was that of Turel. She had given her life so that Janet might live. Usiel had laid siege to Sickbay with his Kull Warriors, Turel had wrapped her wings around Janet for it was to late for her to slip into the Pen Umbra with Zaire and Cassandra. The Kull drones had fired repeatedly upon the dark wings of Turel neutralizing her until it was Usiel himself that plucked the woman's twin hearts out from chest through a hole in her back. She had willingly traded her life for Janet's.

When Janet demanded, pleaded for someone to take her into the Pen Umbra to stop Samantha from enacting out the power of the Harrowing and creating the Second Sundering, it was Zaire who volunteered. She had lost her wife and had no will to live. Though not killed outright, Zaire returned to the Science vessel the Samantha Carter and waited for the Fading to take her. She too was now lost. Her own statue lay as proud and as bold as Turel's in the forefront of the Memorial Gardens.

The Malakim were not the only ones to be depicted in the statuary gardens, lost members of the SGC were also remembered in marble. They lay down their lives to protect the allies of Earth. Allies who always come forth in the name of the Nephalim to protect that which she deemed a treasured importance; her family, her planet and her values.

"I should never have let her ....let them go!" Major General Jack O'Neill snarled throwing his SGC coffee cup at the adjacent wall, where it smashed in an explosion of dark liquid and ceramic. Both Captain Walter Davis and Daniel Jackson ducked at the incoming missile.

"Jack?" Daniel said as he approached the volatile general. As the months crept by Jack had slunk back into the man he once was upon Daniel's first meeting with the Colonel before the first mission to Abydos. A man who had lost everything the day his son was killed with his service pistol. A man who lost his wife and his hope. He had nothing left and agreed to the suicidal mission. Now that man was back.

"Jack, they resigned you didn't have a choice." Daniel pointed out.

Davis seeing where this conversation was likely to head he ducked out of the general's office and closed the door behind him. He would give strict orders to anyone wanting an audience with general that he would not be disturbed.

"I could have denied their request." O'Neill countered. "Carter was mine first."

"Sam belongs to herself, Jack. And if you want to get technical she belonged to the Air Force first. If I recall she was sent here as Captain Carter from the Pentagon, head of Stargate technology. And Janet belonged to the CDC, as Captain Fraiser USAF."

"Whose side are you on?" Jack's voice took an accusatory tone.

"I wasn't aware there were sides to take." Daniel shrugged. "Look Jack, they resigned and became ambassadors for Earth to a new ally. I think they are happier where they are."

"Happier? What worshipped? Carter and Fraiser aren't the type."

"No they're not," Daniel was still befuddled as to why his friend was going on as he was. "Maybe this had nothing to do with the reverence the Malakim place them in."

"It has everything to do with it! If Carter wasn't seen as the Ne'feel'them then she wouldn't be Governor on some alien planet."

"Nephalim." Daniel corrected.

"What?" Jack snapped.

"It's pronounced Nephalim. Sam is the Nephalim. You're the missing link for the Asgard, I am the Ambassador for the Abydonians, even Weir has her place as 'Governor' over Atlantis. Sam and Janet found theirs. Earth is a lot better off where they are, you know that. Hell the Malakim even extended their help to Atlantis Base because of Sam."

Jack's brown eyes were still glowering. "I miss her. Sam.....Carter is a natural resource.... a national treasure and we just let some winged do-gooders sweep her off to Oz. We don't even have Four-foot-nine to take her place on SG1 and we're stuck with that frigid-cardboard-stick-up-her-ass Brightman. I'd let myself be a pin-cushion for the Napoleonic Powermonger, if she'd agree to come back."

"I don't see that happening Jack." Daniel took a chair, "And its not because of her power Sam and Janet have decided to stay. Think about it a planet full of angelics, where better to raise a kid."

"Carter's Zen-Buddhist if she even has a religion, not Christian." Jack scoffed. "And Doc....well I don't know about her,"

"Its not about angels in the Christian religion Jack, the angelic winged beings are a common motif in hundreds of cultures. But the point is her kids are safe. Sam's always been concerned for the safety of those she loves. Taking her family to the Malakim Empire she's ensured that, and she's also ensured the safety of Earth because of her agreeing to be their Nephalim....their folk-hero."

