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SERIES: The second in a series of vignettes from those close to Sam/Janet.
SPOILERS: Set during and after Avenger 2.0 (Season 7)
ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author

Outside Looking In:

By Celievamp

Why her and not me? She's blonde – so am I. She had blue eyes – so do I – okay, in certain lights anyway. She's a PHD – so am I. She's a certified genius and I, well, I have my moments. She's Major Sam Carter of SG1 and I'm Chloe his research assistant.

Face it, girl - she's a goddess and you're a mouse.

He can't say her name and he can barely remember mine. I always know if she's coming down to our lab today when I walk in on a morning and the waft of his aftershave hits me at the door.

But I still have the advantage.

I love Dr Felger and Major Carter, well she loves… someone else.

For the longest time I thought the gossip around the Base was right and she had a thing for Colonel O'Neill. I mean, what woman in their right mind wouldn't. And I was pleased because that left Dr Felger - Jay - for me. But then I happened to walk into the Infirmary one afternoon after Jay accidentally caught my hand with a lit Bunsen burner and I saw the Major with Doctor Fraiser. It wasn't what they were doing that clued me in – it was the way that they stopped doing it as soon as they saw me.

Major Carter and Dr Fraiser.

I've seen them together a few times since when they were off duty. There's a little coffee bar on the Riverside that they go to that I like as well. They always smile and say hello when they see me. They make a cute couple. It's a real shame that they have to hide what they feel for each other. I like Dr Fraiser – she always has time for everyone, even lowly lab staff like me. And Major Carter's nice enough though I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her. The way she reamed out Dr Lee that time when he couldn't figure out the Ancient's doorway when the Colonel was missing passed into legend around the labs. And she believes in Jay, that his ideas are important.

So I know when Jay is in full stalker mode for her that it's just him being the sweet lovable dope that he is and that Major Carter – if she ever noticed what he was doing - would never give him anything beyond the time of day. So I can wait for Jay Felger to get over her and finally see me.

The End

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