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Promises to Keep
By Geonn


The one time Sam had someplace to be, General Hammond needed all the various details of SG-9's excavation. When he finally dismissed them, O'Neill tapped his folders on the edge of the table and glanced at her. "Carter, I'll be a sport and let you grab the first shower."

'Figures,' she thought. "Thank you, sir," she said. "But I actually have to be somewhere. I'll just grab a shower there."

She checked her watch as she hurried out of the briefing room.

Sarah kept a vigil at the bar. She swirled the straw in her ginger ale, wished men would stop trying to buy her drinks and wondered how long she was supposed to wait. What was the etiquette? She and Sam had set this up months ago and just before her flight out, Sam had called to say she might not be there the first day. Maybe not the second day. But definitely by the third day of the conference, she was positive.

So it was only the second day. Technically, Sam had a whole twenty-four hours until she was late. She drank the rest of her ginger ale and left the glass on the bar. She turned and headed for the elevators. Another full night of sleep; somehow it wasn't as appealing as it should have been.

She was halfway across the lobby when a voice called out to her. She turned, heart pounding as she saw Samantha Carter break into a run. They met in front of the registration desk, restrained themselves to an 'old-friends' hug and pulled back to smile at one another. "Hi," Sam said.

"You're late."

Sam grinned.

Sam's hair was wet from the shower as Sarah kissed her way across her forehead. She slipped her fingers into the knot of Sam's towel and smiled down at it. "What's the meaning of this?"

"Force of habit," Sam said as the towel slipped away.

Sarah slid an arm around Sam's waist and dropped her lips. She brushed her top lip across Sam's as her hand slid up Sam's hip. During the shower, Sarah had taken the opportunity to strip down. She was wearing a silver nightie, low-cut with thin shoulder-straps. Sam tilted her head and opened her mouth to Sarah's tongue.

They held one another, Sarah lifting her heels off the ground to make up for their minor difference in height. When they broke the kiss, Sarah curled her tongue and ran it across Sam's bottom lip. "I've missed you," she said. She moved her hands down and cupped Sam's ass.

Sam nuzzled Sarah's face and walked her backwards towards the bed. She whispered in her ear and pushed her down onto the mattress. Sarah let herself be dropped and brought one leg up. Her nightie slipped up and revealed the darkness between her legs. Sam got onto her knees in front of the bed, looked up into Sarah's dark eyes, and ducked. She pushed the sheer material away with her nose and kissed Sarah gently.

Sarah groaned and arched her back. She put her hands on her face, covering her eyes with the palms and threading her hair through her fingers. She knew Sam was considered a genius at the SGC and around most of Area 51; she doubted her oral proficiency factored into their figuring, but... damn. The woman was a prodigy.

She brought her other foot up, spread them apart to give Sam more room to work. "I've been thinking about this for eight months," she gasped.

Sam turned her head and kissed the inside of Sarah's thigh. She ran her tongue up to her knee and then gazed down at her willing captive. Sarah reached up and drew Sam to her, eyes locked on Sam's wet lips. They kissed and Sam sank down onto Sarah. The heat from her bare flesh seemed to melt the nightie into Sarah's flesh.

Taking Sarah's hand and placing it on her breast, Sam pressed her thigh against Sarah's wet pussy and thrust forward. Sarah groaned as Sam took her mouth again. Sarah pinched Sam's nipple and pushed her hips against Sam's warm thigh. They'd only been together three nights over the course of their two year relationship, but somehow Sam's body already felt familiar.

As Sarah's orgasm neared, Sam sat up and peeled the sweat-soaked nightie away from her body. She sat up and, like a bird of prey, pounced. She ran her tongue over Sarah's sweaty breasts, cupped them with both hands, teased the nipples with the tip of her tongue. Sarah tightened her thighs around Sam's and began bucking her hips off the bed.

"Sam... please..."

Sam moved one hand down and cupped Sarah's pussy. She spread her index and ring fingers and slipped the middle one down the path recently traveled by her tongue. Sarah wailed and trembled. Sam twisted her hand, touched the heel against Sarah's clit and lightly nibbled on her nipple.

Her orgasm fading, Sarah felt the cold air of the room through her sweat and panted at the ceiling for a few minutes. Sam kissed across her torso - breasts, belly, nipples, collarbone, neck - and eventually found her lips again. Sarah turned her head into the kiss and rolled them both, rising over Sam. "I've missed you."

Sam stretched her arms up over her head. Sarah looked down, admiring the muscular stretch of Sam's body. She traced a finger over Sam's pebbled nipple and slid down between her legs.

Sarah woke in the middle of the night and rolled over. Sam was at the window, looking at downtown Colorado. She blinked and took in the sight; Sam, framed by the very first light of morning, wearing only a t-shirt and panties. Her body was clearly outlined through the thin material of her undershirt, the white triangle of her panties standing stark against her tanned thighs.

Sarah pushed the blankets down and sat up. "Sam." Her voice was rough; she'd only been asleep for two hours and she'd spent most of their late night panting or holding back screams.

Sam turned and smiled. "Go to sleep," she whispered.

"Come here."

Sam walked back to bed. Before she laid down, she peeled the t-shirt off and stretched out next to Sarah in her underwear.

Sarah kissed Sam's eyelids and worked her leg between Sam's thighs. "I have to head back to Colorado Springs in three hours," Sam whispered. She kissed the corner of Sarah's mouth and moved against the invading thigh.

"I know," Sarah whispered. "There's a 10am panel I have to attend. Mandatory."

"So," Sam whispered. She brushed Sarah's hair out of her face.

"We should take advantage of the time we have."

Sam kissed Sarah and pulled her closer.

The End

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