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PAIRING: Sam/Janet (implied Sam/Other)
SPOILERS: Prodigy / Proving Ground

To be a possibility and wishful thinking
By Elizabeth Carter

Their tongues grappled, neither one winning or losing, but seeking within the other's mouth. Then Jen darted swift kisses along the neck and shoulders of her lover, marveling at the marble smoothness of her alabaster skin under her lips. And wherever her lips touched, her lover glowed with renewed strength.

The taller blonde nuzzled into Jennifer's hair as she ran her tongue along the sharp collarbone, the sweet warmth of the younger woman's golden tresses enveloped her senses as she relaxed against her lover. A thin hand slipped between her legs as Jen received her weight, and only as her thighs were touched did Sam become aware that she was wet. Two lean fingers slid into her warm bay as the heel of her hand pushed up against Jen's mound, and started a rhythmic pumping that brought excitement rushing past the steely steely-self control of the grey-eyed younger scientist. Jen followed Sam's lead by placing her hand on the thatch of feather-like hair between the older woman's legs. The canal of the major was damp and hot, and she moaned as Jen stoked her labia with nimble fingers.

As her own hoarse cries deepened, her own fingers doubled vigor, thrusting farther into Sam and building arousal throughout the pale-skinned goddess's muscular body, until her muscles felt warm and loose as after an athletic workout. Yet she strained upwards to push against Jen's manipulations of her clit—not to escape, but to increase the force rocking into her pelvis. Jen pushed even harder against Sam's slit, sliding a third finger in and adopting a grinding rather then thrusting motion. Jen felt herself falling deeper and deeper into Sam's hold, as her hips loosened, thrust by thrust Sam worked her thumb along side her fingers.

"Let yourself go," Sam urged her.

All the energy she had received from Sam's kisses and caresses flooded her body in one vast explosion of light as she arched upward into the grip of orgasm. There was no stopping the contractions, though she tried to fix the moment by holding her body still, her muscles tightened and release in automatic response…"Sam……oh god Sammmmmm……yesss…."

Jennifer Hailey bolted from her bed drenched in sweat. "Oh God." She leaned forehead on her knees holding her head in her hands. 'That's the sixth friggin time I had a dream about her this week." The petite blonde Lieutenant fell back on the cot trying to regain her composure.

Ever since she had met the austere Samantha Carter, Hailey's life had changed. Not only had the renowned Samantha Carter rallied to her defiance to keep her in the Academy, she had gone as far as to take her under her wing and sponsor her for the Stargate program. Carter's word alone was enough to convince the General at the Academy and more importantly General Hammond that Jennifer was worth the trouble.

Jennifer didn't want to admit it, but she had fallen in love during the lecture on theoretical astrophysics Major Carter had given (even if her computation in the equation was flip-flopped). At first she wanted to hate the Major because Samantha Carter was the best at everything at the Academy. Every award, every top place had already been won by Sam Carter and in the several years since her graduation none had been able to compare. Except for Hailey herself. And there were still a few records Hailey hadn't been able to touch let alone break. The best she had done was to tie with Carter.

Since the tests at the SGC Crucible, Jennifer Hailey had fallen deeper for Major Sam Carter. She was tall, lean and athletic. Drop dead gorgeous and a brain that attracted Hailey almost as much as the wonderful smile the taller blonde sported from time to time. Jen couldn't stop thinking about that dulcet voice, or those blue soul-stealing eyes. Then there was the bravery, the taller woman sported. She was more man than most of the men on base. Not in the whole butch factor, but that she was far braver then anyone Hailey had ever met. And she didn't have all the hang-ups males did. Yeah so Sam was a little soft-butch. That little bit was something that drew Hailey into the older woman's spell.

"Yeah only she is unavailable and unapproachable." Jennifer grumbled. "She has half the men on base including General O'Neill pinning for her. And a good number of women including myself. The doc's not half bad either…but again way, way unapproachable. God who am I kidding they're straight as a friggin arrow. Even if it wasn't against Regs for a junior officer to fraternize with a senior officer, she wouldn't even think of me…Hell if it wasn't against Regs, O'Neil would be all over her like some heat-crazed dog." Hailey groaned as she felt again the phantom touch of her dream orgasm. Fantasizing about Samantha Carter's sex life did nothing but fuel her libidinous thoughts towards her superior officer.