Jack shook his head. "That's kind of the problem. Did you know Carter and the Doc were due for another promotion?" The silver haired man picked up a blue velvet box from his desk and tossed it to Daniel.

The younger man opened it up and revealed silver stars. " Brigadier Generals...?"

"I put them in for promotion, after the Battle of Chimera. It was official during Carter's leave of absence. I was waiting for the right moment. Like when we got back from this skirmish, only I didn't know they were going to resign. The Pentagon.....they are a little curious as to the very nature of the retainment."

"So." Daniel shrugged. "They make general and retire, that isn't uncommon."

"Danny when generals retire, they don't do it off world and become a governor of an alien planet." Jack almost snapped. "Kinsey's stirring up a mess of trouble, he accuses Carter of monopolizing on her 'hero' status with the President and questions the objectivity of her motives with this whole Nephalim thing. He's screaming 'opportunist, despot and traitor." This time the voice did snap.

"What!" Daniel understood why the coffee mug went flying across the room. The archeologist felt like he wanted to smash something as well. "That son of a bitch! God hasn't she done enough? I got the credit for opening the Stargate, but if it wasn't for Sam who figured out a way to power the gate, and the dialing computer who knows how long it would have taken us to open it. She's the sole reason we're not dust because of some asteroid, or blown up because the Pentagon sent that fuck up Mackay over because he's...male and she's ...not, and he nearly destroys the planet with his idiotic ideas.

"And...what about all the other stuff Sam's done, she invented the UAV and the UCAV and the Mini-UAV! They even used those in the last Gulf War! She invented Earth's Naquada reactor and she invented Naquadria reactors for the intergalactic fleet and thanks to her....we have the 302's not to mention Earth has shielding from earthquakes and other natural disasters and ....hell because of her our whole Solar System has a defense grid! Goddamn bureaucratic assholes! Sam alone saved this planet a dozen times over, and Janet, Janet came up with so many cures to so many things. She is the reason Cystic Fibrosis is now curable."

"I know." Jacks voice was almost deflated

"So what are we going to do about it?" Daniel demanded.

"Fight it. Kinsey doesn't stand a chance. The Pentagon is setting up a Hearing."

"It's a witch hunt Jack and you know it. Kinsey...."

"Bigoted asshole, yeah he is. He even screamed that Carter and the Doc are depraved sexual deviants and Little Bit is an abomination. He wants charges pressed of actions unbecoming of an officer, exploitation and he's tagged our girls as defectors."

"You know, this could hinder trade negotiations with the Malakim. Let the Pentagon know that the Malakim's high regard of Sam and Doc are the only reasons they are willing to give us all the technology they are. Won't the Pentagon look at the greater picture? Sam has answered the standing orders of the SGC. They won't look at what Kinsey is slandering, if they feel they will lose all the weapons and power they are gaining." Daniel took a breath, "You might want to remind them that the Malakim are only helping the Atlantis Base because of Sam and Janet's involvement."

"Actually I am doing that," Jack rumbled. "At least we have the President on our side, but even Kinsey is screaming favoritism for that. The Heads of our Foreign Allies will send their ambassadors to be at the Hearing because Carter is......was the CO of SG1. Kinsey has tried to convince them it is some political agenda, he wants the NID controlling the SGC."

"He should have taken a lesson from his father's failures. Sermons about Pandora's Box is getting old fast." Daniel commented dryly. "So is the stuff about Sam and Janet's marriage being deviant, its 2010 its time to get a clue."

Jack didn't comment on the latter, he still harbored a deep seated affection for Sam Carter and he always would. "I want you to contact the Malakim Alien Affairs Guild. Hammond used Thor as a trump card, I am taking a page out of his book. You saw how Kinsey Jr reacted to their winged-bodies. He freaked his sanctimonious ass off big time. I think a show like that again will pull things to our favor." Jack ordered. "And if the Pentagon and the President think they are going to lose a very powerful ally because of one man's short sightedness, it might not even reach the level of a Hearing. It couldn't hurt for them to think they are going to lose in negotiations if Carter is charged with becoming a turn-coat." Jack looked at the files on his desk, "I am sending SG1 to talk with the Prime Minister, they won't see SG9 or anyone else."

