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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an episode of The WOO Chronicles - very brief retellings of events that happened during the looping of Window of Opportunity as I have envisioned. There will be much mockery, and much corniness, but that is my intention. Happy IDF 2013 everyone!
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The event horizon rippled from the point of penetration by the small round object. Based on the speed it entered the Stargate it would be dangerous for anyone standing on the other side.

"Foul!" Sam called.

"It was not!" Jack cried. "That's at least into the outfield."

Sam folded her arms, "It entered right next to the Aries symbol; it's past the base line."

"I think it's a home run," Daniel chimed in.

Sam and Jack looked at him incredulously. Even Jack knew it didn't go that far. "Look, I'm telling you – it went into the outfield. Back me up here T."

Teal'c's face remained stoic, "Foul."

The End

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