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Urgo's Challenge
By John O'Connor

"No, Urgo, I won't do it anymore!" Sam Carter almost shouted.

But I'm just trying to help you... the portly little man whined. You seem so lonely.

"You're not helping! And I'm not lonely! And you're just going to get me into trouble," Sam said petulantly. "So stop it!"

This exchange took place as she walked down one of the SGC's corridors heading for her lab. The fact that no one except SG-1 team members could see or hear Urgo, the little fat man, caused more than a few odd stares to be directed at Sam's retreating back.

Ooo! Who's that? Urgo pointed towards an Air Force noncom.

"That's Sergeant Siler, a friend. Do you understand Urgo? Just a friend," Sam warned.

"Hey Major, I got that carburator you wanted," Siler said when he saw Sam.

Sam, feeling the now-familiar urge, walked up to Siler, grabbed his head and said, "Sorry, Sarge, nothing personal." Then she crushed her lips to his and thrust her tongue in his mouth.

As she let him go, she, without meeting his eyes, said simply, "Urgo."

Siler knew he wasn't that bad a kisser, so he simply stared speechlessly at her as she continued on down the corridor.

C'mon, Sam. He liked it! Urgo crowed happily.

"No he didn't. And neither did I!" the tall blonde officer declared as she stomped down the corridor.

"Uh, Major Carter?"

Sam looked up and saw two Air Policemen standing outside her lab. "Yes, Corporal Russell?"

"Major, we are supposed to escort you to the Medical Center. General Hammond's orders." The corporal was almost apologetic as he saluted her.

Sam sighed, "Alright, let's go."

Urgo was almost jumping in his excitement, Sam, how about these two?

"No, Urgo!" Sam saw the two APs looking at her and tried to explain, "You see, Urgo is this little guy,"


"Quiet, Urgo. He's in our heads. He's making us do things..." Seeing the looks on the airmen's faces, she hesitated. "I'm not crazy. SG-1 really is affected by this little guy...he makes us... Oh, never mind, just take me to the general."

As the two APs stepped towards her, Sam grabbed the corporal and kissed him hard on the lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Then she grabbed his partner and kissed her just as hard.

"Jeezus, Urgo! That's a woman! Are you trying to get me in more trouble?"

"Uh, Major, this way." Russell led off, his face showing his embarrassment. His partner just stood there with a stunned look on her face.

"Hey, Spader!" Russell called back to her. "Let's go!"

She quickly caught up to her partner and their charge and they headed on to the Med Center. Upon arrival, Sam saw General Hammond, the other members of SG-1, and Doctor Janet Fraiser waiting for her.

"Major Carter, as you requested sir!" Russell shot off a crisp salute.

Hammond returned the salute, "Thank you, Corporal. That'll be all."

As the two airmen left the Center, Hammond turned to Sam, noting her red, swollen lips. "Major, just what the hell is going on? You have managed to kiss over twenty men under my command with in the last half hour! Do you have any explanation for your actions?"

"Uh, yessir. General, it's Urgo." Hammond threw up his arms in desperation. "He seems to think he can find me a perfect match if I kiss enough men on the base." Sam thought it wise to keep it quiet about kissing Spader.

"Urgo. This Urgo seems to be the focal point of all kinds of problems. Doctor, isn't there anything you can do?" Hammond stared at Janet.

The CMO cleared her throat. "General, we're still not sure what Urgo is. We have thought about an E-M field. It might disrupt the signal the devices are putting out." She was referring to the microscopic devices that were discovered in the brain of each team member of SG-1 after they returned from their last offworld expedition.

"Well, whatever it takes, Doctor." Hammond turned to the SG-1 team members. "I want SG-1 restricted to either the Med Center or their on-base quarters."

While Hammond was speaking, Sam whispered "No Urgo! Absolutely not!"

C'mon. It'll be fun, Urgo said.

Sam felt herself being propelled towards the general. When she was facing Hammond, she grabbed him and kissed him hard, her tongue thrusting between his lips.

As she stepped back, Hammond sputtered, "Major Carter...what the hell are you...I..."

Sam walked to Jack O'Neill and kissed him hard on the mouth before going to Daniel Jackson and kissing him. As she stepped up to Teal'c, he started to put a hand out to stop her but she ducked and leaned up to kiss him.

She stepped back and shouted, "Goddamn it, Urgo!"

