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Waiting Surprise
By sinadino


The corridor was empty in its semi darkness.

Her steps were soundless – she knew she had to be careful; her form nearly melting into the wall as she made her way along it, raising her hand she groped for the doorknob.

Slowly the door opened, because of the angle the door would make a screeching noise; she stopped it in time and slid through the crack, carefully cradling a long box to her chest.

She headed for the cupboard next to the desk and knelt down, searching for a certain item, "God, one would think that she of all people would keep this place more in order," the woman muttered.

After finishing her task she took the now empty box and left as carefully as she'd come.

She hated days like this! Even before reaching her office a technician motioned her over and seeing the reason for it, she immediately knew that a long bad day was lying ahead. SG-6 had needed backup after running in an ambush; SG-3 and 12 had searched for them, rescued them and of course had gotten themselves injured during the mission. So the infirmary was currently crowded with three SG-teams of which only two people were unharmed; five hours and two surgeries later all bruises, broken bones, burned skin and dislocated limbs had been tended.

"Finally!" Janet sighed, thinking of all the reports she'd have to write because of this mess she made her way to her office.

With her hand on the doorknob her shoulders instantly sagged and her head fell a bit forward when she heard the familiar sound of a crackling voice through the speakers;

"Medical team to the gate-room."

"It would be an absolute wonder if just ONCE a SG-team would come back without any injuries!" she grumbled while rinsing her hands.

Maybe she should just head for the commissary to get some coffee... coffee... since the damn machine in Sam's office broke they always had to go to the commissary... and... Well... one of the advantages of having a geek as a lover was that Sam used to have a perfect adjusted coffee brewer... 'Dammit Sam, why did you have to fiddle with that damn naquada-generator!'

Coffee... she so needed a bit of the cheer-up-effect caffeine always had on her. She glanced at the clock; twelve hours on duty... no break... but at least all teams were back home now... well... back on earth... she felt dead on her feet.

It was just then when she heard someone approaching and soon strong, but slender fingers started to massage her tense shoulders; her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feel and slowly allowed herself to lean into the warm touch.

"Hey, rough day?" Only a whisper, barely hearable traced her ear.

"Mmhuh...didn't even make it into my office," Janet mumbled, obviously distracted by talented hands.

"Aww...my poor baby…maybe we should change that."

"Just... take me home Sam... Take me home, please."

Sam swallowed down her disappointment; she would have to be patient and wait until tomorrow, she knew she could do that. Glancing at the closed door to Janet's office a grin curved her lips.

'All the effort put into sneaking in and preparing everything so she'd have everything to her contentment... a surprise... and now she didn't even make it into her office...ironic... that definitely is Murphy's law... I bet she's longing for some coffee...' Sam thought while leading the brunette out of the infirmary and off the base. Sam would have another surprise for her lover later this night...

In the darkness on a certain desk in a certain office...a single rose in a vase waited to be discovered...just like the new coffee-maker.

The End

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