Grabbing her sweats Hailey made her way out of the SF quarters she shared with Satterfield when on base and headed toward the locker room for a long cold shower. SG7 had come back from a mission only eight hours ago and Hailey had been dead tired. She didn't want to drive home to the apartment she shared with Satterfield but decided to crash at the Base instead. In a way she was glade she was at the base, Satterfield loved to tease her about her wet dreams and her crush on Major Carter. Right now Jen didn't feel like skirting the issues with her housemate.

Hailey stopped before the doorway of the locker room and was gratified to see that it was switched for women. She entered and headed directly for her locker. Inside she retrieved her privy-kit and towel and went for the showers. From the sound of it someone was already using the communal showers.

Hailey stepped around the brick partition and felt her whole being stop short of breath. There standing with her head back under a showerhead was the object of her unrequited love. Sam Carter was radiant under the flow of water as it pelted her muscular body as she was rinsing off the remnants of shampoo. Hailey felt her heart racing, thundering loudly in her ears

"Oh God why did you have to be here now?" 'You have no idea how incredibly beautiful you are...or how intensely sexy you are do you? God I would love to feel you…love you…'

Sam turned her head as she thought she had heard the sound of another human voice. She smiled politely to the young lieutenant as she stepped into the shower area. "You say something Hailey, sorry if you did I didn't hear you my head was under the water."

"Oh." Hailey blushed shrugged. "I really didn't say anything, I didn't know anyone else was in here."

Carter flashed a half smirk. "Had to wash off the grit from PX-95567. I hate sandy planets."

"I can relate." Hailey said. "Not fond of 'em myself." The younger woman tried to divert her eyes. The pure torment of the naked Major taking a shower in the same room with her was too much for the young woman.

Sam moved to the bench that contained her robe and towel and slipped the terrycloth garment on as she briskly rubbed her head with the towel. "Don't stay too long under the water, Hailey you'll get all wrinkly."

Hailey had to laugh at the comment. "Good advice Major." Now that Carter was dressed in the robe, Jennifer felt it slightly safer to look at her. But she was mistaken as the robe slipped open reviling a very muscular thigh, causing the fires to stir in the younger woman. 'God I have it bad for her…' "Besides I imagine the guys want to shower off the sand from the planet as well." Hailey quickly recovered her wondering mind. Trying not to imagine what it would feel like to run her hands along those long shapely legs.

"Been and left. The two of em' jumped in while I was being examined by Doctor Fraiser." Sam shrugged. She looked to the young woman with mild curiosity. "Hailey you okay? You seem jumpy."

"Err..." Hailey swallowed hard. "Fine. Just had a weird dream for a couple nights in a row. It's nothing."

Sam merely nodded her damp golden head. Realizing that the junior officer was trying to avoid answering a question in the same way Cassie would. Sam couldn't help but like the young woman. In some respects she was a lot like her daughter, and in others a lot like herself. Jennifer Hailey was especially bright, and Sam felt compelled to take her under her wing and help steer her path. When Sam was that age, there was really no one else for her. It had been a lonely place to be, and Sam decided that she'd try to be there for her junior officer in the same way she'd be there for Cassandra.

"Hailey…Jennifer. You know I'm not a counselor or anything like it, but if there is something you want to talk about, I am around okay. Just ask. Off the record, whatever you need. I know what it's like…to be where you're at." Sam flashed a shy smile. "I am not trying to sound all elderly crap to you, just I know what its like to feel misplaced."

Hailey looked down at the water pooling around the drain. "Thanks Major. I'll keep it in mind." 'Oh yeah hey Major Carter? Samantha…can I call you Sam? I have wet-dreams about you. I have the hottest most intense sex in my dreams more than I had ever had in real life and it's been with you. I'm head over heels in love with you…yeah that will go over oh so well. And no Samantha Carter you haven't been where I'm at… you're not in love with a superior officer….'

Sam smiled warmly then left the younger woman to her shower. 'Poor kid. She looks so lost. Trust me I know exactly what you feel like. Your mind works far above those around you save for a few. Yep been there done that…and of course the whole gay thing isn't easy…' Sam smirked as she donned her black shirt, and jeans. "Yep you have a fairly rough road ahead of you kiddo, but that doesn't mean you can't take advice from someone who's been there already."

Janet was just ushering out the last of SG11 from their pre-jump exams when Sam walked into her lover's office sporting a wide smile.

