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Close Encounters
By Geonn


"Get down!"

The explosion was close enough for small pebbles to wash across her face. Sam ducked and half-turned to return fire. The Ori soldiers had come out of the woodwork almost as soon as they had stepped out of the Puddle Jumper. Cameron and Teal'c were laying down cover fire as Sam and Vala tried to make it back to the ship. "I don't think Atlantis would appreciate us returning this thing full of holes!"

"Oh, they have lots to spare," Vala said as she ran into the back of the ship. Sam ducked to avoid another blast and felt powerful hands pulling her the rest of the way in. She and her rescuer both fell to the ground, a tangle of limbs and flack jackets. Sam pushed herself up as Daniel called for the ATA-gene blessed airman to take off.

Vala smiled up at her. "Safe and sound. Yeah?"

Sam tried to push herself off Vala, but the sudden steep angle of the ship forced her back down. They rolled together to the back of the cargo area, Vala's arms tightening around Sam's shoulders. Sam's legs slipped between Vala's thighs and Vala brought her knees up to brace her. They bumped into the far wall and Vala said, "My dear Colonel... whatever will people say?"

Their ascent tapered off and they were soon flying level. Teal'c put a hand on Sam's elbow and helped her stand. He extended a hand to Vala, who took it and grunted as she rose. "Uuung. Thank you, Muscles."

Sam let Vala brush by her and ignored the tingling between her legs were her trousers had rubbed against Vala's hip. "Are you uninjured, Colonel Carter?" Teal'c asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Teal'c." She patted his arm and moved to the front of the cabin. "What happened to the inertial dampeners on this thing?"

Sam could hear the "whuff-whuff" of Vala's breath in her ear, the exhales washing down the side of her neck. She reached around Vala's neck and clamped her hand over the other woman's mouth.

They were face-down in a mud pit, their faces smeared with dirt and grime, a light covering of leaves over their backs. Vala's mouth worked against Sam's fingers, trying to remove them, and Sam lifted her head and hissed against Vala's ear, "Stop it."

They were side-by-side, Vala actually half on top of Sam's body. The Prior stopped twelve feet from where they were hiding and turned toward them. Sam froze. Her lips were still against the shell of Vala's ear, neither of them daring to breath. Sam watched the hooded priest from the corner of her eye, stock still but prepared to run for her life with a heartbeat's warning.

The man's pale, blue eyes swept across the field, but never turned down to them. Finally, he lifted his staff and continued to walk to the village. When he was safely out of earshot, Sam released Vala's mouth and grabbed her radio. "Cam. The Prior is headed your way."

"Got it. We're waiting for him."

Sam unwound her arm from Vala's neck and pushed herself up out of the mud. She helped Vala up and was surprised when Vala smeared mud across Sam's mouth. "Vala!"

"How do you like the taste, Colonel Carter?" Vala snapped. She spit and sputtered and Sam realized her hand hadn't exactly been clean when she'd covered Vala's mouth.

"Sorry. I was just..." Vala silenced her by planting both hands in the middle of Sam's jacket and shoving. Sam stumbled and fell on her ass. Mud splattered up in a high arc and came back to land on her face and the front of her uniform. Vala had covered her mouth, her eyes wide with shock. "I'm so, so, so sorry!" She reached out to help Sam up.

Sam grabbed Vala's hand, but yanked her down. Vala squealed and landed facedown in the mud next to Sam. She lifted her face, now caked with the stinky, almost black mud and turned her eyes to look at Sam.

They stared at each other for a moment and then burst out laughing. Sam reached out and took Vala's hand and they stood up using each other for balance. Vala said, "I'm sorry, Sam."

"Yeah," Sam said. She brushed her hand over Vala's face, clearing the pale skin of her cheeks, her chin... She let her hand hesitate on Vala's chin, her thumb resting on Vala's bottom lip.

Vala cleared her throat. "Um. Samantha."

Sam blinked and met Vala's eyes.

"The Prior. We should..."

"Right," Sam said. She stepped back and adjusted her weapon against her vest. She cleared her throat and said, "Come on. Cam's probably waiting..."

