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One Way Trip
By sinadino


The landscape rushes past me and I look over at her. She's concentrating on driving right now; with her eyes on the street she can't see me staring at her… hopefully she won't look at me for some time. I'm not so sure if I'd be able to react in time when I see those brown eyes pointed my direction.

She'd dragged me out of my lab, literally.

"Captain, you're on downtime…that means NO WORK! … AH! Don't you dare not take this seriously! I'm off until Monday… and since I know how perfectly you follow my orders when I turn my back…"

I just look at her, not knowing what to say, 'Please don't let her find the coffee mug, please… she'd be so pissed.' My gaze lingers on her and her brow furrows. 'What does she want?'

I had no clue…this must be clearly written on my face.

"You will go with me," she states in her best doctor's tone.

Stunned I looked at her; "What?"

"Oh, you can speak?" she teases.

I still didn't know what she's talking about or what all this means. Is she? No… that can't be. That'd be too much of a coincidence but…if…do I want to try, do I want to risk everything I've worked for? Oddly, for the first time in my life the answer is easy, YES… but… I tried to reason with myself…I don't even know her first name… I don't know her at all, well…she's kinda small.

Her hand brushes my arm and she asks me what I'm thinking; God, I wish my brain would've been active then…I answered honestly; "You're kinda small!"

'Oh… dammit, Carter… If you've ever had a chance with her you've blown it… totally…' I think and when I finally dare look up from my feet to face her anger… I see her smile.

"Well, you noticed," she said calmly.

I realized that I was staring at her; oh, God… please let the earth swallow me now… okay…I'm inside a mountain... that option doesn't really exist… Damn… I wish I'd be able to think but it seems that I'm not.

"Have you heard anything I just told you?"


"I thought so!"

Again I see her smile. 'Does she know what that smile does to me? If yes then she really knows how to play her cards.' and I nod, 'What was the question?'

I drove home and packed like she told me to, what she told me to… I'm on autopilot.

An hour later she picks me up, not revealing where we are headed or had she and I wasn't paying attention?

She leads and I follow; the dumb tall blonde Air Force captain follows the petite CMO wherever she leads her to. It's ironic – I mean… I'm the senior officer here… not by more than a half year but still… shouldn't I do the leading? Okay…as the CMO she can outrank everyone…so…why not me too? She stops the car and turns to face me. Did I drool? I don't dare raise my hand to check, her gaze is critical…do I pass?

"Earth to Sam!"

I smile… sort of…it's more a dense grin that is plastered on my face, "Yes?"

"You were miles away or should I say light years?"

I can only nod… what am I supposed to say?

"I asked you if you want some lunch."

"Oh, umm…yes, please," I say knowing full well I'm blushing right now.

"Well then, let's get out; there's a diner."

She points at the building next to the parking lot, apparently amused by my lack of speech ability. What have I gotten myself into?

Again I follow her; I know she only said we'd be off for five days… how am I going to survive this? I have a long weekend in front of me and I will be with my crush…and she doesn't even know what she means to me…and…so far it doesn't seem that my tongue is willing to talk much… AND I doubt I'd gather the courage to talk to her about THAT.

She tugs me to a table in a corner and pushes me down, "Sit and wait."

And I do but I'm not nervous anymore…okay…I'm still nervous but not as much as before and it seems that my brain is returning to normal, so I might be able to talk to her.

She comes back soon with a tray, 'Fast food? The CMO drives out here and brings fast food?'

She smiles, "It isn't bad to have this stuff once in a while, Captain. Besides, I thought you might need something to keep up your strength. You seem a bit off lately."

Did she just say I need to keep up my strength?

I smile and thank her.

She hands me a soda and speaks again, "I want to get to know you better. We both are the highest ranking female officers, so…I thought it might be nice to be friends… "

"Yeah… sounds good…" Great…my nervousness is back… everything comes back… that whole going native disaster…

She seems to have read my mind, "I thought we should start fresh; Hi, I'm Janet Fraiser."

Her hand is waiting for mine… dumbstruck I do what is expected and reply with my own name…again she smiles.

I swallow and dare to ask, "So…where are we going?"

Her smile turns into a grin…slightly wicked though, "Well…I've heard you have a thing for numbers."

Where is this headed? Oh…I should answer…"Umm… yes?"

"Good…what do you think about a weekend in Las Vegas?"

The End

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