Janet walked in rubbing the back of her neck, trying to stifle a yawn. Sam closed the door and made sure the blinds were drawn closed, before she pulled her wife into her arms. "I've missed you." Sam whispered into her ear before placing a deep kiss upon the sweet lips.

"Sammy." Janet murmured into the lips. "Not safe…here."

"I know Baby-girl. But I've been off-world for a week and a half. I've missed you so much." She feathered the dark amber hair away from Janet's brow. "I couldn't even tell you when you were giving me my post-jump exam."

"Sam, Sweety." Janet pulled away from her beloved's embrace. "I have to pull a double shift tonight. Warner got himself into a car accident and he won't be in until tomorrow afternoon. I am sorry."

"Is he okay?"

"Fine, a sprained wrist nothing major, but he's out of commission for the day."

Sam pouted. "I was so looking forward to taking you to Graystokes."

"I know lover. But why don't you go? Unwind, play few games of pool."

Sam wrinkled her nose frowning.

"Sammy, I'll be home in a few hours. But hanging around the base you'll drive me and yourself up a wall."

"Hey!" Sam tried to look a little miffed but couldn't quite muster the expression. "I can always put a few hours in my lab. Take a look at some of the technology Hailey and SG7 brought back."

"Not if I make it a medical order for you to leave the base to take some down time." Janet kissed the bridge of her lover's nose. "Please lover, take the night off, I promise I'll make it up to you when I get home after I had a few hours of sleep."

"I suppose pulling rank on you won't work."

"No." Janet smiled. "Besides I can out rank the general if I have to considering anything medical. Your wife is the CMO."

"Details, details." Sam smirked then maneuvered to nibble the earlobe of her heart's desire. "What if I pout?"

"Cute, but no."

"Ah damn." Sam kicked an invisible pebble trying her dandiest to look adorable. Janet almost succumbed, but pulled back her control.

"Go, Blondie. And I promise I'll make it up to you."

"Can't blame a girl for trying."

"No I can't." Janet smiled and placed a full kiss upon her wife's lips. Sam eagerly accepted the kiss, diving her own tongue into Janet's mouth, tasting the under flavor of coffee. Her hands trailed a possessive path along Janet's smoothly muscled back. The kiss deepened as Sam pulled Janet's tongue into her own mouth suckling upon it. Janet felt her whole body melt into the Major's sensuality until her very breath was lost to her. Barely managing a modicum of control, Janet gently pushed Sam away from her. "Stand down Major." She gasped. "Later, I promise."

Sam rested her forehead upon that of her lover's. "As you wish Baby-girl." She nuzzled Janet's neck. "I am going to hold you to your promise my love." Smiling she kissed Janet upon the bridge of her nose. "I love you Janet Elizabeth Fraiser."

"And I you Samantha Marie Carter."

Jennifer Hailey had decided that since she wasn't due back on Base for at least the next fifteen hours she'd take a break. She needed to unwind. The young officer had returned with her team early that morning and she had taken a nap in her quarters, and it was still early according to the outside world. Granted Hailey was still tired but this was a way to lose all the pent up frustrations. Only half past eight at night and there was one place she could go and not feel repressed or tense. Graystokes bar and grill.

She arrived there on her Suzuki Savage and parked under the eaves where most of the bikers parked their "babies" She looked at a few of the Harleys already stationed there and thought one day she'd have one of them. Her problem besides the cash flow was her height. Four-foot nine didn't leave a lot of room to ride the large bikes. The best she might do was a sporty or a Buell Blast. Though the new V-Twins… could work out with a lowering kit. She knew someone who was only an inch over five feet who owned an Electraglide and had the beast customized to fit her small stature. Hailey smiled to herself thinking that she could work along side Major Carter if she ever went that rout. Sam after all knew tons about motorbikes.

"God you're here to get your mind off of her, not dwell on that blonde goddess."

Hailey walked in and was greeted by Stacey one of the part time bouncers. The tall brunette loved to tease the pint-sized pilot every time she checked her ID. "There you go munchkin, she's all yours."

"I wish." Hailey was still day dreaming about a certain tall blonde Major with piercing soul-stealing blue eyes.

"Huh?" The ex-Marine now biker cocked an eyebrow

"Nothing." Hailey sighed and moved past the biker and into the bar proper. For a Thursday night it was relatively busy. Of course Thursday was a Karaoke night and some people who should never be heard tried their hands at singing, did. And those that could sing could blow away even that arsehole on American Dream took the bar by storm. There were a few favorites who were chorused into going up on stage and singing a favored tune, Hailey among them. She wasn't half bad at carrying a tune and could match notes exceptionally well. There was only one thing she hated to get up and perform unless another accompanied her.

