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One Fainting Robin
By Geonn


Most of the lights were out and she was cold, sitting on the bench in her boxer shorts. She hadn't bothered to fully dress after her shower and was starting to regret it. She gripped the edge of the bench with her hands, her head bowed as she tried to catalogue her various injuries. There was a cut on the back of her hand, the flesh had been scraped away from her shins when she dropped behind some cover and she had calluses on her trigger finger.

She reached up and put her hand against her right shoulder. She moved the arm in a slow circle and felt a slight pinch when she reached forty-five degrees. Nothing major. She stretched her back and felt it pop, a satisfying sound in the quiet of the locker room. The guys had showered and changed first, letting her get checked out in the infirmary and give Hammond the initial debriefing. She hadn't minded; if being the bearer of bad news meant she got to take a longer shower, so be it.

SG-1 had been on Stikine for the past four days on what started as a simple diplomatic meeting. A few dissidents had taken issue to the fact that 'outsiders' were allowed inside their holy temple. The bombings had started soon after. Daniel convinced Colonel O'Neill to stay and try to soothe everyone's nerves. Their attempts to calm everyone down failed miserably.

She and Teal'c had been pinned down on the outskirts of town and had to use deadly force to escape. She had killed one man who was raising a rock to Teal'c's head. She'd had no choice, but still...

She rubbed her face. It was done. They'd made it through the Stargate, the leaders weren't responding to attempts at communication... the mission went on the failed list. It just seemed like that list was getting so damn long lately.

A klaxon sounded and she groaned. Another team was coming through the Gate and would be eager for the locker room. She stood and decided she might as well get dressed and rejoin the world. She opened her locker door and stepped back as a wave of red washed out across the floor.

Her first thought was blood. She'd seen so much of it the past couple of days... But when she lifted her foot to step back, she saw that the flood had been rose petals. Dozens of rose petals. She blinked, bent down and ran her hands through the sea of flowers. Her finger brushed across something hard and she fished it out. The smell of roses wafting out of her locker was strong, but as pleasant as perfume. She opened the card and covered her mouth with her free hand.

'I love you.'

The card was completely anonymous.

Unless you knew Janet Fraiser's handwriting.

Sam finished dressing and went to the infirmary. Her hope was to corner Janet in her office, shut the blinds and neck on the couch for a few minutes. She wanted comfort, wanted to be held, wanted to hold Janet and cry against her shoulder. Unfortunately, her timing couldn't have been worse; the infirmary was under siege by SG-10 and 14. Sam spotted Janet across the crowded, noisy room and tried to make her way to her.

Janet looked over at her. She didn't do a double-take, didn't scan the room and then stop on Sam. She merely turned her head and locked eyes on Sam, as if she knew she would be there. She continued speaking to her nurse, but the corner of her mouth twisted up in a smile. Sam waved her fingers in greeting.

A raise of Janet's eyebrow said, You okay?

Sam nodded and cut her eyes towards the office. I want to see you.

Janet glanced at the nurse she was speaking to and then scanned the room with her eyes. She rolled her eyes and shrugged slightly.

Sam nodded towards the door. I'll see you at home?

A nod.

Sam waved her fingers and stepped back out of the infirmary.

After the official debriefing with the entire team present and the writing out of her mission report, Sam returned to the infirmary. The ruckus had died down and, other than a few patients sleeping behind the curtains, the place seemed dead. Hopeful, she made her way towards Janet's office. She was brought up short when she saw Dr. Warner standing next to a patient's bedside. "Oh," she said. "Did Janet go home?"

"Mm-hmm," he said as he wrote on the patient's chart. "About an hour ago..."

"Okay," she nodded.

"Is there anything I could help you with, Major?"

"No, it's all right. Thank you, Dr. Warner."

The Fraiser house looked dark from the street, but when Sam pulled her bike around the back, she saw that the dining room light was on. She left the bike behind Janet's car and went in through the garage door.

Janet had changed into a pair of blue jeans and a white blouse, her sleeves rolled up so they wouldn't get splattered. She covered the pot and turned to Sam. She wasn't smiling, her eyes face drawn with concern. "How are you?"

