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The Nearness of You
By Lena Smith


The room was bathed in flickering candlelight, the heavy scent of roses filling the air. She stood before the balcony door, gazing at the silvery mountain lake. Her body quivered, waiting in anticipation for her lover. She never believed they would be together so soon, but their last mission had changed their minds. Death's touch came all too close this time, to both of them. Tomorrow was promised to no one and they decided to stop putting off what they wanted most in their lives. Each other. Their relationship would have to remain secret, but they would no longer deny themselves. Here, in this secluded cabin, the next step would be taken.

Her body swayed gently to the soft, romantic music. A beloved visage was reflected in the glass and she leaned back into that tall body as strong arms wrapped around her. They stood there for long minutes each relishing the feel of touching that person they loved more than life. She turned and they began to dance.

"It's not the pale moon that excites me,

That thrills and delights me,

Oh no,

It's just the nearness of you"

She shivered at the stroking of gentle fingers on the expanse of back left bare by her evening dress. As they swayed to the music a soft "I love you" floated down to her ears.

"It isn't your sweet conversation,

That brings this sensation,

Oh no,

It's just the nearness of you"

She reached up and gently caressed cheek, eyes, nose and lips. She moaned as those lips traveled over her face and nibbled at her neck, an action she had only allowed herself to dream of before.

"When you're in my arms,

And I feel you so close to me,

All my wildest dreams came true"

Teasing lips moved aside the strap of her dress as long fingers grasped hers and slowly led her to the rose petal covered bed. Reverent fingers removed clothing, anointing trembling bodies with love, a benediction that had waited overlong.

"I need no soft lights to enchant me,

If you will only grant me,

The right,

To hold you ever so tight,

And to feel in the night,

The nearness of you"

Hours later, she reveled in the feel of the sleeping body next to her. It had been a joining so astounding, so earthshaking, she still wasn't sure if she'd dreamt it. Finally, the gods had smiled upon them.

The End

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