The young blonde walked up to the bar and ordered a Foster's from Annette the barkeep. She stared up at the podium seeing one of the regulars belting out a classic from Guns and Roses. She hadn't even realized she was on her fourth beer when Annette put a small shot glass in front of her.

"You're trying to get drunk."

"So, I'll call a cab."


"Why does anyone want to get drunk? To forget."

"Who is she?"

"The same woman." Hailey took the shot glass and downed it. "Gaaakkkkka!" The clear liquor hit her throat making her eyes water as it burned all the way down. "What the hell was that?"

"Rootbeer Schnapps." Annette smirked. "You wanted to get drunk." She started to mix another drink. "Here try this. It's called a Scooby Snack."

Hailey looked at the frothy green drink. "What's in it?"

"Stuff that isn't good for you." Annette smirked. "And you're a flygirl up at the Mountain, so you understand confidentiality. If I told you I'd have to kill you."

Hailey shrugged and took a tentative sip of the drink. "Wow! This is good. Kinda tastes like lime sherbet."


Hailey downed the rest of her drink and then put a five on the table indicating she wanted another Scooby Snack. "She's beautiful, way, way out of my reach. Smart, sexy…has a smile to die for…. She's my superior officer…She's almost a Colonel…Did I mention she was my CO?"


"She's straight."


"Yeah." Hailey murmured. "And to top it off I've had…dreams…a lot of 'em.' Her… me…. and it's intense. Best sex I had like in forever and its all been in dreams."

"No wonder you're in here. Look what you need to do is to find someone who looks a lot like her and have a one-night stand. Who knows you could make it last longer."

Hailey lifted a golden eyebrow unconsciously mimicking Sam Carter. "Isn't that kinda cheap?"

"You have it bad don't you?"

"Annette you have no idea, how bad I have it for her."

After her third Scooby Snack (the first one Annette had paid for) Hailey went back to her Foster's, it was far cheaper then the six-dollar specialties. If she wanted to get drunk the petite blonde was well on her way. She wanted to be seven sheets to the wind and she was already three. She was very small but had an extremely hyper metabolic rate and was able to hold her liquor much to everyone's surprise.

She barely noticed the commotion at the door when a lot of voices were apparently greeting a regular that had the nickname Harley. The Lilliputian blonde was leaning against a wall watching both the door and the stage when she thought she saw a very familiar face.

"No frigging way!" Hailey choke her beer when she saw none other then Sam Carter walk in. "She has to be lost…"

Annette heard Hailey exclamations and turned chuckling.

"Oh God if she sees me here I am dead. She must have gotten lost…there is no way she knows she is in a…

"Dyke bar?" Annette smirked.


"Hailey…calm down its okay." Annette tried to calm the young woman.

"Are you fucking kidding me? She sees me here and I am gone! God She's a superior officer, she's the one..."

"Wait a minute. That's her! The one you're head over heels in love / lust with?"


Annette burst out laughing so hard she had tears coming out of the corners of her hazel eyes.

"It's not funny. The Major sees I am so busted."

"Flygirl you need take some Prozac. Would you settle down?"

"Easy for you to say. You're not military."

"Flygirl…everyone here pretty much calls her Harley." Annette made a general wave of the hand to incorporate the room's patrons.

Hailey did a double take. She had heard some of the regulars talking about Harley and Doc Holiday. The young lieutenant had no clue Harley was none other then Samantha Carter.

"And umm she is so not straight." Annette turned back to serving a few drinks.

Hailey just stared into the crowd watching as taller woman moved with cat like grace thru the crowd.

When Sam approached the bar, Annette already had one of the Canadian fruity beers ready for her. "Here alone Harley?"

The tall blonde nodded. "Yeah. I thought I'd drop in, practice a few rounds of pool then hit home to call in a marker on a promise." Sam winked playfully.

Hailey couldn't move. She was too astounded that the cool untouchable Samantha Carter was standing right next to her, sipping on a beer in a gay bar. When Sam turned to her junior officer, she sported a wide grin that nearly did Jennifer in.

"Hey there." Sam said warmly.

