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By sinadino


She'd never expected it to end like this, she wearily thought. Her senses slowly recovering from the first shock she felt empty. She looked up from where she lay without moving her head. She found she had no strength to do so. Her limbs seemed so heavy; as did her head.

How did she get here? She didn't know. She remembered the night. Her stroll through the bars. The continued flirting with that blonde stranger. The tall woman had seemed to follow her, or maybe it'd just been conincidence and the other woman had been on a stroll like she herself, Janet thought.

She felt the blood leaving her with every pulse. It took all she had to get her head to move a bit to the side.

A complaining grunt was to be heard and suddenly Janet felt the heavy presence of another body pressed up against her side. Lips, kissing her neck. No, not kissing, more like sucking. She felt the sharp pain the teeth had left when they'd punctured the artery.

Janet tried to say something but found she was too weak. A hand nudged her head and it lolled to the left the lips sucking harder. A tongue licking the wound.

She was gong to die, she knew now. She'd always expected it to be some Goa'Uld invading earth, any known or unknown desease, alien or terrestrial, anything else but this. Maybe it was just a dream and she'd soon wake up.

If only this was a dream. If only she'd one more chance. One more chance to ask that blonde soldier. Janet had always had a thing for blondes. What was her name again?

Her forehead wrinkled in a frown. She'd known that name before, she was sure. If she'd been able to think she'd know her lack of concentration was due to her bloodloss, but as things were she could only lie there and helplessly wait for the world to end. Or to wake up. Awaken from this nightmare for one more chance.

She regretted never asking out Sam. Too afraid to risk her career. She felt painfully now how short a life could be.

Her vision was blurry now. It took minutes before Janet realized that the other woman was looking at her. She felt the strong grip of the blonde's hand. "Sam?" She croaked – almost inaudible. Suddenly she remembered the name, weird she thought.

"Sam." The voice spat out the name. "I give you life, give you eternity and still you long for her! She's not worth it!"

Abruptly the hand shoved her face into the dirt of the street. She felt the mud on her cheek. It disturbed her. The sensations were overwhelming. She felt every little stone, every grain, every stick on the pavement digging into her body.

"Strange" she thought. "I die and the thing that angers me most is how uncomfortably I'm lying."

"Mom? Wake up! We're late!" Cassie nudged the lump on the bed but only received a grunt.

"Mom! You said we'd go to uncle Jack's party. Sam is due any minute to pick us up."

That got a reaction. The lump moved.

Janet looked at her daughter.

The girl paled and took a step back. Her voice unsteady, her words whispered.

"Mom? Are you alright?"

To see her little girl this frightened shocked Janet to the core.

She looked down at herself. "Cassie? What do you mean?"

Again she looked at her daughter, unsure and shaken.

The girl hold her gaze for a little while longer the laughter erupted.

Janet looked at her in confusion. "Cassie? Cass?"

"You should've seen your face, Mom. I really gotcha good."

With that Cassie fled down the stairs, only to yell up that a mug of coffee was waiting for her.

"I swear Jack gave her that idea. I'm so going to have a word or two with him." She muttered while she walked over to her bathroom.

The water wasn't cold enough to shake her out of her nightmare's aftermath. It had felt so real. She stepped into the shower and let the water fall down on her.

She could've sworn she died on that alley. Desperate. Cold. Alone. When she stepped out of the shower she felt refreshed. No way that dream could've been real. She was strong, felt strong. The shower had been clearing her mind.

She wasn't as weak as in her dream. She grinned. Maybe it was just her subconciousness telling her to get her ass in line and finally ask that cute Captain Carter out. Sam. A smile crept up her face. Maybe today – if she found a good opportunity, away from the boys. She straightened out her hair and looked into the mirror – for the first time today.

Her jaw dropped. The wounds were still there. Two tiny red dots at the right side of her neck. Hesitating she reached up and felt for it. Touched it softly with her fingers. It didn't feel painful. Janet leaned over the sink to get a closer look at her mirrored image. Those tiny wounds were already healing.

The brunette spun around and all but ran to her bedroom, checking if she'd slept on something. "It clearly was a nightmare" she thought, "provoked by something I felt during my sleep. I wasn't dying, I was just sleeping weird and somehow my subconsciousness added it all up to that dream."

She searched through the sheets but found nothing. Again she felt at her neck. Nothing. Frowning she walked back to the mirror. No wounds to be seen there. Was it all an imagination?

Janet shook her head. "I must be really out of it – I'm hallucinating. First thing I need now is a nice, hot and steaming cup filled with black caffeine."

When she finally had her mug in hand she slowly allowed her taste buds to feel the coffee. This was going to be a long day. She just knew it.

Cass stayed at O'Neill's. Janet had been reluctant, but then she thought this way she might have the opportunity to talk to Sam. Sitting in her car she tried to keep her tears at bay.

"Well," she thought grimly to herself, "the opportunity I had." The brunette wiped away a tear. She was devastated. She could've lived with Sam not being interested in her. It would've hurt, but it would've been okay – after a while. But this. Janet knew her career was coming to an end. Sam had looked at her with such a disgust, yelling at her, threatening to let the General know, to take away her daughter.

The tears fell constantly now. What a disaster. Her hands were still on her steering wheel when she heard the door opening and someone sitting down behind her. Hoping against her better judgement, she expected Sam to sit there and her eyes betrayed her when she first looked in the mirror.

It was the blonde of her dream. The one that had killed her.

"I told you so. She's not worth it."

Janet's blood ran cold. "Who are...? What are ...? How...?" She turned around and looked her passenger in the eyes.


Janet complied.

Two weeks later

Cass was with Jack and Teal'C at Daniel's. They all had taken places in the living room when the archeologist entered the room. He was still talking into the phone. "Yes, thank you. Yes, we'll let you know if we hear anything. Bye." He ended the call and looked at his friends.

Cassie looked devastated. She was curled up in a blanket on the couch. Her eyes pointed at him, "Anything new?"


He sat down on his chair and they all stayed silent for a very long time.

Janet had disappeared two weeks ago – right after their little get together at Jack's. Her car was found in front of Sam's place, but no trace of her. When they had searched for them the next day Jack had walked into the house first. A few minutes later he had stumbled down the walkway, asking for someone to call the police.

Ashen faced he looked at them, his eyes seemed hollow. The only words he muttered before slumping on the pavement were that he was glad Cassie had stayed with him.

The police were still searching for Janet. And the ominous serial killer who had apparently taken a liking for blondes. Eight woman had died during the last two weeks all of them were slaughtered, not much blood was found. Even though there should've been more. It was crazy how little they found.

The killer seemed to have disappeared. The police assumed he'd taken Janet hostage, but if they were honest they had no clue. Many assumptions, many guesses, but still nothing they could make sense of. There was talk about involving someone from the FBI.

Jack had snorted as he'd heard that. What could they do or find that they hadn't already. But now he was willing to do anything to find out what had happened.

Her smile was cruel when she observed her partner. She'd lured in another one with her charmes. Janet watched them closely. Isabell, which was the name her new partner had chosen for herself, walked a young woman home. Janet followed. Stalking them.

Later that night they would take the woman's car. Isabelle was right. Sooner or later they would find them and even though they might not be able to catch them – it was a risk they didn't want to take.

They'd search for a new place.

A new life.

And new food scources.

The End

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