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By Celievamp


The water had many properties. It glowed for one and smelt faintly of roses, it seemed to have antiseptic qualities and something that promoted tissue regeneration and regrowth. It restored the spirit and rejuvenated the body. According to the Tallasin whose world this was, the Cauldron of Amergin (as they called the cave system) was a boon from the gods themselves.

The Tallasin ran the caves like a spa cum hospital. There were huge public pools and smaller one or two person pools for more serious cases – or more private occasions. They were all supplied by a series of hot springs welling up from far beneath the caves and regulated by an impressive geothermal system that produced enough power to run the whole complex with capacity to spare.

SG1 were acting as escort for Dr Janet Fraiser whilst she was offworld. The Tallasin had closed off one of the caves and made it available to them for Janet to study. Daniel had assessed their level of technology as that of Renaissance Europe. A new age of science was dawning and after centuries of believing the mythology the Keepers of the Cauldron were quite keen to learn just how their little miracle really worked.

As usually happened when they were acting as security escort for Doc Fraiser on an offworld mission, Sam additionally found herself acting as Janet's lab assistant. The Colonel and Daniel were doing a little treaty making with the Tallasin Convocation. Though the Goa'uld had not come among the Tallasin for ten generations their histories were clear what kind of danger the Goa'uld represented and the Tallasin were keen to make alliances.

The two women were currently luxuriating by one of the small private pools - the reward for a hard days work. The cavern was lit with torches, the walls covered in a smooth ceramic the composition of which had Sam as intrigued as Janet was by the healing properties of the water. Quartzlike veins in the ceramic reflected the light. The pools themselves were inlaid with more of the ceramic.

Janet watched as Sam pulled herself out of the pool in one swift motion, landing in a kneeling position with her curled body profiled toward Janet, the water cascading off her sculpted form in a rain of liquid light. She arched her back, raising her arms to run her fingers through her wet hair, flattening it to her skull. Janet gasped at the sensation that ran through her at the sight of shimmering rivulets of water dripping from Sam's breasts sending a shower of sparkles down the plateau of her abdomen. It was a breathtaking display of water, light, flesh and motion that lasted only moments but somehow Janet knew that this perfect vision of Sam would remain forever etched in her memory.

"Beautiful," she whispered to herself. Belatedly she forgot how keen Sam's hearing was and how voices echoed in the cavern. The blonde woman turned, smiled shyly at Janet before walking towards her, the fragrant silver water dripping from her fingertips as she walked. She pressed herself against Janet, the warm dampness quickly soaking through Janet's shirt. Janet did not care. Sam's skin was hot under her hands, smooth and silky from the spring.

The doctor part of her noticed that the dark bruises that had decorated Sam's back and legs from a bad fall on a previous mission were almost completely healed after less than half an hour's immersion in the water and she made a mental note of it for her report on the healing capabilities of the water. She also noted how the sensation of Sam's touch seemed to linger on her skin, ghost trails that followed Sam's fingertips as they glided across her skin.

"I feel… wonderful," Sam whispered. "So… alive. Janet – I want you to touch me. I want you so badly."

The private pools were well appointed. Just a few feet away there was an area, somewhere between a bed and a nest, lined with what looked like thick fleeces. Sam led an unresisting Janet and together they lay down. Janet's eyes were dark with desire for this incredible woman; she shivered in anticipation. She put her mouth to Sam's collarbone and began lapping at the water droplets. Sam gasped and Janet smiled against her skin. Janet continued, slowly, maddeningly, paying the same amount of attention to Sam's neck and breasts and belly no matter how the other woman writhed and pleaded with her. Finally she was between Sam's legs, Sam gasping in anticipation. Janet grinned, turned her head and began to lick at the curve of Sam's hip and the inside of her thigh. "Janet, please!" Sam gasped, threading her hands into Janet's hair and trying to guide her to where she wanted her lover's touch the most. But Janet would not be hurried.

Slowly she drew her tongue up Sam's centre, licking at the delicate folds of skin tasting the familiar juices mixed now with the residue water from the healing pools. She suckled on the sensitive bud of flesh for a moment, rolling her tongue over it, delighting in the sounds her lover was making. She could feel the fine muscles in Sam's thigh's tremble beneath her hands the smell of Sam's arousal heaven to her.

"Ja-net!" Sam gasped. "God-dess!" She moaned, her voice rising in pitch and volume. The walls of the cave picked up on her voice, echoing it back to them, cadences and counterpoint to her own cries until it seemed that the entire cave was singing. Sam convulsed beneath her again, her back arching her hands clenching into fists as Janet continued to lap at her before she felt Sam's fingers in her hair, gently tugging her head away. Janet crawled up her lover's long body and relaxed as she felt Sam's arms enfold her. She laid her head on Sam's breast, listening to the sound of her heartbeat as it gradually slowed.

"That… was… incredible," Sam breathed. "There's only one problem, though."

Janet couldn't see any problems at all with their situation. "What's that?" she asked.

"I need another bath, now."

The End

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