"Major…I um….I think I got…lost…I...this place…. I…"

"Hailey." Sam started then stopped. "Relax okay? Jennifer it's okay, believe me. " She smiled warmly. "I would never say anything. Beside it be the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?"

"Yes ma'am." Hailey was almost hyperventilating

Behind her Annette had to move away least she crack up from the laughter. "God she's so cute all petrified like that." The bar tender teased. "You better make sure she doesn't pass out Harley or she'll need a little mouth to mouth."

"Oh God." Hailey chirped.

Sam took pity on the younger woman and put her arm around her and walked her to a table. "Jennifer. Come on take it easy okay. Annette give me a bottle of water, put it on my tab that and two more beers."

"Right away Harley."

Sam turned back to her companion. "Jennifer, do you trust me?"

"Yeah of course." Hailey answered immediately without even thinking of it. 'God I love the way she says my name. When she says it, Jennifer doesn't seem so plain and ordinary.'

"Then trust me when I say you have nothing to worry about. There is no rank in here if that will help. Annette is an ex cop, Stacey is ex-marine…there are a lot of us military types in here."

Hailey sported a half smiled but only nodded. Annette had one of the waitresses deliver the beers and water. The latter Hailey snatched up and guzzled down. Sam shook her head feeling bad for the youth. It had to be unnerving to be discovered at a gay bar by a superior officer, you probably would have bet your life on was straight. Yep it would have Sam sweating too.

'Too bad my Baby-girl isn't here. Show Hailey that I'm not going to try and court martial her or get her discharged because I caught her at Graystokes. Planting a long juicy kiss on my lover's lips would definitely make the poor kid lighten up.'

Hailey set the near empty bottle of water down on the table and tried to swallow her nervousness. She didn't know what was worse: the fact the woman she fantasized about was in fact gay or the thought she was straight. "I …guess…I never thought you'd be in a place like this."

"A bar? You think I am always in my lab when not off-world?"

Hailey raised an eyebrow. "Well yeah in a way. Most everyone on base just thinks you live there."

"Despite what Colonel O'Neill thinks…I'm not that much of a geek. I do get out. Once in a while, it's just the lab is fun for me."

Hailey laughed loudly as she took the beer the Major had bought for her. She felt her heart summersault when she saw the most brilliant smile spread wide on Sam's face. 'God she's beautiful. Oh my God she's gay! God! I could…I can't believe she plays my field…."

"You know how it is. You're as much as a lab-hound as I am." Sam smirked warmly.

"No offence, Major but…I guess like most of us bought into the um…guess subtext that you and Colonel O'Neill had a thing."

Sam broke out in a fit of laughter. "Good. The fact that rumor perpetuates is all the better. It helps keep the cover."

"But the Colonel…um...likes you…a lot."

Sam looked at her beer. "I know." Her voice was almost a whisper. "But he knows nothing could ever happen between us." She took a long draught of her drink. "He's a good leader and friend, one of the best. And I respect him on several levels. There's not much I wouldn't do for that man. But there is a quantum difference between loyalty to a fellow officer and devotion of the heart. Sometimes it might be difficult for the other to see, but things have away of working out."

Hailey took everything that Sam Carter had said. She A) liked the fact the Major allowed the rumors to circulate through the Base as a means to hide her true nature. B) That those rumors were oh so not true C) Hailey felt that she had now a chance with this wonderful woman.

"I guess I never thought to see you in here either." Hailey managed.

"Well you can't beat the food. Granted and don't tell Annette this but O'Malley's does have the best steaks, but this place has a killer BLT. Nearly a half a pound of cholesterol making - artery-clogging bacon piled onto sourdough bread and roman lettuce. Very tasty." Sam raised her eyebrows up into her bangs. "And the ambiance here is a little more suited to me."

"Hey the Scooby Snacks aren't half bad either."

"I know what you mean." Sam smiled. Her thoughts drifted to her beloved Janet. The petite doctor loved the sweet lime sherbet drink. You had to be careful with it as it has seven types of alcohol in it. But because it was so tasty it was difficult at first to taste all the alcohol until later when it hit you like a ton of brinks. Three would knock Janet to her knees. Four would do Sam in. "They are very good. But spendy."

"Harley." Annette called over to Sam. "Do me a favor and confiscate your junior officer's keys. She's had a way bit too much to drink."

The Major looked at Hailey for the first time and saw that the bar keep was right. Hell it almost looked if the little blonde would pass out right here. "So much for pool." Sam muttered.

