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SPOILERS: Season One: The Broca Divide.

One Night Stand?
By Debbie

Part 1

Doctor Janet Fraiser was driving along the highway after attending a fairly strenuous interview at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. As a captain in the Air Force she wanted to transfer from her present base in Oklahoma to here in Colorado. It was unusual for service personnel to have interviews for postings; usually transfers were just arranged. However, postings to the new Stargate Project were much sought after and therefore under different rules of procedure.

Though still in her 30's, Dr. Janet Fraiser was among the top in her field and enjoyed a well deserved reputation. She had developed a deep understanding of virus control and germ warfare during the Gulf War, and had been told these skills would help her cope with the work of the Stargate Project, whatever that really constituted.

Recently Janet had become disillusioned with her posting at a large AF hospital. Some of this was due to disillusionment with her whole life-style, caused by problems in her personal life. So, when the posting to the Cheyenne Mountain had been suggested to the doctor, she had seen a way to solve all of her problems with one fell swoop. First of all get a new and exciting job, and secondly, but most importantly, get rid of that irritating ex-husband of hers.

Alan would just not let go. Their marriage had been a sham from the start, as Janet was realizing the more freedom she had. By Janet's instigation the marriage had ended two years ago, but still he hung around, trying to cajole her back. It had been the arrival of her final divorce papers that had finally kick started her application for transfer. If she wasn't successful with this application, she was off anyway, as far away as possible.

Janet's interview, this morning, had been fascinating. Confidentiality meant her interviewers had been unable to divulge too much of the project. Still Janet had gathered from their enthusiasm that it was a project that was going places. A General Hammond, and two Colonels, O'Neill and Makepeace had interviewed her. The men had interacted with much sarcasm but an underlying sense of respect. It was this interaction that made her feel it would be a good place to work. She felt her own sarcastic humor could find a good home with these three.

The brunette doctor hoped she expressed this keenness and desire well enough, as she had noticed that her Captains rank was up against two Majors and one Colonel, all of them male to boot. Janet wasn't normally upset about prejudices, but for some reason she really wanted this posting.

Samantha Carter was driving along the highway. She was astride her powerful Harley, feeling the wind rushing by and the freedom cleansing her soul. This was what Sam needed to take her mind off the recent happenings in her life. She was a Captain in the Air Force assigned to the Stargate Project. She had arrived here four weeks ago to take up her posting as the resident expert on Astrophysics and as a member of the elite SG1 squad within the project. The project involved traveling from Earth to other planets via a portal called the Stargate. Sam had been instrumental in devising a method of plotting the different planets that may be visited.

Four weeks previous Captain Carter had been asked to travel to the planet Abydos, so far the only planet accessed, with a Colonel Jack O'Neill. Here she had met a Dr. Daniel Jackson, an expert in the field of Egyptian history, and an expert in language translation. It transpired he had been resident on Abydos for twelve months, and had located an ancient map that detailed the planets available to visit. During his time on Abydos he had managed to translate it enough, that on their return, the two of them had devised the new dialing coordinates for hundreds of planets.

Sam thought, as she rode along, how her life had changed. Even being the renowned Astrophysicist that she was had not led her to really believe that all this space travel was actually possible. But here she was doing it. However, that was where her problems started. Along with the travel, came new and mightier enemies to threaten Earth. Foremost of these were the Goa'uld; snakelike creatures that adopted human form by taking a human body as a 'host', destroying the person within the body at the same time. Or this was what was thought at the moment.

In the four weeks they had been active this had already happened to Daniel's wife, Share, to Jack's 'adopted' son, Skaara, and to Jack's close friend, Major Kawalsky. It was this final turn of events that had directly led Sam to be riding along as she was. Two weeks ago they had all been witness to Kawalsky's death, the operation to remove a Goa'uld embedded within him being unsuccessful. Before his own death Kawalsky had murdered Dr Jones the resident CMO of the complex. Captain Carter's CO was even now involved in interviewing for the new CMO, and so she was on downtime prior to their next mission.

These events had knocked Sam for a loop, probably due to her growing friendship with the murdered doctor. She had decided a long time ago that close friendships were not recommended with other Air Force personnel, especially ones working on the same project. The death of Dr. Jones had only served to reinforce this notion. Sam had made a conscious decision all that time ago to satisfy her need for sex with one night stands, uncomplicated nights of passion. Tonight, the doctor ordered just that, no strings attached fun and passion, to clear her mind of all the recent cobwebs.

Back at her motel, Janet Fraiser had changed into her civvies and had checked out. Beginning her long drive home, Janet thought why bother driving another 10 hours, there's nothing spoiling back in Oklahoma. She had the rest of the week off-duty, and thought this would be an ideal time to check out the city, for when she got the transfer. She knew she was being presumptive, but something told her she needed to stop over.

As the brunette thought of having a night to herself her thoughts again drifted back to her ex. They had married four years previous, after a whirlwind courtship. Janet couldn't call it romance, because she realized now it wasn't. Truth be told they just did not get on, and were totally not suited to each other, in any department. Alan wanted her to stay at home rather than be the high flying Air Force Doctor she wanted to be. All he had wanted Janet for was to provide him with numerous offspring, a thought that had filled Janet with dread. It wasn't that she didn't want children, she did one day. It was the thought of what she had to do to achieve this, and Alan was certainly not suitable for that role, and never had been she had to admit.

As time passed in her fake marriage, the doctor had begun to realize why it felt such a scam. Her feelings were heading in a completely different direction, which certainly wasn't covered by Alan's 'maleness.' As Janet matured and Alan immatured, she accepted he had been a decoy for her real romantic leanings. Two years ago she had met a tall blond athletic looking civilian nurse, and had enjoyed a brief flirtation. She had decided then and there to get the façade of a marriage. Nothing had come of the brief flirtation, but Janet at least knew what she wanted to try.

