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Good Things Come
By Debbie


"… is a condition of burning pain, stiffness, swelling, and discoloration of the hand. If not treated, RSD…"

Sam knew she was in trouble the moment she heard a gasp and turned to see Janet with her hand on her hip, and her mouth pursed in a way that only Sam could decipher.

Looking up, Hammond spotted Janet and motioned her towards the head of the large table.

"Ah, Dr Fraiser, so glad you could join us. Major Carter was just explaining…"

Janet knew she shouldn't interrupt her superior, but sometimes a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

"Yes. I heard. Now, if you don't mind, Doctor Fraiser will explain exactly what Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy means for young Sergeant Allios."

The three male members of SG1 heard Janet's deliberate emphasis of the word 'doctor', and each knew that Sam had once again crossed Janet's line of reasonable scope of practice.

"You will never ever talk for me again. Do you hear?"

Samantha Carter could only nod her head in acknowledgment; Janet hadn't given her permission to speak yet.

Her punishment for explaining a medical diagnosis had started the moment she and Janet had left the Briefing Room. Janet refused to talk to Sam and refused to listen to Sam's explanations. In fact, Janet had ignored Sam for a full twelve hours before Sam took the situation into her own hands.

They had only ever had a disagreement as intense as this once before, and the major could remember every single minute of that episode.

That was why she had stripped down to her naked skin and positioned herself at Janet's feet. Her head bowed; her ass in the air; awaiting her punishment. Loathe to admit it, Sam could feel the wet already seeping between her legs as she craved the resounding slap of Janet's anger.

Yet, Janet just strutted around the prostrate figure of Sam; her hands by her side.

"I know what you're expecting, woman, and you're not going to get it. The spanking you deserve would only bring you pleasure, and pleasure is not what you're getting."

The steel in Janet's voice brought a feeling of apprehension to Sam's chest. Now that she had offered herself up for penance, Janet was duty bound to follow through with Sam's request. What would Janet do?

Suddenly, Sam yelped. A hard, cold thrust almost threw her off balance as Janet ran her hand roughly between Sam's legs.

"Sam, you will wear this for 24 hours, and if I hear any murmur uttered from your lips, other than in direct answer to a question, you will know about it."

With those words, Janet eased a butt plug into Sam with surprising gentleness.

"Now come up here and let me show you the second part of your task."

The astonished major complied immediately and gasped as Janet immediately attached a nipple clamp to each of her breasts. She couldn't stop the groan that escaped her lips as Janet methodically tightened the clamps to her satisfaction.

Janet then smiled sweetly, before leaning in and plundering Sam's mouth with a passionate, erotic, lust-laden kiss. It was a kiss that Janet knew would bring Sam towards the brink. Janet had no intention of following through. She pulled back.

"Now go. I don't want to see you until tomorrow. And remember Sam, if you talk without permission, you will know about it."

Sam had managed a few hours sleep, though her arousal meant the butt plug and clamps were causing her more than mild discomfort. She already felt ready to explode was uncertain whether or not she could last for 24 hours.

Janet walked into the kitchen and smiled at Sam's flushed state; maybe now was the time to really up the ante.

"Good morning, Sam"

"Hey, Janet!"

Suddenly, Sam jumped from her seat as both her nipples and her butt were shaken by a strong electric shock.

"What the fu..."

"Now, now, Samantha, did I give you permission to speak?"

Janet knew she was being harsh, but at least she had determined the wireless networking of both nipple clamps and the butt plug to the small remote control, hidden in her pocket, appeared to work flawlessly. That was one perk of having a gadget geek as a lover; Janet was more than capable of rigging up a little networking herself.

She held the remote up.

"If I hear one word out of place, Sam, this will happen."

Janet smirked at the major and left her to stew as she made her way to work; keeping a close watch on Sam was going to be the hardest thing to achieve.

Later that morning, Janet happened to be passing the major's lab. Peering in, she heard Sam start to address whoever else was in the room. Janet smirked, and pressed the control nestled snuggly in her lab-coat pocket.

Not waiting to see Sam's response, she snickered as a yelp could be heard in the background.

Janet didn't have to wait long to see how Sam's resolve lasted. They were all called into General Hammond's office for an update on their visitors from Almerion.

The inhabitants of Almerion had been transported back to base, all suffering from a severe allergy to the local vegetation.

Sam, Janet, Jack and Daniel were sitting in a semi-circle around Hammond's desk. Janet positioned herself so she could see directly into her lover's eyes.

"Ok, team; tell me what's happening with the Almerions?"

Of course, Samantha Carter took that as an invite to speak; Janet disagreed and tweaked her remote to double its intensity.

Sam paled and almost doubled over in shock. Janet could see the tell-tale flush of arousal climbing up Sam's neck.

As Jack regaled the General on his theories regarding the removal of the entire nation's plant-life, Janet took a moment to smile at Sam.

"So, any theories on how these people suddenly became allergic to their own country?"

Janet knew that Sam had some wonderful theories about this very thing; they had spent the night before last discussing it in detail.

Before Sam could open her mouth, Janet tweaked her control, and Sam gasped.

Three pairs of eyes swiveled towards the blonde woman sweating profusely.

"Are you ok, Major Carter? Can we get you some water? Doctor Fraiser, do you need to examine Major Carter?" General Hammond worried.

Janet smiled beatifically at her superior and answered, "Oh no, Sir, I'm sure Major Carter just needs to watch what she's eating a little more. Isn't that right, major?"

Sam's incredulous look made Janet's punishment even more enjoyable. Once again, she tweaked the machine.

"I asked you a question, Major, are you not talking today?"

Twelve hours later, Sam Carter finally collapsed on her couch. She was exhausted and horny as hell. Janet had kept her on the edge of arousal all day, and Sam bemoaned the fact that if she didn't come very soon she would internally combust.

Suddenly, she felt a breeze waft across her highly aroused skin as the lounge door swung open. Janet stood in the open doorway, as tall as a diminutive woman could be, and smirked.

"On your knees, Samantha, I want to hear what you have to say for yourself."

Sam dropped to her knees in front of Janet and waited.

"Now, Major. Tell me what you've learned today."

Her mouth dry, Sam considered her words. Another tweak from Janet's remote, made her jump.

"Now, Major!"

"I learned that you, Daniel, and Jack all have very important things to add to team discussions. I learned that you are the expert on medical diagnoses. I learned that you are an evil, sadistic, wench."

With those words Sam stopped, expecting another tweak from Janet's hands. However, Janet laughed genuinely and reached forward to stroke Sam's hair lovingly.

"Go on, Sam, what else did you learn?"

Sam smiled, knowing her face wasn't exactly visible. "I learned that you are a damn better manipulator of wireless networking than I ever could be."

Janet lifted Sam's face up so they could lock eyes with each other.


"I learned that you have the ability to shock me with a gentle touch of your finger."

Sam grasped Janet's finger between her teeth and nipped gently.

"I learned that you have the ability to arouse me to distraction. But, more than anything else, I learned that you love me."

Sam's voice dropped to a throaty growl.

"And I love you. Very much."

The lovemaking that followed, and the orgasm that Janet finally wrestled from deep within Sam's soul, was almost enough to make Sam explain RSD at the next days medical symposium, almost.

The End

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