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Magically Delicious
By Ann


Placing the last bag in the back of Sam's 4Runner, Janet headed back to the house to retrieve the final and most important item for the trip to the cabin, her lover. Stepping into the house, she found Sam in the same position she'd been in for the past hour; arms folded across her chest, pouting on the couch.

"Hey Sam, are you ready to start our vacation?" Janet cheerfully asked her lover in hopes that she would finally snap out of her funk.

"Oh, I can't wait. It will be so nice to be able to sit my ass on yet another couch," Sam replied with the same sarcastic tone she'd been using ever since she'd broke her ankle exactly one week ago today.

She still couldn't believe that she'd been so clumsy, claiming that the hole she fell into on PX-327 hadn't been there on her initial trip to the ruins. She swore it had to be some elaborate trap set by the Gao'uld to open up only after a person had passed over the terrain, thus entrapping the next unsuspecting traveler.

Janet pacified her lover and swore on her grandmother's grave that she believed her, but she failed to mention it was the same grandmother who told her when she was six years old that it was okay to mention her grave if the need ever arose. After all, her grandmother before her had done the same thing, and she promised Janet that it would work every time. Damn if she hadn't been right, too.

Saying a quick thanks to her Nana, Janet smiled at her gloomy partner and explained, "Sam, the cabin has two lovely porches, one in the front and one in the back. There's even a two person hammock set between two huge oaks with a wonderful view of the lake. You're going to love it; I promise."

"Yeah, well, I'll probably fall out of the damn thing and break my other ankle," Sam muttered as she reached for her crutches, and Janet bit her tongue to keep from replying, pleased that Sam was actually getting up.

During the past week, Sam had told her lover over and over again that she should take Cassie to the cabin instead of her. Just this very morning, she had said she'd be just fine at home by herself, now that she could maneuver around the house better.

Furious, Janet reminded Sam that they'd been looking forward to this trip for the past month, and that they were going to the cabin come hell or high water. Sam wisely did not mention her non-mobile state was far worse than the netherworld or any deluge, at least, in her mind anyway.

Janet gently assisted her lover into the SUV, totally ignoring Sam's use of her new vocabulary. So far today, Sam had limited her curses to shit, damn it, and hell, but if she so much as mentioned the f-word, Janet was going to give it to her with both barrels.

Ten minutes later, Sam was belted in the passenger seat, and Janet took her crutches and placed them in the back on top of their bags. Climbing into the driver's seat, Janet started the engine, and the trip had officially begun.

The closer the couple got to the cabin, the more withdrawn Sam became, so much so that she only responded if Janet asked her a direct question, and only then with one or two word answers. By the time Janet pulled in front of the quaint cabin, she was beyond pissed.

"You win, Sam. I'll unload my bags and the groceries, and then I'll drive you back home. You can stay on the couch and feel sorry for yourself, but I'm coming back here and enjoying my weekend," an obviously upset Janet explained in no uncertain terms.

Climbing out of the vehicle, Janet opened the back door and grabbed her suitcase and a bag of groceries. She slammed the door behind her, knocking a second bag onto the floorboard, but she ignored the mishap and headed straight for the cabin, never looking back even once.

Stunned, Sam sat in the passenger's seat in total disbelief. Janet had never walked away from her in anger. She'd said their relationship was the most important thing in the world to her, and she would always fight to keep them together, even if they were fighting with each other.

Now, Sam wondered if she had ruined everything by acting so childish. It's just that this particular injury was keeping her away from the field longer than any of her previous ones. Couldn't Janet understand how important the missions were to her?

Deciding to go after her lover, Sam reached back for her crutches, only to spot the fallen bag of groceries. She righted the bag and began to slowly put the items back into it. The last box was just out of her reach so she unbuckled her seat belt and very slowly stretched her arm toward the item as she focused on not putting pressure on her ankle.

Contact was finally made, and Sam gripped the box and sat back upright in her seat. She turned the box over to see the familiar figure of Lucky the Leprechaun staring at her, and she couldn't help but smile.

That is until a knock on her window caused her to jump in her seat and drop the box on the floor. She immediately turned to her right and saw Janet standing outside motioning her to open the door. Realizing that she must have hit the automatic door lock when she was reaching for the Lucky Charms, she quickly punched the button again, releasing the locks.

"Why'd you lock the door?" Janet asked as Sam noted that her lover was still very angry.

"It was an accident. I was trying to pick up the stuff that fell on the floorboard," Sam whispered, not knowing what else to offer.

Taking a deep cleansing breath, Janet confessed, "Sam, I'm sorry I yelled and then ran away. I don't want to take you home; I want you to stay here with me."

"I'd like that, too," Sam replied in a soft voice.

"Okay, let me get your crutches, and I'll show you the cabin. I'll get you settled and then come back for the rest of our things," Janet said with a smile.

Opening the door for Sam, Janet was greeted by the sight of her lover holding up a box of Lucky Charms and smiling broadly.

"You got me my favorite cereal."

Grinning, Janet replied, "I thought it might cheer you up."

Sam handed Janet the box of cereal and reached for her crutches. Working her way out of the car, she placed a crutch under each arm, and the two women slowly made their way to the cabin.

"What shape do you like best?" Sam asked her lover as they reached the front door of the cabin.

"What?" Janet asked in confusion.

"The Lucky Charms, what shape do you like best? The green clovers, the blue moons, the orange and white stars, the yellow and orange pots of gold, the pink, yellow, and blue rainbows, the pink hearts, the purple horseshoes, the red balloons, the green leprechaun hats, or the little oat bits?"

"Why does it matter which shape I like?" Janet asked her lover.

"Well, I read a new study on the internet the other day that said a person's favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow shape determines what they're like in bed," Sam replied cheekily.

Chuckling, Janet asked, "You mean like a bedroom personality correlation?"

"Yep," Sam responded as she veered toward the couch.

"Hey, Sam, let me show you the master bedroom, and you can tell me all about this new study," Janet suggested, holding up the Lucky Charms box as she turned toward the bedroom with Sam following as quickly as her crutches would allow.

Entering the room, Sam took one look at her lover sprawled out on the bed, opening the box of cereal, and whispered, "Lucky's right; they really are magically delicious, or at least, they will be when I strategically place them on various parts of Janet's body."

With her own hopes of getting lucky in mind, Sam increased her crutch speed and made a beeline for the bed, and more importantly, her lover.

The End

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