She had wanted to stay and play a few rounds, but she couldn't let Hailey pass out in the bar. And she knew why Annette had pointed it out to her. If the younger woman did fall flat on her face, according to the law Annette would have no choice but to kick Hailey out. Taking pity on the fact Jennifer had had enough excitement in one night Sam would take the kid home. Provided she could get Hailey to tell her where she lived.

"On second thought Jan and I have a guest room you can crash for the night." Sam said voicing her thoughts.

"Humm?" Hailey blinked, as she was positive she was on a carousel and the world was trying it best to spin.

"Come on Lieutenant… we're calling it a night."

"Why?" Hailey pouted. "You just got here."

"Yeah well you've had a few too many and I wouldn't be responsible if I let you go out into the real world without covering your back."

Sam had no clue as to Hailey's erotic dreams or that her words had fueled the fantasy her junior officer had of making love to her. So she thought nothing of it when she wrapped her arm around the younger woman to help support her, or that Jennifer leaned into her muttering something under her breath.

Sam had placed Jennifer in the passenger side of her car and then took out her cell phone to dial the base.

Janet was almost glad to hear her phone ring. There were three teams off world and two scheduled to go tomorrow morning but so far there was nothing but tedious paper work to take the doctor's attention.

"Fraiser." She answered the phone in her typical fashion when on Base.

"Hey baby-girl." Sam said "Whatch' ya doing?"

"Paper work." Janet grumbled. "You at Graystokes?" Janet closed the door to her office to ensure no one would be listening into the conversation.

"I was, but I got stuck baby-sitting."

Janet frowned. "What?"

"Well Lieutenant sitting. Hailey was here and I'd say she was plastered when I came in and she had a beer with me and I think she had a few Scooby Snacks to boot. I called to let you know I was thinking of letting her crash at our place in the guest bedroom."

"Sure." Janet voiced her approval. "I'll bring a few cc's of Fraiser-Hangover cures."

"Good idea Love. She's going to have a doozey in the morning." Sam snorted a laugh.

"You're a good woman Sammy." Janet said. "Must be why I love you."

"I love you too Baby-girl. Miss you."

"Go be a Good Samaritan and take care of 'Four-foot-Nine' and I'll be home soon."

"Alright." Sam said softly. "See you when you get home, love you."

Janet smiled when she heard the phone click. "My Poor Sammy… having to babysit yet another Lieutenant that has the hots for you. The cute part is you have no clue. Well at least 'Four-Foot-Nine' will be passed out because she'll faint dead away when she discovers your girlfriend / unofficial wife is the 'Napoleonic Power Monger'." Sporting a smile Janet went back to her paperwork.

Sam pulled into the driveway to the house she shared with her beloved, her thoughts drifting to image of snuggling up behind Janet as they slept. Daydreaming of holding her lover sharing her warmth was enough to cause a wide smile on the tall blonde's face.

'God I am so much in love you Baby-girl.'

Of course Hailey would choose that time to wake from her dozing in time to see the most beautiful smile she had ever seen upon the older woman's face. It was complete adoration. 'God Samantha do you know how much I am in love with you?'

"Hey." Sam was still smiling when she saw her junior officer wake. "Welcome back to the realm of the living."

"I passed out?" Jennifer was almost appalled to feel a blush strike her cheeks.

"Sorta." Sam put a platonic hand on her knee. "Not to be worried it happens to the best of us." She snickered when she heard Hailey groan and her cheeks became even redder.

Sam let herself out first then came around to Jennifer's side of the car. The younger woman nearly tripped as she tried to recall just what her feet were for and how they worked.

"Come on I'll give you a hand, put your arm around me. You can be Miss Bravado later."

Jennifer had no qualms about putting her arms around the taller woman. Of course her balance had a few things to say about it. She toppled nearly taking Sam with her. Hailey's stomach somersaulted as she heard the very lyrical laughter coming from the woman of her dreams.

"Hey Four-Foot-Nine, " Sam said softly "this isn't working."

'God even my nickname sounds sweet when she says it.' Mused the girl.

"Sorry." Was what Hailey said.

"Trust me this is easier and faster." With that thinking of only efficiency and that they would fall less often Sam picked Hailey up in a fireman's' carry and marched swiftly into the house. Jennifer was so taken aback by the Major's hidden strength and the fact she was be carried by her let out a little whoop of surprise. But she was by no means going to protest. Besides she had an excellent view of the shapely backside of the Major.

