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File Sharing
By John O'Connor

"He-ey Sam. Watcha doin'?" Janet Fraiser asked as she popped her head into Samantha Carter's lab.

"Trying to debug this piece of crap," Sam snarled uncharacteristically. "Colonel O'Neill asked me if I knew anything about laptops and, before you know it, I was volunteered to fix this while he takes Teal'c and Daniel up into the hills to fish for the next five days."

Janet stepped in and eyed the laptop computer Sam was glaring at. "What's wrong with it?"

"Some damned virus. It's gotten into the email account and screws up any office applications like Word or Excel. And I can't find it!"

"Easy Sam. You've figured out naqadah reactors, Death Gliders, and a lot of other alien hardware. A simple computer virus should be a piece of cake," Janet said. She placed her hand gently on Sam's shoulder for further reassurance.

Sam said, "You know, I told the colonel time and time again to get some anti-virus software. Does he listen to me? No! Hell, even if it's life and death, he barely hears what I'm saying..."

Janet smiled, she understood her friend's frustration. She often had to deal with Jack O'Neill's apparent ignorance in the Med Center all too often. And he was not a stupid man, just stubborn. As a mule.

"So, I take it you've scanned the hard drive?"

"Yes. I loaded the latest Norton Antivirus but it didn't find the bugger. It must be hidden in one of these files..." Sam indicated some files with cryptic names like 'Head', 'Tail', 'Buss', and 'Odds.'

"Well, not to be obvious, but maybe open one and see what's there?" Janet suggested.

"They're locked. Colonel O'Neill put some password lock on them."

"Sam...c'mon. You can figure that out. The colonel has a narrow range of interests outside of the SGC. It'll be something simple. Not like Daniel, he'd probably use ancient Sumerian," Janet laughed.

"Okay. Let's try 'football'..." Sam keyed in the word and scowled when an invalid password banner popped up. "Okay. How about 'Vikings'?" The security banner popped up again. "Um... 'Beer'?"

Several dozen tries later, Sam was showing increasing frustration. She had tried dozens of words, including Jack's family and friends. "What could it be?"

"Sam, where did the colonel go?"

"Fishing. I tried that, remember?"

Shaking her head, Janet said, "No, not fishing. What does he always brag about?" Sam looked at her friend with a blank face. "Trout! Lake trout!"

"Of course!" Sam cried as she typed in 'trout' for the password. "It worked!" As Sam opened one of the files. It was further divided into smaller files and as she opened one of them, she turned quite red.

Janet had moved to the other side of the lab table earlier but quickly came around to Sam. "Sam? Are you alright? What's wrong? Oh My GOD!!!"

As Janet shouted the last word, both women began shaking with suppressed laughter. Of all things to find on an Air Force officer's computer, the last thing either woman expected to find was porn.

All kinds of porn. Soft-core, hard-core, j-pegs, m-pegs, whole videos...all downloaded into Jack O'Neill's hard drive. The file labeled 'Head' featured images and videos of oral sex in many combinations. 'Tail' featured both bare backsides and traditional (as far as porn movies go) sex. 'Buss' was the oddest. It was all women kissing other women. Most of the other mysteriously titled files also made sense when the contents were opened.

'Odds' was the odd-man-out in the password-protected files. It had nothing to do with porn, rather it was dedicated to football, basketball, and baseball pools run in the SGC and NORAD as well as a few local pubs that O'Neill frequented.

Once they determined that, the women went back to the other files. Their curiosity was piqued and they had to see what Jack O'Neill had saved. And the combinations! From one on one between a man and a woman to threesomes to orgies. But none ever involving more than one guy.

As their laughter tapered off after several minutes (they would break out in fresh squeals of shock whenever Sam opened another file), they were both feeling slightly weak.

"God! I haven't laughed like that in..."

"Me either."

Both women still emitted little giggles as Sam continued her scans. By far, the majority of the saved files featured lesbians or women alone.

"Sam, did you have any idea that Jack...?"

"No. Janet, this is a complete surprise. Hey, what's this? Fan fiction? I didn't know he liked 'Xena' or 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Oh... OH!" Sam started to snicker as she skimmed through a couple of the stories she had found. "Buffy and... Who's Faith?"

Janet shook her head, having a teenager at home gave her insight into things the lovely physicist would never even notice. "She's like the evil Slayer. Why? Oh! Well, I guess I could see where that idea could..."

"Janet? You know about this?"

"Well, Cassie and I were watching a rerun a few weeks ago and Faith was in it. She and Buffy were dancing and...Phew!" Janet mock-fanned herself. A few weeks before, the heat was real though.

<Doctor Fraiser. Please report to the Command Center. Doctor Fraiser. Please report to the Command Center.>

Crossing to a phone, Janet punched in the code for the CC. "Fraiser. I'm on my way. What is it? Good. Wish more were like this." Hanging up, Janet said, "SG-4 is returning. Seems Captain Hunter sat on a rather large thorn and is in a lot of pain. See you later."

"I'll be here."

Pausing at the door, Janet smirked, "Want me to close this? You know...privacy?"

"Get outta here!" Sam laughed.

The injury was minor but Janet had the lab run a full tox screen just to be certain. While she was waiting for the results of a serontology test, Sam buzzed her to say she was leaving to pick up a part for her bike and were they still on for dinner with Cassie?

