I promise I'm worthy (to hold in your arms) PG Charity/Vanessa Charity goes to apologise for her outburst at the pub. Complete

Some people never get to do, all we got to do 1 2 3 PG Charity/Vanessa Everyone seems to want to speak to Rhona all of a sudden. A series of conversations between Rhona Goskirk and others. Complete

Does anybody really fall in love anymore? 15 Charity/Vanessa What happened when Charity took Vanessa upstairs to cure her hangover? (A tiny ficlet that follows the episode broadcast on Friday 13th October 2017.) Complete

Morning without you is a dwindled dawn PG Charity/Vanessa Morning in The Woolpack. Complete

Something as simple as this PG Charity/Vanessa A rude awakening for Charity. Complete

I need you more than want you (And I want you for all time) PG Charity/Vanessa Something's happened between Charity and Vanessa and Chas is determined to get to the bottom of it. Complete

No burden is he to bear PG Charity/Vanessa Debbie drops by the pub and finds out that Noah is acting strangely. Complete

Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie PG Charity/Vanessa Noah has a part-time job at the Vets'. Vanessa has feelings about it. Complete

We're looking for something dumb to do PG Charity/Vanessa Noah has a serious question for his mother one morning. Complete

From now on your troubles will be out of sight PG Charity/Vanessa Charity and Vanessa discuss their plans for Christmas. Complete

You're gonna see it's our destiny PG Charity/Vanessa Rhona's drinking alone in the pub. Complete

All is calm, all is bright 1 2 PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa receives a confusing text on Christmas morning. Complete

If you knew how I wanted someone to come along (And change my life the way you've done) PG Charity/Vanessa Vanessa comes home one night after a late call-out. Complete

I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words PG Charity/Vanessa Noah asks how Charity and Vanessa got together. Complete

What am I supposed to dream (When nothing's ever what it seems) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa A conversation with Joe leaves Charity feeling unsettled. Complete

You're just the part of me I can't let go 18 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa and Charity have a stupid fight. Complete

My heart's all tangled up (My tongue is tied) 18 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa and Charity don't have time to see each other on Valentine's Day. Complete

Suddenly I See (Why the hell it means so much to me) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa "We go to the pub tomorrow." - This is my take on what happened when they did. Complete

It happens to be true (I only wanna be with you) 1 18 Charity/Vanessa A little follow up to That Kiss. On-Going

Vanity bits and bobs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Vanity bits and bobs. On-Going

When I close my eyes (I still can see your smile) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Two ficlets set after Vanessa loses the ketamine and Lisa is taken to hospital. Complete

Sharpen up your sting (And do your worst) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Charity's anxiously waiting to hear from Vanessa. (Based on spoilers about Vanessa's veterinary inspection.) Complete

Don't you know all the world wants to laugh? PG-13 Charity/Vanessa A short scene following the one where Vanessa tells Charity and Paddy she's been suspended. Complete

You don't have to go home (But you can't stay here) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa The morning after Vanessa gets suspended. Complete

If I get hurt again (I'd take a lifetime to repair) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa's been crying and avoiding Tracy's questions all afternoon. Complete

Whenever I'm wrong, just tell me the song and I'll sing it PG-13 Charity/Vanessa A scene set just after their reconciliation behind the bar on 12th April. Complete

Do you need anybody? (I need somebody to love) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa wants to do something nice for Charity. Complete

I have a tale to tell (Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well) 18 Charity/Vanessa Tracy confronts Charity about the shift in her and Vanessa's relationship. Complete

If only in my dreams G Charity/Vanessa Charity's surprised to learn something about Noah and Vanessa. Complete

I'm only human (And I bleed when I fall down) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Conversations between Vanessa, Charity and Tracy following the revelations at the launch of the Task Force. Complete

Cupid don't love me like he used to do (I'm brokenhearted way too soon) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Tracy mentioned that they had a first aid kit for broken hearts back at theirs. What if they really do? Complete