"SG1 because it's Sam's old team."

"Yeah." Jack nodded.

"By the way, who's leading SG1 now?"

Jack smirked as he rubbed the center of his forehead, "Who else?"

"The Pentagon going for that?" Daniel was astonished.

"After sixteen years of service I'd say they can't say no." Jack commented, "and I insisted on it. The President put her personal seal on it making it official."

"That's cool, so that makes me....."

"Same thing you always were, Space Money." Jack rose up from behind the chair, "Some things aren't meant to change. I had to say no to Four-Foot Nine's request to join Carter, she's the new Second in command of SG1."

"She idolizes Sam, she went for it?" Daniel's bushy eyebrows shot up.

"She said 'it would be an honor to replace Colonel Carter on SG1.' And SG1 is going back to a three man team, unless Cassie comes back."

Jack's eyes looked up to the photo of SG1 as it had several years ago, when Carter had first become a major.

"You miss her." Daniel said.

"More than I should." Jack mouthed.

Later that same day

"Why am I even looking at this?" President Zoe Bartlett frowned looking at the file in front of her. "General Carter is a National hero, and she's being brought up on Treason?" brown eyes continued to read the list of charges brought up by Senator Robert Kinsey junior.

Chief of Staff Charles "Charlie" Young, General Ryan, Secretary of the United Airforce and General Hammond, Commander of Home World Defense stood uncomfortably in the Oval Office before their President.

"Are we now going to prosecute war heroes who retire after war and become ambassadors? Is this Kinsey on some sort of controlled substance because this is ludicrous! Generals Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser received the Congressional Medal of Honor! I personally gave them the medals for crying out loud! I run the Pentagon or has that changed without me knowing why?" the President roared. "General Ryan, is it necessary for this Office to justify the actions of General Carter and Fraiser?"

"Madam President, given the very secretive nature of Generals Carter and Fraiser, this can not be handled within the circles of JAG. Because it concerns the Stargate and allegations of treason it must reach the Oval Office."

"Madam President, I have served with both Samantha Carter and Janet Fraiser long before they became Generals. I have never seen two more dedicated officers or loyal soldiers. I can not fathom the torture both had suffered through and yet kept the security of our world safe, especially General Carter. The allegations that she would betray her country, her world for a little bit of power is absurd."

The President looked at the file once more and shook her head. "A call of the Allied Ambassadors demands a Hearing. General Hammond you, yourself had been present during the first Disclosure of the Stargate program. I want you there again. Remind them how important General Carter is to the safety of this world and our International Atlantis Base and the science colonies we have established. Charlie, I want Kinsey's resignation on my desk before noon tomorrow."

"What about the Hearing?" General Ryan asked, "Kinsey bringing it up with the National Heads could stir an international incident. If not an interplanetary incident."

"General Ryan, You head the Airforce and before Generals Carter and Fraiser retired they were ultimately under your command. Study their records and I want to know whether in your professional opinion these allegations carry any weight. If they could be made concrete. Then I want you to counter each charge with your judgment. Kinsey is blowing a lot of smoke, I don't want there to be a fire gentleman. And I don't want this to hinder any negotiations with the Malakim Empire. They along with the Asgard have been our best defense against Goa'uld incursions against Earth. The Malakim are also our best ally against the Wraith and Replicators."

"Madame President if it is officially decreed from this office that Generals Carter and Fraiser are Earth Ambassadors it will decrease the basis of Senator Kinsey's allegations. Treason will not hold." Charlie Young commented. Charlie was a tall African American who had been in the White House Politics since he was a young man of twenty serving as the first President Bartlett's personal aid.

The President seemed to consider the proposition for a moment and nodded. "Make it so. And Charlie, I want you to find out why the papers for their ambassadorial-ship wasn't completely filed to coincide with their Military retirement."

