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… In Time



"Kerry, please take a seat." General Hammond indicated the seats on the other side of his desk. Kerry and Janet took the two available seats and Sam stood behind them. "How are you feeling?"

"Much better, Sir." Kerry answered surely. This time the General believed her. It had been several weeks since Kerry first came through the Stargate, and she was indeed looking better.

"Good." He nodded. "I suppose now is the time you'd like to start accompanying SG-1 on their missions."

"Yes, Sir." Kerry smiled slightly. "From what we worked out before I came here the enemy will strike some time soon. I do have a more accurate idea of when that will be but I cannot make that known until that time. SG-1 will most likely gather when that will be from my more alert behaviour."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I would like to join them starting from their next mission so they have a chance to get accustomed to my presence without including me. They cannot change anything because of my being here."

"So we're meant to ignore you?" Sam asked.

"Effectively, yes. You know that better than the others." Kerry turned back to the General, "My point exactly why they need time to adjust to this before… before the time comes."

General Hammond gave a slight nod and then looked to the shortest woman in the room, "Doctor, is Kerry medically fit for duty?"

Janet nodded. "Yes, Sir. Although her ribs are still mending they are causing significantly less discomfort and no longer inhibiting her movement. Her shoulder has completely recovered, and the concussion is long gone."

The General nodded and was silent for a moment. "Kerry I am assigning you to SG-1 in a purely observational capacity. Effective immediately. The next mission is scheduled for 0900 tomorrow."

Kerry beamed, "Thank you, Sir."

"Dismissed." General Hammond smiled at the future family.

Janet and Kerry gripped hands momentarily before standing. Kerry was pulled into a hug by Sam. Both Hammond and Janet were happily surprised to see the affection.

Jack looked at the burning mass in the sky through his sunglasses and a second pair of lenses, "Is it supposed to be doing that?"

Sam glanced up from the equipment she was working on, "It's a coronal mass emission. Like a giant solar flare."

They were on P4X-639, a planet that was originally inhabited by the Ancients. The planet was currently experiencing a periodic astronomic storm.

"But it's safe, right?" Jack asked with uncertainty.

"Well, that's what this equipment is designed to find out. Apart from disrupting the planet's magnetic field, it might cause a significant increase in surface radiation."

Jack blinked at her behind his glasses, "But it's safe, right?"

Kerry, who was sitting behind the Stargate, tried her hardest to stifle the giggles and outright laughter that threatened to escape. If he had paid more attention during the briefing he might have known what was going on. She took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on what Sam and Teal'c were doing rather than what was going to happen. There was only one slight change she was going to make but now was not the time.

Sam nodded, "As long as we don't stay here too long, yes, Sir."

"Anyone explain that to Daniel?" Jack looked in the direction of where the archeologist was tracing patterns on the ruin walls.

Jack continued to look at the sky and distant horizon while Sam and Teal'c finished setting up the equipment. Kerry deliberately kept out of their way so the mission timing wasn't affected by her presence.

A little time later Sam announced, "All set up, Sir."

"Good. Let's hit it!" Jack stood up and grabbed the radio on his left shoulder, "Daniel. Let's go home." No response. "Daniel?"

They headed towards the alter. The sound of electricity crackling caused them to pause and look around.

"O'Neill." Teal'c stated.

"Yeah, I hear it."

Kerry looked around and could see the electrical current along the large pillars at the end of a row of smaller ones that lined the path from the Stargate. It was scarily beautiful, Kerry thought. They all watched in horror as the current shot through the smaller pillars, hitting the Stargate and making the chevrons flicker and lock. The wormhole opened and kawooshed towards the four soldiers. They ducked in time for it to go over their heads before retreating back to a closed gate. Electricity still urged and crackled around the Stargate.

"Are you doing this?" Jack yelled as they approached the ruins.

Malakai turned to look at Jack from his position in front of the alter, "Stay away!"

It was then that Sam saw Daniel lying on the ground behind the big pillar on the right, "Daniel!"

"What the hell are you doing?" Jack demanded as Kerry went to Daniel's side with Sam.

"Stay back!"

Jack and Teal'c struggled with Malakai briefly before Kerry leapt up to help them. A beam of bright hot energy engulfed them as they continued to fight the alien archeologist.

"Kerry!" Sam yelled in alarm.

There was a blinding flash of light.

"Anyway, I'm sorry. That just happens to be the way I feel about it. What do you think?" Daniel asked.

Jack looked confused, shocked, and like a deer caught in the headlights. "What?"

Daniel shared a look with Sam that said 'he wasn't listening… again' then looked back at Jack. "What do you think?"

Jack looked between Daniel, Sam, and Kerry, clearly not knowing what was going on. His spoonful of fruit loops was still held in his hand. Once more Kerry tried not to burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

Sam leant forward on the table so her elbows and forearms were resting on it next to her plate, "Colonel? Is something wrong?"

Daniel raised his eyebrows. He didn't know what to make of the situation. Jack was acting very strangely, Sam was concerned, and the young Kerry appeared to be biting her lip. He looked back at Jack and frowned.

"Maybe." Jack admitted quietly.

Jack looked down at his fruit loops, confusion etched into his face.

A thermal image of a sun was displayed on a screen that Sam was standing next to. General Hammond, Daniel and Kerry sat on one side of the briefing table, while Jack and Teal'c sat on the other.

"Two weeks ago SG-15 took these images of solar activity on P4X-639. Analysis of the data indicates a steady increase in the intensity. Now, if I'm right, the explosions that we're witnessing here are just the precursor to an exponentially greater violent ejection."

"Major Carter? Have we not previously been briefed concerning this matter?" Teal'c asked calmly with only a slight hint of confusion.

Jack looked at Teal'c behind him, "I was just gonna say that."

"Sir?" Sam asked with concern.

"You wanna go to the planet, set up some kind of remote observatory."

Sam frowned and stepped forward, "Yes."

Jack gave a nod, "We just did that."

"No we didn't." Daniel injected.

Teal'c looked stoically at Daniel, "I believe we did, Daniel Jackson."

General Hammond looked at Teal'c, "No, Teal'c. That's what this briefing is about."

"I distinctly remember sitting here listening to Carter prattle on about solar activity and a ... corona ... something." Jack tried to explain.

"Coronal mass emissions. I was just about to bring it up." Sam continued to frown.

Jack looked relieved and gestured to Sam, "There you go. How would I know that?"

Having a blonde moment she began, but frowned again as her words didn't even make sense to her, "Maybe you read my report?"

Daniel looked up at her suspecting she had one of her extremely rare blonde moments. He lifted up his blue briefing folder and tapped in on the table, "Maybe he read your report?" He lifted his eyebrows in a skeptical question way, trying to impart how ridiculous Sam's inference was, then squinted at Jack.

Kerry made a sound and covered her mouth.

Jack glared at Daniel briefly then looked around before he insisted, "I'm telling you guys, we've done this before."

Like a true friend that he was Teal'c said further, "I am in agreement with O'Neill. I am experiencing a great deal of familiarity with these events."

The base alarm went off and an announcement could be heard. "Unscheduled off world activation."

"Kerry?" The General asked for an explanation. She just shrugged in response.

"Two weeks ago SG-15…"

Jack slammed his briefing folder on the table and cut her off, "We've done this!"

Daniel was getting annoyed at Jack's strange behaviour. He turned a page in the briefing folder and smiled sarcastically at Jack, "We do this every day."

"I'm not talking about briefings in general, Daniel. I'm talking about this briefing! I'm talking about this day!" Jack used his hands in emphasise his point.

General Hammond, Sam and Daniel exchanged wary and confused looks. Kerry wouldn't make eye contact, instead looking at her briefing folder.

Teal'c had his hands clasped in front of him, and without looking stated, "Colonel O'Neill is correct. Events do appear to be repeating themselves."

Jack sported an 'I told you so' look.

"Since when?" Daniel frowned.

Jack answered, "Since we went to P4X-639."

Sam took a few steps forward, "We haven't been to P4X-639."

