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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an episode of The WOO Chronicles - very brief retellings of events that happened during the looping of Window of Opportunity as I have envisioned. There will be much mockery, and much corniness, but that is my intention so deal with it.
SPOILERS: Spoilers for 'Window of Opportunity' in season 4.
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Sam ducked as the pie flew over her head. Jack threw another, this time in the direction of the door. Unfortunately, Teal'c had just walked in right at that moment and received a pie square in the face. He lifted his hand and wiped the cream away. He stared at Jack momentarily then dived for the nearest up-turned table.

Jack and Sam shared a look of concern before ducking behind their respective tables.

It wasn't long before the entire commissary was covered in cream, including the many SGC personnel that had come in during the war. Sam was covered, Jack was covered, and so were Daniel, Janet, and Siler. Miraculously Teal'c had managed to stay relatively untouched, except for the initial hit by Jack. But don't worry; Jack was made to regret that.

The End

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