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Accidents and Possibilities
By Olli



"Watch out!"



Dr. Warner was losing his nerve, slowly but surely. The worst case scenario had occurred: Dr. Janet Fraiser had been brought to the infirmary, at the SGC, as a patient and he was in charge. And Major Samantha Carter's fussing over her, like a nervous hen, didn't help to calm the situation.

"Ouch!" Janet yelled again.

"Warner? What are you doing?" Sam shot a glare at the poor man even the cruellest System lord would be proud of. She stood right beside the sickbed Janet was lying on.

Warner sighed. "I am trying to fix a broken leg."

"You're trying?" Sam exploded. She was so worried about Janet. She had been in her study at home when she had heard a yell followed by the dull thud of a falling body. Sam had stormed from her work, into the living room, and found Janet lying at the base of the stairs. She was unconscious, her left leg bent at a really unnatural angle.

Warner sighed again. He should hurry up and end this before the Major got the idea to do it herself.

"Major, I already gave her a full dose of painkillers. All she's feeling now is just a few itches."

"Warner, don't talk as if I'm not in this room," Janet hissed.

He shot a glance at Janet. "Major, maybe you can calm your wife? The more she moves around the more she'll itch."

"Warner!" Janet thought at this moment seriously about transferring him to somewhere north of the Polar circle.

Sam breathed heavily. She knew Warner was right and looked down at Janet. They had been married for eight weeks. The ceremony had been performed in the Gate room. Everyone had been there: The President, General Hammond, every member of the SGC, who could leave his post, as well as representatives of the Tok'ra, the Nox, the Asgard, the Furlings and the Renegade-Jaffa. Well, no one could say for sure that the Furlings had attended, but there was no other explanation for the mysterious disappearance of food at the buffet.

Sam wore her dress blues when her father walked her down the aisle. Janet had been waiting for her in a white dream of a wedding dress with Colonel O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c and Cassie standing by her side. After their honeymoon in France, Sam had officially moved in with Janet and Cassie. During the move, nothing serious had happened but now, two weeks after the move, Janet stumbled over one of Cassie's Rollerblades and… Sam put her hands on Janet's face, bent down and kissed her deeply.

Warner couldn't resist watching them kiss for half a second; after all, he was a red-blooded male. Then he concentrated on Janet's leg again. It seemed to him that she had relaxed visibly while being kissed by her wife and he could finish the plaster cast. Maybe, he thought, this new regulation about relationships in the military wasn't that bad. After a few minutes, Sam and Janet were still kissing and Warner had finished his task.

A nurse entered and gave Warner a file; he scanned it and looked up. He watched the kissing women for a few more seconds, and then cleared his throat.

Sam and Janet parted slowly. "Yes?" Sam asked. Janet was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

"Well, Doctor Fraiser's X-ray and CT didn't show any sign of a head injury or anything else. Just a broken leg."

"Damn! Warner!" Janet stretched her hand out. "Let me have a look at it."

Warner handed her the file. He turned and left the room. "I have to check on Colonel Dixon and his team. They're heading out for P3X-666."

"Bring me their files as soon as you're finished. I'll look them over." Janet yelled after him.

Warner waved his hand over his shoulder and left. Someone else might think he fled – but he hadn't, of course.

The End

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