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The Acceptance of Dominic
By b and Debbie

Dominic Harris was a typical American teenager. Careful and cocksure in equal measures. He could be a sweetheart if necessary, and a devil with his friends. At 18 years of age, he was one of the most popular boys in the neighborhood. His good looks and polite manner with the older set, while being hip cool with the younger set helped that belief. He knew he could be a total gentleman when the situation required it, so why was he now stood shaking like a leaf with sweat pouring out of every pore. At that very moment, he was stood in front of Cassie Fraiser's household, his girlfriend of two year's home.

His thoughts warred in confusion. 'Shit man! What's the deal? It's only Cassie's parents for God's sake. Why the hell am I so nervous? Dude! It's no big... oh yeah, no big... Man!'

He had been having this same conversation with himself since the first time he asked Doctor Fraiser's permission to take Cassie to a movie those two short years ago.

'Yeah and now I'm 18, a man for crying out loud, and I still feel like this. Some man I am,' he berated himself. It wasn't that he was afraid of Doctor Fraiser, Cassie's mom. No! Cassie's mom was the epitome of gentleness. And gorgeous. And beautiful. 'One real cool older babe,' the thought came unbidden. Cassie's 'dad' on the other hand, now that was a different matter. Major Carter was one tough bitch as his friends were wont to call some women. He hated himself for thinking it, but her whole demeanor scared him shitless. Not that Dominic was necessarily afraid of the Major, he wasn't; He knew the Major could be very gentle. He saw it so many times when the Major was with Cassie. In fact Cassie seemed to wrap the Major around her little finger. More so than she even could her mom. Dominic often wondered how she did that.

He had known about Cassie's "parents" since day one. Cassie had been rather proud of the fact she had two wonderful, gorgeous, brave guardians, and while never telling him the whole truth, she had let him know how her two parents had adopted her because they were the best. It was one of the things he loved about her, her easy acceptance of anything remotely unusual, unorthodox, her great love and togetherness with "cool" parents. She even knew of his irrational "fear" of Major Sam, often laughing at his stupidity. As she said to him once, "Sam's playing at being 'Daddy', you got to love her for it." Dominic just prayed tonight that the tall blond was playing at being nice 'Daddy'.

He straightened his shoulders and looked down at the flowerpot he was holding. 'Hope Doctor Fraiser likes this,' he thought. He had asked his mom to help pick something up for Doctor Fraiser. But he hadn't been able to think of what to bring the Major. He grimaced, 'What the hell do you bring your girlfriend's dad, a six-pack?' Frowning he pictured the Major's expression if he had done. 'Yeah, I'd be dead in seconds!' Dominic laughed at himself. Feeling much calmer, he stepped onto the porch and pressed the doorbell.

Inside the Fraisers' house, or more accurately, the Fraisers' living room, Sam and Janet were sitting on the couch, one on each end. Both were sitting straight and rigid. Three hours ago they had had one hell of a fight. One of those stupid fights that neither could remember the cause, but one of those sorts of fights where neither was willing to apologize. It was a very well known fact that the two Major's shared a dominant stubborn streak. When fighting the Goa'uld it was a blessing, when fighting each other it was a curse.

The number of times they had been in this exact same situation had become almost like a game. Goading each other to see which one would give in first and apologize. Sometimes they would tell each other stupid jokes, or read silly pieces out of the newspaper, trying to get some sort of reaction out of the other. The one who reacted first, usually by laughing was basically the loser.

That was why Sam Carter was sitting with the newspaper open across her knees with a sullen expression on her face. Today it was just not happening. Janet had managed to school her expression to the sweet demeanor that Sam envied. Sam on the other hand, couldn't erase the scowl plastered on her face. The Doctor was just not giving, Janet knew she was right this time, and come hell or high water she was not giving in.

Sitting on the floor, in front of the TV set, ignoring the antics of both of her mothers, was Cassie. She was babbling away about the movie Dominic was taking her tonight.

Sam almost stood in her anger, wanting to wait on the porch for her daughter's boyfriend. 'Dominic. Where the hell is that boy? Someone is going to suffer for my mood, and it might as well be him. How that stupid boy thinks he is good enough for my daughter I shall never know,' she thought with an evil glint in her eye and a sly smirk on her lips. Sam almost snorted at the memory of all the times she managed to torment the kid. 'And he still keeps coming. I suppose he's got guts,' she acknowledged to herself. Deep down she realized she liked the boy but it was a "father's" prerogative, wasn't it, to make life hell for the boyfriend. He could butter Janet up as much as he wanted, her job was to make him squirm, and squirm he would. Lost in her musings, the major was just thinking, 'Doesn't he know you shouldn't keep your date waiting. When he arrives...'