The problem was being in the Air Force with the whole 'Don't ask, Don't tell' policy, being a divorcee to boot, and being a professional, did not lend itself well to pursuing these wants. Maybe tonight, miles from home, Janet could finally do something about it.

Sam Carter couldn't believe her luck. The Harley had given up on her, somewhere in the middle of no-where. Her friend, Siler, had promised the gasket was sorted, but it obviously wasn't. The captain knew she really should have checked it herself, but she had been desperate to get into town. She desperately needed the comfort of a companion for the night and knew the exact spot to find a partner. All Sam wanted was some 'no strings attached' fun. Thinking that idea was out the window, she sat down to contemplate her plan of action. Like an idiot she had left her cell phone back at base, thinking she really wouldn't need it, doing what she was going to do. So she either had to sit and wait, hoping someone would drive past and help, or she had to set off walking towards town.

Sam got up to walk. After all an Air Force Captain couldn't sit and do nothing. Before she had taken many steps, she heard the sound of an approaching engine. She stuck out her thumb and smiled as pleasantly as she could in this mood.

The car belonged to Janet Fraiser who drove still deep in thought. As she approached Sam Carter she slowed down not wanting to cause any accidents so far from home. Not that she wanted to cause accidents anywhere it was just that she was a little pre-occupied at the moment and she really was a careful driver. Janet had no intention of picking up any hitchhikers, and prepared to drive on.

But, as the doctor passed Sam, something hit her, right between the eyes. Not literally just figuratively, but she was compelled to stop, by the beseeching eyes of the striking young woman by the roadside.

Sam too had felt something akin to a bolt of lightning as the beautiful brunette had driven past. She was rocked back on her heels, and, for a few moments was unable to move towards the small car that had pulled up about 100 yards in front.

Part 2

Although she had only caught a glimpse of the driver, as the car passed, Sam thought, 'Wow, what was that? I think I've just seen the most beautiful woman ever and she's stopped for me. What the hell do I do?' The captain started to walk towards the small car.

Janet watched the blonde woman approach through her rear view mirror. She thought to herself, 'What a stunning looking woman, so tall and athletic.' As the woman got nearer she could see her eyes, and suddenly Janet knew why she had stopped, 'Jeez, what is it with me and blond blue-eyed women?'

Then she began to panic, never having stopped for a hitchhiker before she wasn't sure what to say or do. Sam bent down and peered through the window, just as Janet thought that this woman might be a mugger. 'Don't be stupid,' she admonished herself, 'Look at her eyes, they're too gentle.'

Sam took this moment of Janet's hesitation to have a good look at the pretty brunette. She saw deep chocolate brown eyes... come-to-bed eyes... her father would have called them, staring into hers. The woman was obviously petite, but had curves in all the right places. The captain was shocked at the way her thoughts were already heading.

Seeing the look of confusion flit across the woman's expressive eyes, and not knowing the real reason for those thoughts, Janet thought it was due to her indecision. She quickly wound the window down saying, "Hey, can I give you a ride anywhere?"

Sam smiled and replied, "Thanks, into town would be great."

With no hesitation this time, surprising herself, Janet murmured, "Sure, hop in," as she opened the passenger door.

Sam got in the car and smiled gratefully at Janet, "Thanks, you're a life saver. I've forgotten my cell-phone and the stupid bike's had it!"

Janet smiled back saying, "Use mine, it's in the glove compartment. Can't have you stranded completely can we?"

Sam reached into the glove compartment and grabbed the cell. "Are you sure?" Seeing Janet's nod of affirmation she called back to base. As she waited for an answer, she made a conscious decision to hide the fact she was in the Air Force. For some unknown reason, at that point, she wanted Janet to see her as a normal Colorado girl! Often, especially if she was trying to find a date for the night, she hid the fact she was in the forces.

As Sam talked to someone called Siler, Janet took the opportunity of having a good look at Sam. She liked what she saw, long legs encased in leather, fresh young face, gorgeous eyes and kissable lips. Not understanding that last thought, the doctor was still glad she had taken her dog tags off back at the motel, no reason for anyone to know she was in the Air Force. 'What are you thinking of Janet Fraiser?' she wondered, 'Why does it matter?' Knowing full well where her thoughts were leading her.

Sam finished her call and put the cell-phone back. "Thanks," she said, "A friend is picking the bike up, so I can carry on into town. I was going out for the night, so now I can continue with my plans." Unbidden came the accompanying thought that maybe she wouldn't have to try very hard to get a date for the night. She pushed that thought to one side, saying, "How can I repay you?"

Janet looked at Sam, "I don't want payment, but since you've offered, maybe you could show me the best place to eat, since I'm from out of town." Before she could stop herself Janet added, "Maybe you would join me too?"

'For crying out loud Janet you've only just met the woman. You don't even know her name. Yet you've just asked her to spend the afternoon with you!' mused Janet, while staring ahead.

Sam was shocked, especially with her thought about not having to try very hard for a date, and so didn't answer immediately. Here was this beautiful woman, asking her to spend the afternoon with her, and she was hesitating. "Um thanks, that sounds like a plan! Ok, you're on, but only if you let me pay."

"By the way, my name is Samantha Carter, but you can call me Sam," she continued.

"Hi Sam, I'm Janet Fraiser, but you can call me Doctor," she said with a chuckle. At the look on Sam's face she added, "Sorry that's my attempt at a joke. I am a Doctor you see."

"That explains the 'joke'," muttered Sam with a sarcastic lilt. She grinned widely to soften the blow.

"Ouch, I asked for that one," replied Janet.