Oh, none of those...what about...?

"No Urgo," Sam protested but she stepped up to Janet, grabbed her and french kissed her. Sam felt Janet's tongue responding to hers. Panicked, she pulled back.

"Stop it, Urgo!" Sam said, as she turned a deep crimson.

"Major, if you cannot curb your impulses, I'll have you locked in your quarters," Hammond warned.

"It's not me, sir. It's Urgo," Sam insisted.

"I don't give a damn who it is! Stop it right now!"

Janet stepped in, "General, it might not be that easy. Remember, this Urgo is the same one who had Teal'c almost defibrilate himself earlier. The best thing is to keep them all under observation and not leave them alone at any time."

"Very well, Doctor. I leave this in your hands. For now..." Hammond glared at every one of them before walking out of the Med Center.

"Whee doggies, Carter! That was some show!" Jack O'Neill declared, laughing.

"Jack, maybe we should forget..." Daniel tried to interrupt O'Neill. "Pretend it never happened."

"DanielJackson is right, O'Neill," Teal'c said. "I know how powerful this...this Urgo can be. Major Carter was not responsible for her actions."

"Alright, alright," O'Neill said as he held out his hands. "Carter, I just have to say though, the look on Hammond's face when you planted the big, wet one, well, it was priceless."

O'Neill began laughing, Daniel and Janet both snickered. Sam scowled at them and Teal'c stood there with his eyebrow cocked, as if he were surrounded by children.

Not soon enough for the members of SG-1 and the others at the SGC, Urgo was finally out of their lives. Everyone decided to try to ignore the situations that arose as a result of the little fat man's "visit." Everyone except Major Samantha Carter.

Sam felt that she, in particular, needed to clear the air regarding actions performed while Urgo was with them. Realizing that Sam would not rest easy unless he gave, Hammond okayed her idea.

Mid-afternoon the day after SG-1 was able to rid their lives of Urgo, Sam stood in front of the Stargate on the platform surrounded by most of the base personnel.

Once she was satisfied that everyone who could attend was there, she began, "I asked General Hammond for this opportunity to apologize to everyone here for myself and for my actions while under the influence of Urgo.

"I was coerced to kiss many of you. I was not in control of my actions and I want you all to know that there was nothing personal in it."

She looked out, ready for leering glances or other similar reactions but found only calm acceptance. Taking a deep breath, she went on, with a minor change in the facts of the case.

"Urgo was sent here to experience a wide range of human emotions and experiences. Fortunately we discovered him before any of us in SG-1 were able to leave the Mountain. He was forced to experience what he could here in the complex. One thing he wanted to feel was human affection and he chose me for his vehicle.

"You are the best crew I've had the pleasure of working with. I have the deepest respect and regard for all of you. I only hope that I can eventually regain some of the respect you had previously shown me. I am sorry and hope you will forgive me. Thank you for listening."

As Sam was about to walk down the ramp, she was startled when Sergeant Siler (who was very relieved that Urgo was a name, not a reaction to his kissing ability) began to clap. He was soon joined by Russell, Spader and others until the Gateroom thundered with their applause.

Sam stood there stunned, a smile forming on her lips even as tears were threatening to spill down her cheeks. O'Neill stepped up to her and led her out of the room. As she left, several people patted her shoulder or her back in acknowledgment of the brave officer.

"Wow!" Sam wiped her eyes in a side corridor. "I don't know what to say."

"I think you said it all in there." O'Neill nodded towards the Gateroom and added, "I don't think you're going to have to worry too much about any lack of respect." He gave a typical Jack O'Neill lopsided smile, "Except from us, of course."

Sam looked at her commanding officer with gratitude and nodded. "Thank you sir."

"Ready for the leave Hammond is forcing down our throats?" Jack asked.

"Just one last thing. One person I need to talk to." Sam took a deep breath as she looked in the direction of the Med Center.

"Oh yeah, the doc. I guess she had a minor emergency to take care of." O'Neill started to turn away then looked back, "Uh, Carter...Sam, if you need someone to talk to afterwards..."

"Thank you, sir," Sam gave him a tight, little smile and began to make her way to the Med Center.

"Yeah, call Daniel," Jack said as he headed for his quarters. Sam snickered as she continued on.

Suddenly hit with butterflies when she reached the Center, she hesitated then went in. 'Best to get this over with,' she thought.

