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NOTE: I wanted to write a drabble based around the line, "You mean you forgot cranberries too?" from the excellent Christmas Wrapping by Waitresses (Written by Chris Butler, (c) 1981 Future Fossil Music, BMI).
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The Long and the Short of It
(Bah, Humbug!) - Drabble

By Debbie

Looking at the fresh cranberries, Janet felt a presence beside her. Glancing sideways she saw Sam.

"Don't tell me you forget cranberries, too."

"Hey Janet, do you fancy a coffee, or something stronger?"

Later, over bourbon, Sam suddenly murmured, "God, I missed you, Janet."

"Huh?" Janet eloquently replied, "Sam, I saw you just two hours ago!"

"Yeah, but two hours is way too long."

"I know, but you have the guys and I have my family."

Grinning excitedly Sam replied, "So, Boxing Day? Just me, you and plans?"

Parting with a hug, Christmas apart, Boxing Day together, the future… ??

The End

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