I promise I'm worthy (to hold in your arms) PG Charity/Vanessa Charity goes to apologise for her outburst at the pub. Complete

Some people never get to do, all we got to do 1 2 3 New PG Charity/Vanessa Everyone seems to want to speak to Rhona all of a sudden. A series of conversations between Rhona Goskirk and others. Complete

Does anybody really fall in love anymore? New 15 Charity/Vanessa What happened when Charity took Vanessa upstairs to cure her hangover? (A tiny ficlet that follows the episode broadcast on Friday 13th October 2017.) Complete

Morning without you is a dwindled dawn New PG Charity/Vanessa Morning in The Woolpack. Complete

Something as simple as this New PG Charity/Vanessa A rude awakening for Charity. Complete

I need you more than want you (And I want you for all time) New PG Charity/Vanessa Something's happened between Charity and Vanessa and Chas is determined to get to the bottom of it. Complete

No burden is he to bear New PG Charity/Vanessa Debbie drops by the pub and finds out that Noah is acting strangely. Complete

Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie New PG Charity/Vanessa Noah has a part-time job at the Vets'. Vanessa has feelings about it. Complete

We're looking for something dumb to do New PG Charity/Vanessa Noah has a serious question for his mother one morning. Complete

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