They fell into some easy banter; both of them amazed at how easy it actually was to talk to this stranger. In no time they were sat eating at the best Brasserie in town. The chat continued, with Janet admitting she was in Colorado for an interview, but not where. And Sam admitting she too was a Doctor, in Astrophysics, but again not where.

As they chatted comfortably Sam took the opportunity of appraising Janet in more detail. What she saw she liked. This petite young woman, with eyes to die for. The captain felt as if she could fall into those eyes, and never get out again. An easy smile and an obviously wicked sense of humor all served to draw Sam in like a moth to a flame.

Just as Sam was beginning to think she had a chance of taking this gorgeous woman out that evening, Janet dropped the bombshell that she had been married. Sam's face dropped, and Janet saw the change. Although she wasn't quite sure what the look meant, she found herself telling Sam about the feelings she had been having for other women. She'd never told anyone this before, but was surprised how easy it was to admit it to Sam.

Sam perked up again at this point, deciding that if she took things slowly and played her cards right, her luck may indeed be in. As the afternoon wore on, there was no sign of the chat diminishing, and Sam found herself relaxing for the first time in weeks. She also felt the steadily increasing pull of attraction towards Janet. She knew she was going to ask her to stay on longer, just wasn't sure of the answer.

Janet was also feeling the pull of attraction. For her it was harder to understand. She had never felt this immediate 'oneness' with anyone. A feeling, if she wasn't careful, might allow her to give into her desires. Then again she was increasingly feeling that she didn't want to be careful.

Seven p.m. arrived, and Janet was muttering about finding a motel room. She knew she didn't want to go, but didn't know how to stay.

Sam came to her rescue saying, "Janet, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I feel we both want to keep this day going: Will you join me for drinks at a local night-club?"

That's how they came to be sitting in the local women only club, a favorite haunt of Sam's whenever she could get in there without being observed.

Janet looked around her and thought, 'Jeez, she's brought me to a gay club!' She felt embarrassed that those were her thoughts, because by god she wanted to be there more than anything. She reasoned with herself that it was a shock because, until then, she had only thought there was an attraction going on. Now she was certain there was, and it wasn't one-sided. At this, she relaxed and continued to enjoy her night.

The more drinks they had, the more they relaxed in each other's company. The more they relaxed, the more their flirting grew in intensity. The more the flirting continued, the more Sam thought how lucky she was, and the more Janet thought she was finally going to do something about her wants.

Janet was just beginning to accept where the evening was heading, when Sam knocked her completely off kilter by saying in a quiet voice, "Janet I've got to be honest with you. I was coming into town tonight to pick up a woman for a night of fun. You know, a one-night stand. I needed some good old-fashioned sex to knock some demons away. Then I met you, and YOU asked me out!" Smiling gently she forged on, knowing this was do or die time.

Janet started, and Sam saw her look, but decided she needed to continue, "Please, don't say anything yet, let me finish. Janet, I feel such a connection with you. I have never felt this way this quickly about anyone before. But, after today, with you, I want you." She let her eyes drop as she finished, really not wanting to see Janet's reaction.

Janet was, surprisingly, shocked beyond comparison. Now the time had come, she was frightened to admit to herself, that that was what she wanted too. So, she hid behind anger, as she always did, "Yes Sam, I do feel something for you, but I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I'm really not inclined that way." She thought to herself, 'Janet, you're a coward, it's what you've been aching for all day, and now you're denying yourself.'

Sam finally looked up and saw the conflict in Janet's eyes. She decided to continue with her gentle approach, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you, I just wanted to be honest. Look I've had a great day, please accept my apologies. You're a lovely woman, and I can't help feeling what I do."

Janet mumbled, "Don't worry Sam, I'm flattered and I've had a great day too, but..." She jumped up out of her chair, grabbed her belongings and added, "... but I ought to be leaving. I need to find somewhere to stay. Thank-you for everything. Take care of yourself."

Sam too jumped up with a disappointed look on her face. She held Janet's arm for a second and said, "Yeah, you too." She bent down and kissed Janet gently on the lips, "Remember me."

Janet walked off in a daze. She walked out of the building and through the car park, with only thoughts of that kiss and the electricity that had flown between them. As the doctor walked, she thought to herself, 'Janet what are you doing? You've fantasized about a night like this for years, wanted to make love to another woman, and now it's being offered on a plate, you're walking away. Janet, you were drawn to her like a magnet, don't waste the chance. No one here knows you, you may never be back, so why are you walking away? Are you mad?'

Going through the turmoil in her brain, she came to a sudden stand still. She turned slowly and made, what was for her, a life changing decision. She slowly walked away from the club, towards the Double Tree Hotel, to make a reservation, still deep in thought.

Ten minutes later, Janet entered the bar of the nightclub. She immediately spied Sam deep in conversation with another woman. The young woman was obviously flirting with Sam. Janet could see Sam was trying hard to resist, and for some reason, this made the brunette feel more confident about the effect she had had on Sam. She hated to think the attraction was really one-sided, but thought, 'You've come this far Janet, just go for it. Go up to Sam and let her know you're back.'

With that Janet walked up to Sam and put her hands over the blonde's eyes from behind. She nibbled on Sam's earlobe and said, loud enough that the strange young woman could hear, "Did you forget me so quickly?"

She turned Sam around and kissed her deeply and passionately, releasing all the emotions that had built up through the day. Sam was speechless, "Janet, what the f...? What are you doing?"

Janet whispered in a husky voice, "I want you too, maybe tonight I am that way inclined."

Sam grinned and pulled Janet onto her knee to continue the kiss. The other woman got up to leave, knowing that she was no longer wanted. Eventually the kiss broke, and Sam whispered, "Dance with me?"