Luckily for Dominic he decided now was the right time to press the doorbell.

Cassie jumped to her feet. Smiling sweetly to her mom and kissing Sam's cheek on her way out of the living room, she almost shouted in joy. It was nerve-wracking being the peacekeeper for both her moms. Rushing to the front door, Cassie opened it with much enthusiasm. Smiling shyly, the young woman looked up at her handsome boyfriend, and just said, "Hey." She leant forward and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Hey Cassie. You ready?" said Dominic, kissing her back more deeply while glancing nervously over her shoulder. He was hoping they could just get going. Spending time with the Major, waiting for Cassie to get ready, was most definitely not his idea of fun. Looking at Cassie's lack of make-up he realized that was what was going to happen. ' Jeez, what have I done in my life to deserve this. If she's in there I might just pass out on the spot. Well, lucky for me Cassie's mom is a doctor, and a hot one at that. Oh man, wouldn't it be cool to see the major's face as her woman gives me the kiss of life?' Chuckling to himself at that vision he felt a lot braver, and allowed himself to be lead towards the living room.

As she dragged him along, Cassie gave what she hoped was her sexiest smile, "Come on, you can wait in the living room with Mom and Sam." Seeing the flowerpot, she asked, "Is that for Mom?"

"Yeah, I hope she likes it," Dominic replied while trying very hard not to swallow his tongue at the thought of going into the lion's den.

"I'm sure she will, " said Cassie, while thinking quietly, 'but Sam won't!' With an evil smile on her face she pushed him towards the warring couple, 'I've endured it for 3 hours or more, 30 minutes won't hurt him one bit. Might even make him appreciate our time together a little more later,' she grinned evilly. 'He's gonna have to endure it too.'

Cassie knew about Dominic's uneasiness, or rather nervousness, around Sam. And she really did not get it. 'What is there to be nervous about Sam? Sam is just Sam. Okay, not when she's in this war zone with Mom, but normally.' Cassie grimaced at the thought of torturing Dominic in this way. 'But mom would want to meet Dominic first right? Right.' All thoughts vanished when she looked up at the sexy smile on Dominic's handsome face.

'Smile man. Smile. Hopefully the major will fall for my much practiced smile too. Cassie did right? Yeah, right, that is so going to happen. Oh well!' he looked up into Cassie's eyes and just whispered, "Lead on."

She pushed him through the door.

Entering the living room, Dominic swore he could see the air crackle. The hair on his nape was standing on its end. 'Oh! Oh! That is never a good sign.' Dominic took a deep breath before smiling sweetly at Janet. "Hi Doctor Fraiser, Ma'am," Dominic intoned softly, and shoved the flowerpot in his hand's towards her. "This is for you Ma'am." All the time he ignored Sam as best he could, he swore he could feel the daggers hitting his back.

Janet obviously charmed with the boy's thoughtfulness smiled widely to him. "It's beautiful Dominic. Thank you. Please have a seat," she indicated the seat closest to Sam, put the pot down on the coffee table, and smiled evilly at Sam.

'I swear Janet and Cassie have the same smile,' thought the Major. Sam was seething, how dare that pip-squeak of a boy bring her woman flowers and get such a beautiful smile, while she was here being quite deliberately annoyed. She looked at Dominic as he sat down to one side of her, glaring at him; she felt a certain pleasure in seeing, and feeling, his discomfort.

"I'm just going to be a moment okay?" Cassie announced from the hall for everyone's benefit. And rushed up the stairs.

'And then she leaves me to the lions. Okay. Lionesses' Dominic muttered to himself, as he felt the glare from Major Carter. As well as receiving that glare, Dominic couldn't help but feel a certain tension in the air. Surprisingly, he thought, the Major seemed somewhat subdued, even though that scowl remained. Remembering his manners, Dominic smiled towards Janet and said, "Thank you Ma'am." At the last moment he remembered Sam and stuttered, "Major," as he made himself uncomfortable.

"No need for Ma'am, Dominic. You've known us for two years now. It's Janet, okay?" Janet grinned. Amused at his nervousness which she gathered was due to the close proximity of a certain Major Samantha Carter, she couldn't help but goad Sam a little by adding in her sweetest voice, "isn't that right Sam?" Turning to her partner on the other side of the couch, the doctors eyes were full with mischievous laughter.