Code: President Zoe Bartlett of course meant that the rise to Ambassador should be pre-dated with the date and time the generals' resignations. The paper work would have been 'lost' and now recently recovered in time for the Hearings. Of course if General Ryan could find no fault with the Generals the Pentagon could not go through with the Hearing and Kinsey's attempt to sully the names of Carter and Fraiser would fail. Kinsey himself maybe facing charges of treason, not only against his country but against Earth.

"Madam President, what about the allegations against Generals Carter and Fraiser?" George Hammond insisted. "We owe them much. They saved this planet many times."

"They will save this planet again, by answering the charges. They will save it this time not from extra terrestrial dangers, but from the threat of possible world war over the Stargate." Bartlett said albeit reluctantly. "The US, is a part of an international community as well as an intergalactic community. If we can maintain control and peace over the Stargate by allowing the Hearing to take place we shall. But for our treaties with our out-world allies we will turn the Hearing into the favor of Generals Carter and Fraiser just as you have done in previous years General Hammond. Dismissed."

Seven hundred light-years away, orbiting at hundred twenty-eight thousand fifty miles above Kalevala the Capital city of Grigori orbited the Gwaihir the Queen's own mothership. Novalis had not left the Nephalim's planet for weeks, all in preparation for the adoption ceremony.

The Queen had an instinctual reaction that the adoption would have to take place upon Grigori named or the same Choir that inhabited it, because in doing so the Queen was fully recognizing the Eighth Choir as a legitimate Choir. Already skirmishes between the Choirs had erupted for the Grigori would always have the closest connection to the Nephalim. The Queen was born to her Choir the Malakite, the Grigori were created 'because' of the Nephalim. Many more gave up their Song of their Choir's attunement and adopted the Eighth Choir. This had started to distance the melody of the Malakim.

Novalis and Samantha would not allow this Dissonance to pass and turn into Discord of the Great Song. The adoption in fact was a far more solid solution than even the marriage. For as an adopted "child" in her House the Nephalim was the direct heir to Song of the Throne. Those now within the Nephalim's presence could feel the ebbing flow of the World Symphony.

Even now, Sam was with at home in the wind with her Wing. Mounted upon the back of Kha'antar the forever young blonde filled herself with the rush of adrenaline she always felt when she road her bike or in the cockpit of a fighter. Now the wind was hers and Sam was overwhelmed with the thrill of it. The muscles rippled under the snowy white fur, revealing the raw power of the pumacia. Her hand clung tightly to the thick cerulean mane as rider become one with it, astride the great beast Sam Carter looked like some mythic war-goddess come to life.

The beast circled once around the balcony of Sam's offices before it started its descent. Kha'antar hadn't even landed before the rider vaulted off his back to the marble flags of the balcony floor. The pumacia had to pump furiously its wings to keep from hitting his mistress, causing the dust and leaves that littered the marble surface to circle into a miniature cyclone chocking those that had gathered around the balcony for the landing.

Sam removed the blue-chrome helm and tousled her blonde locks, before she gave her full attention to her aid, Cassandra Fraiser.

"What's up kiddo?" Sam smiled as she always did when she rested her eyes upon her children, despite one of them being a ranked officer. Sam of course afforded all the respect given to a lieutenant but there were times, when the "mother" peeked around the edges of the Colonel (Sam had yet know she was promoted).

Before speaking Cassie waited until the seven warriors of the Blue Wing landed. Even though they flew for the most part at stealth capacity due to the saw-toothed edges of their flight wings, there was some shifting of bodies during landing and it was simply easier to wait to talk.

"Colonel," Cassandra addressed her blonde mother with the respect of office to indicate it was official business. "The transfer paperwork for Captain Hailey is on your desk, she's ready to take up SG1." Cass smiled. "I doubt if SG1 hadn't needed her expertise she would have stayed. She's waiting of course until after the celebration."

Sam nodded. She hated to see her protégée leave but then she would not stand in the way of the young woman's ambitions or career.