Sam showered, brushed her teeth and rubbed lotion on her face. The mud on P68-339 had cleared up her complexion a bit. She wondered if the SGC could send a team, maybe gather a sample and check out if it could be marketed. She sighed and turned out the bathroom light as she went into her bedroom.

As she slipped under the covers, she stared at the ceiling and laced her fingers behind her head. For the past few weeks, she seemed to be stumbling over Vala everywhere she went. The mud field, the back of the puddle jumper, the elevator of the Odyssey... if there was a tight spot around, she was sure she and Vala would end up there eventually.

The worst part was how she felt. When the team had been forced to take cover from an Ori incursion, Vala had followed Sam into a closet. They had pressed against the back wall and Sam had instinctively wrapped her arms around Vala. While the Ori soldiers tore apart the room outside, Vala had pressed her face against Sam's shoulder and trembled.

Sam knew that Vala was still coming to terms with Adria's position in the Ori hierarchy, but it had been truly shocking to see her so vulnerable. So Sam had cupped the back of her head, had whispered in her ear and rocked her in the shadows.

Since then, every slight touch, every forced connection sent shockwaves through Sam's body. She'd never been attracted to another woman, but something about Vala. Something about being close to her, being with her... She sat up and pulled open the night stand. The little black box was tucked against the far side of the drawer, next to a box of Kleenex and a half-empty box of batteries.

She bit her bottom lip and reached into the drawer. She retrieved the box and, just as she had in college, tucked it under the covers to open it. She wasn't sure if she was hiding it from witnesses - of which there were none, now that she was out of college and had no roommates - or keeping herself from seeing it. Whatever the reason, she opened the box and flipped it until the toy rolled into her palm.

It was about eight inches long, thin, and pink. She put the box aside and twisted the base to make sure the batteries were still good. The shaft vibrated against her fingers and she trembled in response. She cleared her throat and raised her knees to tent the blankets over her lower body. She pushed her pajama pants down with her free hand, taking her panties with them, and left the material bunched around her knees.

How can it be gay? she wondered as she closed her eyes, if I'm using a... an aid shaped like a penis? So what if I happen to be fantasizing about a woman? A beautiful woman! I'm only human, right?

Rationalization done, she held the vibrator like a backward cigar and circled her clit with the tip. She took a breath and exhaled it as a sigh. She rubbed the tip over her folds, letting herself get nice and wet before she began. She wore a tank top and, when she looked down, could see her nipples through the thin material.

She settled against the pillows, the hum of her vibrator filling the bedroom with a pleasant kind of white noise. She pictured Vala from the head down; dark, luscious hair. Those horribly teasing lips that broke into a smile at the most unexpected moments. Small shoulders, firm breasts...

Sam's tongue darted out and wet her lips as the tip of the vibrator pressed against her clit. The vibrations made her shake and she groaned involuntarily. She dug her heels into the mattress and pushed herself up against the headboard. She reached for the base of the toy to turn it up a notch when the steady humming was interrupted by another, more grating tone: her cell phone ringing.

She glared at it and tried to decide whether to answer, force herself to orgasm and then answer or to just slow down while she got rid of whoever it was. She knew there was no contest. She turned off the vibrator and dropped it to the mattress as she grabbed the phone. She checked the Caller ID, groaned and flipped the phone open. "What do you want, Vala?"

Bad timing, once again.

"Well, good evening to you, too, sunshine!"

Sam took a deep breath and forced herself to let it out slowly. "Sorry. I was in bed."

"Oooh. Were you alone?"

Not really... "Yes, Vala," Sam sighed. She pushed her hair out of her face and said, "What is it? I'm really pretty tired."

"Well, I was just bored, you know. Lying here in bed and trying to fall asleep. Don't you Earth people ever just call each other and talk? I mean, these cellular phones make it so convenient..."

"Yes," Sam said. "Sometimes we do." She had her thighs spread, her fingers lightly running loops around her pussy lips to keep herself wet for when the conversation ended. She closed her eyes and tried to picture Vala as she was at the moment. Might as well take the opportunity to keep the fires stoked, as it were. "Can I ask you something?"