"Right. No need for the Major too. Sam is just fine." Sam's voice forced out. It was almost gruff as she cramped her lips together, as she thought unkindly, 'Yeah, and let's see what happens if you dare to use it.'

Dominic didn't know where to look to hide the fear in his eyes, 'Oh yeah, sure man! There is no way I'm going to call her Sam.' Not knowing just how to reply, he just tried his special smile at the two beautiful women.

Sam continued to seethe. Seeing his smile as a curse rather than a pleasure, she openly sneered. Truth be known she was as jealous as hell, that this young man had just walked in and made the doctor smile, when she had not even raised a nod for the last three hours. Yes, they were in the middle of a fight, but making Janet smile was her one big mission in life, and for some punk to do it instead of her, was more than annoying. She looked at Janet with more than a little hurt in her eyes.

Sam had never been able to hide her feelings from Janet, and today was no different. Janet saw the hurt look and realized they had gone too far this time. If she, being the more sensible one of the two, didn't make a move, then silence would overtake the living room, and that wasn't fair on her daughter's boyfriend. Taking pity on her love, and on the young man that appeared to be their daughter's love, she turned to face Sam. Trying to throw her thoughts to Sam, she stared into Sam's crystal clear blue eyes with her own expressive ebony ones, 'This fight has been going on long enough. I miss you. You miss me, right? '

Hoping her message had got through, she said, "Go on with the article Sam," as she inched closer to her gorgeous lover. Sam, seeing the love and adoration in her lover's face realized immediately it was a 'cease-fire' request. Almost crying with the relief, she didn't think she could have taken much more of Janet's silence, she openly loved her partner with her eyes. She really didn't care at that point whether Dominic was in the room or not, she had her Janet back. Vowing to herself, that she would kneel in front of this woman who owned her heart, once the kids left, she smiled to Janet and to Dominic, before picking up the newspaper on the coffee table. "Uh. Okay. Let's see. Where was I?"

As Sam took a deep breath to control her voice, she turned the pages of the newspaper obviously deciding what to read. Dominic couldn't help but stare. Not only had he just seen the love these two women shared so openly expressed, for once right in front of him, but the fierce Major had had tears in her eyes. She had then turned to him... 'Me, Dominic Harris, me!' he thought...with such a beautiful smile he now knew what the two Fraiser women saw in her. 'Wow! I think I am in love with three women at once,' his teenage heart cried.

"Here's one," cried Sam, "Starbucks Robbers Serve Coffee for Cash." The blond paused for effect. "The three robbers who held up a Starbucks coffee shop in Monroe, Washington, were so disappointed with the money in the safe, that they served coffee for extra cash. They had to brew the coffee, take drive through orders and serve customers, without getting any police attention." Pausing again, she continued to read, "According to police, about 18 to 25 cars pulled up to the drive through and were served. The robbers locked the doors, and motioned to customers to use the drive through. They served coffee for half an hour, before leaving in a getaway car." Smiles could be heard in the major's voice. "Police are still looking for the three assailants." Laughing easily, she added, "I swear these people can be so creative sometimes." Shaking her head and smiling at the doctor, Sam almost threw the newspaper at Dominic so she could jump on her lover.

Janet laughed with her. Looking into Sam's beautiful eyes, she saw Sam's intention, and shook her head subtly. Janet looked at Dominic for a moment, trying to stop a blush creeping across her features. The young man had a look of confusion, disbelief, or relief; Janet really could not decide which was more amusing: The story or Dominic's obvious disquiet. She said out loud, "Well can't say I don't admire their creativeness," while allowing a true laugh to escape.

"Yeah right," Sam snorted. Deciding she liked to listen to Janet's laugh almost as much as seeing her smile, she turned the pages looking for another joke. Breathing for a second, Sam continued, "Here's another one. Oooh! You're gonna love this." Laughing to herself, she completely forgot that Dominic was there with them.

For once in his relationship with Cassie, Dominic felt a part of this family. The two women sat opposite him, were oblivious to him. Far from being hurt, he watched them with intense pleasure. To lose themselves in each other while he sat there was true acceptance. He knew it was stupid, but he felt warm and loved, because he was being ignored. He faintly heard Sam's voice in the background as she read to her lover.

"Allison Adams, 23, a veterinary technician for Wildlife Rescue in Austin, Texas, warms up traumatized baby animals, squirrels, kittens, rabbits, etc. by putting them in her bra..." Sam paused at appropriate intervals for more impact. Looking towards Dominic to draw him into her story, she paused a longer time for maximum impact, and continued, "... while she's wearing it."

