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Steaming up the Mirror
By Geonn


Cassandra led the advance into the house, stomping upstairs without bothering to turn on a light. "Oh, you're going to pout now?" Janet said from the entryway. "Fine! Just don't slam the--" The slamming echoed through the house. Janet pushed her hair out of her face and turned to Sam. "I'm going to kill her. I finally see Nirrti's point of view and I am going to kill that child."

"Nirrti wasn't actually trying to kill Cassandra..." Sam said.

"Oh, you want a piece of me now?" Janet asked. She wrapped her arms around Sam's waist and pulled her close. "I warn you, I can be scrappy."

"Oh, yeah," Sam said. She bent down and kissed Janet's neck. Their struggle turned into a slow waltz in the open doorway. "Mm. You smell good."

Janet smiled. "I reek. I didn't get a shower this morning."

"Mm," Sam said.

"Shoo," Janet said as she pushed Sam away. "I'm going to go take a shower."

Sam closed and locked the front door before she followed Janet upstairs. "Now? I was going to take one before I crashed." She checked her watch and grimaced at the time.

"We could take one together," Janet said. She pounded on Cassandra's door and said, "No TV! Straight to bed! And we are talking in the morning!" She walked on, stepping out of her high heels at the bedroom door. As she turned on the light, she turned to Sam. "So? Shower with me?"

Sam untucked her shirt and starting working the buttons. "I could think of worse plans..."

Janet put her head on Sam's chest as Sam massaged her scalp. "That feels so, so good... will you retire and come do this for me all the time?"

"Mm-hmm," Sam said. She kissed the top of Janet's head and smoothed it down the wet rat trap of her hair. She inhaled deeply and said, "Will you rub my feet?"

"Every day," Janet murmured. Her arms were loose around Sam's waist, her fingers trailing over the curve of Sam's ass. She sighed and kissed Sam's collarbone. "I'm pruning. I'm going to get out."

"I'll be there in a second."

Janet nodded and pushed back the curtain. She dried herself with her pink towel and wrapped it around her torso as she padded to the sink. Sam put her hands against the cool tile under the showerhead and tilted her face into the spray. She sighed and blinked at the corner of the stall. The first time she and Janet had shared a shower, she'd pressed Janet into that corner. The second time had been a bath and Janet's foot had found her under the bubbles.

She brushed her face, wondering when they became the couple whose showers were just... bathing. Sure, there was the occasional scalp massage or quickie mutual masturbation. But for the most part, Janet shampooed Sam's hair, Sam scrubbed Janet's back. It was all so... ordinary. Suburban. It made Sam feel loved, but it also kind of irked her that they could be naked and wet without needing to get... wetter.

She turned her head and looked past the curtain at Janet. She was standing at the sink rubbing lotion into her hands. She was humming under her breath, her wet hair slicked against the back of her neck. Sam stepped out of the stall, leaving the water running and not bothering to towel off.

Janet looked up as Sam appeared in the mirror behind her. "Hi," she said.

Sam bent down and licked the curve of Janet's ear. Janet closed her eyes and said, "S-sto-op..."

Sam ran her tongue up, then down the cup. A drop of water hung from the lobe and Sam closed her lips around it. Janet took a step back and pressed against Sam's naked body. "Sam..."

Sam slipped her arms around Janet's waist and tugged on the knot in the towel. "Janet," Sam whispered. She kissed Janet's neck and ran her tongue over the freshly-scrubbed flesh. She tasted Janet's hair and lightly nibbled on her skin. "Come back to the shower."

Janet turned in Sam's arms and found her lips. "Mm. We haven't... in so long..."

They followed Sam's footprints in the tile back to the shower. Sam lifted Janet over the lip of the tub and pulled the curtain closed around them. The white tile and blue curtain wrapped around them like a bubble. The spray of the shower hit Janet on top of the head and cascaded down her face like a wave. Sam brushed her fingers over Janet's lips and bent down to seal them with a kiss.

Janet hooked her leg around Sam's hip and said, "Wall, wall," between kisses.

Sam moved Janet back and pressed her shoulders against the wall. Janet sighed and brought her other foot up. She hooked her ankles behind Sam's back and pressed herself against Sam's stomach. The water was now trailing down Sam's back, sending chills up and down her spine. She kissed Janet's neck and cupped her ass with both hands.

Janet rose and fell slowly, adding her own touch to the caress of the water. Sam's flesh erupted with goosebumps and she ducked her head against Janet's shoulder. Janet came quickly, her toes curling as she clutched Sam's shoulders. "Sam! Oh, Sam..."

Sam kissed her way back to Janet's lips. She gently guided Janet to the floor of the tub and slipped her hands up to the small of Janet's back. "Mm," Janet sighed. "God. Mm." She licked her lips and started to drop down to her knees.

"No, no," Sam said, guiding Janet back up.


"Not right now," Sam said. She kissed Janet and said, "Later. In bed. Away from all this water and when I'm all you can taste."

"Oh," Janet smiled. She kissed Sam again and stepped out of the shower. She picked up her towel, dried off again and wrapped the towel around herself. "Don't keep me waiting long," she said as she headed to the bedroom.

Sam smiled and proceeded to take the fastest shower of her life.

The End

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