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Interlude 7:
Birthday kisses

By Celievamp

It sucked. It was Janet's birthday and Sam was stuck in Washington in a series of high-level meetings. No way was she going to get back to Colorado in time for what they had planned.

But at least they had the technology.

Janet was beyond tired. Ten minutes before her shift was due to end SG4 and 5 had come back through the gate under hot conditions, multiple casualties, including some of the indigent population they had been negotiating with. Apparently Baal had got wind of their presence and had crashed the party. Thankfully they had not lost anyone and those who were still in the infirmary were stable and expected to make a good recovery. Six hours after her shift officially ended Janet had finally made it home.

She glanced at the clock, worked out the time difference. Sam should still be up. If she wasn't out boogying the night away with some of her old Pentagon cronies. Janet had managed to send her a quick email four hours ago telling her she was working late but there hadn't been a reply when she checked her mail just before leaving the mountain.

"Well birthday girl – wine or cocoa," she said to herself as she dumped her coat and bag in the hall kicked off her heels and wandered barefoot into the kitchen the tiles pleasantly cool on her tired feet. Was it really a sign that she was getting old that her subconscious begged her for a mug of cocoa? Of course she was still young enough to want marshmallows in it as well. The perfect comfort drink.

She set the kettle to boil and wandered upstairs to change into pyjamas and a robe, came back down to make her cocoa – and add the marshmallows. Mug in hand, Janet wandered into the den and fired up the computer, logging on. Quickly checking her messages – the usual crop of spam that had beaten Sam's latest antispam update, a couple of reminders about updates to online journals she subscribed to, a couple of messages from friends wishing her a happy birthday. Still nothing from Sam. Hmmm. Taking a sip of cocoa, Janet opened up Yahoo… Gravitygirl was online and waiting. Janet knew that she was smiling so hard that her cheeks were aching. God, she had it bad. As soon as she signed in a message came through, full of emoticons – kisses and hugs and a dozen red roses, matching the bouquets that had been delivered earlier – one at work and one here at home.

Analog: a dozen roses for my birthday, thank you love. I got the ones you sent me for real as well. And all those hugs and kisses. Ohhhh! I love it. I love you.

Gravitygirl: Just wish I could do it for real.

Analog: Me too (heavy sigh) I just want to curl up in your arms, nuzzle and love you and smile as I listen to your heartbeat

Gravitygirl: I just want to hold you in my arms and feel your soft skin beneath my fingers as I stroke your face to soothe you and kiss your sweetly delicious lips and feel your breath and your kisses on my skin as you nuzzle into me. I want to feel you touch me.

Analog: I want to touch you too, love you, snuggle… even steal your pillow so you have to ask for it back and I want to cuddle into your arms as we sleep.

Janet smiled as she typed. One of Sam's nicknames for her was `starfish woman'. It constantly amazed her taller companion how one small person could take up so much room in bed and be so acquisitive of pillows and covers.

Gravitygirl: well I would encourage you to use me as a pillow instead of nicking mine. Good plan. The slight weight of you across my body is comforting. I let one hand gently rub down your back from the top of your spine under your hair to the dimple above your beautiful ass. You've had a long, stressful day and I just want you to relax and sleep.

Analog: I sigh heavily your touch is so soothing so warm, I find myself sinking into it and using you as a pillow is way better than nicking yours… I snuggle deeper into your arms, loving your touches.

Gravitygirl: I keep up the gentle massage feeling you relax under my touch, you are soft and warm, almost limp as I feel your heartbeat slow slightly, your breathing deepen. You are nearly asleep. I let my lips brush your brow and whisper that I love you so much. You are my world. My everything.

Janet reached out to touch her fingers to the screen, tracing over Sam's words. Who knew that her flygirl, her big bad major, was such a sweet romantic. Well, Janet knew. Sam went out of her way every day to prove it to her by word or gesture or sometimes a silly sweet little gift. Janet just hoped that she never took such love for granted.

Analog: I smile at the touch of your lips (your kisses – do you have any idea how much they excite me?) And the soft moan I utter has nothing to do with the relaxed state of my body which feels like jello now… I love your touch. The moan is stirred by something else, the heat of your hand on my flesh. I let my own hand stroke your body, it feels heavenly under my fingers. I lay my palm across your breast and lazily stroke my thumb over your nipple.

Gravitygirl: so, not as sleepy as I thought? I smile, giggle as you start to play with my breasts. I let my hand continue to stroke down your back but this time I don't stop at the dimple. I caress your ass, the slight curve of your thigh, feeling the muscles shift and flutter beneath the skin at my touch. My other hand gently massages the top of your spine as I kiss the top of your head again and then as you lift your beautiful face to mine your lips, your cheeks, your eyelids.