"Yes we have." Jack pointed at Daniel, ""No, we haven't." That's what you were gonna say." Jack nodded knowingly.

Daniel frowned at Jack, "Of course that's what I was gonna say."

"Ok! Bad example." Jack waved his hand in dismissal.

The silence was awkward. Jack didn't know what to say, and Kerry couldn't say anything. Time and time again Daniel asked Jack what he thought, and Jack never answered the question. Occasionally he'd say 'Ask me tomorrow.' Sometimes he'd just get up and walk off. No matter what he did Kerry had to play along until him and/or Teal'c told the others they were stuck in a time loop. Only then could she do her own thing.

Today was slightly different.

"I'm going to find Teal'c." Jack said as he pushed his fruit loops away with pure disgust apparent on his face. He stood and walked out without another word to the two shocked members of SG-1.

Daniel was confused but was the first to recover, "What did I say?"

Sam shrugged then looked at Kerry, who also shrugged.

Kerry went through the motions; following Daniel and Sam to the briefing room, listening to Teal'c and Jack's exasperated explanation of the time loop, all the debate and discussion as to its possibility. Only when they got sent to the infirmary, like every other loop, could she slip out while the others were distracted. Normally she would just hang around the base learning bits and pieces. Today, however, she planned on paying someone a visit. She had debated with herself for a few loops whether or not she would or should do this, but in the end she gave in.

Kerry could hear footsteps approaching the door. She nervously tried to straighten the clothes she was wearing. She had grabbed some jeans and a shirt from Sam's locker before leaving the base. Luckily they were a similar build.

When the door opened she was welcomed with a smile that could brighten the darkest of days. Kerry's mind suddenly went blank, and the words she had rehearsed in the car were the first to go. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open like an idiot.

Jordan was wearing a multi-coloured figure-enhancing dress that flowed to just below her knees, and on an angle. With the light shining into the doorway Kerry could have sworn Jordan was glowing.

Jordan's smile turned to one of wicked amusement, "Want to come in, or are you going to gape at me all day?"

"Ah…" Kerry swallowed. "Hi."

"Hi." Jordan smiled.

Kerry paused. "I, um, I… wanted to see how the rest of the exhibition went?"

"It went well. I sold a few pieces, had some requests, some rejections." Jordan gave a light shrug, "All in all it was an alright night."

"Good. That's good. I'm glad. Very glad…" Kerry's mind was working overtime trying to remember how she wanted to word her question. "I, um, I was wondering… Um. Are you hungry?" That was not it.

"I could be. What do you propose?" Jordan replied playfully.

Kerry swallowed audibly. "Food?"

"It's a start. What kind of food?"

A look of panic crossed Kerry's face. How could Jordan appear so calm? "Thai?"

Jordan smirked to hide her growing excitement. "Make that Chinese and you've got yourself a date."

Kerry grinned like an idiot, and when she got her senses back she clasped her hands together and bowed.

Fortunately Kerry already knew where the person in question was, so when Jack and Teal'c (really Jack) suggested they'd like to pay a few people a visit, Senator Kinsey being at the top of their list, she was more than happy to lend a little hand.

"From what I remember he was in the area around this time. Meetings of some kind up north I believe." Kerry said offhandedly, trying not to sound too interested. From what she'd heard from her family she wasn't too fond of the man either.

"Really?" Jack asked.

"I think so," Kerry shrugged. "I could take you there if you'd like."


Kerry nodded.

"Let's go then!" Jack grinned and leapt out of his chair. "Come on T, we have a score to settle!"

"So what are we going to do to him today?" Jack asked excitedly.

A few times now they had tracked down Kinsey in Centennial. Each time they took great pleasure in publicly torturing him in a new and inventive way. First time Jack announced to the press conference that he interrupted that he was Kinsey's secret lover and they were adopting a child together. His wife was quite shocked to hear this. Second time Teal'c reminded Kinsey of his challenge two and a half years ago, and that now he would face him. Teal'c picked him up and threw him into the crowd of reporters, who loved every minute of the action. Teal'c then proceeded to block every attempt the man made to hit him back, knocking him into the crowd every few attempts. Jack held his P90 to make sure no one interfered.

Kerry broke the thoughtful silence, "We could tie him up and raise him on that flag pole in his underwear until he admits to crude sexual acts with Maybourne?"

Slowly a mischievous grin grew on Jack's face. "I like it!"

Teal'c bowed his head in agreement, and to hide the small smile on his own face.

Kerry had cornered Daniel as soon as she got the chance. She still couldn't get the accent right. "Can you say it again, slowly?"

"It's mainly what you say, not how you say it. I'm sure whoever it is will be amused either way."

"But Daniel!" Kerry whined. "I need to get it right! I'm my mother's daughter: a perfectionist."

Daniel sighed, "Oh, alright. One more time."

Kerry and Jordan were in a nice Italian restaurant in Centennial. The drive there had been filled with comfortable small talk. Kerry was definately falling for Jordan. She knew she should stop but she couldn't help herself. After the pain of losing everyone this was one of the few moments when she was almost happy again, because she could almost forget. This was their third 'first' date, and Kerry was enjoying the distraction from her mission. Jordan seemed to be having a good time too in Kerry's opinion.

"So the Captain says to his men 'Can you believe the nerve of that guy?'" Kerry finished her joke, flawlessly imitating a Russian accent.

Jordan had been smirking the whole time and finally lost it. She laughed whole-heartily, and Kerry joined her. It had taken three loops for Kerry to learn that joke and get the accents right. She'd have to thank Daniel later, although she probably won't tell him what for.

Suddenly there was a loud bang from across the road. Kerry knew what it was and grinned in anticipation. She'd overheard Jack's plan on her way out of the base and couldn't bring herself to miss this, or her date with Jordan, so she combined the two. Jordan looked at her in alarm and Kerry smiled reassuringly.

"It's ok. It was just a stun grenade." Kerry stood up, "I'm going to go check it out."

Jordan remained seated, "Are you serious?"

"Of course I am. I want to know what Jack is up to."


"Yeah. We work with him. He's up to something." Kerry smiled, "I'll be back shortly, I promise."

Jordan looked uncertain for a moment. "I'm coming with you," she stood and left a few bills on the table, including a decent tip. She took Kerry's hand and grinned at the look that passed Kerry's face at the contact. "Lead the way, Soldier."

Kerry took a moment to swallow and become accustomed to the tingling sensation, "We'll go around the back."

They quickly crossed the road due to a lapse in traffic and went down an alleyway to the side of the conference building. Some distance down Kerry stopped at a brown metal door and let go of Jordan's hand to open it. It opened to reveal a dark corridor which Kerry and Jordan walked down, Kerry very confident in her stride. When they entered the conference room all the occupants bar two were lying unconscious on the floor. Teal'c picked up a Goa'uld stun grenade.

Jack spun around alert. "Kerry! What are you doing here?"

Kerry tried to look innocent, "I was across the street when I heard the grenade. I came to check out what was going on. I figured it was you."

"You did? How?"

"The current situation, plus I remembered where Kinsey was at this time. Is…"

Jordan leant close to Kerry's ear and whispered, "What's going on?"

Kerry winked at Jack and then looked at Jordan, "I think Jack here is taking that nasty looking guy in for questioning. He's a very dangerous man because of his stupidity and lack of regard for anyone else but himself. Good thing Jack and Teal'c are here to take care of it."

"That's right." Jack nodded in agreement.

"Indeed." Teal'c slightly inclined his head.

"Well, since you guys have everything under control we're going to head off." Kerry gave them the thumbs up. "I hear there's a good movie on around the corner."

Kerry sat in the commissary playing with a cube of blue jelly. She was lost in thought. How did they do it? How could they do it? She started tapping her spoon on the side of the glass bowl. Slowly she stopped tapping and put the spoon down on the table next to her bowl. She gradually sat up straight as realisation dawned on her. There is only one thing that would have given them advantage over SG-1…

"You're a bit quiet today."

Kerry frowned, "I am?"

Jordan nodded, "I mean, you're quiet for someone who was bouncing to go on a picnic."

