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Outside Looking In:

By Celievamp

It is seven years since I cast my lot with the Tauri, accepting them as allies in my fight to overthrow the false gods that oppress my people. They are a strange race, at the same time childlike and wise beyond their years. Seven years and they still have the capacity to surprise me.

SG1 are my family. O'Neill is a comrade in arms. I have seen through his many guises to his true warrior heart. Daniel Jackson is someone to whom I owe a great debt. I took his wife from him not once but twice. And he forgave me the great wrong I had done him on both occasions. I value his friendship and his wisdom. Major Carter: in some ways she took me the longest to understand. Women warriors are not unknown amongst the Jaffa but they tend to be more of a curiosity, performing a ceremonial rather than a functional role.

Major Carter soon showed me that she was a consummate soldier. I trust her battlecraft, value her opinion, try to match her honour and valour with my own. She does not trade on her beauty and grace as many women would do in her place. She has sworn herself to my battle as I have sworn myself to the Tauri.

Doctor Fraiser is not a part of SG1. But without her we would have been lost many times. When I lay near death for three weeks after Hathor's Jaffa had assaulted me and captured my comrades she rarely left my side fighting for my life as tenaciously as any warrior. And again when Brata'c put me through the Rite of Mal Sharran when Apophis had stolen my will. She kept my body alive until my spirit was healed enough to return. Though small of stature she has a greatness of spirit that prevails when many would have given up the fight. She sees the truth and holds to her code throughout all things: even giving succour to Apophis our greatest enemy when he was helpless and dying.

Master Brata'c asked me some months ago why I had not yet mated with either Dr Fraiser or Major Carter. Dreyau'c was dead, my period of mourning over. Master Brata'c admires both women greatly and knows that I feel the same way. In his view either was worthy of the attentions of a Jaffa of such standing and renown as myself. I agreed with him and told him that I wished it could be but that it would never happen. I explained their relationship to him, swearing him to secrecy. Brata'c was satisfied. He had observed their closeness. He told me he could not help but think that it was a good thing that the two women had found each other, that their relationship was one which would have wider repercussions for the universe. I told him that to be their friend and their protector was satisfaction enough.

Watching them together is a delight, the way their spirits match, each providing the missing part of the other whether it is a scientific problem to be solved or a wounded spirit to be healed. I am privileged to be welcomed into their home, to be included in their life. Yet when one is injured or lost the other does not give up or weep and wail. They are strong. They fight and they fight and they do not doubt. They will prevail.

We witnessed it again a few short weeks ago when Dr Fraiser was injured giving assistance to Airman Wells on P3R-666. Major Carter used the healing device and almost at the cost of her own strength and sanity brought Dr Fraiser back from death itself. It is spoken of in hushed tones, added to the legend of SG1, the legend of these two incredible women.

We have not yet come upon a force strong enough to separate them. I pray we never will.

The End

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