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By Ann


"Where could it have gone?" Janet asked her partner when they returned to their secluded picnic spot after their short nature walk, only to find the new blanket they had spread on the ground and anchored down by their ice chest, missing. The ice chest was still there and sitting upright which pretty much eliminated any forest creatures as potential suspects.

Glancing around the area, Sam shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I haven't the foggiest, but whoever took it had to move the cooler to the side." Quickly opening the lid, Sam noted that all their soft drinks were accounted for; however, the six pack of beer was nowhere to be found.

Janet watched Sam's face drop in disappointment and then moved to the truck to check to see if anything inside had been disturbed. Turning toward her lover, she noted, "Good thing you suggested we move the food to the truck. It looks like whoever took the blanket wasn't interested in anything else."

"Except for the beer," Sam sadly reported, walking over to join Janet at the truck. "Our old blanket is under the seat, but the only beer I had was in the cooler."

"It'll be okay, Sam. We'll spread out the old blanket and have our lunch," Janet replied, and lowering her voice to a sexy whisper, she added, "Maybe afterwards; I can come up with something that will take your mind off your missing beer."

Sam's head immediately snapped up, and she reached in her pocket for the keys to unlock the truck so that she could retrieve their blanket. The sooner the picnic began, the sooner it would end, and she could hardly wait to find out what Janet had in mind.

The two women finally got everything laid out on the worn blanket, and Janet handed Sam an unopened Coke. "Here you go, Sam. I know it's not the same as beer, but I promise you, you'll want to have all your wits about you after lunch."

Hearing the promised words, Sam proceeded to choke on a piece of cheese, and not even a swig or two of Coke could dislodge the stubborn morsel from her windpipe. Janet quickly moved behind her partner and placed her arms around her waist, positioning her fist in the proper location to initiate the Heimlich maneuver.

On the third thrust, the hunk of Cheddar flew across the blanket and landed roughly ten feet from the parked truck. Sam slumped in Janet's arms, and the shaking doctor held on tightly to her lover.

"Maybe we should have stayed home. First, someone steals our blanket and my beer, and then I almost choke to death on a piece of cheese," Sam stated, sinking even further into her lover's embrace.

"Our beer, Sam. It was our beer, remember? And as for the blanket, I kind of like our old one," Janet replied, somewhat calmer now that her adrenaline was wearing off.

Looking over her shoulder at her lover, Sam pouted, "I was hoping to experience some memorable moments on our new blanket."

"I'd rather just add to the moments we've already had on this one," Janet replied, placing her hand under Sam's shirt and slowly rubbing small circles on the taut abdomen.

"Mmm, I think I found your six-pack, Sam," Janet teased as her hand traced over the rippled muscles leaving goose bumps in its path.

Shifting so that they were face to face, Sam gently lowered her lover onto the familiar blanket and whispered, "Let's skip the picnic and go right to adding to the memories."

For the next hour, no more words were spoken, and the only sound heard by the nearby forest creatures was an occasional moan of ecstasy as the two lovers reaffirmed their love for one another, no longer concerned with the loss of their blanket or the beer.

Meanwhile, miles away, a very large bear crawled into his den with the ends of a blanket in his mouth. Entering the center of the area, he proceeded to pull the trailing portion of the blanket toward him, and releasing the edges, he used his paws to open the blanket to reveal the six pack of beer.

"Hairy, please tell me you didn't bring me any more soft drinks. That carbonation makes me burp for hours," the female bear complained to her mate.

"I think you're going to be very pleased with my find this time, Hairrette. I found a brand new blanket and some beer, and not just any beer either, it's Heineken, your favorite," Hairy replied as he handed over a beer.

"Oh, Hairy. You're going to get very lucky tonight."

The two grinning bears popped the top of their respective cans and foam escaped just as two simultaneous screams echoed throughout the forest.



The End

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