Analog: your touch on my ass excites me… butterflies flutter in my stomach and I want to give you the same flittering rush… I nuzzle close to your body, kissing you as you have kissed me, the hand that was playing with your breast now scribes its way down your abdomen to your thigh and back up towards your centre, my fingers grazing the delicate folds of your centre.

Gravitygirl: As you touch me I raise my leg slightly to give you better access and coincidentally to part your own legs a little more. I mirror your touch, feeling your breath shorten and hitch slightly as my thumb chafes across your clit. I let one finger dip into you just for a moment then begin to caress your folds, feeling your heat, your honey. My other hand scribes softly down your back again, drawing circles and spirals across your skin, across your buttocks….

Analog: I moan at your touch, my own fingers graze your clit, slipping into the moist silky folds of your core… so wet for me… I slip in and gather some of your moisture onto my fingers, then trace a circle around your nipple before I run my tongue over the same nipple… I hear your voice catch in a breathy sigh.

Gravitygirl: I reach down to touch your hand and take your fingers into my mouth, cleaning myself off them, tasting you and me together as you continue to play your tongue over my nipple. I kiss your palm and your pulsepoint before I miss your touch too much and return your hand to my mound. I slide my fingers out of you for a moment so that I can perform the same service, painting your belly your breasts and your lips with your juices and then kissing you. You are so sweetly flavoured. Missing my touch you grind your centre against my thigh and I push hard against you for a moment before returning my hand, pinching your clit and capturing your lips in another kiss as you moan. Your hands are also busy, one at my centre, one pinching and stroking my breasts. I deepen the kiss, laving then biting softly at your lower lip.

The fingers of one hand was inside the waistband of her pyjamas as Janet stroked herself, Sam's words filling her mind, the images so sweet so seductive. She continued to type with her other hand, part of her idly noting that she was getting much better at it.

Analog: I so enjoy the taste of myself and you mingled upon my lips and made sweeter by your kisses. Your touching my centre as I do yours floods me with heat and want. I buck into your hand even as my own hand pushes harder against you, I roll your clit between my fingers even as I draw more honey from you… I moan deeply at your touch… I can't believe how close I am… I kiss your mouth again, my tongue running over your lips, your teeth, wrestling with your tongue as I bite gently at your lip. My body shivers at all the stimulation.

Gravitygirl: yes, you are so close, as am I. I roll your clit between my fingers, then press the heel of my hand against you as my fingers stretch across your centre, parting your folds, dipping into your slit again. You are so sweet, so hot, so wet. I raise my leg a little more, trapping my fingers against you for a moment, increasing the pressure on your clit. I feel your fingers tighten against me, your nails lightly scrape my skin as you shudder, Sweetness spills from you as my other hand caresses down your long body again, your breath sears my skin as you moan, your teeth grazing my breast as in your moment you find enough control to bring me to the edge as well, your fingers playing my senses as I bury my face in your neck, holding you tightly to me as my sweet release shudders through me.

Analog: my whole body quakes with yours as I hang on tightly to you, your name a mantra as I cum harder bringing you with me. We cling together tightly. "I love you!" I say over and over and over again. I can hear your heartbeat and know you can hear mine. I slip my hand free of you to simply rest on your thigh as I kiss you. "I love you."

Gravitygirl: I cup you a moment or two longer because I love the feel of you so much, your heat and wetness, the little earthquakes that still quiver through your muscles, the soft slickness of your folds, the soft hairs that mask your core. "I love you," I reply. "I love you so much." You shiver and I reach down to draw the blanket over us both, holding you, soothing my hand down your spine again as your heart rate slows, the blush fading slowly from your skin.

Analog: A contented smile on my face, all the day's tension has gone from me, my body lulled into a state of torpor by your massage and our lovemaking. I drift into slumber thinking of how fortunate I am to have you to love and be loved by you.

Gravitygirl: Go get some sleep, my beautiful wife. And a happy birthday. I just wish I could be there with you. I wish there was a way I could email myself to you or something.

Analog: lol. If anyone could come up with a method of matter transportation it will be you, my darling. Just don't think about it all night, okay? Try to get some sleep yourself. I really wish we could talk more but I'm a tired girl tonight. I need to get some sleep.

Gravitygirl: Go, sleep! I love you Janet. And I'll be home the day after tomorrow. And what we shared tonight is nothing compared to what I have in mind for you, my beautiful wife.

Janet smiled, then yawned, momentarily covering her mouth with the back of her hand. She could smell herself still on her fingers and smiled. The day after tomorrow couldn't come round soon enough.

The End

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