They drifted onto the dance floor and melted into each other's arms. Both thinking that things were now, as they should be. As they danced slowly and it had to be said, erotically, the passion between them built. They kissed more and began to let their hands caress each other. Janet was astounded at the warmth pooling in her loins, never having felt such desire so quickly.

Suddenly Sam stopped, breathing into Janet's ear, "Let's go?"

Just as suddenly, Janet's fear returned. She looked up into Sam's eyes and whispered, "Sam, I want you so much, but..."

Sam put her fingers to Janet's lips, stopping her mid sentence, "No buts, let's just enjoy the night. Come on, you did reserve a room didn't you?"

As soon as they entered Janet's suite, Sam pulled Janet to her and stared deeply into her eyes. She had never seen such dark and meaningful eyes. She could read every degree of Janet's lust and obvious want, but she could also read a small degree of fear.

"Don't be frightened Janet, I won't hurt, unless you want me to that is," she smiled as she tried to reassure.

Janet returned the smile and her fear receded a little. "Sam, just take me, please."

That was the only encouragement Sam needed. She bent forward and took possession of Janet's waiting mouth. A slow gentle lip to lip kiss increased Janet's arousal so much that she dared to flick her tongue out and caress Sam's lower lip. The effect on Sam was immediate as she deepened the kiss, in intensity and force.

Janet had never felt such pleasure from a kiss: her body was on fire. Sam, who normally was very passive in love making, was enjoying the role of aggressor. For her part, Sam had never felt such passion or connection to another.

Clothes were ripped and thrown afar, as the desire to feel skin on skin overrode any feelings of embarrassment or loss of dignity. Eventually they stood, or should that be, writhed, body to body, craving touch through every pore of their bodies.

Her sensations were so heightened that Janet felt her legs giving way. She pushed Sam off with all her force, and saw a momentary look of confusion on Sam's face. Janet groaned, "Take me to the bed Sam, I'm falling!"

Sam grinned and relaxed. "Your wish is my command," she murmured, as she lifted Janet bodily and carried her to the waiting king-size.

Janet had had one other one-night stand in her life and that had felt so sordid. This felt primal, even a little brutal, but certainly not sordid. This was the point all her conscious thought disappeared. Sam was kissing and nibbling on her neck, and Janet's instincts just kicked in. She had never done this before, but somehow, she just knew what Sam wanted.

She leant over and took Sam's right nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. As she bit down firmly, she was rewarded by a low feline mew from deep in Sam's throat. Thus rewarded she moved from one breast to the other, and back again, with a vengeance.

Never leaving off her assault on Sam's breasts, she felt her hands caressing over and around Sam's willing and writhing body. Instinct told her that Sam needed this even more than she herself did. Instinct also told her that she needed to do this for Sam.

Sam continued to neck with Janet, but her hands had stopped stroking as Janet had become more aggressive and the blonde's body had reacted to what was being done to her.

Suddenly Sam cried out, "Inside Janet please, inside now!"

Janet stilled her mouth and gazed down at Sam. She looked into the those vivid blue eyes and saw such desire and want for her, Janet Fraiser, that she was amazed. She stroked down Sam's stomach and rested two fingers at the entrance to Sam's raging inferno. "Is this what you want?"

Receiving no answer, she growled, "Is it?"

"Yes, goddamn it, yes!" shouted Sam.

Janet drove into Sam with all her might, and heard a whimpered, "Yes, goddamn it, yes," in reply.

Janet's amazement grew: one that she was doing this at all, two that she was enjoying it, and most importantly three, that she was as aroused as Sam so obviously was.

She felt Sam begin to tense and thought, 'This is it, I'm finally going to do it, I'm going to make a woman come.'

Sam screamed, "Harder Janet, harder." Janet added a third finger and bent over to nip at one breast, then the other, and finally, with one deep thrust, hard on Sam's cherry.

Sam screamed in ecstasy and shuddered, and shuddered, and shuddered. Janet looked on in awe thinking, 'I did that,' as she slowly stroked Sam back down off of her high, into a moment of serene stillness.

Sam opened her eyes to be met with the most wonderful sight she had ever seen. A look of pure unadulterated need for her. She didn't stop to think as she pulled Janet to her.

Sam entered Janet immediately, fascinated by the wetness she felt there, and the immediate quaking she felt at her touch. She realized Janet did not have far to go but needed to give something back for the pleasure she had just received.

As Sam entered her Janet felt complete, as if this was what her whole life had been leading to. The sensation was out of this world. She had never come from just penetration before, but here she was on the very brink after one single thrust.

Instinct told Sam that Janet liked to be kissed: liked to feel close at her point of release. Knowing how near the brunette was, Sam imperceptibly slowed her actions down. She gently but firmly gave undivided attention to the young doctor's breasts.

Janet's body was on fire. She was intoxicated, higher than she had ever been in her life. As Sam kissed her way up Janet's body, Janet stopped thinking and just let her body feel.

After caressing Janet's breasts with her tongue and teeth, Sam felt Janet start to clench around her fingers. She lifted herself up and drove her tongue deep into the brunette's mouth.

Janet felt Sam appear above her and looked up into such crystal clear eyes, she felt like she was drowning in lust. As Sam's tongue entered her mouth she knew... The doctor had never been one for vocal release, but as she neared her climax, her lungs felt fit to burst, and something just had to give.

Sam's tongue roamed in time with her fingers, and Janet counter-thrusted with her own tongue. Within seconds Sam was rewarded with a scream from Janet and a very loud, "Fuck me!"

Janet felt as if she had come home, making love with Sam felt so right, because that's what it was, wasn't it? This was no one-night stand, no sex for sex's sake. It was brutal but gentle, and everything on Janet just seemed to fit with everything on Sam. So surely it was making love not having sex. She slowly descended back into reality and heard Sam murmur, "I just did my love, I just did." She was gently soothed back to a sense of normality by the gorgeous blonde stroking her hair so, so gently.