Here be Dragons

Waiting to see us once beautiful and brave PG-13 Charity/Vanessa A story about dragons, knights and squires. (Or a story about Johnny and his Uncle Ross.) Complete

Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys G Charity/Vanessa Ross has to go and pick Johnny up from school. Complete

How can the light that burned so brightly (suddenly burn so pale?) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Moses learns a bit about the world from Vanessa over the years. Complete

If there ever was somebody who made me believe in me (It was you) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Johnny Dingle is trying to figure a few things out. His family helps. Complete

Take a good look at these crow's feet (sitting on the prettiest eyes) New G Charity/Vanessa Charity has cause to reminisce one evening when she's home alone. Complete

When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa has to cancel plans with Charity to deal with a drunken Tracy. Complete

There's a freedom in your arms that carries me through G Charity/Vanessa Vanessa has a suggestion about Moses' birthday. Complete

I never got over those blue eyes (I see them everywhere) PG-13 Charity/Vanessa The day of Bails' trial arrives. Complete

I'm gonna shine like the sun (When these clouds run away from my door) G Charity/Vanessa Charity's putting Johnny to bed, but she doesn't know the magic words. Complete

Hold on to this lullaby (Even when the music's gone) G Charity/Vanessa Vanessa meets Noah after he storms out of the pub on 30th August. Complete

It's pulled the best from me (For all the world to see) G Charity/Vanessa What was Vanessa doing when Charity was out looking for Belle and then at the pub with the Dingles? (Companion fic to the eps of 6th September) Complete

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Charity meets Vanessa's mother for the first time. (Written for Vanity Fest 2018 Theme: Firsts) Complete

We'd up and fly if we had wings for flying PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Queen Charity gets a visitor to her chambers. (General Olde Worlde AU) (Written for Vanity Fest 2018 Theme: AU) Complete

And Gathered You a Handful of Stars PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Vanessa just wants to concentrate on her work, but she keeps getting distracted by the new girl in their hut. (Bletchley Park AU) (Written for Vanity Fest 2018 Theme: AU) Complete

Stay by my cradle till morning is nigh PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Charity gets a call to let her know Johnny's in the hospital. Complete

And if that mockingbird won't sing PG-13 Charity/Vanessa A couple of missing scenes from the ep where Vanessa gets Charity out of jail. (Noah-centric) Complete

Everyone dancin' merrily in the new old fashioned way G Charity/Vanessa Charity needs a date for the brewery Christmas do. Complete

All I want for Christmas (Is you) G Charity/Vanessa Charity and Vanessa read the kids' letters to Santa. Complete

Although it's been said many times, many ways G Charity/Vanessa Charity and Vanessa discuss their feelings about Christmas. Complete

Please have snow, and mistletoe PG-13 Charity/Vanessa (AU) Stuck in London two days before Christmas, public transport in chaos because of snow, Vanessa Woodfield needs to find a way home to be with her son. Complete

Next year all our troubles will be out of sight G Charity/Vanessa A little glimpse of Christmas morning. Complete

Darling, Save the Last Dance for Me PG-13 Charity/Vanessa AU -- Vanessa meets a charming stranger in a club one evening. Complete

Will he think me weak? (If I tremble when I speak) G Charity/Vanessa A bit of a reimagining of how Noah found out about Charity and Vanessa getting engaged. Complete

Everyone will know that it's real (What you make me feel) New PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Charity gets a surprise. Complete

Have you ever loved and lost somebody? New PG-13 Charity/Vanessa Charity is given food for thought by Debbie. Complete

When I'm gone I hope you'll see (How happy she made me) New G Charity/Vanessa Lisa wants to hear about what's going on with Charity. Set during Charity's visit to Scotland. Complete

Mine is the Sunlight, Mine is the Morning New G Charity/Vanessa The Easter Bunny has visited The Woolpack. Complete

What will survive of us is love New G Charity/Vanessa A few snippets of Charity and Vanessa on Lisa and Zak's wedding day. Complete