Sam embraced Janet tightly, crushing their bodies together in a fierce hug. Janet wrapped her arms around Sam and pressed her face against Sam's breast. When Sam relaxed her grip, Janet stayed where she was and tilted her head up to look into Sam's eyes. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"That explains the roses," Sam said with a smile. "I lost track of what day it was." She kissed Janet's eyebrow and said, "Happy Valentine's Day to you, too."

Janet smiled. "Did you like that? The flowers? I spent an hour and a half pushing those petals through the vent on the door."

"It was exactly what I needed," Sam said. She bent down and kissed Janet's lips. Janet smoothed her hands down Sam's back and hooked her fingers around Sam's belt. She pulled back and licked her bottom lip. "Dinner is almost ready. Cassie is staying with Ernest and Catherine tonight. Why don't you go upstairs and take a bath?"

Sam nodded and nuzzled Janet's forehead.

"I'll be up in a few minutes," Janet promised as she released Sam.

Sam kissed Janet's lips one more time before she left the kitchen. She undressed as she went up the stairs, down to her jeans and shoes by the time she made it to the bathroom. She pushed the door open, flicked on the light... and gasped. The bath was already filled with a foamy bubble bath, the candles on each corner of the tub stood unlit. The bath mat was littered with dozens of rose petals.

She finished undressing and sat on the edge of the tub. She ran her fingers through the water and was surprised to find it was still the perfect temperature.

"Dr. Warner called," Janet said from the doorway. Sam turned and Janet smiled. "He told me you were on your way. I had just enough time to finish filling the tub and run down to meet you in the kitchen." She walked to the tub and took Sam's hand. "Come on. I'll help you in."

Sam stepped over the edge and let Janet balance her as she sank into the water. As Sam stretched out, Janet took a seat on the edge of the tub. "How does it feel?"

"Great," Sam sighed.

"I heard that you had a shoulder injury... Do you want a massage?"

Sam was tempted, but didn't want to abandon the tub. She shook her head and said, "Later, though. Definitely."

"Okay," Janet said. She pushed her sleeve up higher and reached into the tub. "It's not too warm...?"

"It's perfect," Sam said. Her eyes were closed and she looked ready to fall asleep.



Janet reached into the water and found the inside of Sam's thigh. She ran her fingertips over the slick flesh and started drawing small circles. Sam's brow furrowed and she shifted. "Mm," she repeated.

Janet moved higher and cupped her hand between Sam's legs. She used her index and ring fingers to spread Sam's lips apart and pressed her middle finger forward. Sam's hand came out of the water, trailing suds, and gripped Janet's thigh. She left a wet handprint on the denim, but Janet ignored it. As Janet circled her middle finger, Sam's fingers tightened. When Janet moved her hand away, Sam's hand became a vice grip.

She used the knuckle of her middle finger to nudge Sam's clit and then brushed it up and down her labia. Sam trembled and moved her hand to Janet's hip. Due to Janet's position, Sam couldn't get to where she wanted to be. "Turn around," Sam whispered.

Janet ignored her. She folded two fingers and pressed their tips against Sam.

"Turn around," Sam repeated. "I want to touch you."

"No," Janet said simply. She used her free hand to move Sam's hand from her leg. "This is for you." She began thrusting her fingers and Sam gasped. "I'm going to make you come first. Okay?"

Sam groaned, but managed a nod. Janet smiled and turned her hand. She used her thumb to brush Sam's clit and continued a slow, steady rhythm until Sam's muscles clenched around her. "Oh. Ooh, oh, Janet..." She grimaced and panted, her hands going to the edge of the tub. She thrust against Janet's hand as she came, her entire body tense.

When she finished, she sagged against the curve of the tub and looked up at Janet with dreamy eyes. Janet pulled her hand free of the tub, flicked her fingers and smiled. "You want to soak for a while before dinner?"

"Yes," Sam sighed.

Janet leaned over the tub, holding onto the towel rack so Sam wouldn't yank her in, and kissed Sam's lips. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"Thank you. I love you."