They both recovered their bearings and their wits slowly. Each was shocked to hear the other one sobbing. Janet began to cradle Sam, rocking her gently backwards and forwards. She murmured, "Let it out, Sam, let it out." Again instinct told her, this was not normal for Sam. Something within Sam needed release.

The gentle soothing cleansed Sam more than she had thought possible. She whispered, "Thank-you Janet, I needed that more than you will ever know, but tell me why are you crying?"

Janet smiled wistfully, "Sam, I've wanted to try that for so long, you know make love to a woman. And God Sam you were wonderful, but I always thought my first time would be slow and deliberate and special... Jeez, it was special, the best I've ever had, but... oh, I can't explain..."

Sam put her fingers to Janet's lips and said, "Shh, I know what you mean, and I can do special. Just lay back and let me show you, let me thank you properly."

They proceeded to treat each other special long into the night, till they both fell into a deep, contented sleep, wrapped around one another.

Janet woke with a start. She was so cold. She slowly realized she was alone. She whimpered gently to herself, "God Sam, were you a one night stand after all?"

As she came to, she noticed a note propped up against her purse on the bedside table.

Janet, you were wonderful, but I just can't do this right now. If I stay, I might not let you leave. Please don't forget me, I will never forget you. Love always, Sam

Janet lay back on her pillow thinking, 'I certainly won't forget you Sam, I've fallen for you." With that she rolled over and let the tears fall.

Part 3

4 weeks later

Samantha Carter woke from a fitful sleep. Ever since that night, four weeks previous, when she had had the most wonderful night with a young brunette named Janet Fraiser, Sam either failed to sleep or woke early from her slumbers. All she could see were deep chocolate brown eyes boring into her very soul, and smell the fragrance of the gorgeous doctor surrounding her.

She couldn't forget the feeling of 'oneness' she and Janet had shared and the completeness felt as they brought each other time and time again to the point of ecstasy. They had achieved heights of passion, that night, the likes of which Sam had never dreamt of, never mind encountered.

Just as she had written in her goodbye note, the Air Force captain really was unable to forget that day, but especially the night she had shared with Janet. Sam remembered, somewhere during the night, around the point of Janet's first amazing climax, murmuring the words, "my love," and now knew this was the crux of her problem. She had fallen, inexplicably and deeply in love with the owner of those soulful eyes, the now long gone woman of her dreams, Doctor Janet Fraiser.

Each day Sam scolded herself for her cowardice, for not accepting the feelings she had shared almost immediately with the doctor of medicine. Janet had mentioned being in Colorado for a job interview, and, occasionally, Sam wondered if she now worked in one of the city's hospitals. A couple of times she had ventured to the night-club where their evening had first started, on the off chance that she would again meet up with the wonderful woman. Now as her thoughts drifted back to reality she thought to herself, that she really did have to get on with her life and forget that brief, but so meaningful, one night stand.

She clambered out of bed and automatically fell into Stargate Command mode. Today was the day of their next mission through the 'wormhole of chance', as she had come to think of the Stargate itself. She never knew what sort of world beckoned as they set off through the portal to a massive universe. All she really knew was that her life was one great journey, and that, once she was in mission mode, she could forget about Janet Fraiser for a while, until her next sleep tried to claim her.

Doctor Janet Fraiser also remembered that night well. It had been the culmination of a young life spent in turmoil, and indecision, regarding her suppressed feelings for women. Even a disastrous marriage had failed to bring her feelings to the surface. Until that fateful day she had given Samantha Carter a ride into town.

From the moment the beautiful blonde had gotten into Janet's car, to the moment Janet's sexual release had finally come, she had known that this was IT. This was what her whole life had been leading to.

She had had good sex before, and good sex since. The brunette doctor had been with another young woman since that night, again blond haired and blue eyed. Yet, it wasn't the same. The sex was better than she ever had with her ex-husband, but there wasn't the feeling of completeness she had felt at the divine fingertips of the gorgeous Samantha Carter.

The doctor was beginning to realize it wasn't the femaleness of Sam that had hooked her, it was the whole concept of Samantha Carter, woman, lover, astrophysicist, one night stand. What Janet wanted was the owner of those crystal clear eyes, who had stolen her heart all those weeks ago.

What the two women had shared wasn't just sex, the doctor now believed, but true conceptual 'making love'. Complete and everlasting love was what Janet had felt, yet for all this, where was Sam Carter now? She had disappeared into the night and Janet really couldn't understand why.

The more Janet thought about that night, the more she hoped that Sam had felt the connection too. There was no way that intense feeling had been one sided, she knew the tall, athletic blonde must have felt it too.

Janet remembered clearly at one point hearing Sam murmur "my love" in her ear. How could it possibly be a one night stand? Surely, if there was any goodness in this world, that night should be the first of many. This hope alone kept Janet going through the lonely nights she had since endured.

Upon learning that she was to be posted to Cheyenne Mountain, Janet's hope blossomed fully for a reuniting with Samantha Carter and the pursuit of a possible future with the woman that had captured her heart.

Accepting the posting to Colorado enabled Janet to move away from her ex-husband, and to begin a new and exciting career path at the newly developed Stargate Command. For whatever reason, it seemed her specialty of Virology had swayed the powers that be in her direction.

General Hammond himself had called her to tell her of her transfer. He intimated that her appearance was eagerly awaited, as some of her more personal skills were desperately needed in the 'macho heavy' atmosphere of the complex. She wasn't sure what this cryptic comment suggested but she was eager to find out.