"The reports of the survey teams are on your desk, Guild reports are filed, requisition for the Military Guild's household necessities have been filed with the chief petty officer and just need your signature so the Merchant Guilds can bid the contract. The Master General of Medicus requires your attention for mandatory physicals. It seems the Malakim warriors think they do not need the check-ups. Apparently the CMO thinks a word from 'The Nephalim' will carry more weight."

"Master General of Medicus? Janet's going all official?" Sam smirked. "I'll see to it."

"The other humans in the other units want to know if they will be issued pumacia, and if so when will the training will commence. There are six teams currently waiting for your go-ahead so they can disembark off world. Ambassador Weir wants a conference with you ASAP, as does Daniel."

Sam nodded again, leading the way to the office, Kha'antar at his customary place at Sam's flank. The massive winged feline plunked his heavy body near his mistress desk with a large yawn of his massive maw before closing his eyes.

Sam looked at all the files on her desk that needed her immediate attention, and she sighed heavily, it never stopped. She picked some of files up noticing inventory lists of the purposed projects of Science Guilds wanted to take up, and technology to be sent to Earth via the treaty between the two worlds.

Sam of course wanted a hands on view of each project on the table offered by the Science Guild she was completely enthralled by Malakim technology. She was pleased to discover that the Malakim were willing to pass on their technology to her home world.

"Colonel, the Minister of Guild of Alien Affairs wants a conference with you at 1300 hours, high priority."

"Log the conference Lieutenant, then bring up Ambassador Weir on comique and line up talks with Daniel."

"What about the memo on the mandatory physicals of the Wings?" Cassandra prompted knowing that CMO would not be pleased if her request was passed over, which was the very reason Janet had gone through official channels versus the personal line.

"I'll write one up now and have it posted. After I sign it have our CMO sign it to make it an official mandate." Sam turned to her computer and opened up a Word Processing file. "Anything else?"

"Well you do have to overlook all personal records for the Guilds, both civilian and military."

"Isn't that what I pay you for?" Sam smiled at her daughter.

"Sorry, but they need your eyes, Colonel."

Sam sighed heavily once more. "I think I understand General O'Neill's aversion to paperwork now. No matter how much you complete, it breeds more." She laughed dryly. At the sound of her laugh Kha'antar's head rose; he looked mildly perturbed his rest was disturbed. Another yawn from the giant jaws and the feline resumed his slumber with his thick head resting upon his outstretched forepaw.

"Colonel?" Cassandra hesitated a bit.


"Ambassador Weir, still waits for your contact."

Sam nodded. She hit print on the computer, waited for the document so that she should place her official Prime Ministerial seal upon it, before she handed it to Cassie. "Messenger this down to Janet, once it's signed I want you to vocally announce it, make the needed copies and post them."

Cassandra saluted in the in the fusion of the Military Guild with the tilt of the head and a fist over her heart before she departed her CO's office. Sam turned to her the second computer on her desk and hit the comm system, allowing the bright young face of Zephon to appear. Her shock of red hair seemed almost to glow like flames. "Zephon, dial Atlantis and try to contact Ambassador Weir. Once a link has been made notify me immediately."

"I heed, my Liege." Zephon saluted.

Sam's next order of business as to overlook the data concerning the pending Wings scheduled to go off world. Opal, Iron and Turquoise Wings had been pulled into briefing and sent off world. Their mission to explore and survey abandoned Wraith strongholds which had first belonged to the Ancients. Having devoted three hours to the first three of the six teams to go off world, Sam took bit of time to pour over Merchant Guilds bids to contract supplies for the base. She was only halfway through perusing the paperwork when she was buzzed by Zephon in the control Room.

As soon as she stood as he had before Kha'antar thought it might be a good idea to follow the tall blonde. Fortunately the halls were constructed for beings with twenty-plus wings spans for the pumacia easily padded his way around the corridors without being hampered.

"You got Weir?" Sam asked?

"No Liege, rather the Queen's attaché."