"Oh…" Kerry thought. "I suppose I've just got a lot on my mind. I feel comfortable around you, and it's so peaceful here, I guess my mind was just running wild."

They were in a large clearing in the mountains lying beside each other on a blanket. Kerry had prepared the picnic before going to pick Jordan up from her home. Jordan was wearing jeans and a light blue button up shirt, compared to Kerry's plain black shirt and a pair of Sam's jeans.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Things I can't explain," Kerry sighed. "Especially on a first date."


Kerry nodded.

"Maybe if you just explain some of it, the part that's bothering you the most, and we could work out a solution together." Jordan laid her hand on Kerry's, not removing it when Kerry flinched slightly at the small shock.

Kerry thought for a moment about the time loop and being relatively consequence free. Maybe she could confide in Jordan. It was probably the only chance she was going to get to be honest about her life and what she did.

"Maybe you're right. It's not like you're going to tell anyone, knowing it's top secret and all."

Jordan smiled warmly, "Start at the beginning."

"The beginning… Well that would be the war."

"War?" Jordan asked in confusion.

"Yes. But the average Joe doesn't know anything about this so just pretend I'm talking about a story or fanciful fiction. It would take too long to explain everything."

"Ok." Jordan nodded and made a show of zipping her lips with her other hand.

Kerry looked at the clouds through the canopy, not really seeing anything in particular. "The war… It started by accident really. We were exploring some planet, met with the locals, and refused to help them in their quest to annihilate a neighbouring peaceful and defenceless species. They didn't take that too well, and declared war on us too. The world's best diplomats were unsuccessful, and the rest is history. Well, it will be history."

Kerry paused and frowned, "I'm a bit of a geek, to be honest. I get that from my mum. I like to dabble a little with inventions and adapting alien technology. A year or so back I was completely absorbed in my latest doohickie: a phase shifter. Basically it turns the wearer invisible. We'd had alien ones for years, but I was so close to finally developing a human made one, without the draw backs of previous prototypes."

"One day we were on a simple recon mission, liaising with the inhabitants of a mineral rich planet, scoping out their willingness to trade with us. Anyway, at some point we were betrayed and the enemy I mentioned before came to our camp to get us. Luckily we'd sat up a warning system as normal. When fighting the enemy it was almost an unspoken rule that you win or die, because the alternative was worse, so we were told to be alert at all times. They had a knack for torture, you see." Kerry shuddered, "It was a fierce battle, and the second worse thing in my life happened: …I was captured."

Jordan closed her eyes tightly, fighting images of hooded figures torturing the younger girl.

"After a few days, whether it was 10 or 20 I still have no idea, I was rescued. My parents fought tooth and nail to get the mission approved by SGC command. There were casualties on both sides, but the flakey bastards lost more!" Kerry wiped a tear from her cheek and turned her hand to hold Jordan's.

"The torture wasn't the worst thing. I did something stupid, something I was always told not to do. Now I know why."

"What did you do?" Jordan whispered.

"I had taken my research notes with me. The diagrams, the calculations, it was all there! They took everything from the camp when they captured me, including my notes. I thought they wouldn't be able to translate it, that they didn't have the know how to build it, but it was always at the back of my mind. It was so stupid to take it!" Kerry yelled angrily at herself and sat up, holding her face in her hands.

Jordan sat up too and put her arms around Kerry. "It's not your fault. You didn't know."

"It is my fault!" Kerry insisted. "The only way the enemy could kill SG-1 was if they had a tactical advantage. Being invisible is the perfect one! If it wasn't for me they wouldn't have killed SG-1! It's my fault they're dead! It's my fault they're all dead!"

Kerry couldn't go on. She broke down from all the pent up guilt. Jordan held her as her body shook with pain-filled sobs. Even Jordan had tears streaming down her face at Kerry's anguish. All she wanted to do was take the pain away.

Kerry was sitting in the commissary looking thoughtful. She didn't even look up until Teal'c asked if he could join her. She just nodded absently in response and fiddled with the salt shaker.

"Is anything amiss, Kerry?" Teal'c enquired gently.

"Oh Teal'c," Kerry sighed. "Everything is amiss."

"I have found that the Tau'ri can create a solution with ease if the problem is discussed aloud."

Kerry thought for a moment, "It's different seeing you without hair."

Teal'c remained silent.

"I wish I could tell you."

Teal'c inclined his head in understanding. "Are you not seeing your friend today?"

Kerry shook her head, "Not today."

"Perhaps you will be happier in the next loop."

Kerry looked up, surprised. On second thoughts she shouldn't have been surprised that Teal'c had worked it out. He was very observant. "Does Jack know?"

"I believe not."

"Please don't tell him. He'll want me to stop this, but I can't change the timeline more than I already have." Kerry's shoulders sagged, "I just wanted to remember everything that happened. And maybe with extra time I could deal with my demons."

"Perhaps you could discuss what is troubling you with someone who cannot remember the time loops." Teal'c suggested as he stood up to leave. "Perhaps your friend."

And with that he left, leaving Kerry with her mind reeling. She had confided in Jordan two loops ago, and had spent the last loop hiding in Sam's lab pulling apart and reassembling a naquada reactor, needing something to focus on other than the big black ball of guilt growing and eating away inside her.

Kerry cleared her throat to get Sam's attention. They were in the control room. Sam was running a random dialling sequence to determine how this time loop was affecting the Stargate.

"I don't suppose you could just tell me how to stop it?"

Kerry shook her head apologetically, "Sorry, mum."

Sam sighed, "It was worth a try."

"Can I see you outside for a second please?"

"Sure." Sam followed Kerry into the empty corridor outside the control room. "What's wrong?"

Kerry took a deep breath. "If I drew something for you, and explained how it worked, could you help me work out how to jam it?"

"What is it?"

Kerry looked at her feet, and said very quietly, "A phase shifter…"

"Phase…? You mean it shifts something out of phase, rendering it invisible to the naked eye?"

Kerry nodded.

"The T.E.R.s can do that. We used them to find the Reetou and Niirti."

Kerry shook her head, "I designed it so that doesn't work."

"You designed it?"

Kerry nodded shyly, still fascinated with her boots.

"My daughter's a genius!" Sam exclaimed loudly.

"Shhh! It's a secret." Kerry smiled, finally looking Sam in the eye.

Kerry rewrote the program for the third time. She had started her project by explaining her device in as much detail as she could to Sam, and then they began to locate the bits they thought they might need. Now Kerry began every loop by collecting those bits and continuing to develop her prototype. Sam mainly helped late in the loop, after she worked out she couldn't stop the loop by herself.

Today Kerry would begin testing.

Kerry decided to take a break from her project. This time she and Jordan were on a mission to visit all the art galleries in Colorado Springs in the one day. On their last 'first' date Kerry had told Jordan all about her childhood. It was good to talk about it. She even told her about the time she had created a laser knife using a few everyday items.

Sam sat in the commissary pushing around the blue jelly that lay in her bowl. She was distracted. Jack had been doing the strangest things this morning. He was riding his bike through the base, playing golf through the Stargate, and he even beat up Siler! When she had asked him why he was doing it, he said he was in a time loop and he could do anything he wanted. What he did then shocked her the most: he kissed her.

Now Sam didn't know what to think. She had thought she had stronger feeling for her commanding officer, but now she wasn't sure. Before, when they were stuck on either side of a force shield in the Goa'uld facility, she knew there was something more between them, he had just proved that, but was she ok with that? The kiss wasn't as fulfilling as she imagined it would be. Just as she started to imagine a faceless pair of soft and healing hands roam over her body she was begrudgingly brought back to reality. Teal'c sat on the chair across from her and tilted his head with curiosity. Sam just looked at him.

"Is something wrong, Major Carter?" Teal'c asked.

"Is it true? Can you really do anything without consequences?" Sam asked quietly.

"Indeed it is, Major Carter. In fact I have just come from sending a rather abusive message to Colonel Maybourne. It was… most gratifying." Teal'c replied, his lips curling slightly.

