DISCLAIMER: I only borrowed them for a while. MGM and whoever can have them back whenever they want.
WARNING: expression of political and sociological views that are extreme, hateful and bigoted – AND NOT MINE. I really don't like this man. I feel the need to go wash my hands having written this.
SERIES: The thirteenth in a series of vignettes from those close to Sam/Janet.
SPOILER: Set during the 7th season episode "Lost City 2." BUT Janet isn't dead.
ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author

Outside Looking In:
Senator Kinsey

By Celievamp

A Pandora's box. I've said so from the beginning. And to leave it in the hands of those godless degenerates that currently occupy the SGC. A crime against this fair land, I tell you.

They have brought the apocalypse upon us and yet it is me that is punished, cast out from my rightful place. Hayes will regret betraying me like this. Expecting my resignation indeed.

O'Neill loved it. And his cohort. The alien Teal'c – who knows what we could have found out from a proper examination of him straight away. And Dr Jackson – a man who apparently died and was resurrected. That makes me uneasy. There was alien involvement in it so there can't be any … no, it's just another example of their double standards. They claim not to have alien technology and yet they have personnel coming back from the dead as if it was an every day occurrence. But is this technology made available to those who could determine the best use for it – no.

And that woman, Carter. She has to be one of the biggest security risks of them all. What a woman is doing in a front line position I don't know. Look how many times she's been compromised. And her father had one of those abominations in him. Tokra they claim. Good snakes. Well we've seen precious little evidence of their good intent so far. Then there's this child that she's brought up along with that other woman, the doctor. Fraiser's record for subversion and insubordination almost rivals that of SG1. And the rest of her record makes unpleasant reading. With her sexual history how she has managed to continue serving in such a post is beyond me. There's nothing on Carter's record but it wouldn't surprise me. They are reported to be close. And to have an impressionable young child growing up in that…. godless iniquity.

I'll show them. I'll show all of them. When this day is done and if it is God's will we survive then questions will be asked. And I will bear witness. And the rule of law shall be reestablished. God's law. My law. The right and the good shall prevail.

The End

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