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All Along
By Femvamp


*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is Father. ***

Talia Winters had always believed those words. Two simple sentences that were her whole life. She had never really had any parents except the Corps. She never knew any other way.

Then she had met the dynamic, infuriating, honorable, tough, endearing, annoying, untouchable Susan Ivanova and everything had changed. Not all at once, but slowly over the course of two years, things changed.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is Father. ***

Later when she thought about it she would have said that she had been in love with the Commander from the first moment they had met. It had been love at first blow-off. Talia had never been dismissed that thoroughly before. There was nothing else she could do, but fall in love.

Later things began to change between the two. The Commander still blew her off more times than she could count, but it was less out of anger, fear, and hatred, and more out of something Talia couldn't identify. Something that made Talia even more sure that Susan Ivanova was the person she had been waiting her whole life for.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is Father. ***

When Talia had begun to doubt the Corps, Susan had been the one she had come to. Susan had been the one she had told all her deepest secrets and fears to. Susan had sat there and listened not saying a word. No 'I told you so', no 'I was right, you were wrong.' All she said was "I'm sorry."

They had spent the night together. Nothing had happened they just laid in bed, holding each other. It had been enough. The next morning Susan was gone but Talia knew she would be back. For the first time Talia had hope that Susan could return her feelings.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is father. ***

Then it happened. One moment Susan was telling her that she didn't know who to trust anymore, and the next everything fell apart.

Everything fell apart.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is father. ***

It had been Susan all along.

The traitor. The spy. The one that the Corps had sent to spy on Babylon 5. It had been Susan. The reason she would never let herself be scanned, became so clear. The hatred she felt for the Corp. It had been right in front of everyone's faces all along.

In one brief, destructive, painful moment, Talia Winters had lost everything. She had lost Susan. Now she was no longer the woman she had grown to love. She was someone she hated. Hated with a passion Talia had never thought she was capable of.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is father. ***

Susan had said those words to her. Susan was a telepath. A P-12 according to what Bester had said. Susan was now what she had most hated. A Psi-cop.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is father. ***

Talia watched from a distance as Susan and Bester where making their way to their ship. They were about to leave Babylon 5 forever. Talia couldn't let that happen. She couldn't let Susan live out her own worst nightmare. She just couldn't.

Talia grabbed the PPG she had gotten from Susan's room and looked at it for a moment.

*** The Corps is mother. The Corps is father. ***

Susan had been right all along. The Corps was evil. If only she had listened. Things might have been different. Talia let the tears flow from her eyes as she said the words to herself. They no longer held any meaning other than a curse.

She then aimed the weapon at the only person she had ever loved… and fired.

The End

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