"Any response yet?" Sam grinned.

"Not as yet."

"Damn, eh?"

"You did not answer my original question, Major Carter."

"Oh, right, that… Well, umm… Jack kissed me…" Sam squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block the memory.

"He has deep feelings for you."

"I know. And I thought I felt the same. But I don't think I do now."

Teal'c inclined his head in acknowledgement.

"I guess I knew it could never work but I had my dreams, but when he kissed me it just didn't feel right." Sam sighed with frustration. "I wish I knew who Kerry's other parent was so I could at least know who I'm supposed to be with."

"Kerry cannot tell you."

Sam rubbed her face, "I know, Teal'c, I know."

"I am sure you will know the answer when the time is right. Until then all you can do is follow your heart." Teal'c stood and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly.

Sam looked at him, surprised by his show of affection. She smiled with appreciation and then he walked away. Sam knew Janet wouldn't tell her. Her thoughts blurred with her vision. She remembered how happy she was staying with Janet and looking after Kerry and Cassie. It was almost like she had a family. She wondered if she would ever feel that again.

Kerry was taking this loop off. It had been several since she had seen Jordan, and although she was very focused on building a jamming device for the phase shifter she was constantly thinking about her. When Jordan opened the door was once again wearing the multi-coloured dress that Kerry was quite fond of. Jordan smiled, evidently happy to see her visitor.


"Hey," Kerry smiled confidently. "Would you like to go to lunch with me?"

Jordan pretended to consider Kerry's offer. "What do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking of getting some fish and chips and having a picnic at the park around the corner. The one with swings."

Jordan giggled, "I'd love to. Shall we go now?"

Kerry had Siler helping her test the jamming device she was trying to develop. So far he had been shot twice and zapped several meters three times now. Kerry helped him up, again.

"Sorry," she repeated. "You know, Siler, you land really well."

Siler brushed himself off. "Yeah, Doctor Fraiser said I must have been a stunt co-ordinator in a past life."

O'Malley's was busy for lunch time. Kerry and Jordan got the last available table for two. They browsed the menu and eventually ordered a steak each, Kerry with a side of vegetables and Jordan with salad. They made general small talk; about art, military life, music, movies. Kerry had spent a little time researching the current musical and theatrical trends.

"So, how's your top secret mission going?" Jordan asked off-handedly.

Kerry's head snapped up. "What?"

"Whatever it is you're doing… How is it going?"

"Ah… not well?" Kerry faltered.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

Kerry shrugged.

"I just thought it was good, or even finished, since you came over today…"

"Right. Yes. Um, no." Kerry frowned. Her speech problem around Jordan was annoying. She took a deep breath. "I'm from the future, which is why I shouldn't be here. With you."

"The future?" Jordan asked sceptically.



"And you wanna know something really funny?" Kerry laughed. "I don't even now how to get back! Well, to be accurate, I know how, I just don't know when. We were a little too distracted to find a suitable flare to enable my return. Although none of that matters if I don't save SG-1, which is looking very unlikely at this stage."

Jordan stared at Kerry.

"Sorry…" Kerry scratched her neck nervously. "Feeling a wee bit stressed at the moment…"

"Teal'c, how are you this loop?" Kerry asked with joy she didn't feel.

Teal'c stood beside Kerry and looked at the array of technology on her workbench in front of her. "I am well, Kerry. How is your progress?"

"No luck so far," Kerry sighed.

Teal'c remained silent.

Kerry turned to look at him and frowned. "You don't usually visit me. How come you're not off with Jack learning Ancient or playing golf through the Stargate?"

"In a previous loop O'Neill kissed Major Carter."

Kerry's eyes went wide.

"She then confided in me that she was uncomfortable with this. O'Neill is not your father." Teal'c raised his eyebrow when the colour drained from Kerry's face. "Am I mistaken?"

"Um, no, you're right," Kerry stammered. "Please don't tell anyone!"

Teal'c bowed his head, "I will not."

Kerry rubbed her face with both hands and groaned in frustration. "Do I want to know if you've figured it out?"

Teal'c stayed silent once more.

Kerry looked up at him again, this time with a hint of hope. "Who?"

Teal'c mouth formed the slightest of smiles, "The only person who Major Carter trusts completely: Doctor Fraiser."

Kerry let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. Finally her secret was out, more than she had thought it would, and she was actually relieved. Teal'c has always been a trusted friend to her, and she was grateful to have him to confide in now.

"Only mum, I mean Janet, and General Hammond know. Sam definitely doesn't know and cannot find out either. It will take quite a bit of time for her to realise her feelings. You know how she likes to bottle things up and ignore them."

Teal'c gave a brief nod.

"It doesn't work."

"What doesn't work?" Jordan asked. She had just opened the door to Kerry.

"The jamming device." Kerry walked past Jordan and collapsed onto her lounge. "I can't do a damn thing with this old technology!"

"Old technology?" Jordan sat next to Kerry. "What are you going on about?"

Kerry sighed. "I'm trying to MacGuyver a jamming device to stop the affects of the phase shifter that I invented in the future."

"Have you tried using a toaster?"

Kerry looked at Jordan incredulously. The side of Jordan's mouth twitched. Kerry smiled, and then started laughing. They laughed for a bit, neither one able to maintain a straight face for long. Eventually the frown reappeared on Kerry's face.

"How am I going to stop them if I can't see them?"

"Maybe you'll just have to use your other senses." Jordan stood and held her hand out to Kerry. "Do they have a really bad odour or something?"

Kerry laughed and took Jordan's hand, allowing herself to be pulled into a standing position. "Unfortunately not."

"Well, I have no idea what you're talking about, but maybe we can come up with a solution over a romantic dinner?" Jordan blushed slightly.

Kerry beamed, "I'd like that. How does Chinese sound?"

Today was the day, or more accurately today was the last time they would loop. Jack and Teal'c had finished the translation and tomorrow they were going to make the General let them end this. Jack was spending one last day playing around the base with Teal'c, while Kerry went to go see Jordan.

She decided on a picnic again, as it was easier to talk that way. Even though Kerry knew no one would remember the conversations they had she still didn't like talking in front of people. They had eaten their ice creams while walking in silence. Jordan kept on glancing at Kerry with concern because she had a sad look in her eyes that was different to when Kerry had declined her offer at the exhibition.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

Kerry sighed, "I have to say goodbye."

"Are you leaving? I thought that when you came over today that you changed your mind about this, us, and here we are in the nicest park in the state…"

"I know," Kerry rubbed her forehead. "I guess I should probably tell you, again, that Earth has been stuck in a time loop and I've gone on several 'first' dates with you during this, and I've come to really really like you, and I wish I could continue to spend time with you after they stop the loops, but I'm from the future so I can't because when we go back to normal time I need to save SG-1 and then find a way to return home… to my own time. If and when I do you will have aged with the years and such a significant age difference is still frowned upon in society."

Jordan blinked, "Well, if you didn't want to see me again you could have just said so, or not even come over."

Kerry stopped and stared at the hurt look on Jordan's face. She opened her mouth to speak but she knew that nothing she could say would fix things. So instead she did the only thing she knew that would convey just how deeply she had grown to care for Janet's neighbour. Kerry took Jordan's hand, took a step forward and kissed her.

"Mmm!" Jack moaned as he chewed his mouthful.

"I don't think I've ever seen anybody enjoy oatmeal so much." Daniel winced.

"When you've been eating fruit loops for who knows how long, a little variety helps." He stuffed another spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth

"Well, we got a message from the Tok'ra. Apparently, they've been trying to contact us for over 3 months." Sam informed the four at the table.

"Really?" Jack mumbled as he took yet another mouthful.

"Who knows when they first realised that we were cut off? I mean, there's really no way of telling how much time passed." Sam looked at Kerry who couldn't hide the loss in her eyes. Sam wondered what happened for such a change to occur. Kerry had not looked so sad before this time loop fiasco, in fact she had looked quite excited and amused.

"Let me ask you something, in all the time you were ... um ... looping, were you ever tempted to ... uh ... um ... do something crazy? I mean, you could do anything without worrying about consequences?" Daniel pried.