All the time she had been working, part of Janet's mind kept returning to the porn on the Colonel's laptop. Especially the vids and pictures without the men. Some of those women were beautiful, even if some had been enhanced. And the image of a beautiful woman with her face buried between another woman's legs was getting to the young doctor.

Janet had long ago reconciled herself to her bisexuality. While it was definitely not common knowledge, especially with the homophobia running through the service branches, she didn't deny or ignore that aspect of herself. And the part of her attracted to women seemed to be the stronger, especially after her divorce. Even her last two lovers had been women.

'What would Sam think of that?' Janet mused. 'She'd either not care since she'd be totally engrossed on some project, or she'd completely freak out due to her entire life being tied to the Air Force.'

"Doctor? The results of the last tests are in. Everything seems to be clear."

"Thank you Airman," Janet responded. She looked through the file then said, "I think our patient will be okay." She followed the orderly out of her office.

After running another check on the perforated captain, Janet told him he was on sick leave and could leave the SGC but to call immediately if he noticed anything unusual.

After signing her charge out, Janet returned to her office. She decided she could leave a few minutes early and be home early to meet Sam and Cassie.

As she grabbed her laptop, Janet paused. Her eyes widened slightly and a small, secretive smile appeared on her face.

Hurrying to Sam's office, which the major hardly ever bothered to lock up, Janet hooked her laptop up to the other and began downloading selected files. 'What would Sam think if she knew I was copying Jack O'Neill's lesbian porn?' Janet asked herself yet again.

Alternating between looking at the clock and staring at the download progress for the latest file. 'C'mon, c'mon... I'm going to be late...' Janet moaned internally.

After the last of the visual files she wanted had been copied, Janet thought about the fan fiction. Almost all of it was between two girls. Or three girls. Or...

"I'm a fool," she said aloud as she initiated copying of the fiction file. "I'll be sooo late..."

While she helped Janet with the dishes, Sam said, "You know, I still can't believe the Colonel has that kinda stuff on his computer."

"Well, Sam, it's not that bad. At least he doesn't have any really sick stuff. Or any kiddy porn - that is the absolute worst!"

"Yeah, I suppose what he saved isn't too bad. I guess I'm still kinda shocked by it."

"I'm not," Janet responded. "No, after being married for three years to scuzzball, nothing men do surprises me. And, so what if Jack O'Neill gets his jollies from looking at two women get it on? Who does that hurt?"

"Uh...I guess...no one." Sam stared out the window over the sink and into the backyard.

"I mean, you don't have a problem with that, do you?" Janet asked, her voice not reflecting the nervousness she felt over the possible response.

"No, I guess not... I mean, if that's what works for someone, then that's..." Janet smiled a little at her friend's answer. Sam was cute when she got flustered.

'Whoa! Sam cute? Where the hell did that come from?' Janet asked herself. 'Not that she's not but... This is Sam. My friend.'

"Janet?" Sam asked worriedly as she saw the confused look on her friend's face.

"I'm okay. Wanna see who's on Letterman?" Janet asked as she pulled the plug in the sink and rinsed the suds down the drain.

Later, after Sam yawned and declared it was time to go home, Janet took her laptop with her and started to get comfortable in her bed.

She opened a file at random and began to check out the separate images, her arousal building, until she froze. The girl with the short blond hair looked like Sam!

Quickly, Janet closed that file. That was a little too weird. Did Jack O'Neill see the resemblance as well? Or was that a coincidence?

Opening another file with pictures of two brunettes making love by candlelight, Janet began to slowly peruse the photos. These were both hot and somehow romantic. Janet never expected to see any romance in pornography.

As she opened and read some of the fanfic she had copied, she came to realize that romance was often the norm in lesbian fan fiction.

Cassie was sitting at the breakfast table eating Fruit Loops when she heard a loud shout from the bedrooms. "Mom? Is everything okay?" she called out.

"Yes. It's okay," came the reply.

In actuality, it wasn't okay. Janet had opened her email in the laptop to find the file corrupted. She swore to, and at, herself. Stupidly, she picked up some new virus. From Jack O'Neill's machine? Oh God, not that. Anything but that...

"Hey Janet, what're you doing?" Sam asked as she came into the doctor's sanctum. "Oh, just fuming about viruses and computer bugs."

With a questioning look on her face, Sam said, "About that. Guess where the virus was on the Colonel's machine? It was hidden in the coding for one of the jpegs. Once that picture was opened, the virus would work it's way into the rest of the system and then activates when the system is rebooted. Pretty sophisticated. Pretty specific targeting too, hiding it in a picture of lesbian sex."

"In a jpeg? A jpeg? Just one jpeg?" Janet closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose.

Sudden realization crossing her features, the blonde asked, "Janet? Did you download any of Colonel O'Neill's files yesterday?"

"Sam...oh God... This is..." Janet sat staring at the far wall, shaking her head.

"Janet, it's okay. This is between you and me. No one else needs to know about this. Especially not from me. Okay?"

Nodding mutely, Janet looked up, her eyes brimming with tears. Swallowing past her anger and embarrassment, Janet said simply, "I copied a lot of O'Neill's files. And...I got the damned virus."

"I can clear that up pretty easily, Janet," Sam offered quietly.

Her face feeling like it was on fire, Janet dropped her eyes and focused on her desk pad. "You must think I'm some kind of pervert. A freak..."

"No Janet. Not at all." The doctor looked up when she heard Sam chuckle, "But if you had just been patient like me, it would have been much easier to share the files after I debugged them."

The End

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