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Cause and Effect
By Celievamp

Sam Carter sat on the edge of a strange bed and looked at herself in the mirror opposite. Life was about to get very weird. And hopefully very wonderful. She could hear a soft voice humming to herself from the ensuite bathroom. She stared at her reflection and took a couple of deep breaths. She could do this. She wanted to do this.

This was nothing she could have imagined – and Sam Carter prided herself that she had a pretty good imagination. She grinned and her reflection grinned back. "You are such a dirty girl," she told herself softly. Anticipation pricked her senses. She had no idea whether this was going to be a one time thing or the start of something longer lasting. She only hoped that this would not harm what was already a pretty strong friendship. She had the feeling it would not. They both had too much affection and respect for one another to let it do that.

Had her eyes always been that blue? Her hair was still mussed from where slender deft fingers had been running through it earlier, her lips still slightly tender from the many kisses and nips that her soon to be lover had rained upon her.

"You have such wonderfully kissable lips."

No one had told her that before. Dreamily she smiled, her fingertips brushing across her lips before sliding down the line of her throat. That had been kissed and nibbled as well. Janet had unerringly found places that had some sort of chi line straight to her centre reducing her to melting point.

It had started so innocently, a girl's night out. Something they had done hundreds of times before over the years when the smell of testosterone got too much for them. The small club was fairly new, played an eclectic range of music at a volume that still allowed for the possibility of conversation and the drinks weren't too overpriced. The two women quickly realized that the clientele was from a broad church, they were far from being the only same sex couple there. This had made her feel both more and less confident. More confident because if she did go a little further than she was accustomed to with Janet then no one would comment. Less confident because it would be so easy to inadvertently step over that boundary she had created for herself. The truth was that she was in love with Janet Fraiser and had been for a long time. And that unless regulation and law changed drastically there was nothing she could do about it.

Their table wasn't ready yet and Janet pulled her on to the dance floor. It took only a few minutes for Sam to relax into the music. Janet was a good dancer and Sam caught a few appreciative glances her way. At least I can pretend she's with me tonight, she thought. I can pretend that I'm not going to drop her at her door and then go home to my quiet empty little house.

Janet's back was currently to her, the two women dancing close without actually touching. Absentmindedly Sam put her arms around Janet's waist, holding her for a moment before she realised what she was doing and hastily pulled away. But Janet's hands were on hers, pulling them around her waist again as the smaller woman leant back against her with every evidence of enjoying the closeness. Sam silently glowed.

And then their table was called.

Their server was a perky blonde called Janice who served them drinks and made some menu suggestions if they decided to eat. They went with her recommendation on potato skins and the salsa dip and chicken pepper and red onion kebabs in a honey and ginger glaze which were delicious but slightly messy to eat.

Janet sat back and sighed, licking her fingers clean. "My god, that was delicious,"

"Pretty good," Sam agreed around a mouthful of chicken. She had forgotten the speed at which her friend could put away food sometimes. Janet had finished both her kebabs whilst Sam had to finish eating one yet, her second kebab untouched on her plate.

"So, you going to eat that one?" Janet's eyebrows rose hopefully.

"Yep," Sam grinned. "Going to torture you and eat it really slowly, savouring every bite."

Janet laughed. "Not even a nibble then."

"Nope, you can just watch me eat it."

Janice came over. "Can I get you ladies anything else?"

They ordered another round of drinks and after a moments deliberation Janet asked to see the dessert menu. Two could play the torturing game.

She watched Sam's eyes get rounder as she placed her order for the icecream special. "You're going to make me suffer for not giving you some of my kebab aren't you?"

Janet just grinned.

"This is your first time here, isn't it, ladies?" Janice asked bringing their drinks.

Sam nodded. "Yeah, but I don't think it'll be our last. We're having a really good time."

"Glad to hear it. So, how long have you two been together?"

The question floored them. Sam could feel the blush starting in her cheeks. "We're not…"

"Yet." Janet said.

Sam turned and stared at her. Was it possible? By the almost smouldering look in Janet's dark eyes apparently it was. "Yet," she agreed quietly. The smile on Janet's face made the room suddenly brighten and Sam answered it with one of her own.

And Sam knew as certainly as she knew that the sun would rise tomorrow that she would not be going home to her lonely empty house that night.

And so here they were…

The door to the ensuite opened and Janet came out. Sam's breath caught in her throat. "My god," she whispered. Even just in a plain nightshirt Janet was beautiful, small but perfectly proportioned. The sight of her long slender lightly tanned legs sent shivers down Sam's spine. She grinned saucily. Another certainty: cause and effect: just the sight of this woman aroused her more than any other lover had done.

"You like?"

Sam nodded. "I like." Janet came to stand between her thighs, her arms looped around Sam's neck. "You don't know how many times when I see you in uniform or in your BDUs with your jacket and everything on all I want to do is slowly undress you."


"Really. We should go back and thank that waitress some time, you know. Without her prompting, well who knows how long it would have taken to get to this point." Janet pushed Sam back onto the bed and straddled her body. Sam silently told herself to keep breathing.

Janet began to slowly unbutton Sam's shirt, kissing her way down the strip of bare skin that was revealed. "You are so beautiful, so beautiful."

"You're the beautiful one. Your eyes… I could fall into your eyes forever."

Janet smiled. "You say the sweetest things. You amaze me Sam, sometimes you're so confident and sometimes so tongue-tied and nervous. I've been your friend now for four years and I still feel I don't know you. You're a complicated person and I think it's going to take a long time to get to know you properly. You up for that?"