"You know, it's funny, you've asked me that before."




It had been two weeks since SG-1 stopped the time loop. Kerry had stayed on base for the majority of that time. She wanted to stay at home, but she also knew she would give into temptation if she did. As SG-1 and Kerry walked down the hall towards the Embarkation Room Sam explained, "The M.A.L.P. readings indicate a very low UV level. All other indications suggest a positive environment."

"Sounds good." Jack replied.

"It's going to take us two weeks to get the Enkarons fully transplanted." Daniel added.

"If the planet proves to be suitable." Teal'c added further.

"It better be. They're running out of time."

They all lined up in front of the ramp, out of the reach of the kawoosh. Jack carefully fixed his cap so it was sitting comfortably. Kerry tapped her foot, as if waiting impatiently for the last chevron to lock. When it didn't Jack and Sam turned to look up at the control room.

Sergeant Davis shook his head and said over the speaker, "Chevron Seven won't engage."

SG-1 shared confused looks while Kerry swayed from side to side slowly. Jack turned back to the gate and sighed heavily. Sam silently asked Kerry what was wrong but Kerry just shrugged in response. Sam knew this would be the case so she set off for the control room.

When Sam entered the room Sgt. Davis looked at her, "I don't understand it. The diagnostic shows no problems."

Sam looked at the information on the screen. Everything looked fine. The diagnostic did indeed show that there was nothing wrong. She pressed the microphone button, "Sir, this is going to take a while."

"It looks like there was an energy spike in our power log about eight minutes before we first tried dialing out." Sam explained to the rest of SG-1, General Hammond and Kerry in the control room.

"Ah, correct me if I'm wrong," Daniel frowned. "…but isn't that something we've seen before when another gate is being used on Earth?"

Jack was perched on a console to the side. He leant forward slightly, "Like when Maybourne's N.I.D. guys had the other gate."

"There is no longer a second Stargate on Earth." Teal'c reminded everyone.

General Hammond nodded in agreement, "Ours was destroyed along with Thor's ship."

"But if there was another gate," Sam said, "And its use was responsible for the energy spike there might be a corresponding seismic tremor, like when the gate was found in Antarctica."

A few moments later Sgt. Davis announced, "I've got something."

Jack stood up and looked at the screen while Sam spoke, "There was a minor seismic event that matches the time in our power log exactly."

"Is that Siberia?" Jack asked.

Sam nodded, "Yes, Sir. And there's only one explanation I can think of."

"The Russians have a Stargate?" Daniel asked with concern.

All but Teal'c and Sgt. Davis looked at Kerry for an answer. She stared at them all defiantly and silently dared them to ask her aloud. She was getting a bit annoyed at them for wanting answers they knew she couldn't and wouldn't give. She clenched her jaw and stood at attention facing the General.

"Permission to be dismissed, Sir?"

"Where are you going?" He enquired.

"To the infirmary."

Sam stood up, "Is something wrong?"


General Hammond nodded, "Very well, dismissed."

"Thank you, Sir." Kerry gave him a curt nod and walked out, ignoring the looks behind her.

The Kuybyshev Airbase was impressive in size. SG-1 and Kerry waited near the Air Force plane. Jack was just starting to fidget when a Russian vehicle pulled up and a woman got out and walked towards them.

"Doctor Markov, I presume." Jack announced.

"Sorry I'm late."

"Doctor, it's an honour," Sam shook Doctor Markov's hand. "I've read your work."

"And I yours, Major Carter. I had hoped we would meet under different circumstances."

"Jack O'Neill," Jack extended his hand.

"Yes," Markov shook the proffered hand. "And Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c."

Teal'c bowed slightly.

"And who are you?" Markov asked the figure behind Daniel.

"I'm Kerry. Just ignore me. I'm only here to observe SG-1."

Markov looked wary.

"How do you know about the SGC?" Sam asked with a frown.

"I have read extensive files on all of you." Markov explained. "Nearly all."

"The question was… how?" Jack clarified.

"I learned to read English at the age of six. It is not difficult." Markov answered with a slight smirk.

Sam looked amused at Jack, who tried to brush it off by saying, "Russian humour."

"I will tell you what I can on the way." Markov said. She walked around them towards the back of the plane.

Jack and Sam shared a look. Jack squinted as he followed the rest of his team. Kerry didn't know much of this Markov, but so far she was quite impressed by her witty retorts. Not many could face down Jack in that department and win.

"Our gate superceded yours as long as the dialing device was connected. We only kept it connected when we were using it to prevent any crossover. It required precise timing, but it worked." Markov explained.

"Till now." Jack reminded them.

"As for the current situation, I really don't know what has happened. There has been no contact with the base since yesterday at 1200 hours."

An Air Force officer walked into the hold, "Sir, we have a visual on the target runway. It appears to be iced over, and there's no response from the control tower."

"We're going to have to jump."

Daniel looked confused, he looked around and pointed to the back, "Out… of… the plane?"

Teal'c also had a confused look, albeit a more subdued one. Sam closed her eyes in frustration and disappointment, and Kerry next to her looked to share similar feelings. Kerry muttered something under her breath and rubbed her face with gloved hands. She had forgotten that tiny detail.

"Can't we just beam down, like in Star Trek?" Kerry joked.

Markov looked directly at Jack, "I'm going with or without you, Colonel."

Jack held her stare, "I suppose you expect my male bravado to kick in right about now."

"I've read your file."

"No mention of bravado, eh?"

"There are 47 people down there who may need our help."

"Look. You don't have to tell me what's at stake here. We have 7 teams off world who can't get home till we fix what you screwed up."

Markov sat back, not prepared to argue anymore. Jack sat back as well, ignoring the terrified look he got from Daniel.

Jack grabbed the microphone on his helmet, "Stu! Gear 'em up. We're a jump."

Markov and Sam stood up while Daniel continued to look around with a look of terror and horror. The airman helped Markov put the pack on. Teal'c held his up and looked at Jack.

"I do not understand, O'Neill."

Jack looked at him, "It's called a parachute."

Sam clipped up her pack and then turned to help Kerry, "It slows your decent after you jump out of the plane."

"This device seems to be poorly designed to provide such a function," Teal'c retorted with the sound of fear in his voice. He had faced countless dangers, but this seemed the most idiotic.

"It opens after you jump," Jack explained. Teal'c stared at him stoically. "Don't worry about it. I've done it hundreds of times."

"I assume you bought Haz-Mat?" Markov asked.

"Yeah." Jack stared at her and said sardonically, "We thought somebody should be prepared."

Markov looked unimpressed at Sam, "Is he always like this?"

Sam glanced at Jack, "Actually, this is quite charming," she smiled.

Kerry giggled behind Sam. "Be grateful he isn't the grumpy old man that I know."

The base initially appeared to be deserted, until the bodies were found. Some were shot, others died of unknown causes. After Markov used her code, 6996, and her swipe card to open the gate room and discovered that the gate was active they went to the control room to find out what happened. Kerry just kept silent and followed the others while keeping alert for any movement or sound that would indicate the presence of the enemy. She almost protested when they split up, Teal'c and Daniel going to account for the personnel while Jack and Sam stayed with Markov to investigate further.

Kerry was torn. She didn't know where she should be. "I'm going with the others."

Sam looked at her daughter in concern, but Jack nodded, "Good. Make sure Daniel doesn't trip over anything."

"Yes, Sir." Kerry tried to smile reassuringly at Sam. She didn't want anyone to know how worried she was. If they acted differently it might change everything.

Once out of the control room Kerry mentally shook herself. Ok, you can do this, she thought to herself, you're a skilled member of the SGC and have faced more dire situations than this. Her pep talk didn't make the slightest difference. Her body was tingling and her heart was racing. She had to keep it together or all would be lost.

Instead of going to help Daniel and Teal'c she searched around a little and eventually followed Markov, Jack and Sam when they went to check on the sample that Markov had brought back previously. She kept her distance but stayed close enough to act if she needed to. When they went back to the control room Jack called Daniel and Teal'c back. Kerry walked in after them so no one would ask her where she was.

