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By Elfcat255


I wait sitting on a stool in the corner, cradling my injured arm as she moves around the infirmary going from person to person assessing their injuries.

I watch as she gives them smiles and comforting words; even though I can't hear them I know the warmth and caring she puts behind each and every word spoken.

I wait as she moves to check on the worst of the injured men, it's only a broken leg but I see her pat his arm, assuring him in her calm tone.

I watch as she uses a strength belayed by her small stature to set the limb of the man twice her size, a determined look on her face as she succeeds and then moves to the next man, letting her nurses apply the cast to the limb she just set.

I wait…my thoughts running wild through my head as I follow her form around the room…thoughts I shouldn't be having but they happen anyway…feelings I shouldn't be having but that doesn't stop them…an ache in body not caused by my injury…one that will probably last forever because what I hope for would never come true…she couldn't possibly feel the same way I do.

I watch as she turns around spotting me in the corner and with a tilt of her head she gives me a questioning look. I shake my head, signaling to her I can wait until she finishes with the others but it doesn't work…she walks towards me a worried look on her face.

I wait as she approaches me and with gentle movements takes my arm into her hands, her slender fingers feeling along the limb…soft yet stern words of disapproval for my not having stepped forward sooner come from her lips. She glances up into my eyes, her own deep brown ones conveying the worry she feels and behind them I can sense something else but she says nothing further. Calling for a nurse to clean my wound she rubs a hand over my thigh, patting my knee and then moves away.

I wait…I watch…and I hope…for just a second I saw and felt that maybe she too was having the same things going through her head as I am…maybe…just maybe we can talk later and get them out in the open…until then I can only hope she feels the same way I do.

The End

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