Sam found that she was tonguetied again but whether that was because of what Janet had said or the fact that her hands were now cupping Sam's breasts, her thumbs gently stroking over her nipples, the sensation bypassing her brain and going straight to her centre. She gasped, arched her back, pushing herself against the smaller woman's body but Janet continued to hold her down apparently effortlessly.

"I guess you are," Janet smiled, her dark hair curtaining her face as she leant over to kiss Sam again.

It was later. Much later. Or it could have been seconds. Time didn't have that much meaning for either woman at this point.

Sam stroked her fingers across the slick skin between the smaller woman's legs watching the expressions that flowed across the smaller woman's face as she rubbed and tweaked against the small nub of nerves that was for the moment the focus of both women's attentions. "Tell me what you want, Janet," she whispered.

"I want you. Only you," her voice a broken sere whisper. Sam applied slightly more pressure, rolling the nub slightly between her fingers as Janet's back arched, her mouth opening.

Watching Janet ride her orgasm was one of the most beautiful things that Sam had ever seen and she nearly came herself just from that. She stilled her fingers and just gently cupped Janet's warm wet flesh for a moment or two as Janet took in deep shuddering breaths, the flush slowly fading from her skin. I did that, a little voice inside Sam said, soft with wonder. I did that to her. Deep dark eyes opened and Sam lost herself in their gaze for several minutes, overwhelmed by the depth of emotion that she saw there. Janet's fingers touched the back of her hand and Sam removed her fingers, Janet turned, almost climbing on top of her as they lay breast to breast.

"Oh god, that was…" Janet's eyes were closed, Sam brushed sweat soaked hair back from her face and neck, gently kissed and nuzzled the damp salty skin.

"You liked that, huh?"

"Mmm-mmm," Janet muttered sleepily. Her eyes fluttered open. "But you haven't…" Sam smiled, guided one small hand down between her legs letting Janet sense the warmth and wetness. "I'm good, don't worry. I nearly came just from watching you." Slender fingers touched her, stroked her and Sam's reflexes jerked. She smiled, her eyes fluttering closed.

It did not take long. Sam clung tightly to Janet wishing that the moment where she had to leave go of the smaller woman would never come. Janet kissed her, slid away from her and reached down for the sheet pulling it up over their cooling bodies. Sam tried to pull her closer again.

"I don't want to squash you," Janet said.

"You won't," Sam vowed. They compromised by curling into each other's bodies, Sam's longer body spooned around Janet's, her hand resting lightly on Janet's hip. Sam smiled into the darkness, realized that she could not remember ever feeling so happy. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Some time later Sam woke with a start, with the knowledge that she was about to fall out of bed. For a small woman Janet Fraiser liked to take up a lot of space. She was currently in starfish mode, with both pillows clutched in her grasp and most of the covers. Sam was relegated to the edge of the bed and her bare skin was cold.

"Janet, sweetie, you're going to have to move over," Sam whispered, stroking the smaller woman's hair. There was an incoherent moan and not a lot else. Certainly no movement. Sam raised herself up and noticed that there was more space on the other side of the bed. She got up and padded around to the other side of the bed, by which time Janet had moved further into her vacated space, taking both pillows with her again. Sam gave up, snagged a comforter from the armchair and wrapped it around herself and sat and watched her new lover sleep.

She remembered reading somewhere that you saw the true soul of someone when you watched them sleep and in Janet Fraiser she saw only good things. Sam realised that this was one of those pivotal moments that you hear about. A whole new future opened up in front of her and she sat and thought about that as the sun rose and the light in the room coming through the partly closed drapes slowly brightened.

She realised that Janet's eyes were open. "Hey!" she said softly.

"Hey," Janet whispered. "What are you doing all the way over there. C'mere."

Sam crawled back onto the bed again and went to kiss Janet then remembered. "Morning breath."

"I don't mind if you don't mind," Janet smiled, taking her into her arms again. They kissed long and slow, their bodies resuming the slow push and grind of mutual satiation, hands running over skin painted rose and gold by sunlight. Sam felt the shudders start deep within her, a knot tightening inside as a warmth that had nothing to do with sunshine and everything to do with this wonderful woman flooded through her. She could hear Janet almost chanting her name with every exhalation of breath and knew that she was close as well. Small hands clutched her shoulders with an almost bruising intensity as Janet reached the peak of her orgasm.

They rested in each other's arms, whispering soft endearments and heartfelt promises, exchanging kisses that ranged from the almost chaste to one's so blindingly intense that one or both of them forgot to breathe.

"If the only thing of consequence I do with my life is to make you happy then that will be a life well spent," Janet said softly, her fingers running gently through the soft short hairs at the back of Sam's neck. Sam's face was buried in the crook of her neck and she thought she heard a muffled sob.

"Oh sweetie, I didn't mean to make you cry."

"What else am I supposed to do when you say something like that?" Sam said, sitting up a little, her voice husky with emotion. Janet cupped her face in her hands and gently kissed away her tears.

"No more tears, okay. Even if they are happy ones."

"Very happy ones." Sam managed a tremulous smile that broke into a fully fledged grin when she heard…

"Have I told you today that I love you?"

"Not yet," Sam whispered. "But then it is barely light."

"And we have to be on duty in an hour," Janet sighed. "I really hope we can do this."

"I know we can," Sam said, her confidence returning. She traveled to other worlds through an anomaly of quantum physics that only a handful of people understood on a daily basis. She could handle the subterfuge that might be necessary to enjoy a relationship with a fellow officer.

They could do this. All the evidence said so.

The End

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