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The Unexpected
By Ann


In the early hours of the morning, a figure is hunched over a microscope. Major Samantha Carter slowly rises from her crouched position to stretch her stiff back. A muttered 'shit' fills the silence of the room as she glances over at the clock on the lab's far wall.

The expletive is quickly followed by, "I am so dead. Janet is absolutely going to kill me this time. I can't believe I lost track of time again. I don't even think flowers will help me get out of this one."

Major Carter almost jumps out of her skin when a sound comes from the doorway. Turning, she finds the diminutive Dr. Janet Frasier with arms folded across her chest.

Sam visibly cringes when a voice of steel replies, "You are very astute, my dear. Imagine me sitting in a restaurant wearing that slinky black dress you are so very fond of. Now, add to the picture those black stockings and high heels you take great pleasure in removing. My hair is pulled up to reveal the neckline you love so well, and to make it even more enticing, I have dabbed your favorite fragrance, 'Pleasures Intense,' behind my ears and between my breasts."

Trying to dig herself out of the gargantuan hole, Sam responds, "Janet, love, I am so sorry. I was on my way out when General Hammond asked me to work up a preliminary report on the strange flower SG-7 returned with. I only intended to run a few tests, but I couldn't find anything so I kept running different tests. As usual, I became so obsessed with finding answers that I lost track of the time. Please, let me make it up to you."

Janet makes her way toward the flower in question saying, "I don't know, Sam. Even though I am quite fond of your 'make up' methods, this is, or should I say was our fifth anniversary. You would have to do something extraordinary to get back in my good graces."

As Sam opens her mouth to respond, Janet leans over and breathes in the flower's scent. Too late, Sam calls out, "Wait, Janet. Don't smell that flower!"

A blue vapor is released from the flower directly into Janet's nasal passage, and Sam's shoulders slump at the sight.

Alarmed, Janet quickly stands and says, "Oh God, I can't believe I did that. I should have known better, but the flower is so beautiful. It just called to me. What is it? Is there an antidote?"

Sam walks over and helps Janet sit in a nearby chair. She squats down so that she is eye level with the doctor.

Very seriously, she states, "I'm sorry, Janet, but there isn't an antidote that we know of. The people of P3X-492 have allowed us to study the flower and its effect. Anyone who has breathed in its scent has been affected."

Ashen faced, Janet asks the most feared question. "Am I going to die?"

With a smile on her face, Sam answers, "No, sweetie. You most certainly are not going to die." Pausing, she adds, "You know how you spoke of extraordinary events a few minutes ago?"

Janet slowly nods her head in assent.

Sam looks deeply into Janet's eyes and continues, "Well, I have indirectly accomplished something neither of us thought was possible."

Taking a deep breath, Sam delivers the news. "Janet, you're pregnant."

The End

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