"Patch it through,"

"Liege Commander," Briel bowed her head, her wings pulling in against her body ever so slightly. "I have sent this communique to remind you Nephalim that and your family must report to the Sacred Well of Life as the sun sets on Grigori, it is crucial or all the preparation this past month will be for nought."

"Briel, do not worry, we'll be there." Sam insisted. "This is important to me and my family."

"I meant no offence Nephalim it is only that you are very dedicated to your work...."

"You mean I overwork myself and sometimes time has gotten away from me." Sam answered, behind her those of the Blue Wing chuckled under their breaths. Kha'antar tilted his blue maned head as if to roll his eyes at the rhetorical question. Of course his mistress overworked herself. Sometimes he nearly had to sit upon her for it was all he could do to get her to go for a fly.

Briel smiled embarrassingly. Sam smirked, taking pity on the messenger, "Briel report back to Novalis and tell her the Carter-Fraiser household will be present at the designated time."

"By your leave, Nephalim." Briel tilted her head and the screen went black.

Sam turned to Zephon, "Have you made contact with Ambassador Weir?"

"We can not raise Atlantis," the former Ofanium said glumly for failing her commander.

"Okay keep trying and while you're at it, try to get a hold of the SGC, see what they want."

"I heed, Liege Commander." Red wings pressed hard against the lean back of the youngest of the Blue Wing.

Sam rubbed her forehead thinking she was about due for a migraine. She headed into the briefing room, poured herself a cup of coffee and waited for the next set of briefings to commence. Sam would dispatch Zircon, Azurite and Lapis Wings as well. Again Sam would hold an hour long briefing with each team on the prospect of their missions objectives. The latter three were reconnaissance missions of suspected Wraith outposts. Of course she had time enough to meet with Zircon and half an hour with Azurite before she had to leave to meet with Nachmiel Minister of the Guild Alien Affairs.

Most of Sam's interaction with the Malakim had been with Novalis herself so when meeting with the proud Nachmiel it was an interesting experience.

"Minister, how can I be of assistance?" Sam said as she took her position at the head of the long oaken briefing table. At her right side was Janet, to the left Boudicca her 2IC.

Nachmiel was not alone both her aides Hashul and Lamach were both present. Nachmiel's voice was soft and yet iron strong. "I have summoned you ere long Your Grace, on a matter of high import. When once you are within the House of the Queen, and thusly her heir apparent, much duty will befall you."

"Wait...Prime Minister? I thought I was only a ...glorified Governor of Grigori." Sam stuttered inward wincing at her lack of refined speech as Nachmiel. "I… erm… don't think I am qualified to represent the Malakim Empire."

"As stated before, Nephalim all political decisions are the Queen's own and the Guild of Alien Affairs carry out her orders. However you are the perfect liaison between our worlds."

Sam wondered why old news was being brought up once more. "I am familiar with this role, Minister Nachmiel, Queen Novalis herself laid out what she expected me to do. I was given command of this base and the surrounding cities. Novalis and I had an understanding...."

"Your position has not changed in that regard Nephalim, but you are now her heir until such time the Great Song chooses another. As you were before you and Liege Healer are now the liaisons between the Empire and the mortals of your planet. And as such it is you that will represent the Empire.....and 'your' Queen with all negotiations between us the mortals."

"And as such of course, I must place priority with the Empire rather than my former world." Sam concluded.

"It is so. Nephalim be warned there are those with in the Guild of Alien Affaires do not thing you can be cosigned this duty without prejudice for the favor of Mortal kind. Myself included. But I am here on behest of our Queen to instruct you in the ways of a Malakim Ambassador."

"I appreciate your honesty Minister Nachmiel. I am more than capable of impartial representation; if I wasn't Queen Novalis wouldn't have appointed me the task, instead you would be handling all negotiations. However here you are to school me on the art of ambassadorial trades. I will not misrepresent the Empire." The change in Sam's voice was astounding. Suddenly it became menacing, powerful, harsh as stone. "I will not forsake my duty! I will do what is necessary for both of our people Minister."

