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One Thing Leads to Another
By sinadino


"Mmmm… it was a good idea to come here," Janet sighed happily, snuggling deeper into the form of her taller partner who wrapped the blanket tighter around them.

The air was getting chilly; the sky was still inflamed with colours as the sun worked its way down in the distance. Sam's toes played with the sand beneath them; the blanket always seemed to be too small for her… but large enough for her lover and she smiled at this thought.

"Hey, what are you smiling at missy?"

"Umm… nothing Hon… nothing."

"Sam, I know you…and you only smile like that when you're teasing me."

"Janet, really I…"

"Ah!" Janet interrupted her and turned so she faced the blonde; a stern look on her face reminded Sam not to mess with her.

"Hon… I just…"


"I like the feeling of the sand between my toes… that's all."

"Uh uh…" Janet was far from convinced by this statement but decided to leave it there; she knew other ways to get all the information she wanted from Sam.

"Not that I mind cuddling with you at sunset on the beach, but what do you think about returning to our room?" she added with a suggestive grin.

Sam looked at her, marveling how the brunette did this to her; not trusting her brain to find the right words she just nodded and watched as Janet stood up. The petite doctor stretched and Sam smiled again, she just hoped she wasn't drooling.

"Sam…are you coming?"

Sam caught herself wondering what Janet might have meant as she took the doctor's offered hand and Janet pulled her up from the ground. They pulled their shoes on then folded the blanket and took it with them back to the Harley parked near the promenade.

"You know I still can't believe you talked me into riding with you on that thing!"

'Me neither,' Sam thought amazed how well the leather pants hugged Janet's form and the vest also fit perfect she thought, her mouth going dry as she stared at her lover.

"Sam…you still with me?"

Somehow the words didn't reach Sam… not really. She saw the delicate lips move but she wasn't able to make sense of the sounds she heard, swallowing she smiled at the brunette.

Janet gave her an amused look, 'Must be the leather,' she thought; 'Sam was often tongue-tied, but never like this,' she thought with a grin. "I don't think you should drive like this, do you?"

Sam just nodded; "Maybe we should walk back?"

Again Sam nodded; "Do you understand anything of what I'm saying Sam?"

Another nod; "I slept with O'Neill."

Again she saw Sam nodding and her grin widened, "You love the leathers don't you?"

This got a reaction, "Mmhuh!"

'Ah, here we go…'; "Maybe if you concentrated enough to return to the motel you might get to remove them."

Her pupils dilated as Sam nodded and then let herself be led by Janet away from the motorcycle. The motel wasn't far away, they had checked in that afternoon and Sam had invited Janet for another tour on the bike which ended at the beach.

'Maybe this is my time for payback for the cobblestones in the old centre of town,' the doctor thought. The vibration had nearly killed her and she had fastened her grip tighter around Sam's waist but the blonde had only chuckled and sped up.

When they reached the reception desk of the motel the old dog belonging to the owner threw them a look, deciding the women were no threat it lay its head down and went back to sleep. Sam hadn't said anything during their walk she'd just glanced at Janet occasionally, a silly smile plastered on her face. The brunette led her into the room smiling at her taller lover.

"Sam, sit down on the bed," she instructed and Sam followed the order then Janet straddled the Major's lap, smoothing a blonde strand behind her lovers' ear.

With a dumfounded look on her face Sam gazed up at the doctor and Janet's grin widened, "So, now that I have you…"

"…exactly where I want to be" Sam concluded, grabbing her waist and hoisting her over; Janet suddenly found herself pinned between the mattress and a big bad Air Force Major.


"Yes my love?" She kissed her lovers' nose, while fumbling with the belt of the leather pants.

"What are you doing?"

"You're insulting me…I must do something terribly wrong if you don't know that!" exclaimed Sam as she finished her first task and reached for the zipper.

"I thought…"

"Uh uh?"

"I wanted…" Janet panted, obviously distracted by a certain blonde nibbling her earlobe.

Sam stopped. "Yes…what did you want?"

Janet looked up at her pondering what to say.

"Just… just…don't stop."

"Never my love…never."

The End

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