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For my love who is my home.

The Seven Deadly Sins
By Celievamp


Pride Sam POV

Done! Finished! A thousand pages of text, the definitive book on wormhole physics. My mark on history. I looked fondly down on the piece of alien technology that had made it all possible. God, I felt so good! I sighed happily, leant back in my chair and stretched my legs, wiggling my toes. Of course, what would make things just about perfect right now was one of Janet's shoulder massages. Janet... she had been here a little while ago. Something was off with her. Probably fighting with Anise again. Jealous maybe. Silly really. Nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.

Envy Janet POV

Look at her. So sure of herself. And if Anise touches her one more time then... well, Tok'ra Barbie is likely to need medical attention herself. She promised to share information with me but there's precious little of that going on now. And Sam... the way she looked at me just now, almost pitying. Brushing off my concerns. I wish I had one of those things on as well, just so as I could find out for myself. What it is like to feel so powerful... so perfect. But then Sam doesn't need any alien doohickey to be that. Perfect.

Gluttony Sam POV

Four steaks and all the trimmings. Washed down with diet soda. I knew the Colonel didn't understand the logic behind that. But I truly did prefer the taste. I don't think I've ever felt so hungry. All my appetites have increased. The waitress is cute. Very cute. But she's not Janet. As soon as we get back to the Mountain I think I'm going to pay my doctor a housecall. Lets see what else these armbands can enhance. God, I'm almost purring just at the thought of kissing my way down that creamy white skin, taking her, making her mine.

Lust Janet POV

I don't know where she's been. Up to no good. These armbands... no inhibitions, no judgement. Obviously. Sam wouldn't be doing this if she was herself. She wouldn't be touching me, kissing me, her fingers stroking, pinching, her long lean body pressed against mine. Her lips whispering across my skin. So hot. Her touch sure, burning through me. My breasts, my clit. Every time I think I can't go further higher, she touches me again. Maybe it enhances pheremones. Because I shouldn't be doing this either. I should be telling her to stop. But all I can say is... more.

Anger Sam POV

The armbands are gone. History. The Tokra used us. Again. That bitch Anise. I should have been more wary, listened to Janet's concerns. She was right. Janet. I treat her so badly. So rude... condescending and then... what can I say to her? And on the ship... with the Colonel - what was I thinking? What the hell was I thinking! They were supposed to make us stronger, not stupid. What have we got to show for it? Okay, we destroyed Apophis's new toy. And I wrote a book. But I may have ruined the most important relationship in my life.

Greed Sam POV

I want it back... the sense of power, the ease. Even the lack of inhibition and lets face it, commonsense. I just reached out and took whatever I wanted and the consequences... unimportant. Whether it was the steaks at O'Malley's, the pool game, Janet or the naquada on Apophis's ship. I almost killed myself rather than leave that behind. It didn't turn me evil, just uncaring. I could not see beyond what I wanted. And what I wanted, I took. But now it's over, I have to pay, we all do. But still. I want it back. Is that wrong?

Sloth Janet POV

We needed this. A lazy time together. Once she had apologised. For how she spoke to me, for believing Anise rather than me. For what happened in my quarters. Well, to be honest she didn't need to make amends for that. I'm still glowing. So we're in bed. She's asleep, curled up alongside me. At rest, at last. I think I've managed to convince her we're going to be okay. And that she's forgiven. Under the influence of alien technology. That's what the report says. Some quiet time for a change. Doing nothing. Going nowhere. Just me and my girl.

The End

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