"I love you, too, Sam." She leaned back and splashed some water at Sam. "Take your time. Dinner will be waiting when you come down."

Sam nodded and watched Janet leave. She rearranged herself in the tub and sank down until only her head was above water.

When she came downstairs five minutes later, Janet was still setting the table. Sam had dressed in a silk blouse and black slacks, what she assumed fit the occasion. The cut on her hand was wrapped in a bandage that she hoped wouldn't get in the way of their celebration. When she saw Janet, she realized the dress code was far less stringent than she had believed. Janet turned, followed Sam's gaze and looked down at herself. "What?" she said. She lifted the hem of her shirt to reveal she was still wearing her panties. "You got my jeans all wet."

"You do have a point." Sam smiled and pulled Janet close. They kissed and Sam moved her lips to Janet's ear. "Thank you for this. I... needed this more than you know."

Janet kissed Sam's neck and said, "Let's eat."

They separated and went to their regular seats. They ate in reverent silence, broken only with updates about Cassandra and rumors about goings-on at the base. Sam glanced up at one point to see Janet suck a bit of gravy from her fingertip. A finger that was inside of me fifteen minutes ago... she thought.

"Sam? Are you okay?"

Sam blinked and smiled. "Just a sudden chill. I'm all right now."

Janet nodded.

When they finished their meal, Janet stood up and walked around to Sam's side of the table. "Come on. Let's dance."

Sam took Janet's hand and allowed herself to be led into the living room. They embraced and began to sway to unheard music, neither of them needing an actual song to guide them. Sam laced her fingers together in the small of Janet's back, held her tight, and buried her face in Janet's hair.

"It was a bad one?" Janet asked against the smooth silk of Sam's blouse.


It was all that would be said on the subject before morning. Janet pressed her face against Sam's throat and inhaled. She smelled of the lavender body wash Janet had put in the bath. She leaned in and ran her tongue along the trail of Sam's pulse. Sam shivered and leaned down. "I want to make love to you."

"How?" Janet asked into the hollow made by Sam's chin.

Sam flattened her palms against Janet's back and whispered into her ear. As she spoke nice, dirty things, Janet began to rock against Sam's body. Janet moved her hands around Sam's body, touched her breasts. She spread her legs and let Sam slip a thigh between them. Janet bit her lip and closed her eyes, imagining the things Sam was describing to her. "Is that okay?" Sam whispered when she was finished.

"Yeah," Janet said. "Yeah."

Sam pulled back and let her hand slide down Janet's arm. She folded her fingers around Janet's palm and walked with her to the stairs.

They went into the bedroom and locked the door out of habit. They separated at the bed, Sam bending down to pull a bag out of the drawer next to the bed. She left Janet sitting on the edge of the bed and went into the bathroom. She turned on the light over the sink and quickly began to strip.

Janet discarded the idea of being naked when Sam came out of the bathroom. Sam liked to watch her undress, liked even more to undress her, and she needed it tonight. She had seen it in her lover's eyes in the infirmary; haunted, wounded, afraid. The first night Janet had seen that look, she had been afraid to even touch Sam. But they had worked it out, had gotten a routine going. Love always cancelled out everything bad.

After a mission where Sam was ordered to use a naquadah reactor as a bomb, they had made love on the couch. Janet could almost see the change take place. All the bad feelings Sam had for O'Neill and the military had washed away, replaced with her love for Janet. Sam had wept through her orgasm and then whispered thank you's into Janet's hair. Janet, stunned by the power of what they'd just done, held her and wept as well. Since that night, every time they made love it seemed imbued with the memory of that first time Sam had let her defenses down.

She propped up the pillow and leaned against it, angling herself so Sam would see her as soon as she opened the bathroom door. She undid the bottom few buttons on her blouse to better show off her panties and the curve of her belly. She was figuring out the best way to angle her legs when the bathroom door opened.

Sam was wearing a white t-shirt that hugged her breasts and a pair of white boxer shorts. Janet's eyes were drawn first to the bulge in the front of the underwear and then focused higher, to Sam's erect nipples pressing against the cotton shirt. "Hi, baby," Janet said.