After some trial, error, and discussion it was decided that to shut down the wormhole the reconnaissance drone was to be shut off by the manned submarine, as it couldn't be shut off manually. Down in the gate room it was decided that Sam and Daniel would go with Dr. Markov. Kerry stayed with Jack and Teal'c, and once the wormhole was deactivated she went with them to search for the people still unaccounted for. They eventually entered the kitchen…

Another detail that Kerry forgot was that Maybourne was in the freezer. She stayed out of the way while Teal'c and Jack defrosted him, and reacted in every way Jack would expect her to when the blue mist left Maybourne and went into Teal'c. A part of her wished she had gone on the sub because she wanted to make sure Sam was safe, and also she was told that Daniel made quite a few humourous remarks about Swiss-made equipment.

However, she would have to live without knowing what he said to make sure that Jack and Teal'c stayed safe. It was extremely more likely that the enemy would strike on Earth, rather than the water planet. Time was running out and she didn't precisely know when or where they would strike.

"Who the hell are you?" Maybourne's demand snapped Kerry out of her thoughts.

"None of your concern." Kerry answered shortly.

"Everything is my concern. I demand to know who you are!" Maybourne faltered slightly when Kerry gave him a glare worthy of Janet. "Jack?"

"Don't look at me. Even if I could answer I wouldn't. Oh, and I also wouldn't provoke her. She won't get into trouble for shooting you."

"What a good idea!" Kerry exclaimed.

"Don't be absurd!" Maybourne stepped forward in an attempt to grab Kerry.

She pulled her zat out faster than Maybourne expected she could and pointed it at his nose. "The penalty for treason is death."

"No, no, no. You can't!" Maybourne cried as he staggered back.

Kerry shot once and Maybourne slumped to the floor. "We shouldn't leave him in the freezer. The creatures aren't here to keep him alive this time."

"You're not going to kill him?" Jack asked in disappointment.

"No. It's not his time."

They followed Teal'c into the gate room. Kerry couldn't have been less concerned with what he was doing, but luckily Jack was too focused on him to notice her scoping out the room. The gate room door was open exposing them to the corridors beyond, there were high vantage points all over the large room, and anywhere the invisible enemy could be standing in wait. She looked for a place where she could view the whole room and cover SG-1. Nowhere was suitable so she kept close to Jack, constantly turning and watching for any hint of attack.

The life forms in Teal'c released him and left through the Stargate. When Sam, Daniel and Markov came back without the sub everyone but Kerry was alarmed and confused. She didn't care. Her body was tingling and her heart was beating so fast and hard she couldn't clearly hear what they were saying, something about the exchange of hostages. They were here. She knew it!

Movement! To her left. She took a step back towards the others and pointed her weapon. The others pulled their weapons and did the same. There was a small light hovering over the landing. It flashed and Kerry shot towards it. Something fell with a thud on the metal walkway. The light flew across the room.

The other side! It flashed and Kerry shot. Another thud.

The light did a loop and went through the door.

Kerry followed it to the door, "Stay close to me and stay alert. They could be anywhere!"

"What's going on?" Markov questioned.

"Come with us. Stay quiet." Jack ordered and followed Kerry.

The others followed alertly behind Kerry, who was following the mysterious light. It went out and Kerry held up her hand to stop the others. She peered around the corner and the light appeared again along the passageway. It flashed twice and Kerry shot twice. She had no idea what was happening, but this light had revealed the enemies just when Kerry needed it to. Someone had answered Kerry's prayers.

Kerry felt a mental pull to her right so she looked that way. The light flashed some distance off and Kerry shot. Yet another thud could be heard. The light continued down that way so Kerry and the others followed. It led them to the door outside. The team took up positions on either side of the door after the light passed right through it. Kerry cracked the door open slightly and looked outside into the light snowfall. Everything was white. She couldn't see the light.

There it was! It flashed but Kerry was too slow to react this time. A shot was fired and she shut the door to block the fireball. It exploded against the door, burning Kerry's hand which was still on the handle. She groaned in pain and Sam gripped her jacket from behind. Kerry clenched her jaw and opened the door again, this time ready to fire. The light flashed and Kerry let out a burst of bullets, determined to get the bastard.

The light flashed brightly then was gone. Outside was silent, and only heavy breathing could be heard inside. They waited a few moments, Sam still holding Kerry's jacket. When Kerry decided the light wasn't coming back she relaxed only slightly.

"Stay here and watch that way. I'm going outside to check that the coast is clear."

"No!" Sam gripped tighter.

"Don't argue with me." Kerry snapped, and then said with a note of desperation, "I'm here to save you so you have to let me do that. Now stay here."

Jack gave her a nod and Kerry opened the door further this time, readying her gun. She stepped out into the cold and scanned the landscape. No movement. No sound except the wind. And no light. She stood there for several minutes scanning for any sign of life. Still nothing.

She walked to where the light had flashed, to where the enemy had shot her from, and found pooling green blood in the snow. After having one more look around she let her gun hang at her side and she retrieved her zat gun. She felt around on the enemy for the device and pulled it off when she found it. The enemy shimmered into view.

Kerry put the device in her pocket and stood up straight. She looked around at the almost peaceful surroundings and then back to the dead figure at her feet. Its dark green scaly body was covered in black cloth. Weapons and torture instruments adorned the belt and sash around it.

Kerry looked down on it in disgust, "I did it. You bastards lost. I saved them. I saved SG-1."

Kerry raised her arm and pointed the zat. She shot it, once, twice, three times, and it disappeared from view.

After Kerry had retrieved the devices and disposed of the bodies, without the others present of course, they were able to return home. She gave as little information as she could at the debriefing, refusing to describe them or admit that she took the phase shifters from them. Those she would keep and analyse when she could. She did, however, protest when Daniel described what he thought had happened.

"She was amazing! She knew exactly where to shoot, and how many they were."


"You knew. That's why you shot where you did." Daniel insisted.

"No, no, no. I didn't know. I had no idea where they were."

"Wait a sec," Sam frowned. "If you didn't know where they were, then how did you know where to shoot?"

"You didn't see it?"

"See what?" Jack asked.

"The light." Kerry looked at their blank faces with alarm. "The light that flashed in front of them. Are you telling me you didn't see it?"

"I saw no light." Teal'c stated simply.

Kerry was speechless. "I don't understand," she whispered.



Kerry sat in the lab chair spinning around. She was 'helping' Janet study some plant samples brought back from some planet. Kerry didn't actually pay attention when Janet had explained it to her.

"The rejuvenative properties of this sample is amazing! It's already forming a new root."

"Uhuh," Kerry spun around again.

Janet looked up from the microscope. "You know, if you're not interested you don't have to stay."

"What?" Kerry stopped spinning and looked at her mother.

Janet pulled her chair over and sat down facing Kerry. "Tell me what's bothering you."

Kerry tugged at the corner of her pants pocket, "I can't."

"Can't or won't?"

Kerry shrugged.

Janet took her hand. "Sweetie, whatever it is you can tell me. You know I would never betray your trust."

"I know. It's not that… it's just… I don't… I can't explain it." Kerry frowned deeply. "It's not that I'm not allowed to, well I probably can't, it's just that I don't know how."

"How about you start with what caused 'it'?"

"Ok," Kerry thought for a moment. "You know how a mysterious light helped me?"

Janet nodded.

"I can't explain it," Kerry shook her head. "It was exactly what I needed. I asked over and over for something, a sign, a miracle, anything to help me save SG-1."

"Well, it sounds like you got it."

"But I don't understand how! Or why!"

"Describe the light." Janet squeezed Kerry's hand.

"Well, it was a light. Not much to it really." Kerry shrugged. "It could pass through doors, get brighter, disappear, move really fast."

"Could it have been an alien life form?"

Kerry frowned. "I don't think so. Possibly."

"An Ancient?" Janet suggested.

"Nah, would have been interfering too much. It looked more like the light species from that moon SG-1 hasn't been to yet. Plus, the Ancients can't read my thoughts anyway so they wouldn't have known I needed help."