Sam escorted her impromptu guest into the living room and deposited upon the sofa. "I'll get you some water, it will help with the dehydration."

"Thanks, Major." Hailey mouthed. "Sorry about outside."

Sam voice heralded from the kitchen. "Nothing to worry about. Besides tomorrow you won't even remember it. Just don't make a habit out of it Lieutenant."

"No Ma'am." Jennifer answered a little bashfully.

Sam walked back into the living room carrying two glasses of ice-cold water. "Here sip this down. And anytime you get up during the night take another glass, hopefully you won't have that bad of a hangover in the morning."

"Thanks you." Hailey took the offered beverage and tried to fix her eyes upon the blue orbs. "And thanks for letting me crash here at your house."

Sam smiled. "Well like I said it would be irresponsible to let you wander off when you're three-sheets to the wind. And I don't know where you live, so this was easier." The taller blonde shrugged.

When Sam had set her glass of water down on the coffee table the effect was that she was leaning a little more towards Hailey. Feeling her heart thundering behind her chest, Jennifer took the brazen moment and captured the older woman's lips with her own.

Sam was shocked. She had not expected to be kissed, nor with such need or desperation. For a second she responded and allowed Hailey to trail her tongue into her mouth tasting her.

"Hummmplhp." Sam murmured

Hailey pushed forward, her ears deceiving her. What was a protest, to her was encouragement. A moan of desire, wanting for the kiss to deepen which Jennifer gladly complied. She felt Sam's hands come up to her shoulders as her own moved behind the blonde hair feeling the softness of it.

Sam managed to push the younger woman off of her, feeling a little winded and still astonished that her junior officer had kissed her with such fire. "Hailey…!"

"Oh God…"Hailey felt her heart stop. "Sam. Major I…Thought…I…"

"Shh its okay." Sam whispered.

Jennifer felt the tears falling. "Oh god I am sorry…I just…when you came close to me…I had…I thought…." Jennifer fell forward on her knees covering her face with her hands feeling shame, dread and the terror that she had offended a woman she cared so much for. "Dreamsforlonginlovewthyou I did'nt meantofallinlove it happened. I'm so sorry... Major…" her sobs came so hard she started to hiccup.

Sam felt her heart go out to the younger woman knowing the feeling of having a crush on an older teacher/ mentor and making a complete fool of yourself over her. Hell she had done the something when she was around Hailey's age herself. So she would do what her own first heavy crush had done. She would help Hailey save face.

"Hey…Jennifer." Sam said pulling the smaller blonde into her arms allowing her to cry. "Look I am not mad okay? A little surprised. Flattered. Well very flattered. But…listen to me…it wasn't stupid at all, just a little misguided."

Jennifer managed to pull some measure of control over herself. "You're not pissed?"

"No." Sam smiled warmly. "I'm not pissed. I am sorry I might have given you signals that…could have been misread. Jennifer, I am with someone."

"Not O'Neill."

"No." Sam said firmly. "Janet."

"The Janet Fraiser!"

"Yes." Sam felt the corners of her mouth widen at the sound and thought of her lover's name. "We've been a couple for a few years now. Janet has always owned my heart and she always will. Its like we've been together through several incarnations and I think we will be for several more. I love her."

Hailey felt only a margin better. And she couldn't blame Samantha Carter for being in love with Doctor Frasier. The doctor was intelligent and despite her size or because of it she was a formidable woman that rallied respect from all that met her. She was also very beautiful.

"Well at least you're into short women." Hailey tried to joke.

Sam chuckled and nodded. "Look it's been a weird night. Go upstairs the last bedroom on the right is the guestroom. The bathroom is between it and Cassandra's old room. Just make yourself at home."

Hailey nodded and moved for the stairs. As she reached the first one she turned and looked over her shoulder. "Thanks for not hating me."

Sam smiled. "Its okay Hailey, and no I don't hate you. We just got out signals crossed."

The smaller blonde nodded and moved half way up the stairs then turned once more. "You know the Doc is a lucky woman. If you kiss half as good when you're intentional kissing as you are surprised, the Doc must be putty in your hands."

Janet wandered into the bedroom on autopilot. She was beyond exhausted and all she wanted to do was to slip under the sheets and into Sam's embrace. She took off her heels and tossed them to the floor and started to strip the white blouse from her body. Once she was down to her bra she reached around and unzipped the skirt she was wearing and allowed it to pool around her legs. The small doctor sat on the edge of the bed and started to remove her hose when she felt the very familiar arms of her lover wrap around her body.

