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The Great Jello Experiment
By Elfcat255


It was that time of the year again…Jack O'Neill's annual Fourth of July bar-b-que.

Even though the general was no longer in charge of the SGC, he still invited all of the base personnel to participate in the festivities. Many of them just dropped by to tell him hello and to grab some free food, but they didn't stay for long. Soon the only people present were SG-1 and a few of the gate room staff including General Landry.

Sam sat on the back steps in the open kitchen doorway with Janet seated a step below her, using Sam's legs as a backrest. They were laughing as they watched Jack try to explain bar-b-queing to Vala. He was not making much headway in the explanation since Vala kept cutting him off to ask more questions.

From a chair on the lawn Cameron yelled out, "Hey Sam! Can you grab that six-pack of Red Stripe I put in the fridge?"

Before Sam could reply Janet hollered back, "Why don't you get off your ass and get it yourself!"

"Because she's closer!" was his response.

Sam laughed at her teammate, "I got it Janet, it's no problem," she told her partner.

Janet twisted around, "But if you move I lose my comfy backrest," she commented making a pouting face.

Sam leaned forward, kissing her on the nose, " It's nice to know you love me for something other than my brain," she told the pouting doctor, wiggling her eyebrows at her as well.

Janet slapped her on the butt as she rose and turned to go into the kitchen, "Hey! No bruising the body parts!" Sam cried out.

Walking up to the fridge Sam opened it, staring at the inside for a moment she shut the door, "Janet…come here," she called to her partner in a hushed tone.

Rising from her step Janet walked into the kitchen, "What? Does Jack have more fuzzy salsa growing in there?" she asked with a grin.

"No…this is better…look," replied Sam as she opened the fridge back up.

Janet looked into the fridge, then back at Sam, "I didn't think he liked jell-o and when did they start making it in those colors?" she said giving Sam a puzzled look.

Just then Jack rushed into the kitchen, "Ah…damn…I was going to surprise you," he said.

"Well…I'm surprised," Sam said to him, "I understand the need for the blue bowl of jell-o; but what's with the other five and where did you find those colors? I have no idea what flavors those are suppose to be."

Jack squeezed past them and began pulling out the different bowls, pretty soon he had them lined up on the countertop. There was a purple bowl, a green one, brown, black and finally a teal colored bowl. Jack stood there grinning at the two women. They just looked at him with confused faces, waiting for an explanation.

"Well…I started experimenting with the colors you see. I started mixing blue raspberry with other flavors and this is what happened," he stated, then continued explaining, "the purple is blue raspberry and strawberry mixed together; the green is not lime…it's lemon and blue raspberry. The brown is orange and blue raspberry, then the teal colored one is blue raspberry and peach and finally the black is all of them mixed together," he smiled broadly, as the explanation sank in.

After a few minutes of silence Janet finally asked, "Just exactly how much beer had you drank before you started doing this?

Jack held up two fingers spread apart in a "this much" sign.

Sam burst out laughing at the serious tone her partner used. Seeing that Jack was looking slightly hurt she told him, "I think it was a good idea Jack, but I'm not going to eat those. I'll just stick with the plain blue one," she said grinning.

"Eh…that's okay. I'll just get Teal'c to be my guinea pig," he commented with an evil grin. Walking out of the kitchen carrying the brown bowl he called out, "Hey T…I've got something you need to try!"

Sam and Janet looked at one another then burst out laughing as Jack walked down the back steps and headed towards his test subject.

The End

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