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Strawberries and Cream, Huh?
By Debbie

Jack O'Neill pulled into the SGC's parking lot and spied the convertible belonging to Doctor Janet Fraiser. He winced inwardly as he realized she would be on duty if he needed a pre-mission check. The Doc had a thing about big needles and his hindquarters, and if she wasn't available she always, always, asked Nurse Dracula (or something like that) to oblige. He groaned again, then noticed a long stemmed red rose placed carefully on Fraiser's windshield.

He jumped out of his pick-up and gingerly picked up the beautiful bloom. Glancing at the attached card, he smiled evilly as he read the hand-written note within, here were rich pickings for his sarcastic wit and he intended to milk it to the hilt. If he didn't avoid the needle, he would certainly earn it today.

Carrying the rose carefully, his thoughts wandered to the identity of the sender. His grapevine certainly hadn't mentioned Fraiser having any kind of admirer at the base. Not ones that would send a red rose anyway. There were numerous grunts who expressed an appreciation of the diminutive doctor, but grunts were not sophisticated enough to leave red roses. No way! No, it had to be somebody else, but who?

Arriving at the infirmary he halted a moment thinking later he would grill Carter for the dirty details, after all his 2IC and the doctor were practically living in each others pockets these days. Since the incident with Teal'c and his lost symbiote, Janet and Sam had become somewhat closer.

Knocking loudly, he poked his head around Janet's office door, "Hey Doc! I have something here you might be interested in." Stepping into the room, he pulled the rose from behind his back with a flourish.

As shocked as she was by the rose, the doctor managed to reply with her own brand of O'Neill sarcasm, "Colonel Dear, I didn't know you cared."

"I don't, but I think this may be worth sparing the postman a rather too large needle, don't ya think?" winked the Colonel.

As Janet looked into Jack's amused eyes she realized he had read the attached card. Reading the note a blush crept up her features, that heightened somewhat as she heard Jack's chuckle and accompanying words as he read it aloud for her.

"Roses are red, Violets are blue, Strawberries and Cream, tonight at the zoo."

Janet's eyes were ablaze. Jack couldn't decide if it was anger or desire. Either way he decided to make tracks away from the infirmary. Throwing her pencil at the departing Colonel, and ignoring protocol, she shouted, "You read the note, it's Alicia for you Sir, no worries."

She could hear Jack laughing as he wandered down the corridor and chuckled herself knowing full well that wouldn't be the last she heard from Jack O'Neill on the matter of the rose. The doctor was not worried. She had many medical means of gaining perfect revenge.

Fingering the rose, she whispered, "Strawberries and Cream, huh? Let me remember what that one means."

Her thoughts drifted back a few weeks, to the night of Teal'c's recovery from losing his symbiote. Jacob Carter had brought the Tretonin that was now maintaining both Teal'c and Bra'tac's immune systems without the need of said symbiote. While keeping her careful customary eye on any member of SG1 and their friends, Teal'c had called her aside. As he pulled her close, she had found herself gazing into his earnest eyes, eyes that showed a love she had never seen before. He spoke carefully to her, "MajorCarter has a mug of hot coffee waiting for you at her home. Now go. We will be fine JanetFraiser."

Hearing her name on his lips for the first time ever was enough to put her off her stride but, coupled with the words he spoke, he totally knocked her for a loop. Nobody, but nobody, knew about her and Sam's secret language of many years previous. Wherever Teal'c got the words from, she didn't care, it made her determined to approach Sam once again. That night, after her shift ended, she found herself doing the unthinkable; she knocked on Samantha Carter's door and uttered the immortal words, "I'd rather have a mug of hot chocolate."

As she relived the wonderful night that ensued, the object of her musings came into her office.

"Hey Janet! Colonel O'Neill tells me you have a secret admirer. He's got a wager going with Teal'c and Jonas that he will solve the mystery of the sender before they do. Teal'c has surprisingly upped the ante. He stands to win the full collection of Simpson's videos, courtesy of Colonel O'Neill, if he reveals the answer," she finished with an exaggerated wink.

Both women laughed easily, comfortable in their friendship. Sam wandered over to perch beside Janet on the edge of her desk, making sure her leg just gently grazed Janet's arm. The heat immediately spread through them. Sam gasped huskily, "So, who is this secret admirer?"

"I wouldn't know major. It's someone who has the audacity to order Strawberries and Cream at the zoo of all places. Tonight! Who the hell wants strawberries and cream at this time of the year?" As the doctor said the words she ostensibly reached for her pen, conveniently running her hand along the thigh of the increasingly hot major.

Groaning quietly, Sam licked her lips, "Hmmm, Doctor Fraiser! It sounds like someone who might have a connection with little old England. I wonder." Picking the rose up she stared into Janet's eyes and said out loud, "This rose looks pretty special Janet. I bet it cost a small fortune. Someone will be expecting some favors later tonight, I think!"

Blushing slightly, Janet whispered, "No doubt Major, no doubt." Her eyes sparkled as she looked at Sam sitting next to her.

Without another word Sam jumped off the desk making to leave. For all to hear she chuckled, "I'm off to tell Colonel O'Neill all this new information. You, my dear Doctor, ought to get on home. You have things to do." Leaning forward she blew in Janet's ear and sucked deeply on the lobe as she straightened up. Laughing once more she turned to leave and out loud called over her shoulder, "See ya later Doc, I want to know all there is to tell."

Later that evening Janet Fraiser sat quietly in her den. This room was Janet's escape from the maelstrom of her life, supposedly. A room with no TV, no phone, and no computer, just a comfortable sofa and shelf upon shelf of books: basically, it was her chill-out room. Just lately however, since Sam had come back into her life, and since Cassie had found boys, Janet's den very often resembled a zoo at feeding time. Jokingly, the family now called it just that, the Zoo.

A chill spread across her abdomen and looking down she knew why. Smiling at herself, she muttered, "No wonder you're chilly, Janet Fraiser, at your age as well. What the hell would Cassie think?" On arriving home she was actually relieved to find a note from Cassie asking if she could sleep over at a friends. A long phone call with her beloved daughter and a shorter one with her best friend had cleared the road for the special evening ahead.

Suddenly she heard the front door latch. Slipping her robe off, she crossed to the light switch. Switching off the overhead light, Janet perused the small room. It was now aglow with the amber of numerous scented candles and the room was awash with the smell of vanilla and jasmine. Satisfied with the appearance she leaned back on the sofa and waited.

She was rewarded a few moments later by the resplendent view of one Samantha Carter, framed by the hallway light. Wearing nothing more than a Strawberry colored Basque and knickers, she looked absolutely divine. Janet's heart contracted at the sight and her mouth became suddenly dry. She beckoned to Sam to close the door and held out her hand, beseeching the gorgeous blonde to come join her.

Kneeling beside Janet, Sam leaned in for a gentle, sweet kiss. Sam halted the lip massage, leaning backwards, desperate to see Janet up close. She growled feline in nature, "Wait Hon! Let me look at you, please." Sam's eyes swept over the redhead's pulsing orbs encased in cream colored silk and then down to her petite waist. Here Janet was wearing her long forgotten cream garter belt. Sam's eyes glistened with adoration as her gentle fingers stroked up the length of Janet's stocking clad legs and came to rest on the doctor's bare midriff. She leaned over and kissed Janet once again, chastely, with the word "perfection" whispered imperceptibly between them.

Samantha Carter climbed gently atop Janet Fraiser and let her weight rest comfortably on her lover. As the heat spread between them, Janet whispered in Samantha's ear, "Strawberries and cream, huh?"

No more was said as their lips finally met in a frenzied kiss.

The End

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