Since arriving back in Colorado, she had been based in the local military hospital, learning the procedures that would be called upon from her department deep underground at Cheyenne Mountain.

Each night Janet scoured the nightlife of the city. Something told her that once her proper role started she wouldn't have much downtime and she was determined to find Samantha Carter again. She had even ventured into the female-only club her amazing night had started from, but to no avail. There was no sign of the wonderful blonde. Samantha Carter had apparently disappeared.

Janet didn't worry, she knew they would meet again eventually, and this time she wasn't letting the blonde go.

Captain Carter had returned from her mission with a deep sense of something being wrong. It wasn't just Jack O'Neill, although she wished he wasn't such a pain in the ass. Surely they could have stayed a little longer on a fascinating planet, where light so suddenly became dark, and where there appeared to be two distinct types of local inhabitants. One group primitive and one group cultured.

It wasn't even the ugly incident that had occurred during their debriefing. Completely unprovoked a member of Colonel Makepeace's team had attacked Teal'c, the Jaffa warrior that was now part of Stargate Command. Sam already knew him to be a true and steadfast colleague, and she couldn't understand the attack for no apparent reason.

Sam felt there was another reason still for her sense of foreboding. Realization of the problem was sudden. Entering the locker-room to shower down for a night on the town, she slammed Jack O'Neill into the lockers and tried to jump his bones. The captain's last conscious thought was, 'This is not me.'

In her new role as the new Chief Medical Officer, Janet had been called to Cheyenne Mountain earlier than expected, to face her first major crisis. All she had been told was that a number of men had returned from mission acting strangely. Apparently one man had attacked another - General Hammond had called him a 'Jaffar'. Janet had never heard of a country called Jaffa, but her immediate reaction had been that this was some sort of racial tension, and she couldn't understand why she had been ordered to the base.

Arriving at the mountain, Doctor Fraiser learned the men were fighting each other for no apparent reason other than male pride. This primitive behavior had already resulted in a couple of deaths, following a fatal fall while fighting. She had been ordered to find out the cause of the behavior and to stop it.

Upon entering the infirmary to find numerous personnel restrained on gurneys, writhing and out of control, she briefly wondered what had made her think she wanted this posting. As the thought entered her brain, it was cut off by a shout from across the ward.

A young nurse on the telephone had spotted Janet's entrance, she called, "Doctor Fraiser?"

As the doctor nodded in the affirmative the nurse continued, "Thank God! Colonel O'Neill is on his way down with Captain Carter, she's just molested him in the locker-room!"

Janet didn't have time to register the name, or the look of disbelief on the nurse's face, before she was confronted with the sight of one angry looking Colonel. He was dragging behind him one wild, and very aggressive, Samantha Carter.

The doctor would have recognized the blonde captain anywhere, even given the foaming at the mouth, and the overt sexual behavior towards anything in her line of sight. Taking Sam's arm Janet's knees almost gave way when she felt the wanton Captain press up against her body.

It was almost too much, to again feel the woman she desired, touching her in a way she wanted to be touched, but knowing, as those remarkable blue eyes stared right through her, that this time Sam had no connection whatsoever with her soul. Janet knew this was not the Sam she had shared such passion with, this was some other Sam, and yet those eyes still turned her legs to jelly.

Her heart breaking at the scene playing out in her mind's eye, Janet administered a dose of sedative and coolly made sure the captain was restrained like the other affected personnel. She finally let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding and turned to face her waiting superiors.

Janet knew she would have been unable to cope if Sam had recognized her. As it was, she was able to put on her professional mask, to work quickly and efficiently.

Only once in those early hours did she nearly lose it. Sam was returned to the infirmary with a stab wound. For a moment, Janet had irrationally thought she was going to lose the blonde woman before even having the chance to get to know her again. Fortunately, the wound was only superficial and, as the doctor expertly sewed it up, she wondered why the cure was taking so long to get there.

As Janet worked the blondes eye's flew open, and stared into Janet's brown ones once again. Janet thought she saw a flicker of recognition but put it down to wishful thinking.

She hadn't had time to dwell on this possibility as Teal'c returned suddenly from the Land of Light with a vial of blood, hopefully from one of the unaffected local populace.

Janet had been introduced to Teal'c and Daniel Jackson early in the crisis. Neither of these men were affected by the behavior, and Janet hoped they could give her a clue as to the cause. She soon realized that Teal'c did not count. He had some sort of parasitical symbiote that helped keep him immune. She had therefore requested the acquisition of some unaffected blood, hoping this might hold the key.

General Hammond had agreed that Teal'c and Daniel could return to the planet to retrieve the sample. Although one was a civilian, and one was a little known alien recruit, being the only two members of staff apparently unaffected by the virus, they were the only two he knew could safely return to the Land of Light.

Janet took the vial of blood from Teal'c, not daring to ask where the young Daniel Jackson was, but realizing that this rock of a man needed to see his commanding officer. She directed him to Jack O'Neill and asked him to guard both Jack and General Hammond, whom had both succumbed to the virus, realizing he needed something to keep him occupied.

Doctor Fraiser worked through the night to find the answer to the alien mystery. She soon realized that she too was a piece of the cure's jigsaw puzzle. The locals' blood had a high concentration of naturally occurring anti-histamines. Janet herself took anti-histamines, as did Daniel Jackson, both for allergy problems. She realized this was why neither of them had succumbed to the behavior, and developed an antidote based on this discovery.

After injecting Colonel O'Neill with an experimental dosage it was obviously the correct cure. The antidote had worked and Janet was able to synthesize more of the serum so that the SGC personnel could be immunized.

As the injections were being administered by her junior staff Janet had time to consider her reaction to finding Sam Carter. She had immediately felt the attraction once again, and remembering that amazing night, she decided to take the bull by the horns.