Her nervousness was compounded by the fact that she hadn't spoken to Janet since that afternoon. Another medtech had checked her out when SG-1 got back from Urgo's world, and she hadn't seen the doctor since.

'I didn't exactly go looking for her either,' Sam admitted to herself.

Not seeing Janet in the outer room, Sam glanced into her office and saw the brunette doctor filling out a report. She knocked lightly on the door.

Janet looked up with a smile, "He-ey, Sam. What can I do ya for?"

"Uh, Janet, can we, uh, well, I need to..."

Janet interrupted her, "You don't have to apologize. I know what effect Urgo had on all of you."

"Janet, I still think we need to talk. I just don't feel right about the whole thing," Sam said.

"Well, alright. I'll be done here in a few minutes. How 'bout we go to Siobhan's and have a few beers while we talk about this?" Janet suggested.

Sam nodded, "Okay, I want to change in my quarters. Meet you here in fifteen minutes?"

"Sounds good."

Sam left the Med Center feeling better than when she went there but she still knew she would never be the same with Janet unless they talked.

Twenty minutes later, the two women were standing near Janet's black Celica. "Meet there?" Janet asked.

Sam nodded towards the Harley she had ridden in a few days before, "Yeah, I'm not leaving that here for three days if I'm not inside."

As she walked towards her bike, Janet watched her in the black leather jacket and tight-fitting jeans. 'Certainly keeps herself fit,' the doctor in her thought.

Sam was at the tavern leaning on her bike when Janet pulled up. "Took you long enough," the tall blonde said.

"You got a head start and I got stuck behind a slow semi," Janet replied. She was happy that they still could banter but she could feel that there was something Sam had to get off her chest yet.

Janet held the door for Sam and said, "Grab a table, I'll get a pitcher and a couple of glasses."


Settled in a booth near the back, Sam looked at Janet as she stood at the bar, still in uniform. 'She is very pretty,' Sam thought. 'Her husband must've been a real idiot.'

"A pitcher of Lite and two glasses," Janet said as she slid into the booth.

Sam took her time filling the glasses so there wasn't too much foam. Setting a near TV perfect glass in front of Janet she said, "Voila!"

They sat in silence for several minutes as they sipped their beer. Janet was willing to wait for her friend if it took all night. Sam, for her part, had no idea what to say, but was still relieved that Janet was still her friend.

Janet looked at Sam, "Okay, what's the problem? Is it the, uh, the kiss in the Med Center?"

"Yes, no, I just feel weird about the whole Urgo thing. I would never do anything like that on my own..."

"Well," Janet offered, "the team will be the source of a few jokes but I wouldn't let them get to you."

Sam nodded and said, "What about you?"

"I'm sound as a pound," Janet said with a laugh. "Sorry, Cassie's been watching 'Austin Powers' a lot this last week."

Janet sat there for a moment then opted for a light-hearted approach and asked, "What about you? How was it kissing the general or the guys?"

"It felt like kissing my father or uncle with Hammond, and like kissing my brother with the guys. I almost expected to hear 'Dueling Banjos' in the background," Sam smiled.

"What about when you kissed me?" Janet asked in a suddenly quiet voice.

Sam mumbled something that Janet couldn't hear.

Janet decided to treat it as a joke and said, "Well, I couldn't have been that bad. Could I?"

Sam whispered, "No, you were wonderful."

Janet could hardly believe what she heard. Wonderful? Sam enjoyed kissing her?

"Sam, I thought it was pretty wonderful too," Janet said. Placing her hand on Sam's clenched fist, she added, "It was one of the best kisses I ever got."

Sam looked at Janet to see her smiling broadly. 'What a lovely smile,' the flustered officer thought. 'And eyes I could fall into forever.'

Janet leaned towards Sam, and after quickly seeing that no one was around, kissed her. Janet lightly licked Sam's lower lip and Sam opened her mouth. Janet teased Sam's tongue out and sucked it into her mouth.

After almost a full minute, Janet sat back, breathing heavily and slightly flushed. She happily noted that Sam was in a similar state.

"Janet, I never... That was...more wonderful than the first one." Sam briefly touched her lips, feeling the moistness from Janet's mouth.

"Thank you. I think so too." Janet looked deep into Sam's blue eyes. "I think I could grow to like kissing you."