Janet frowned now, "They can't read your thoughts? I thought they were all knowing and stuff like that. Daniel said they can see into your soul."

"Yeah, but not me." Kerry smiled sheepishly, "I told you I'm special."

"But how?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out." Kerry winked.

"Kerry…" Janet used her mother tone.

Kerry gulped. "I'm going to leave you alone now."

Kerry found Sam in the gym. She was jogging on the treadmill so Kerry got on the one next to her and set it to a comfortable walking pace.

"Can I ask you a favour?"

"Sure," Sam agreed as she set her machine to a walking pace as well.

"I need you to do something, something very important."

Sam frowned in concern, "What is it?"

"I took my research notes with me on a mission. The enemy got my notes, and that's how they were invisible."

Sam pressed the stop button. "Oh…"

Kerry did the same. "You always told me not to, and I never did, except that once, and it was that once that made all the difference. I need you to never ever let me do it. Tell me why if you have to. Tell me it destroyed everything."


"Please mum," Kerry begged. "I need you to tell me why. Just after my 19th birthday, before the mission, tell me why!"

Sam opened her mouth to protest further but closed it. She just nodded instead, "Ok. I will."

Kerry looked relieved, "Thank you."

Kerry had locked the door to Sam's lab so she could examine the phase shifters in privacy. She didn't want anyone to know, for obvious reasons. Although the device was rather primitive compared to what she was still developing the fact that they got it working at all impressed and scared her the most. She would have to make sure this didn't happen again.

She pulled one of the devices apart, bit by bit, and tried to decipher exactly how they got it to work. She now understood why her jamming device was unsuccessful. They used a different power source which altered the phase that the wearer was in from what she had originally developed. Although, the technology she had access to during the loops didn't help. It was one of her many frustrations during that repeated day.

It was a good thing she got the miracle she asked for. It was like she had a guardian angel…

Kerry looked up suddenly.

"No," she shook her head in disbelief. "It couldn't be. It's impossible…"



"Did you think I wouldn't notice?"

"I hoped you wouldn't."

"How? Why?" Kerry started to pace.

"Does it matter?"

Kerry stopped and looked at her savior, "Yes."

"I did it because you needed help."

"But why did you help me? Why did you interfere?"

"I didn't want to see you suffer any more."

Kerry stepped closer and looked into brown eyes. "Are they your real eyes?"

Jordan nodded, "Every now and then I take my original human form, from before I ascended."

"You were beautiful. You are beautiful."

Jordan blushed. "I just wanted to help…"

"You did!" Kerry grabbed Jordan's hands. "You helped me save SG-1. Because of you they are alive. Because of you they will save the universe time and time again."

Jordan shook her head. "You did that."

"Because of you." Kerry closed the distance between them and kissed Jordan. Suddenly everything made perfect sense. The first touch, the energized air, the further increased healing speed, how Jordan knew she needed help when Kerry only admitted it during the time loop.

When they parted Jordan let go of Kerry's uninjured hand and reached into her pocket. She withdrew a piece of paper and handed it to Kerry, who took it and unfolded it to reveal a date and time.

"What's this?"

"It's when you need to go back. I was going to leave it in Janet's mailbox. It'll take you to a day after you left. Everything should be as it should be. Your family will be alive."

"What about you?"

Jordan shrugged, "Nothing."

"Come with me."

"I can't, not without the others knowing."

Kerry sighed with disappointment.

"I can wait though," Jordan squeezed her hand. "I can meet you after you come back."

"At the park?"

Jordan nodded, "On the first day ending in 7 that you can. I will be waiting each time from midday. Until then I will watch over your family, and you."

Kerry gasped and then grinned, "You are my guardian angel."

Jordan frowned slightly, "What do you mean?"

Kerry continued to grin, "Firstly mum, Janet, was saved by an Ancient after she was shot by a Goa'uld staff weapon on some godforsaken planet. We don't like to talk about that. And then when mum was pregnant with me she told me that an Ancient blessed her. One night she was sleeping and she awoke to a glowing figure beside the bed. It laid its hand on her stomach and it glowed as well."

"And you think that was me?"

"It has to be! Who else?" Kerry beamed. "I'm different. I'm special. I can heal faster, think faster, and Ancients can't read my thoughts."

"I was wondering about that. It's one of the reasons why I like you so much," Jordan blushed, "because it's the first normal relationship I've had since I was alive. I like the fact that I don't know what you're thinking."

"You did it! You made me this way. It's like a self fulfilling prophecy..." The full weight of the realisation finally hit Kerry.

"I guess it was meant to be." Jordan smiled.

Kerry nodded in agreement, "I guess it was."

Jordan lifted Kerry's hand, which she was still holding. The entwined hands glowed, and Kerry could feel her palm tingling under the bandage. After a moment the glowing dissipated and the tingling returned to a normal 'contact with Jordan' level.

Kerry laughed at Cassie's misunderstanding in class that day. The future family was seated around the table having lasagna for dinner. Tonight was Kerry's last night before returning to her own time, and the night was almost perfect. Cassie continued to tell her school adventures well into the meal.

She eventually asked Kerry, "Where did you go to school?"

Kerry raised her eyebrow, "Wish I could tell you, Squirt, but you know I can't."

"Stop calling me 'squirt'." Cassie pouted.

"Hell no!" Kerry laughed. "I need to do it while I have the chance."

Janet and Sam shared a fond smile. They were glad their daughters got along, and will get along, so well. Of course, Janet knew the whole truth, and was very happy to know that the people she loved the most would remain in her life.

"This lasagna is great!" Kerry cleared her plate first. "It seems like forever since I had it last."

"We come over often?" Sam asked, none the wiser.

Janet tried not to choke on the mouthful of wine she had just taken, "Wrong hole…"

Kerry attempted to stop her face from turning red. She tried to laugh nonchalantly, "Yes. Yes we do."

Sam smiled genuinely and looked at Janet, "I'm glad."

"Me too." Janet took another sip of wine to hide the blush.

Cassie rolled her eyes, "As long as I don't have to change your nappies."

Kerry laughed again. She was having a good time. SG-1 was safe, and she was happy. "I wouldn't get your hopes up too much, Squirt."

Saying goodbye has always been hard for Kerry. She began with Cassie, while the 'adults' waited in the car. Her 'big' sis had been a pillar of support during this difficult time.

"Now remember, it'll take time but eventually she'll figure it out. You just need to continue to get her over here."

"I will."

"Excellent," Kerry hugged Cassie tightly. "See you in about 25 years, Well, you'll see me in about 5 actually."

Afterwards SG-1, General Hammond and Janet lined up in the gate room with Kerry awaiting her departure.

"Jack, keep out of trouble."

"I won't." Jack grinned after hugging Kerry briefly.

"Daniel, never give up hope. The answers are out there."

"Thank you, for everything. And we are definitely having a rematch in Uno." Daniel hugged Kerry with a squeeze.

"Teal'c, my man, anything is possible if you believe. As Jack would say, 'If at first you don't succeed: try try, try try, try try again.'"

Teal'c bowed his head and returned Kerry's embrace.

"General," Kerry saluted. "It's been an honour to serve with you."

"And you, Kerry," Hammond saluted the young officer, then turned to the guys. "Let's give the girls some privacy."

General Hammond and the male members of SG-1 left with last 'goodbyes', heading towards the control room. Kerry turned to her parents silently.

Janet stepped forward and pulled Kerry into a fierce hug. "Be good, Kiddo."

"I nearly always will be," Kerry winked. She then leant close to Janet's ear, "Just hang in there. I promise she'll realise it. What better proof than I?"

Janet gave a laugh through her tears. "Thank you for showing me the light."

Kerry stepped back with tears of her own. Oh how she wished she could have a family hug like she's used to! She gave Janet's hand one last squeeze before turning to Sam.

Janet cleared her throat, "I'll leave you two alone. Goodbye Kerry."

"Bye Doc," Kerry winked away a tear.