She quickly jotted a note, slipped into the unconscious Sam's room and popped it in her fatigue's pocket. She took a close look at the sleeping captain and her heart skipped a beat, with an unbidden feeling of desire rising in her chest. She thought to herself, 'I hope I'm right about Sam's feelings for me, as I don't think I can work here if she doesn't return my feelings.'

As the medical staff prepared further quantities of the antidote, the combat staff prepared to return to the Land of Light. Reportedly to help the local population, but more importantly to rescue Doctor Jackson.

Sam Carter took the opportunity to have a quick shower. Now fully recovered she had a vivid recollection of her assault of Jack O'Neill, and needed to rid herself of the nasty feeling she had all over her body. She didn't know what had possessed her to attack Jack. If, however, it had been the pretty nurse that sewed her wound up she might well have understood it better.

She quietly pondered why the nurse was her only recollection of the subsequent time. She could see again the nurses almost black eyes staring into hers with a look of real concern. Then it hit her, Janet Fraiser, that was why she remembered the nurse, she reminded her of the woman who had stolen her heart such a short time ago. Janet Fraiser, the woman with whom she had been afraid to pursue a relationship in case commitment came into the equation.

Sam had foolishly decided along time ago that commitment didn't sit well with her often dangerous role in the Air Force. Now, she could think of nothing better than being committed to the beautiful Janet Fraiser. As Sam finally admitted this thought to herself, her heart fell and she kicked herself, once again, for her stupidity in letting go the best thing that had happened to her in years.

Sam climbed slowly and sadly out of the shower, thinking she had now given Jack the wrong impression too. She could ill afford the distraction of fending off any follow-up advances from the arrogant colonel.

As the captain contemplated this state of affairs she carefully swapped things from her dirty fatigues to her clean ones. Stopping suddenly, Sam noticed the small note slipped deep in her pocket.

'S. Will you go out to dinner with me? J.'

Sam's mouth dropped open. 'J,' she thought, 'No! Jack does think I meant it. What am I going to do?' She read the note again, thinking the writing didn't look like the colonels, it seemed almost too feminine. Hearing a banging on the door, Sam quickly stuffed the note back in her pocket.

An angry voice shouted, "Carter, get your ass out here. I want to find Daniel now, not when you are beautiful."

Sam bit back her angry retort, giving Colonel O'Neill the benefit of the doubt. She knew he was worried about their young civilian colleague and hurried out to join him. They entered the gate-room to find numerous SG teams amassed. They were waiting on the new CMO, who was providing them with the antidote needed to fulfil their mission.

Sam realized she had not met the new CMO. The grapevine reported that it was a young and beautiful female doctor. She vaguely wondered if this might be her diversion from thoughts of Janet Fraiser. Hearing the door to the gate-room slide open she waited eagerly for her first sighting.

Doctor Fraiser had decided it would be best to avoid all eye contact with Sam Carter, feeling it was the only way she would survive this mission briefing, without losing her cool, calm, medical persona. She was going to direct all her comments to the commanding officer, Colonel Jack O'Neill, one person she knew wasn't capable of distracting her.

Yet, as she walked to the head of the troops, she couldn't resist a glance at the now spruced up Captain Carter. Their eyes locked for a fleeting second, and Janet saw the flicker of recognition. Her heart skipped a beat and her cheeks began to flush as she kept Sam in the corner of her vision.

Doubt invaded her thoughts as she tried to remain focused on the meeting. Had Sam thought of her everyday? Would they even be able to work together? Did Sam want to pursue a future together? Janet knew her own answers to these questions but did she really want to know Sam's. What if it meant nothing to the Captain? What if Janet WAS just a one night stand? Janet chanced a glance at her one time lover and was captured again by the clear blue eyes looking right back at her. Janet noticed that Sam's ears were bright red. Was she embarrassed or flushed for the same reason as Janet? The eyes looking at her held a wonder and a promise and suddenly Janet knew that she wanted this woman in her future and was willing to do whatever it would take to make it so.

Sam noticed the doctor as soon as she drew level with herself and Jack. Their eyes locked for the briefest of seconds, long enough for Sam to feel that instant pull of attraction once again. 'That's why that nurse reminded me of Janet Fraiser, it was her. What the hell am I going to do now?' she thought.

She couldn't take her eyes of the slim brunette, her trim figure hidden beneath the white coat, with hints of subtle curves she had so lovingly caressed all those weeks ago. Sam's heart began to do somersaults, as she remembered the passion shared with the doctor and suppressed feelings of desire rose to the surface once more. A blush began to creep up her neck and settle on her ears where she could feel the heat of her reaction. She just hoped the flush, on the face of the owner of those fathomless eyes, meant that Janet felt something akin to what she was now feeling.

The captain hadn't heard a word of the instructions given when she noticed Colonel O'Neill nod his thanks, and Janet turning to leave. Sam still couldn't take her eyes of the stunning CMO and watched her all the way out of the gate-room.

Janet had felt Sam's eyes on her back and couldn't wait for SG1's return; she was going to sort something out one way or another.

Once on the Land of Light Sam tried to concentrate on the task in hand, but all she could think about was Janet. She wondered why Janet had stared into Jack's eyes through the briefing and thought to herself, 'Does she regret our night together? She was so undecided at the time and she had been married, does she fancy Jack?' Sighing, Sam knew that, on her return, she would have to talk to Janet if they were going to work together.

Jack O'Neill had heard her sigh and ambled up to her. He scolded, "Carter! Get your brain in gear. What is it with you? You're not worrying about that little fracas in the locker-room are you?" Sam glared at him and snapped, " I'm fine Sir! Let's just find Daniel and get home." She didn't want any in depth conversations about that indiscretion; the least she acknowledged the incident the better. It was an added complication she could well do without.

