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Ground Zero - Colorado Springs
By Elfcat255


The dark-haired woman slowly crept down the hallway. In the distance she could hear muffled screams and gunfire resounding through the complex. As she made her way towards the elevator she glimpsed movement out of the corner of her eye but before she could bring her weapon up to fire the shuffling, blood-covered figure was enveloped in a crackling blue light.

She watched as two more blasts hit the airman and his form disappeared. Another figure emerged from the shadows and Vala brought her weapon to bear then lowered it when she realized it was Sam.

"What in the world is going on?" she asked the blonde woman.

"Zombies," Sam stated as she walked past Vala and glanced down the hallway. "I've had to zat four already."

"Is this something that happens often on this planet?" The alien asked as they moved to stand before the elevator.

"Well, depends on who you ask. Cam would refer to the hundreds of bad films made over the years but in general…no, this doesn't happen," Sam said as the elevator doors opened.

Both women jumped back and brought their weapons up as the hunched over figure in the elevator stood and turned towards them. With blood dripping from his face the figure began shuffling towards them making awful groaning noises. The two women glanced at one another and with identical resigned looks raised their zats and fired several times.

"Oh well, forget about asking Cam about zombies," Vala remarked as they entered the elevator.

"I had to shoot the General a half an hour ago," Sam told her as the doors closed and she hit the button.

As the car traveled to its destination Vala gave the blonde a look. "I'm detecting a pattern here. All the men have been zombified," she remarked.

Sam shrugged and replied, "Looks that way. I guess we'll just have to make the most of a bad situation."

The doors opened and Sam led the other woman towards the armory. Vala gave her a confused look as Sam began loading a bag with weapons and ammunition. "Are we going somewhere?" she asked as Sam placed a full bag in her arms.

"I don't know about you but I'd rather take my chances outside then stay cooped up in the mountain waiting for the next zombie to shuffle around the corner," Sam replied as she continued to stuff weapons in a duffle. "Besides, it's Janet's day off and I need to get home to check on her since the phones are out."

"Oh, okay then. Well let's hurry before we have to shoot Daniel or Teal'c," Vala told her and the two women picked up the loaded bags.

Making their way back to the elevator they traveled to the surface where after clearing a path through the zombified SFs piled all their gear into Sam's car and sped away.

The End

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