"Welcome home lover." Sam whispered into her ear.

"Hummm." Janet leaned into Sam's arms and feeling the love generated from her as if it was a Naquada reactor. When Sam moved away from Janet the older woman let out a whimper of complaint. "Hey!" She pouted. "I thought I could get a backrub from you."

Sam kneeled before the woman who held her heart and looked down. "You will. But I have to tell you something."

"You sound cryptic. Should I be worried?"

Blue eyes widened. "No! Of course not." She looked down again. "Hailey kissed me and I kissed her back."

Janet wanted to play with her love, but she had not the heart to do so. Sam would take it far too seriously. "Was it good?"

"What?" Sam had a complete look of befuddlement upon her face.

"The kiss was it good?"

"Oh" Golden eyebrows shot into honey colored bangs. Sam concentrated for a moment trying to recall the kiss and then looked back to the amused expression on her love's face. "What?"

"If you have to think that hard about it, it must not have been that impressive."

"Well, it just took me by surprise."

"Maybe you need more research on the subject." Janet was smirking. "You could go ask her for a second kiss."

Once more Sam was befuddled. "You're not mad?"

"Why should I be?" Janet kissed her lover's brow. "Babe, if I got jealous over every person who had a crush on you, I'd have to be mad at Jack O'Neill, Lieutenant Simmons, Hailey and Feretti, and half the galaxy." She kissed Sam upon the lips. "Besides who can know you and not love you."

"Please…" Sam snorted.

"My love. My point is I am not mad that Hailey kissed you. She's had a major crush on you ever since you took her under your wing and looked out for her."

"You knew?"

"You didn't?" Janet smiled.

Sam shrugged. "No."

Janet laughed. "Lover I am not surprised. Unless someone is blatant like oh Narim, Martouf, Orin, Fifth, Aden, the Ambassador…Joseph something all had a thing for you. And they were all pretty up front about it. There is a whole list of names Lover that definitely have a thing for you."

Sam waved that bit of INTEL aside, "What about the fact I kissed her back?"

"You want me to be mad or jealous?"

"No…I guess I just…"

"You know why am not mad or even a wee bit jealous?"

Once more the blonde shook her head.

"Because Love, I know your heart. Kissing her back was a knee-jerk reaction. And besides…you're mine." Janet pulled her love for many years into her arms and planted a kiss upon rose-colored lips. It was a kiss Sam would have no trouble in recalling if she was asked about it a hundred years from now.

In the morning, or rather late afternoon since two people were exhausted and a third had a galactic hangover, Janet caught Hailey in the hall, just as she was leaving the bathroom. The small doctor couldn't resist the urge to play. "Good morning Lieutenant, how's the head?"

"Been better." Hailey mumbled. "Mixing drinks, not a good idea."

"Nor is drinking over your limit." The doctor commented, then the playful smile deepened, "I hear you put the moves on my girl."

Hailey wanted a huge hole to open up and swallow her up. She wanted to hide under a rock. She wanted to hide under the covers…she wanted to be anywhere but where she was.

Janet giggled softly and put her arm round the ever so slightly smaller woman. "Don't worry about it. Just remember whose girl she is."

"There's no doubt in that." Hailey said. "She's head over heels in love with you."

Janet felt her lips curl into a full grin. "And I with her." The petite woman winked and moved Hailey back into the guestroom. "Let me see if I can't help you with that hangover. You look a little green."

"Please don't say green."

"Annette's Scooby Snacks?

The small blonde nodded.

"Seven kinds of liquor, starting with vodka and it get progressively stronger." Janet smiled.

"Oh God." Hailey looked if she wanted to vomit.

"Exactly what I said after Sam introduced me to them." Janet giggled. "Remember, next time only one. Unless you like this feeling."

"One Scooby Snack. Right. Hands off of Major Samantha Carter got that too." Hailey laughed at herself.

"Don't be too hard on yourself Lieutenant. Sam and I both had deep feelings for a mentor figure once upon a time. It's pretty common to want to make a fantasy come true; to hope that there is a possibility. Just don't beat yourself up over it. Neither Sam nor I will hold that little kiss against you. And it will never leave this house."

"Thanks." Hailey muttered. "I guess it was just wishful thinking that I could be the one…she'd be with."

The End

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