Approaching the hostile inhabitants that held Daniel Sam snapped into combat mode. She played her full part in rescuing Doctor Jackson and negotiating with the Land of Light elders. Eventually they agreed to administer the antidote to their brethren affected by the same virus that had attacked the SGC personnel.

Hoping she may be lucky enough to have the beautiful CMO supervise her post-mission medical, Sam was eager to get back to base. Doctor Fraiser, however, had other ideas. She had arranged for Doctor Warner to check Colonel O'Neill and Captain Carter, while she got to know the alien, Teal'c and the civilian, Doctor Jackson. Janet knew she would not be able to handle the distraction of Sam's gorgeous body just yet. She was prepared to wait until they had talked.

A disappointed Sam Carter wandered back to the locker-room. She knew it was only a matter of time before she crossed paths with the doctor, but she wanted to do things quickly, if only for her own sanity.

While showering Sam came to the conclusion that, no matter what, she was going to convince Janet that they had a future together. She knew there was still an intense pull between the two of them, and, if she could only convince Janet that this time she intended to stay, they could sort something out. For some reason this woman had been brought back into her life and Sam wasn't about to miss the opportunity again.

Janet Fraiser crept into the locker-room to be met by the sight of Sam Carter's bare ass as she toweled down. After weeks of dreaming about this vision, the beauty of the woman shocked her to the core. It was even better than she had remembered. All the time she had been with her damned husband she had craved this feeling, and here it was finally within her reach.

Oblivious to the doctor's scrutiny, Sam continued to towel down. She pulled her jeans over her hips and reached out for her blouse. This loss of the wondrous vision shocked Janet out of her stupor. Glancing around guiltily, she hoped no one had been witness to her ogling. Seeing they were alone the doctor took a step forward, murmuring quietly, "So Captain Carter is the answer yes or no?"

Sam nearly jumped out of her skin as she registered the quietly spoken words. She spun round to be confronted by the woman of her thoughts. Stunned, she could only mutter the word, "What?"

Janet Fraiser, with a big grin on her face, asked once again, "Is the answer yes or no? Will you have dinner with me?"

Sam managed to choke out a garbled reply. "When?... I mean yes... please."

Janet smiled, "As soon as possible?"

"How about now?" whispered Sam, knowing she couldn't waste another minute of her life without this woman in it. She was drawn like the proverbial moth to a flame into those smoldering eyes. She knew with such clarity that this time she wasn't letting go.

Janet laughed out loud and muttered, "Oh, so you're keen now, are you?"

Sam mentally cringed at the question, although Janet's tone had been wry rather than angry, she heard the implicit question, 'Why?' Knowing she would have to answer that somewhere along the line. Sam dropped her eyes in silent apology and heard Janet's next line with a deep sense of relief, "Ok, give me a few minutes to shower and change and I'll be right with you."

Surprisingly, after the night they had shared, Sam was embarrassed as Janet started to undress. She prepared to leave and wait outside. She certainly didn't want Janet to think she was after only one thing. This time, she wanted it all.

Janet looked up and whispered, "You can stay if you want to, I'm sure you've seen it all before." She knew she was joking about their previous time together, but she didn't know how else to stop herself pulling Sam back into the shower with her. She had never felt such desire and felt her cheeks redden at the thought.

Sam couldn't help herself; she just had to stare at the beauty that was revealed to her. 'Holy Hannah,' she thought, 'she's even better in the flesh than in my dreams.' As she remembered tearing Janet's clothes off the last time she had seen her nude body, and remembered the wanton desire she had felt at Janet's touch, she heard her own voice crying out for Janet to enter her. She looked up and saw the hands she craved gently pushing silken dark brown hair back and she gasped.

At Janet's questioning gaze Sam blushed the deepest red. She heard Janet ask, "What?"

Sam replied too quickly, "Oh nothing, I was just remembering something beautiful that happened to me a month or so ago."

Realizing the implication in Sam's statement, Janet raised her eyebrows and blushed an even deeper red. She pulled her jeans on and a figure hugging top, and saw the desire in Sam's eyes like she had seen before. Blushing even more, she breathlessly muttered, "Come on Captain Carter, lead the way."

Janet followed Sam to the waiting elevators that lead to the surface. At one point on their upward journey a number of other personnel entered the carriage, pushing Sam and Janet closer together. The electricity that passed between them was unmistakable. Their eyes met and the message that was transferred between the two was undeniable too. It was obvious they were meant to be.

On reaching the surface, they drifted apart while signing off-duty. Leaving the complex they migrated back towards each other like opposite poles of a magnet. Sam noticed they were the only two leaving, and night having drawn in, she dared to take Janet's hand in her own.

Walking quietly through the parking lot they felt the togetherness once again, and Janet knew with a certainty, this time, they would not be parted. As Sam dropped her hand to head towards her own vehicle, saying, "I'll follow you Janet, where shall..." Janet grabbed the hand back again and placed her fingers over Sam's lips.

Stalling the question that Sam was about to ask, she whispered, "I think we only need one car Sam, I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again."

Understanding the sentiment expressed in Janet's words Sam smiled gently, and leaned in for a chaste kiss. She looked deep into the ebony eyes of her found again partner and breathed into her ear; "I think I might have fallen in love with you, Janet Fraiser."

Smiling Janet gazed into the crystal clear blue eyes that bore into her very soul, she breathed back, "I know my love, I love you too, Samantha Carter."

Another chaste kiss was all that was needed to cement this affirmation. Knowing they could not express themselves further, at this moment in time, Janet opened her car doors and motioned for Sam to get in.

They shared one more tender look before Janet fired up the engine. No more words were needed as this time they left together and headed towards...

The Beginning?

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