All trembled, and Kha'antar whimpered as the raw power of the World Symphony rippled, throughout the chamber. Sam's voice had changed Janet looked up again astonished that she felt the rippling of the Great Song echoing from her wife. Sam was growing more and more accustomed to the monarchial Song of Presence and Domination.

Nachmiel flinched herself. So now it became clear to her why Queen Novalis insisted she take the Nephalim under wing and teach her. The Nephalim had access to the Queen's powers over the World Symphony but no control over the flow of the Great Song. If a mere mortal were in the vicinity of the Nephalim as she was now they would fall to her and be utterly overpowered. They would be so controlled that they would loose all will of their own and live only for the Nephalim.

It had been seen before with aliens and the young Malakim trying to negotiate, or make their view known. Sometimes the domination they could make no decisions of their own and had to be told what to do from eating to bathing to sitting. They became veritable vegetables bend on worshiping the dominate will of the Malakim. This was why only the well trained of the Alien Affairs guild made the important contacts, why only the senior most in control of their Songs made first contact of any given Wing. Novalis justly frightened this would become the issue with the Nephalim would have her trained in the finer arts of Songs of power; chiefly the Song of Presence and the Song of Domination.

"Of course, Nephalim," Nachmiel bowed her head. It came as quite a surprise to her how her silver wings ached and to realize the cause was because the muscles had retracted so hard against her body in supplication. She was not the only one to react so, each of the other Malakim present even the pumacia had responded in kind. The only one who seemed only moderately affected was the Consort, and that was due to the bond they shared. "You are a woman of honor, there are none here who would ever claim otherwise."

Janet felt her lover relax before there was any outward sign of it. Once it had passed however the was a perfect stillness in their air, so still Janet felt as if the tempest had not risen at all but was a creation of her imagination. Only she knew better, she knew because she had touched that same power. It was as if the doctor had become an emotional super conductor for Sam's willful presence.

"Minister, I can not say I am well versed in the more delicate areas of being an Ambassador, and I appreciate your assistance with caring for Malakim concerns, I am sure we'll all find an amenable foundation."

To this the minister of the Guild of Alien Affairs smiled. "Are you so sure you are not versed with being an Ambassador, you have the words?"

Sam flashed one of her patented Carter grins, the sort of Cheshire grin that brightened what ever room she happened to be in.

"It comes with being the CO of a flagship team for nearly ten years." Sam passed off the complement with a shy tilt to her head and a smaller smile. "And having someone who believes in me in my corner, all the time." Sam traded a look to her wife.

"Of course." Nachmiel responded evenly. "Trade negotiation between Earth and the Empire are due to commence shortly. The Queen wishes to have a Malakim presence at the Atlantis base and a contingent of members from the Science Guild. Any recovered Ancient Technology will be freely traded between the Empire and the mortals of Earth. On the Atlantis planet the Empire will have a separate civilian stronghold for research purposes, in exchange, our found knowledge will be given to those of Atlantis and Earth Base. Are we in accord?"

Sam thought for a moment, "I think these are reasonable requests, I can bring before the SGC and of course the President, and the Earths international allies." Sam was quick not to say "our international allies" lest her objectivity be brought into question once more by the Minister.

"We'll draw up the documentation and start a communique with the SGC via Dr. Jackson."

"The Queen will have no other than the President sign the agreement on behest of Earth, Dr. Jackson......."

"A liaison only." Sam interrupted, "He is an old friend and Earth had used his skills many times in the past to establish trade with off-world allies."

"Queen Novalis does not fully trust this Dr. Jackson."

"I do." Sam said, her voce edging ever closer to the essence of the World Symphony. "Once more President Bartlett trusts him, he will not fail."

Despite the Nephalim's reassurances Nachmiel could not shake the forbiddance that things could become very ill-managed in the near future. And if they did, she would blame the man the Queen herself had an aversion too. He carried far too much Discord with him to be of any honorable assistance. Nachmiel kept her tongue between her teeth giving the Nephalim the benefit of the doubt.

The meeting with the Minister of the Guild Alien Affairs had gone long into the afternoon, leaving the Carter-Fraiser household just enough time to start preparing for the evenings celebrations.

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