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Watching Your Step


Sam picked at the bandage on her arm in irritation. She sat in the psychologist's office and tried not to think about what the shrink was writing in her notepad. This was her second session with Dr. Barnes. The first was spent confirming the order of events, accidents, with the Doc. A complete waste of time in Sam's eyes; it was all on record. After she professed her feelings for Janet Sam and gone on 5 missions, 5 whole missions, without a single injury.

But then she tripped again. Over a root. A stupid tree root. It wasn't her fault it was there. Hell, Daniel tripped on it seconds after she did, but he wasn't the one sent to the shrink. If Sam was being honest she was thinking about Janet again. Her mind was replaying the night before the mission, the night they first made love. Sam smiled as she thought about it again. It was a magical night. Unfortunately one that had not been repeated since Sam had hurt her arm and been ordered to see Dr. Barnes.

"Major Carter, you say the latest mission was just like any other?"

Sam nodded.

"And your injury was a result of an accident?"

Sam sighed, "Yes."

"Dr. Jackson also tripped on the protruding root?"

"As you can see in the report in front of you, yes he did." Sam snapped. "Look, it was just a stupid accident. Is all this really necessary?"

"Your superiors think so."

Sam went to fold her arms in non-verbal protest, but thought better of it at the first sting of pan when her other arm connected with the bandage. Orders are orders, Sam grumbled to herself, I must obey orders.

3 days later she was bandage free and cleared for active duty, although still having to see Dr. Barnes every 2 weeks. She sipped the white wine from the glass Janet had given her and then set it down on the bench. Janet was dishing up apple pie after a delicious dinner. After a few moments of switching which foot she was standing on, Sam gave up and gave in. She walked gently up to Janet and wrapped her arms around the Doctor's waist.

Janet smiled and put the knife on the bench before turning around. She wrapped her arms around Sam's shoulders and kissed her. It had been days since they had the chance to be this close and show any intimacy. Damned if she were going to miss a window of opportunity like this.

Sam pulled back and smiled as Janet kissed her lightly on the lips, she then kissed her so much more passionately than the first...

The End

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