At this point both women burst into genuine laughter. Dominic feeling Sam's look, and realizing she was allowing him to be a part of the joke, laughed quietly with them.

Their obvious amusement was the view that brought an immediate smile to Cassie's face. She had been standing in the hallway, just outside of the living room, when Sam started her second joke. She was so glad that her mom's appeared to have ended their silent dance. Unbeknownst to the three, she had also seen the look Sam had given Dominic, and appreciated he was being allowed into the home by Sam for the first time. Suddenly Cassie felt young and alive. This was her family, this was her's. She stayed where she was enjoying the spectacle.

Sam was still laughing and was now holding Janet to her side. The doctor had moved to her side sometime during the second joke, Feeling so much better than 5 minutes ago, Sam mused to herself, 'Maybe this kid is a good omen. I might let him come again.' She smiled to herself.

Wanting the feeling of togetherness to continue, Sam composed herself and found an amusing article that had caught her eye earlier. "Listen to this one," she crackled softly. "In my next life," Janet snorted through her nose, and this brought another round of laughter from the rooms occupants. Sam continued when the laughter died down.

"In my next life, I want to be a bear." Sam paused. "If you're a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that."

Janet chuckled at that, "Yeah I second that."

"Shut up." Sam admonished Janet warmly before taking a breath to continue.

"Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that too."

This time Dominic supplied his own comment and Sam smiled warmly at him.

"If you're a bear," Sam continued on with another pause, "you give birth to your children, who are the size of walnuts, while you're sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that." She paused again to let the room quiet after another round of laughter.

"If you're a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs." Sam snorted. Looking in the direction of the hallway, she saw Cassie standing there and knew that she would swat anybody that tried to hurt her little girl. She continued on with obvious glee in her voice. "If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that."

"Yeah. I agree" This time it was Janet who took the floor. She too had seen Cassie stood in the hallway, and gave her one of her special "mommy" smiles. Cassie smiled back just awed with the feeling coming out of the room.

Sam trying to control her voice read on. "If you're a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat."

This time Sam laughed louder than anyone else, before continuing, "YUP. Gonna be a bear."

This made the three of them in the room double up with laughter. Cassie, managing to hold her self-control, strolled nonchalantly into the room, and looked around at the three happy people. "What's going on here?"

Her entrance brought another round of laughter, though Dominic was trying very hard to control himself. Smirking at her moms, the young woman just tilted her head a little, just like Janet did. Dominic jumped to his feet, a little embarrassed that his girlfriend had caught him giggling with two older women, who just happened to be her parents. He smiled in greeting as Cassie announced, "Okay I'm ready."

Dominic, being the brave young man he really was, decided to interrupt the women's glee on his girlfriend's behalf. "Ma'am, Major, we'd better get going now. I promise I will bring Cassie home before 11 as usual." Putting as much sincerity in his voice as he could muster after all his joviality, his announcement still seemed to fall on deaf ears. The two women were still giggling together like kids.

Cassie couldn't decide which she preferred quiet warring moms, or noisy loving moms. In either case she got very little response from them. Really, knowing she preferred the noisy option, she also realized her moms needed some time alone, to truly make up their disagreement. "Come on Dom let's leave the giggling children to it," she smiled. The girl just shook her head before bending to hug both the women.

Sam, regaining her composure a little, stood up. She walked with the youngsters as far as the front door and opened it for them. Smiling to the boy, she hugged him for the first time ever, for a second before turning to her daughter. She hugged Cassie harder, and whispered, "Have fun okay." Turning to the boy, she added with a touch of mild threat, "You, young man, take care of my little one."

"We will, he will, now goodbye," Cassie replied before kissing Sam on both cheeks. "Come on. We'll be late," she said to her beau. Pulling Dominic with her, she almost ran out of the front door towards Dominic's waiting car

Dominic following behind her, turned at the bottom of the steps. Smiling his sexy smile he offered, "Bye Major."

Sam now pleasantly amused with the boy's previous nervousness just smiled to herself.

Closing the door before entering the house once more, Sam just stood in the hallway, looking through the living room door at her gorgeous partner.

Janet sensing Sam perusal looked up smiling.

"Janet?" Sam's deep voice soothed Janet's heart.

"Yes?" Janet, stood up and moved into the hallway too, stopping inches from Sam.

"Will you be my MAMA BEAR forever?" The gentle question tugged at Janet's heart.
"Yes, " was her simple answer.

The two women moved slowly towards each other, and as their lips met in a gentle forever kiss, they both realized that making up after fights was what families did with each other.

The End

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