"Are you wearing regular pajamas or that, uh... silky thing we got you at Victoria's Secret?" Hopefully Vala was still alien enough that 'what are you wearing' wasn't such a dead giveaway.

"Sweatpants and a tank top," Vala said. Suddenly defensive, she added, "Why? What are you wearing?"

"A, uh... night shirt."

"That was a pause," Vala said with a tease in her voice. "You're naked, aren't you?"

Sam hesitated. "So what if I am?"

"Well, maybe I am, too. And I just didn't want to tell you."

Sam sagged against the pillows and closed her eyes. "So, you called me when you were naked? Were you hoping to catch me naked?"

"So what if I was?" Vala asked. She was a bit breathless now. Or maybe it was just Sam's imagination.

She swallowed and cupped her mound. "Well, there's nothing we can do about it now." She closed her eyes. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Contrary to what you may believe, I didn't have a plan." Sam heard the rustling of bedclothes through the phone and smiled. There was a pause and Vala said, "Are you actually naked?"

"Halfway," Sam admitted. "You?"

Vala was quiet for a second and Sam reveled in the victory of making her speechless. She was about to repeat the question when Vala said, "I'm well on the way."

Sam shivered unexpectedly. She swallowed and spread her feet farther apart. She exhaled into the phone and said, "I have no idea why I'm doing this. I've never felt attracted to another woman before." Her heart was pounding. There, she'd said it. She held the phone against her ear with one trembling hand, her other waiting, hesitating between her thighs. She swallowed and watched the square of moonlight on her ceiling as she waited for Vala to answer.

"Well, I've had my share of boys and girls. Should I tell you about some of them...?"

Sam had heard teasing in Vala's voice before, and this was different. At first, she thought it was just her precarious position; half-naked with a hand between her legs. But then she realized that the difference between this time and all the other teases was all in Vala's voice: there was a promise behind this tease. Sam tried to keep her voice steady when she whispered, "Sure."

"Mm," Vala said and Sam's eyelids closed. "Let me think." Sam touched herself, drawing small circles around her clit. "There was Marisle. Lovely girl. Deep black eyes. Luscious red lips... She was the wife of a powerful man. I seduced her in order to gain access to their home. We would make love when he was off-world, slow and tender."

Sam slipped her fingers into her pussy and moaned into the phone.

"She would undress me like I was a treasure. She was obsessed with my nipples and my neck. She would kiss them, lick them, while I ran my fingers through her hair. And then I would get to undress her. I would lay her back on the bed, slide between her legs and kiss her soft, soft hair..."

Two fingers inside herself now, Sam lifted her hips off the bed. Vala moaned into the phone and Sam said, "Vala..."

"Yes, Sam?"

"Tell me what you're doing now..."

"I'm running my fingers over my nipples. They're quite hard now..."

Sam sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and dug her heels into the mattress. "I'm already close..."

"Already?" Vala asked. "I haven't even told you about how... sweet her pussy tasted. Or how wet she could make me just by drawing a feather across my naked breasts..."

"Unng... Vala," Sam whimpered. She trembled and her thighs closed around her hand. She pressed the heel of her hand against her pubic hair and thrust her fingers into herself like mad. She cried out and her body went rigid.

When she came back down, she slid her hand over her thigh and wrapped it in the comforter. She rolled onto her side and tucked her knees together. She smiled at the phone and chuckled nervously. "Wow."

"Is that standard behavior on Earth?" Vala asked. "Because I could really get into it."

"No," Sam said. "Well... I mean, I guess it depends on who you are." Now that the deed was done, embarrassment was starting to fill in the space left by desire. She felt her cheeks burning and she tucked her hair behind her ear and rolled onto her back. She blinked and said, "Wait. Did you... uh, did you..."

"Climax? No..."

Sam cleared her throat and closed her eyes. You shouldn't be doing this, she told herself. "Sometimes I like to imagine... what it would be like with other members of the team. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes all... at once." She closed her eyes.

Vala groaned, an almost animal sound, and Sam felt a twinge between her legs. "Tell me."

Sam swallowed and, despite the blush deepening in her cheeks, she told Vala every detail of her fantasy.

The End

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