Sam lowered her eyes and muttered, "Me too."

"Shall we go?" Janet asked. "My place?"

Sam smiled broadly at the suggestion. "That sounds like a fantastic idea."

Sam slid out of the booth and grabbed Janet's hand to help her out. A little too eager, she pulled Janet into the table's edge.

"Oh, God. I'm sorry, Janet."

The young doctor waved Sam's apology off and followed the taller woman out to the parking lot.

The Sun was setting behind a low range of hills, and the end of the lot where their car and bike were parked was in deep shadow. Sam grabbed Janet, with no urging from a little alien, and kissed her.

Janet returned the fiery kiss and the two women held each other tightly as their tongues danced together.

They parted as headlights swept into the lot from the road. "This may not be the best place for two career women to be caught necking," Janet kidded.

"Ya think? I believe you said something about your place?" Sam asked, running her hand lightly down the front of Janet's uniform, gently squeezing her breast before cupping the doctor between the legs, her skirt bunching up in her crotch.

"Oh Sam!" Janet gasped. "Let's go now!"

As they pulled out of Siobhan's parking lot, Sam roared off into the deepening dusk leaving a cursing Janet Fraiser behind.

"Eat her dust, huh? Well, we'll just see about that," Janet muttered as she stepped on the gas. She could still feel Sam's hand gently gripping her crotch, another feeling she wanted to experience many times.

Taking a few side streets and alleys, Janet managed to pull into her driveway seconds after Sam parked her bike.

"A little horny, are we?" Janet asked as she exited her car.

"Yes, definitely," Sam breathed.

As she unlocked the door, Janet asked in a poor Austin Powers accent, "Do I make you horny, baby? Do I?"

Sam nodded eagerly and jerked Janet into the house as soon as the door began to open. Pulling the shorter woman into her arms, she began to kiss her again, deep probing kisses that Janet enthusiastically returned.

Kicking the door closed, Sam suddenly pulled back. "What about Cass?"

"Ssh. She's with Mom for the weekend," Janet said.

"Hmm. No interruptions..." Sam looked into those beautiful eyes and saw her own lust mirrored there. She felt like a teenager again.


Janet nodded, "If we make it that far..."

She started up the stairs and Sam followed, looking at the tight, round ass under the blue skirt and imagining what was under that.

Once they reached the bedroom, they began to pull articles of clothing off each other in a frenzy of lust. Somehow they managed to avoid too much tearing as they bared each other's flesh.

"God, Sam, I ever realized how beautiful you are," Janet whispered. "You were always simply a patient before."

Sam could only stare in wonder at the lovely nude body in front of her. Her eyes traveled from the beautiful face over the softly rounded breasts down the flat smooth stomach until she saw the little patch of brown curls between the shapely legs. She reached out and ran her fingertips lightly through the fur.

"Oh God, Sam..." Janet's voice vibrated with need, goosebumps standing out on her body. "I want you so badly!"

Sam took Janet's hand and led her to the king-size bed. As they lay down, they molded their bodies together; lips and tongues glued together, breasts rubbing against each other, and blonde and brown curls mingling.

Sam rolled on top of Janet and began to thrust her hips against the other woman, her thigh rubbing Janet's wet slit. Janet matched those thrusts and soon they were sobbing into each other's mouth as they found some small release from the passion that had been building from that first kiss in the Med Center.

Gasping in much needed oxygen, Sam held Janet tight. She never wanted to let the woman go. Janet gripped Sam just as possessively.

As they were finally able to speak, Janet tucked a loose tress behind Sam's ear, a sweetly gentle action that caused Sam's heart to beat faster. "Sam, I have never done this with another woman. I never thought I would. But ever since you kissed me in the Center, I have had these dreams and fantasies about you. There is so much more I want to do and to try. I hope you..."

Sam smiled at her new lover as she touched Janet's lips with her finger tip, "I do. I guess I've always wanted you but until Urgo... Well, I never faced my own desires and after he showed me what I wanted, I never believed, or even dared to hope, you could feel the same."

Janet kissed the finger against her lips and licked the tip of it. "Well, I do feel the same. And I desire you." Janet took the tip of the finger in her mouth, nibbling and sucking on it gently.

Sam replaced her finger with her mouth and they resumed the loving kiss that started when a little fat man forced a lonely, young woman to face her needs.

The End

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