"I suppose you still won't tell me who your father is…?"


"Didn't think so."

"I will tell you something else though." Kerry hugged her mother.

"What's that?"

"You'll be happy, that I promise you." Kerry held on tighter. "Just don't let your fears get in the way. Follow your heart, always."

"I promise," Sam vowed through tears.

"And one more thing," Kerry pulled back slightly. "Don't worry about telling me not to take my notes with me. I discovered a self-fulfilling prophecy that I need to come back to create. We do love our paradoxes!"

Sam shook her head, "But that will mean you have to suffer again."

"Mum, it will all be fine, I assure you. I wouldn't be me if I don't come back. Trust me on this. I have your brains, after all."

Sgt. Davis spoke over the microphone, "Starting dialling sequence now."

"I'm not ok with this."

"Chevron one, locked."

"But you'll let me?" Kerry looked into Sam's eyes pleadingly.

"Chevron two, locked."

Sam sighed, "I will."

"Chevron three, locked."

"Thank you," Kerry embraced her mother again. "I'll explain it when I can."

"Chevron four, locked."

"You'd better."

"Chevron five, locked."

Kerry stepped back and let go of Sam.

"Chevron six, locked."

She looked up and smiled at her family in the control room and waved goodbye.

"Chevron seven, engaged."


Kerry looked at her watch and then at the shimmering blue of the Stargate. She faced her mother and waved as she began to walk backwards up the ramp.

"Bad ramp!" Kerry waved her finger at the culprit to her initial injuries.

Sam half laughed, half cried.

Kerry's watched beeped, "Goodbye everyone. See you on the other side."

There was a chorus of goodbyes from the gate room and control room as Kerry reached the event horizon.

"Oh, and mum?" Kerry smiled knowingly, "It's a modern world, you can't just assume I have a father."

And she was gone.



She sat between her two mothers. It felt weird being back. She kept looking for any change, any indication that she changed the time line. Of course the SGC would be normal, but she had no way of knowing what else she had done to her reality. What concerned her the most, even more than those possible changes, was admitting what she had done. She wouldn't reveal everything, but she did need to explain some of it to her superiors.

General Rachel 'Ralst' Stirling sat at the head of the briefing table. To her right were the other members of SG-1, Colonel Jennifer Haley, Doctor Jennifer Brown, and of course Teal'c. To her left were Janet, Kerry, Sam and General Cameron Mitchell. Kerry was already sipping water to soothe her dry throat.

"In your report you said you remembered the time loops. Why did you do that?" General Stirling asked.

"I wanted to remember and have more time to come up with a strategy against the Skreetons. During the loops I worked on developing a jamming device for the phase shifters I suspected they used. I was unsuccessful."

"Why did you go on the mission to P4X-639 when you knew that they didn't strike until SG-1 was in Russia?"

Kerry took a deep breath. She knew they would question everything. "As I explained to General Hammond at the time, I wanted SG-1 to become accustomed to my presence so they would act normal at all times, including when their lives were in peril. I was trying to minimize the temporal impact, so I didn't tell them when the enemy was to strike."

"Why did you stay at your mothers'?"

"I was emotionally traumatized and needed to be in a relatively normal and loving environment to cope." Kerry was prepared for that one.

"Why did you tell Sam she was your mother?" General Mitchell asked.

"I needed SG-1 to trust me; mum had been acting strangely around me; and I wanted her to know that it was all worth it."

"All worth it?" Stirling questioned.

Kerry looked guilty and averted her eyes. "She was troubled by Martouf's death, amongst other things, and was questioning her military career. I wanted her to know the Stargate program was worth it, and that it led to happier times. I couldn't exactly explain that she would nearly lose mum before finally realising who she wanted to be with, and then that she called in a favour with the Asguard to get me conceived, now could I?"

Sam squeezed Kerry's shoulder but said nothing.

General Stirling crossed her arms and sat back in her chair, "Kerry, what troubles me the most is that you had help killing the Skreetons. Can you try to explain that further?"

"No, Sir." Kerry shook her head and lied. "It's exactly like I said in my report. I had almost given up hope. I knew the attack was imminent but I had no idea from where. At first I thought the light was a by-product of firing a weapon whilst out of phase. However, when the light flew across the room it discredited my initial theory. It seemed to be helping, leading me to them and showing me where to shoot. I trusted my instincts, but I was still cautious after it disappeared."

"You said it looked like the light species from M4C-862?" Colonel Haley queried. She had first hand knowledge of the light creatures.

"I said it's possible, but I really have no way of knowing who or what helped me that day. I wish I did so I could thank them."

She'd been back for eight days before she was allowed off the base. The 'Jordan' that had been Janet's neighbour all those years ago had packed up and moved out. Janet didn't know where she was now, although her artwork could still be seen in a few galleries throughout Colorado Springs. Kerry had already searched for any information on Jordan on the base system. She could track her from when she got her driving permit to a few months after Kerry had returned to her own time. It was like she had dropped off the face of the Earth. Kerry knew she could, of course, but she was very nervous about not being able to find anything.

After a long day of final evaluations and debriefings Kerry went home. She stretched before taking her seat at the table. Sam was helping Janet dish up dinner while Cassie set the table. Although Cassie didn't live with them anymore everyone insisted that Kerry relax. To them she was a hero. They remembered what she did, and didn't care that she broke a great deal of the Temporal Law to do it. She did it for the right reasons and Earth was safe because of it. And it was her 21st birthday tomorrow after all.

"Are you sure I can't help?" Kerry asked for the fourth time.

"Yes!" Her mothers and sister chorused.

"Ok, just checking."

Sam and Janet put the plates of lasagna on the table and quickly shared a kissed before taking their seats. Kerry beamed with glee at the sign of affection. It was such a relief to see them 'together' again. Cassie sat next to Kerry and nudged her shoulder.

"What are you grinning at, Squirt?"

If there wasn't a plate full of food in front of her Kerry would have softly banged her head on the table. Instead she mock glared at her older sister, "Who are you calling 'squirt'?"

Cassie grinned, "You."

"Thought so…" Kerry laughed. "I was grinning at those two. It was so weird not seeing my own parents hug and stuff."

"Well I'm sorry, but I had no idea I was supposed to!" Sam exclaimed. "No one would tell me who your other parent was."

"You know we couldn't say anything." Kerry responded. "And think of your poor wife! Imagine what she went through knowing for years you were the love of her life and not being able to do anything about it."

"Yeah, imagine what I went through." Janet teased Sam.

"Alright, alright. Point taken." Sam relented. She leant over and kissed Janet for a moment.

"Much better," Janet purred.

They all laughed together. Kerry was so happy to be with her real family.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you!" Kerry shook her head at herself. "We got a report this morning that the Skreetons are planning to ask for a temporary truce while negotiations can be made."

"I wonder what made them think of that?" Janet asked sarcastically.

Sam shrugged, "I don't know, maybe something to do with our daughter thwarting their diabolical scheme?"

Janet nodded slowly, "Possibly."

"Good job, sis." Cassie patted Kerry on the back.

"Thanks." Kerry beamed.

She had barely thought of anything else since she'd been back, almost two weeks ago. She had finally gotten leave after undergoing a myriad of medical and psychological evaluations. She felt this was the day that would define the rest of her life. Today was the 7th and she was headed to the park.

After the longest drive from the base she'd ever endured she reached the park and wandered to the playground. Kids were playing and laughing together, mothers and babysitters sat around the park benches chatting and gossiping. It appeared to be like any other day in the park: sunny, noisy, and full of life.

She felt the tingling sensation before she heard the soft footsteps on the grass behind her. Kerry turned around and smiled nervously at the approaching figure.

Kerry's smile grew when she saw the familiar brown eyes, "I wasn't sure you'd come."

The woman returned her smile warmly, "I wouldn't miss it for the universe."

"Who are you now?" Kerry stepped forward until she was nearly touching her future lover.

"We'll talk about all that, in time…" Jordan closed the space between them, wrapped Kerry in a tight embrace, and kissed her. Time stood still and life was good again.

The End

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