"Come here," Sam said.

Janet slid off the edge of the bed and walked to Sam. They kissed, Janet's hands cupping the strap-on beneath Sam's underwear. "Mm," Janet moaned into Sam's mouth. She pressed tight against her, slipping the head of the toy out of the fly. "Is that for me?" she asked coyly, stroking her fingertips over the head. "Hmm?"

Sam was breathing hard. She gently pushed Janet back and turned her around. Janet leaned against the mattress, spread her legs and looked over her shoulder. Sam dropped her boxer shorts, adjusted the strap on her hip and licked her fingertips. She stroked the cock, staring at Janet's ass as she moved into position.

Janet closed her eyes as her panties were peeled down. She had been wet since halfway through dinner, had almost come just from Sam whispering in her ear what she would do. She felt Sam's fingers on her and whimpered quietly. She made fists in the blanket and bowed her head, waiting for...

The head of Sam's cock pressed against her and Janet gasped. "Oh, Sam, Sam, Sam..." She gasped each time the rubber tip brushed across her, knowing Sam was getting it wet so she could push it all the way in. "I'm so wet, Sam. It's okay... it's okay..."

Sam moved into her slowly, letting Janet get used to the size. She pulled back, changed the angle of her hips and thrust again. Janet jerked and reached back with one hand in search of Sam's. Sam wrapped her fingers around Janet's wrist and Janet did the same to Sam's. Sam closed her eyes and pressed herself further into Janet. "You okay?" she whispered.

"Yes, Sam," Janet said. "You can do it hard..."

"Are you sure...?"

"Yes, Sam," Janet said. She rested her face on the comforter and tightened her fingers on Sam's wrist. "You can fuck me hard..."

Sam trembled and put her free hand on Janet's hip. She closed her eyes and pulled out, tensing her thighs and taking a deep breath before she thrust forward again. Janet's body rocked with the motion and she cried out. "Oh, yes, Sam..."

Sam closed her eyes and let her hips move. She found it was best when she didn't think about it, didn't have a set rhythm. Judging from the sounds Janet was making, she preferred it random as well. She bent down and stretched across Janet's back. She buried her face in the dark brown hair, her hands sliding around Janet's waist to stroke her.

Janet cried out and thrust her hips forward. Sam held tight, brushed her lips across the back of Janet's neck and held her as she came. They sagged to the mattress together, with Sam rolling to the side and pulling Janet with her. Janet nestled against Sam and let the cock slip out of her without protest. Sam's hands moved up and cupped Janet's breasts.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Sam whispered.

Janet smiled. "Happy Valentine's Day." She stroked Sam's arm and hesitated when she reached the bandage around Sam's hand. Doctor Janet took over for a moment as she explored the flesh around the gauze. "Is this okay...? Is it sore, or...?"

"It's a good sore," Sam promised. She kissed Janet's shoulder and said, "I really needed this tonight."

Janet rolled onto her back and pulled Sam on top of her. "I'm here for you," she said against Sam's lips. "Whenever you need me."

"I know," Sam whispered. She settled on top of Janet, both of her legs straddling one of Janet's. She moved the leather strap out of the way and lowered her wetness onto Janet's thigh. She whispered, "I love you," and began to gently thrust against her lover.

Janet closed her eyes and pressed her leg against Sam. "I love you, too," she whispered. She moved her hands to the back of Sam's head and grunted her second orgasm of the night. A few moments later, Sam whispered Janet's name and joined her. She brushed her lips over Janet's cheek and sank down on top of her.

Janet accepted Sam's weight and wrapped her arms around her exhausted lover. She felt the tension easing from Sam's muscles, felt the past few days fade from Sam's body. She ran her hands down Sam's sweaty back, listened to her breathing grow shallow and her body fall asleep. She kissed the curve of Sam's ear and whispered, "I'll always be here for you. Whenever you need me."

She closed her eyes, Sam's hair tickling her nose, and soon fell asleep herself.

The End

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