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Vanity bits and bobs
By thegirl20



As she draws closer to consciousness, she becomes aware of a muffled noise just below her ear. It's fairly rhythmic, with the occasional staccato burst. She opens one eye to try and wake her brain up a little more so that she can decide if she needs to investigate this noise further. It's dark, so all she can see are the outlines of furniture that, although not her own, has become familiar to her over the last few weeks.

A soft snort makes her smile as the noise starts to makes sense; Charity's snoring. Her face is pressed into Vanessa's neck, an arm tight around her midsection, deep in slumber. It's dark enough to indicate that there's no need to get up just yet, but she needs to do something about the noise. As gently as she can, she eases Charity's arm away from her and turns so that she's facing the other woman.

In the sliver of moonlight that's coming through the curtains, she can pick out Charity's features, relaxed in sleep. Unable to help herself, she draws a finger along one of Charity's eyebrows and down her cheek to her chin before leaning in and kissing her nose. The movement makes Charity wrinkle her nose, snorting once before turning her face away and easing onto her back.

The new position must open up her airways, because the snoring stops. Vanessa takes a few more moments just to watch Charity sleep before tucking herself into her side and laying her head on her shoulder. She slides a hand across her belly, letting it rest on the warm skin there, and closes her eyes.

She smiles a few seconds later when Charity's arm wraps around her shoulder and pulls her closer.

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